The Storm Arrives

   When Li Shaoting and Xie Yubai walk back into the room, the nurse has finished with the ultrasound. Li Tian has a flustered expression while staring at the sonogram, the little girl is pregnant with twins. How can her tiny body handle having two babies? As the nurse moved a gadget around on Sara’s stomach he listened to their faint heartbeats and his mind is still reeling from the realization that those are his babies… He asked the nurse why the second baby didn’t show up in the first sonogram. Nurse Dong told him that because it was very early in the pregnancy the other baby could have been hidden from view. It is unusual but happens and is nothing to worry about, from the ultrasound results both babies appear unharmed.

   Li Shaoting looks over Li Tian’s shoulder, “Let me see.”

  Li Tian clutches tightly onto the black and white film in his hand while lovingly gazing at Sara’s delicate face devoid of color. She looks like a fragile porcelain doll laying there with her eyes closed her lush black hair spread on the white pillow. His voice is low and hoarse, “Yubai, did the results come back from the blood test? Why hasn’t she awakened yet.”

  Xie Yubai replies, “Not yet, I want to look at the sonogram.”

 Li Tian reluctantly hands it to him and Xie Yubai has a surprised expression, “Twins?”

 Li Shaoting grabs Xie Yubai’s arm, “What!”

 The three of them are looking at Sara lying unconscious on the bed when the door opens. A man in a white coat is holding a few sheets of paper and says, “Dr. Xie, could you step outside.”

 Li Tian glares at the man, “Do you have the results from the blood test?”

 The man feels stifled from Li Tian’s oppressive aura and steps back. He looks at Xie Yubai for instructions and Xie Yubai nods. The lab technician reports, “The woman was injected with a strong sedative called Sombian. It is currently not on the market and is in clinical trials…” He breaks out into a sweat as Li Tian suddenly approaches him in two aggressive long strides.. “Ah…ah…” Frightened he moves closer to Xie Yubai as Li Tian’s veins bulge on his forehead and his eyes turn pitch black,  “Continue…is my woman in danger?!”

  “Well…I don’t know. The patient’s blood is also tainted… with a..a..” The man stiffens his back and spits out, “I don’t know what…I would need to run more tests….we don’t have the facilities for complicated analysis.”

   Li Tian is like a volcano about to erupt, he feels as though he could destroy the world right now. A moment ago he was thrilled at the prospect of having twins but now faced with the possibility there could be complications for both mother and child he is close to losing his mind. Li Tian’s breathing quickens holding his bruised ribs trying to stabilize himself. His knuckles turn white as he grips onto a nearby chair, “Are the babies in danger?” 

   When the man doesn’t answer he grabs him by the collar and in a terrifying voice dripping with anger demands, “Answer me!” Li Tian has been suppressing the pain from his injuries but now that his rage has surged his qi is chaotic and he can’t focus. The man in front of him is becoming a blur and the room is spinning. He sucks in a deep breath and tries to remain alert but suddenly darkness surrounds him.

   Xie Yubai barely catches LI Tian as he collapses and tells the lab technician, “Get a stretcher quickly!”

   Li Shaoting watches in shock but snaps out of his daze to help Xie Yubai. Although they are both men are180m tall, Li Tian is still almost a head taller so they struggle supporting his strong body to the couch. He has never seen his intimidating cousin in a weakened state and his eyes widen in disbelief, “ I didn’t realize he was that injured.”

  “Tian is a very strong willed person adept at martial arts. He was using his internal energy but when he became enraged he couldn’t maintain the calmness he needed to ignore the pain.”

  Li Shaoting stares at his cousin lying motionless on the couch, maybe I underestimated his feelings for Sara but that doesn’t change the fact he isn’t good for her. It would be for the best if she didn’t go back to Catang City with him. She should remain at my villa where she can feel comfortable and start a new life.

  Two nurses enter with a stretcher and Xie Yubai and Li Shaoting help put Li Tian on it. Xie Yubai instructs them, “Take him directly for x rays of the chest and left arm, then a Cat scan.”

  Both he and the lab technician follow out the door and Xie Yubai turns back, “Shaoting, I will be back shortly.”

  Outside the room the lab technician hands are trembling as he passes Xie Yubai the paperwork, “Look at page two the second paragraph. The patient should be taken to a better hospital as soon as the storm subsides. We don’t have the right blood type here and she will need an exchange transfusion to dilute the effects of the Sombian in her bloodstream. I am telling you Dr. Xie, the side effects are unknown at this point and well…with the patient being in the early stage of pregnancy she needs to be monitored to prevent miscarriage. Whoever injected her with the drug exceeded the maximum dose…” He shakes his head thinking about the possible consequences…coma… miscarriage he is disgusted, “I hope the culprit will be brought to justice.”

Xie Yubai flips to page two and reads as he does his heart tightens. Despicable! If anything happens to Song Sara or the two babies I shudder to think of the hell Li Tian will rain down on whoever is involved. I have never seen such a genuine smile on his face as I did today while he was looking at the sonogram. He gazed at the woman like she was his most precious treasure… if they are harmed… he will become an Asura from Hell.

  Yang James eyebrows twitch as he impatiently calls Kang Mingshun for any news, “What is taking you so long! You haven’t arrived in Chengi yet? I tried to call CEO Li but there was no answer.” He is panicking, afraid his part in Sara’s kidnapping might be discovered somehow. After making the decision to eliminate anyone who lead Li Tian back to him, he contacted an assassin who is an expert in bomb making. He plans on swiftly killing Alexandre, Madam Olga and Hamid. He has arranged a meeting for tomorrow at the hotel where Madam Olga is staying. Aware of Li Tian’s methods he knows time is of the essence, he can’t delay.

  “I am driving as fast as I can, the snow has stopped falling but the visibility still sucks in the mountains, I can barely see through the fog.” Li Tian told him not to mention the helicopter crash.

 “Let me know as soon as you find him.” I need to know what is going on, Alexandre said Hamid released the woman but I haven’t heard anymore about the situation.

  At the hospital Li Shaoting stares at the sonogram in shock, today has been full of too many surprises. Song Sara’s kidnapping…Cousin’s confession that he is the man she was entangled with in Catang City…she is having twins… and  I couldn’t hear them but Sara or the babies must be in some sort of danger from his reaction to what the lab technician said.

 He rubs his temples feeling helpless when Xie Yubai returns to the room. Xie Yubai walks over and checks Sara’s pulse. Li Shaoting has a worried expression, “Song Sara is going to wake up and be alright isn’t she?”

  Xie Yubai knows Li Shaoting’s sensitive nature and doesn’t want to worry him, that won’t help the situation. “She is stable but she will need to be transferred to a larger hospital for more tests.”

   “What about the babies?”

   “Also stable, don’t worry too much. When she does wake up she will need you to be strong. You can do that can’t you?”

  “Of course. What about Cousin Tian?”

  “He has two broken ribs but no other broken bones. Mild concussion.. deep bruising and lacerations nothing serious. He collapsed because his breathing became unstable from the broken ribs and head injury.”

  “Is he awake?”


  “It is getting late don’t you have to film your scenes in the morning? You should rest.”

  “I can’t leave Song Sara alone, I feel responsible for her kidnapping. I shouldn’t have left her side.”

  “Shaoting, you can’t blame yourself we don’t know who kidnapped her or why.” It could very well be because the little beauty is carrying Li Tian’s child…rather children. He has a lot of enemies and Kang Lanfen is ruthless if she found out he had a mistress…well…I don’t put anything past that scheming bitch. Easily switching daughters to ensure the marriage contract wasn’t broken when Long An was injured…she needs this marriage desperately. The odd thing is the kidnapper told Tian where to find Song Sara without a ransom demand. Very strange…

  Li Shaoting takes out his phone to call his brother to update him when the door is flung open and Leo rushes to Sara’s bedside, startling both Li Shaoting and Xie Yubai who is checking the IV drip. Leo tenderly touches Sara’s pale cheek then impulsively grabs Xie Yubai by the shoulders, “Are you totally incompetent! Why hasn’t my sister awakened?” 



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      1. lol I know Li Tian is over the moon 🌙. I swear before things got serious, I bet he was like ‘now there’s two reasons why Sara can’t leave me’


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