Li Tian Calls Sara

After he leaves the villa, Li Tian is overwhelmed with an inexplicable feeling. His heart races as he thinks about touching Sara’s stomach. I can’t let this go on any longer, I need the disobedient little woman to realize I am the father.I know it will be a shock to find out I am the man at the Club that night, but that is the only way. I will let her know that  I want to marry her… be a good husband and father. I will go crazy if this situation continues.

He takes the phone out of his coat pocket as he impatiently strides down the driveway. I don’t want to frighten her so she tries to escape again. I will take it slowly and let her see that I have changed. I came to Bashu City and I’ve been working on the Affordable Housing Project, that should show the little woman I have compassion. I’m not the ruthless man she thinks I am.

Li Tian’s grip tightens on his phone as he dials Sara’s number. 

Sara hears the phone ringing in her purse. ” Starfire, can you give me my phone?”

She hands her the phone, Sara stares at the phone and doesn’t recognize the number. She hesitates then thinks it might be Leo so she answers in a sweet voice. “Brother Leo?”

Li Tian clenches his jaw and suppresses his anger, “ Song Sara, it’s me Li Tian, don’t hang up.”

  Holding the phone, Sara’s face pales and her hand trembles. How did he find me? She doesn’t hang up but doesn’t respond either.

He breathes a sigh of relief that she didn’t immediately end the call and says, “I know you have been in a coma and just woke up, I don’t want to frighten you… or disrupt your life. I just want to talk to you. I’m sorry you misunderstood me before you left Catang City. Could we meet? I have some things that need to be said.”

 In shock that he apologized, Sara is rendered speechless, he doesn’t have a domineering tone and sounds like he is trying to coax me.

She bites her lower lip, should I believe him? What could he possibly have to say to me? I don’t have the energy to run away and obviously the arrogant tyrant would be able to find me again. 

 Her eyes dart between Starfire and Li Shaoting, maybe I can meet him here, I would feel safe especially if Lu Zhen is by my side.

  When she doesn’t answer he begins to panic.  ” Believe me, I won’t harm you or the babies. I was wrong and frightened you, I’m sorry. Please let me make it up to you.”

 Sara’s voice is soft as she answers, ” Give me a little bit of time to think about it. I was only discharged today from the hospital and need to rest.” 

Although he desperately wants to see her he knows if he presses Sara, she will feel uneasy. ” I understand. I am in Bashu City working on a housing project so when you feel ready call me. This is my private number.”

Sara can’t believe her ears, he sounds reasonable and his voice is gentle, a far cry from the intimidating man she knows. “Okay.” She hangs up and has a stunned expression.

 Starfire notices the strange look on her face, “Is there a problem?”

 She rests her hand on her stomach, “” 

 “I am going to my room then.”  

 After Starfire and the maid leave the living room Li Shaoting says, “We should eat lunch while it’s hot.”

  He holds Sara’s hand as she gets up from the couch, “Who was that on the phone? You look upset.”

 Sara doesn’t want to hide anything from him. “It was the man I told you about. The man I was running away from when I met you.”

  Li Shaoting gulps down his saliva, “What did he want? You aren’t going to leave are you?”

 “No. I don’t want to leave Bashu City.” Her eyelashes tremble, “ He..well..he wants to talk to me.”

  He raises an eyebrow,  “Are you willing?”

  “I don’t know. He sounded calm…I can’t hide from him. Since he found me in this populated city, he could find me wherever I go.”

   They walk into the dining room and Sara says, “If you don’t mind, could I meet him here? I would feel more at ease.”

   “Of course.” Beads of sweat form on his forehead, what is that crazy bastard thinking? Is he going to expose me too? She will be so angry that I lied to her!

  Sara sat down and stared at the delicious food on the table. “Everything looks so delicious!”

  Li Shaoting lost his appetite when he heard his cousin wanted to meet with Sara. 

 Lost in thought he taps his chopsticks on the table then says, “You just got out of the hospital do you think you should meet him? You might get upset and that wouldn’t be good for the babies.”

  Sara smiles hearing the concern in his deep voice. “It is inevitable now that he found me. Since I have Starfire and Lu Zhen I am not afraid. To be honest his voice sounded…” She hesitates then says, “As though he doesn’t mean me or the children any harm.” It was strange, Li Tian almost sounded gentle.

I need to clear up any misunderstandings between us. He mistakenly believes he is the father and well…he is not.” She reaches her chopsticks to clamp a piece of sweet and sour chicken.

 Li Shaoting has an incredulous expression, “Not the father?” This can’t be rightTian definitely wouldn’t be concerned about her pregnancy if he was a matter of fact he most likely would kill Song Sara and the man. 

 She has come to terms with the fact the pregnancy was the result of being raped by an unknown man. Now she only wants to concentrate on the babies, they are innocent.

  After she swallows the savory piece of chicken she continues, “Tang Wu, I  appreciate you taking me in and all you have done for me… but…this matter is something I don’t want to discuss.”

 “I understand.”

 She puts a piece of sliced steak on top of the bowl of rice in front of him, “Thank you.”

 His phone vibrates in his pocket and he takes it out then frowns, “I need to take this call.” He stands up and walks into the living room.  When he answers he clenches his jaw and in a low voice spits out, “Are you crazy?”

 Li Tian is at Sun Zhi’s mountainside villa, “Did Song Sara say anything to you?”

  Li Shaoting takes long strides through the living room to the French doors and steps outside. “Yeah. She said you wanted to meet. Tian, for fuck’s sake! The girl just got out of the hospital! Don’t you think it is too soon?”

  “NO! Do you know how pissed off I was watching my woman let you and Leo Cadieux’s spy touch her fucking belly! She even let ‘Lu Zhen’!”

 “ What the hell! You are Lu Zhen!”

  “That is not the point. I can’t wait any longer. Those are my fucking babies…she is my fucking woman! Why do I have to stand on the sidelines? Ridiculous!”

  Li Shaoting pulls up his collar to block the wind, he doesn’t want to expose the fact he knows the babies aren’t his. “Tian! Don’t be impulsive and give her a fright!”

 Li Tian stands on the balcony looking down at his cousin’s villa, “I’m not going to frighten the little woman, but I have reached the limit of my patience. After I clear up the problems between us, I am going to break the engagement with Long Jinxi and marry Song Sara!”


I Don’t Want To Go

 When Wong Duan returns to the bedroom Starfire is still sitting on the bed in a daze. His unfathomable dark eyes don’t reveal his own unsettled thoughts while looking at her pitiful expression. He doesn’t want to deal with her sulking and thinks he made a mistake by pampering Starfire in the last few months.

“Why are you still here? Pack then go to bed, we are leaving early in the morning.”

  Listening to his indifferent tone Starfire’s lip quivers and her eyes are covered by a thin mist. She stands up and hugs his waist, “Mr. Wong, don’t you care that I will be leaving the mansion.”

  His heart tightens as he pushes her away, “Why would I? The Lord finally acknowledges you, which means my time spent training you wasn’t wasted.”

  He towers over her and she looks up at him with an aggrieved expression. She clutches his sleeves with her small hands, her curled black eyelashes flutter as she blinks back her tears, “Mr. Wong…tell him I…I am not ready…send Lucia to Bashu City..”

 He restrains the urge to wipe his little apprentice’s tears away with his slender finger. If I show her any kindness now it will only make it harder for her to accept leaving.

  Wong Duan clenches his jaw then coldly rejects her plea. “Girl, know your place. You are Leo Cadieux’s property to be used as he sees fit. You are fortunate that when you were derelict in your duty at that time he didn’t have you immediately killed. He allowed you a second chance because you were inexperienced and his sister likes you.”

  “What about the Fu girls? Who will watch them when Fu Chian is working?”

  He has a helpless expression as he shakes his head, she is really a naive little girlshe wasn’t trained to be a damn babysitter! 

  He points to the door, “One more word and I am sending you to the punishment room.”

 Starfire knows trying to coax him won’t work, once the Iceberg gets orders from Leo Cadieux he won’t waver.  She picks up her homework and unwillingly leaves the room. Once outside his bedroom she leans up against the wall, this is too sudden! Pressing her hand on her rapidly beating heart, tears fall uncontrollably from her eyes thinking about leaving.

  Sad at the thought of being separated from him, the twins and Fu Chian her heart aches. For the first time in her life she feels she has a family. 

Worried that the twins might think she abandoned them, she decides to go to the guest house. She wipes her tears with her sleeves and hurries to her room to get a coat. 

  Wong Duan knows he could have tried to comfort Starfire. Leo plans on bringing his sister back to Catang City in a few months. But he feels he has pampered her too much and if he continues she might not realize her life is in Leo’s hands. 

Since Leo had business in Paris and frequently went to Bashu City he seldom was at the mansion. During this period Wong Duan slowly relaxed his attitude towards Starfire. The training was rigorous but he also helped her enter school and let her lead a normal life. Although she wasn’t allowed to cultivate any friendship with her classmates, she was close to the Fu twins and Fu Chian.

 He blames himself for not emphasizing the fact this situation was temporary. Well…she should at least be happy she will be guarding Song Sara and not sent on dangerous missions. I hope once the little girl accepts the situation she will realize this definitely isn’t the worst case scenario.

 Starfire rushes down the bluestone path to the guest house and frantically knocks on the door. Fu Chian answers and has a puzzled expression on his boyishly handsome face, “Starfire, why are you here so late?”

 “Can I come in?”


  She sees an open box containing a deluxe pizza on the kitchen counter and walks over. She takes a piece and Fun Chian grins, “Don’t tell me you came this late to eat ‘forbidden’ food. Did Mr. Wong put you on a strict diet again?”

  Starfire takes a bite of the pizza and sighs, “No. I wanted to come see you and the girls.”

 “XiaoXiao and Xiaoyue are sleeping.”

 “Well… I will just go look at them.”

 She picks off the green pepper on the pizza and pouts,“Why do you always get it with peppers?”


 He opens a beer and Starfire’s eyes light up, “Let me have one.”

“No. You aren’t allowed to drink.”

  She coquettishly pouts her lips and pulls on his sleeve,“I’m so sad… please?”

“One.” He is a pushover and can’t say no to Starfire. He opens a bottle of beer and hands it to her, “Why are you sad? What happened?”

  She puts down the pizza and takes a gulp of beer, “I have to go to Bashu City in the morning. Song Sara woke up from her coma.”

  Fu Chian excitedly responds, “Miss Song woke up! That is great news.”

  “I am happy she is awake, but I want to stay here. I don’t want to go.”

  Starfire sits down on a stool by the granite topped island and props her head on her hands, “Why can’t Mr. Wong send Lucia?”

  She gulps down the beer and has an idea, “Fu Chian, can you tell him you need me to babysit the twins?”

  Fu Chian spits out the beer in his mouth, “Are you crazy?! You were trained to be an elite bodyguard…not a babysitter!” I was shocked Mr. Wong gave you as much freedom as he did. Allowing you to act like a normal girl when you weren’t training was very strange. That ruthless bastard is cold as ice.

  Starfire takes a bite of pizza and after she swallows she reluctantly says, “Yeah…I know…”

  Fu Chian sprinkles red pepper on a piece of pizza, “It will probably only be for a few months. Mr. Cadieux wants his sister to live here in Catang City. I don’t know the details but before she was kidnapped I think she didn’t plan on living in Bashu City permanently.”

 Starfire stands up and walks to the refrigerator. She takes out another beer, “I didn’t think about that. But, I’m still not happy about leaving Mr. Wo..I mean you and the girls.”

 He laughs, “You don’t need to pretend around me. I know you have a crush on Wong Duan.” Every one of the little girl’s emotions are written on her face…every time she looks at the man, I can see the infatuation in her eyes.


“ I’m your friend so I need to tell you the truth, you must realize any relationship with him is impossible. He only treats you as his apprentice…so leaving might be a good thing. You can sort out your messy feelings.”

 Starfire scrunches up her nose, “He just hasn’t accepted his feelings for me yet.”

  Fu Chian rubs her head, “Delusional.”

  “If I had more time…”

  “You need to get that idea out of your mind or you will only get hurt. You know I work at the Ecstasy Club a few nights a week. When he comes in to check the books and what is going on in the Csaino, do you know how many beautiful women try to get close to him? Even the arrogant woman who manages the Club acts like a teenager in love when he comes.”

Starfire covers her ears, “STOP! I don’t want to hear any more!”

They finish the pizza and six pack of beer then walk over to the couch. Patting her full stomach, Starfire sits down and sighs, “Ahh..that was so good. I will miss pizzas from Sal’s Restaurant.”

 Fu Chian picks up the remote and turns on the television. As he flips through the channels he says, “In Bashu City there is a good Italian Restaurant… D’Amico’s. I will text you the address.”

“Okay..” She leans on him, “But the pizza won’t be as good since I am not eating it with you.”

 “I will come and see you when I have a few days off. I will bring the girls too.”

 Starfire yawns, “Oh..that would be great.” Comfortably, leaning on Fu Chian after watching the movie for a while Starfire drifts off to sleep.

 Fu Chian chuckles and turns off the television. I should carry the little drunk back before Wong Duan comes looking for her.

Dare To Threaten Me?

   While Li Shaoting goes to the kitchen to get ice, Long Jinxi drops the white powder into his glass of warm water and some into her glass. Wenli told her the best way not to get caught is to also be drugged. She uses her finger to stir the drug until it is completely dissolved in both glasses then sucks on her finger. I don’t need you, Li Tian! I will get more benefits by marrying your cousin. He will be easier to manipulate and his surname is still Li.

  He brings the ice wrapped in a towel to the living room and impatiently says “Put this on your neck I’ll call the doctor.”

   Her eyes are watery and her voice sounds raspy, “I told you I will be fine. No doctor. After a rest I will be fine.”

   He sits on the couch and picks up the glass of water, “It’s up to you.” He gulps down the water and stands up. “I am going to the banquet.”

   Panicking, she grasps his arm, “Don’t go. I don’t want to be by myself.”

  “Unless you want me to call a doctor I am not staying here. You are my cousin’s fiancee, it wouldn’t be good if anyone found out we were alone in my hotel room. I only brought you here so there wouldn’t be any disruption before the banquet. This is a big day for my family and I am not going to let you ruin it.”

   She raises her voice,“It wasn’t my fault!” The pain is unbearable from straining her bruised vocal chords. She holds her neck and starts to cry, “Shaoting, it hurts so bad.”

   “I will call your assistant, what is her number. She can come stay with you.”

   “Will you stay until she gets here?”

   He shakes his head and reluctantly agrees. “Call her now.”

   Long Jinxi pretends to call her assistant, “Kalee, I need you to come to Suite 3089. I am not feeling well.”

   When she hangs up she peeks at Li Shaoting to see if the drug is beginning to have an effect.

   He is looking at his phone and ignoring her. He sees the missed calls,  Dammit!Mom and Dad must be wondering where I am.

   At the banquet Li Tian is drinking a glass of whisky while talking to Yang James. “No. I will finish what I started in Bashu City before I move back here.”

   Yang James pushes up his gold rimmed glasses, “Tian, you have subordinates who can easily take care of that project. The new venture needs you at the helm to make sure it is successful.”

    Anxious to return to Bashu City, Li Tian looks at his watch, when is the fucking dinner going to be served! 

   His father walks back from speaking to the Mayor and affectionately pats Li Tian on the shoulder then sits down. “Tian, I wasn’t on board when you went to Bashu City but after talking to the Mayor I have changed my mind. He said that the innovative approach you used in the Affordable Housing Project could be used as a model to help Catang City keep its workers. Too many people are leaving the city to find work elsewhere because the cost of housing is too high here.”

  Li Tian smirks, “I told you James that this project would be good for the company’s image.”

  Li Hong has a big grin and turns towards Yang James, “James, you also objected?”

  Yang James wants to vomit blood, old man, you have no idea why your son wants to stay in Bashu City working on that insignificant project. “I trust the CEO’s judgment, the problem is we have a large international project that needs his attention.” He is well aware that he will anger Li Tian but continues, “I just feel at this point we have competent people to take over until it is completed. The Li Group’s name is heavily connected to the project so we will reap the benefits.”

  Li Hong nods his head, “James has a point.”

   Restless to get back and see Sara, Li Tian impatiently taps his fingers on the table “When is the food being served?”

   “What is the rush?”

   In Li Shaoting’s suite the atmosphere is stifling and he walks into the bedroom to call Li Tian. Flustered because his parents have called him twice wondering why he isn’t at the banquet he decides to call the culprit. “Cousin, I need you to come to my suite and take care of Long Jinxi until her assistant arrives.”

   Li Tian stands up and walks away from the table, “Why is she in your room?”

  “After you almost killed her I didn’t want any problems before the banquet so I rushed her down here. I wanted to call a doctor but she refused. I don’t know where the hell her assistant is but I need to get to the banquet. My parents are blowing up my phone. I don’t want to explain the situation.”

  “I will send Yang James down to wait until her assistant arrives.”


   While Long Jinxi is in the bathroom he writes a note and leaves it on the coffee table. He doesn’t want to listen to her complain and whine for him to stay.

  When he arrives at the banquet he gives Yang James the card to his room, “Thanks. Her assistant should be there soon.”

  Yang James clenches his teeth and takes the card from him. Fucking bitch! Why do I have to babysit her ass! 

   Long Jinxi comes out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, her face is flushed bright red and her body is on fire. She is in a daze as she looks around the suite. Where is he?

   The door to the suite opens and Yang James enters. He sees her draped in the short towel with a lustful look in her eyes.

   He walks over to her and his face shows his disgust, “You couldn’t hold onto Li Tian so you thought you would seduce that kid? Really a stupid woman! Aphrodisiacs don’t work on him. He has been in the dirty entertainment business for too long, he takes an antidote before any social event so he can be at ease and eat and drink comfortably.”

   She grabs his arm and with the last bit of her sanity spits out, “Why are you here?”

  He throws off her hand and his eyes are filled with killing intent, “You should be glad it is me and your plan didn’t succeed. Do you think you could keep your little life after tricking Li Shaoting and putting a green at on Li Tian?”

  Shocked she whimpers as she tries to hug him. “You need to help me…I’m so itchy.”

  “In your dreams.” He pushes her to the ground and his lips curl up in a sarcastic grin, “Did you even call your assistant?”

   The towel fell off of her and she was sprawled on the carpet naked. He didn’t bother looking at her and took out his phone, “Get over to the Li Group Hotel immediately.”

 She crawls over to him and hugs his leg, she is well aware of his cold and heartless personality, she is terrified,“Who did you call…”

   His eyes are pitch black and filled with disgust,“Someone to help you.”

   She starts sobbing, “ have to fuck me. If you don’t, I will tell Li Tian about when Song Sara almost died on the roof of the Waterfront building.”

   He kicks her in the ribs with the tip of his black leather shoe, “Stop your idle threats. You won’t say anything, you were the one who had the railing loosened and instigated the slut so she slipped on the ice.”

   The pain is excruciating from the kick and the aphrodisiac is making Long Jinxi go crazy. She writhes on the floor and Yang James steps over her then walks to the bar. He pours a glass of wine and stares at the red liquid swirling in the glass. He really wants to kill Long Jinxi to vent his anger. He better get here soon or I might not be able to control my temper.

  There is a knock at the door and a muscular man with an extremely calm expression enters the room. The tall intimidating man is a ‘fixer’ who works exclusively for Yang James. He sees Long Jinxi laying on the white carpet touching her breasts and moaning.“What do you want to do with the woman?”

  Yang James wants Li Tian to be entangled with Long Jinxi to prevent him from having a smooth relationship with Song Sara. He believes she is a threat to their business because of Li Tian’s obsession with her. So he can’t kill Long Jinxi but wants to teach her a lesson and keep her in line.

  “Have one of your men fuck her and film it. Not too rough, I need the bitch.” He stares at Long Jinxi rubbing her hand between her thighs and sneers,  “Make sure you can see her face clearly. Erase any security footage of her entering or leaving this suite.”

  “Will do.” 

Mega Mall Opening Part 1

   Dr. Sloane and Dr. Lee enter Sara’s room and walk over to the bed. Dr. Lee raises her delicate eyebrow, “The woman is quite beautiful.”

  He gazes at Sara’s delicate face with a hint of pity, “It is a shame she is involved with that bastard, Li Tian. She won’t have a good end dealing with his family, there is no way they will accept the twins in her belly. She is the unfavored daughter of the Song family, who have declined significantly in the past several years. The Li family would never consider a marriage contract between the families. ”

  “The woman is pregnant? That complicates matters. You should have told me I wouldn’t have agreed.”

   “What does her pregnancy have to do with the treatment?”

  “To stimulate the patient her heart will stop for a moment when I insert the third silver needle. I don’t know how that would affect the fetuses. I suggest you wait. If your prior successes with other comatose patients are any indication, she should respond to your treatment.’

   “No. I have a scheduled meeting tomorrow for the investors in my company. I need to show the success rate is worth the millions I am requesting for further research. If I delay the meeting it will send up a red flag and could deter them from committing more money.”

   Lee Yinyin laughs, “So that is why you wanted to enlist my help. Not because you are a lovelorn fool.”

  “Both, although lovelorn doesn’t aptly describe my emotional state.” I might be a fool to want to know why she left me for that old fart.

  “You aren’t worried about the fetuses?”

  “If her heart briefly stops, I don’t foresee any problems.”

  “You don’t foresee or you don’t care? Johan, you have changed. The man I knew wouldn’t risk harming a patient to further his career.”

  “I trust you know what you are doing.”

  Sara can hear them speaking and she desperately struggles to open her eyes. She doesn’t want to take the chance her babies could be affected. The fog in her brain isn’t as dense as it was and she realizes she is in a coma not dreaming. She feels helpless, why can’t I open my eyes or say something! The babies are mine! They have nothing to do with the Li Tian! I got pregnant from that terrible wild man!

  Dr. Lee struggles for a moment, so Dr. Sloane impatiently adds, “Yinyin, do you want your brother to take over as CEO? You should consider your own interests.”

  “If the woman wasn’t pregnant, I wouldn’t hesitate…but…”

“I am here, if the patient is in any distress I can handle the situation.”

 Dr. Lee takes out her silver needles. “Fine.”

Sara tries her hardest to at least lift her hand to signal them. Please..don’t…don’t if there is the slightest chance it might harm the babies…

Dr. Lee inserts the first needle at the base of Sara’s neck and Sara panics, two more needles and she will stop my heart…

   After some soul searching,without alerting Dr. Sloane of her intentions, Lee Yinyin decides she won’t risk harming the fetuses.

The second needle is inserted in Sara’s forehead then she doesn’t insert the third needle into Sara’s chest. She opts for a different location which might stimulate Sara’s brain. Two more needles are inserted and there is no movement from Sara.

 Dr. Sloane anxiously waits next to Dr. Lee for her to finish. Once all five needles are inserted he asks, “Will she wake up after you remove the needles?”

 Dr. Lee doesn’t want to deal with his temper, if Johan knew I deliberately changed the position of the third needle, he would explode. No one knows better than me that under his calm exterior is an obsessive lunatic.  “It is a wait and see, but I anticipate she should awaken in about two hours after I remove the needles.”

“Very good. I was watching the monitor and I didn’t notice any fluctuation in her heartbeat.”

 She slowly removes the needles,“It was probably so brief…if you blinked you would miss it.” 

 “Thank you Yinyin. I owe you.”

 “Well, while we wait for the results, you can take me to dinner. I am famished.” It is a fifty/fifty chance the woman wakes up tonight. But, she certainly will at some point between your treatment and the acupuncture.

 Sara’s mind is in turmoil. I can feel the babies moving so I pray to Buddha there is no problem. I need to wake up and leave this hospital! Has Li Tian really found me?

  Dr. Sloane checks Sara’s vitals then changes the IV bag with a new one containing an experimental drug he uses in his treatment.

  Dr. Lee has a quizzical expression when she notices a slight brownish tint to the liquid in the IV bag, “What are you giving her?”

  “Because she is pregnant I couldn’t use the standard drugs to treat her so I am using a new drug developed by the lab. She was given an extremely high dose of Somalin. I believe the drug combined with the psychological trauma of being kidnapped caused the patient to become comatose.”

  Sara doesn’t remember anything after looking at baby clothes in the small town where Tang Wu was filming. I was kidnapped and given drugs? Why? Who would do that to me?

   After Dr. Slaone replaces the IV he says, “Let’s go. I will have the nurse monitor Song Sara and call me if she awakens.”

  As the medicine enters her bloodstream Sara feels the fog in her brain disappearing. She tries to recall any memories about the kidnapping but her mind is blank. Was I kidnapped because of CEO Li?

   At the Mega Mall opening, Li Tian sneezes and Long Jinxi holds his arm as she sweetly asks, “Tian, do you want me to send my assistant for cold medicine?”

  He glares at Long Jinxi and flings off her hand clutching the sleeve of his suit coat. He growls,“Don’t touch me again if you want to keep that hand.”

  She stumbles in her ten cm. high heels and pouts, “I am only concerned about you.” She rubs her hand, “You don’t have to be that fierce!”

  “I need you to remember our engagement is a sham. I will get rid of it as soon as my grandfather’s condition stabilizes.”

  Long Jinxi lowers her head and has a malicious gleam in her eyes, my mother will make sure the old man doesn’t recover. You will marry me. It wasn’t easy getting the marriage agreement switched to me after my sister’s accident. 

  When she raises her face crystal tears hang on her eyelashes and she looks like a weak beauty. With an aggrieved tone she softly responds,“Tian, our marriage is what grandfather wants. I would be willing to walk away, but I can’t.”

  Li Tian’s father approaches them and wrinkles his forehead, “Tian, are you bullying the little girl?”

  Long Jinxi clutches the sides of her dress and shyly responds, “Uncle Hong, no… I was just thinking of my sister, wishing she could be here.”

  “Little An will miss the opening ceremony but will attend the banquet. Your father said she was feeling better.”

  Long Jinxi looks happily surprised, “That is great! When I spoke to her earlier she wasn’t feeling up to it.” Inwardly she is cursing her annoying sister, What the hell? What does she plan on doing?

 “Can you excuse us? I need to speak to Tian.”

“Sure Uncle Hong. I see my friend Jiang Wenli. I will go say hello.”

 Li Hong’s face darkens, “Son, do I need to remind you that Jinxi is your fiancee! I saw you snarl and throw her hand off of your arm. I won’t tolerate you disrespecting your future wife.”

 “Dad, I told you I will never marry that duplicitous woman! I am only placating Grandfather until his heart condition improves. I agreed to let her accompany me tonight but that doesn’t mean I need to let her hang on me.”

  The veins are bulging on Li Hong’s neck, “There is a lot of media covering this event and like it or not you need to behave. Not only is Jinxi your future wife, but she is a popular celebrity so they will be taking pictures of the two of you. It is good publicity for the Mall.”

  “Why do you ridicule Shaoting for being in the Entertainment Circle but  seem to praise Long Jinxi?”

  “Why do you insist on pissing me off! It is not the same! I’m not wasting my breath explaining it to you. Do as I say!”

   Long Jinxi smiles brightly as she strolls through the crowd to Jiang Wenxli. Uncle Hong will put that arrogant bastard in his place.

She hugs her friend, Wenwen! Long time no see! So Fan Mi told me that you got the second female lead in Director Fang’s new movie.” Her lips curl up into an arc as she taunts her, “Poor Baby, Did you have to sleep with that greasy pervert?” 

   Jiang Wenli’s face turns from white to green, “Shhsssh!” She pulls her to the side, “He is so disgusting! But, if I didn’t go to his hotel room, there was no way he would give me the role.”

  She brushes Jiang Wenli’s hair back, “You better hope no one finds out. I heard he likes to tape his ‘conquests’ or should I say ‘victims’. If you have a scandal your family will never let you stay in the Circle.”

  Jiang Wenli’s face pales, “WHAT? Who told you that? Jinxi, are you trying to scare me?”

  “You’re my friend, I wish you had told me your plan first. I would have told you one role in his shitty movie is not worth it. I can’t tell you how I know, but be careful not to offend the fat pervert or he will destroy you.”

   Jiang Wenli’s eyes widen and her hands are clammy as she holds onto Long Jinxi’s hand, “My agent insisted I go with him, I had no choice!”

  “Well, like I said, be careful.  What an idiot! Her agent is known for sending her actresses to directors and investors. “I see Zheng Lan and Zhou Jason. Talk to you later.”

Sara Hears Li Tian’s Voice

    Five days later inside Sara’s hospital room, Li Tian is sitting on the couch looking at the computer on his lap. He is working on the last minute details of the opening of the much anticipated Mega Mall outside Catang City.

After quite a few setbacks the project was successfully completed and the occupancy rate reach full capacity. The retailers and restaurant owners were ready to accept customers and the PR department prepared a lavish ceremony and banquet to celebrate the opening.

   Although he complained that he was too involved with the Affordable Housing Project to return and recommended Yang James to represent him, his proposal was rejected. Unfortunately, both his father and grandfather insisted he be the host stating it would be an insult to the investors and public if he wasn’t present. 

   Irritated that he has no choice but to return and participate, he is fuming after speaking a moment ago with his grandfather. Somehow that little bitch Long Jinxi convinced grandfather to be my date. Because Grandfather recently recovered, if I disobey him he might have a setback due to anger. I would like to kill those two Long sisters so I don’t have to keep dealing with them.

  Li Tian gazes at Sara, unwilling to leave this afternoon to return to Catang City. Well…it will be one night I will return immediately after the banquet.

Since Dr. Sloane began treating Sara he has been anxiously awaiting her waking up from the coma. Convinced there will be a breakthrough soon he canceled any meetings and shelved all projects that would take him away from her side.

   He is ecstatic thinking about the several  times during last night she had a physical response as he kissed and touched her body. Sara would quiver as she moaned, which hadn’t happened previously. More than once it appeared she would awaken at any time. He had mentally prepared to face Sara and tell her how much he loved her and the babies. 

   Encouraged by her various reaction as he played with her body, he believes there will be good news soon. He decides to call his father and offer a new alternative, his cousin Li Shaoting.

Li Hong is having breakfast discussing the opening tonight with his wife. His phone on the table next to a plate of food rings. He grimaces when he sees the caller. Putting down his chopsticks the middle aged man knits his brow anticipating Li Tian trying to shirk his responsibility.

  Li Tian quickly gets to the point, “Father I have an idea. Shaoting’s popularity has risen greatly since his last movie. I think everyone would be more than pleased if he was the host of the event. His presence would garner more attention than mine because of his celebrity status.”

 “Brat! Are you forgetting Ting’er goes by Tang Wu! He has distanced himself from the family because of his celebrity status. The Entertainment circle is dirty and we can’t have the Li family’s reputation tarnished if something inexplicable happens. He offered to perform but his father declined. Stop your useless prater.”

Li Hong is convinced since Li Tian has been in Bashu City he has changed. After dealing with the Bashu Airport problems he naturally assumed he would quickly return to Catang City. He was shocked when his cold and indifferent son got uncharacteristically involved with a ridiculous public housing project.

  Li Tian was in a hurry to resolve the problem and didn’t consider Li Shaoting’s identity. Dammit!

  When there is silence on the other end Li Hong taps his chopsticks on his plate, “Anything else? My eggs are getting cold.”


   “Get your ass to the company this afternoon. I have some things to discuss before this evening.”

   Frustrated, Li Tian purses his lips into a straight line and tightens his grip on the phone. He angrily curses his father and lifts his hand about to throw the phone at the wall. His hand is in midair when the door opens and he suppresses the urge to destroy the phone.

   An elderly nurse enters and pulls on her collar, the air surrounding that cold bastard is suffocating as usual. She glances at Li Tian, she has become strangely accustomed to the frigid atmosphere in the room. Dr, Ling assigned her to Sara because either the younger nurses became infatuated with him or were deathly afraid. Since she has weathered many storms during her long life she is impervious to his terrifying aura.

  Li Tian is actually very satisfied with this old nurse. She does a good job taking care of Sara without disturbing him. If he asks a question she answers him politely without any judgment. Although he could give a shit about anyone’s impression of him he feels she is more sincere with her answers. 

   Ignoring his penetrating gaze she proceeds over to check Sara’s vitals. She takes Sara’s blood pressure then checks the IV bag. It should be changed in about a half hour. When she lifts Sara’s hand to put the pulse oximeter on her finger she notices Sara’s hand trembling. Hmmm…this is unusual, I should make a note for Dr. Ling. 

   Li Tian has become sensitive to any nuances on the faces of the nurse and doctors. Noticing her quizzical expression he approaches the bed, “Is there a change.”

  The elderly nurse looks up at the handsome man towering over her with a concerned look in his pitch black eyes. She is well aware the man standing next to her is an evil bastard. Sara will have red marks on her body and her lips will be red and swollen at times. But, she feels it isn’t any of her business since Dr. Ling must be aware and seems to have no opinion.

  “Slight movement of her fingers on her right hand.”

  Li Tian’s face reveals his excitement and the elderly nurse inwardly sighs, the iceberg does seem to have true feelings for the beautiful girl.  

   His voice is tinged with expectations, “Does that mean she will wake up soon?” I almost want to tell this old woman about Sara’s response to me touching her last night.

  “I am only a nurse, I have no idea, I did make a note for the doctor.”

  “Call the doctor to come now.”

  “Mr. Lu..” She stops when she sees him affectionately holding Sara’s hand and the hopeful expression on his face “Yes. I will immediately.” Although looking at Sara lying motionlessly on the bed she doubts her hand trembling was indicative she would awaken from the coma. The man does sit in this room guarding her everyday and this is the first sign of any possible progress from the treatment.

  When she leaves Li Tian squeezes Sara’s hand, “Baby, I know you are going to wake up soon.” He lowers his head and kisses her forehead then puts his hand on her swollen belly. 

  His joy is short lived when  Dr. Slaone examines her and concludes it was an involuntary tremor.

   Disappointed after the doctor leaves he sits on the bed and hugs Sara into his arms. Stroking her soft black hair, his eyes are full of warmth and gentleness. He touches the lush black eyelashes covering her eyes. “Come on Baby ,try a little harder to open your eyes, I miss seeing your beautiful blue eyes…sometimes hazy with lust…so enchanting you suck my soul from me.”

He lightly kisses her closed eyes and chuckles, “But..haha.. Of course, most of the time your eyes flash with flames of anger.” He tightens his embrace in a low and magnetic voice he confesses, “ I am waiting for you to look at me with your crystal blue eyes sparkling and full of love. I love you and our babies more than I can say. I will give you everything, all my love and a life of luxury. Please, wake up so I can prove to you that I am the only man for you. He tightens his arms around her thin waist and his voice is full of longing, “I want to marry you Song Sara. I want you to be my wife. I will only love you in this life.”

   Li Tian’s words and the feeling of being in his warm embrace stir Sara’s consciousness. Listening to his strong heartbeat and his heartfelt confession sink into Sara’s clouded mind. What a strange dream.  It isn’t possible for the arrogant and cold CEO Li to say such tender words to me. Do I like him? Is this wishful thinking on my part so I am dreaming of him confessing his love. How could that be… If he knew the baby wasn’t his… a seed planted by a wild man who raped me…I need to wake up from this weird fantasy. It should be time to make breakfast for the Li brothers.

  He buries his head in her neck and inhales her unique fragrance of jasmine that is intoxicating. Licking and sucking on her shell-like ear he whispers, “You are so beautiful my love.” Gazing at her lovingly he presses his lips on hers before he deepens the kiss he forces himself to stop. Knowing if he lingers any longer he will be too tempted and disobey his father and grandfather he unwillingly lays Sara on the pillow. He fixes the blanket covering her then gets off the bed. “I need to go. I will be back tomorrow.”

   Kang Mingshun is deep in thought while standing in the hallway waiting for Li Tian.

When Li Tian exits the room his face has an ugly expression, “Let’s go.”

Treatment Part 2

The two doctors return with a nurse  pushing a cart on top is a small machine. Li Shaoting filled him in as to what the process would be so Li Tian silently watches from the side.

Dr. Ling was told by Li Shaoting that the bodyguard was allowed to stay. Since he threatened the research facility’s funding she acquiesced. 

Ignoring Li Tian’s piercing gaze  Dr. Sloane places several electrode pads on Sara’s head and turns a dial slowly. When he turns on the machine Sara’s body twitches and her eyebrows wrinkle. Li Tian panics and pushes the doctor, “What are you doing! She looks like she is in pain!”

Annoyed by Li Tian’s outburst the doctor’s face contorts in anger, “Unless you want me to call security, step back and let me do my job!” He is a well renowned neurologist that people wait months to see. “Don’t interrupt the treatment!”

  “Shaoting didn’t say she would be in pain. Stop now!”

  “…” Both doctors stare at him, Shaoting?

 Dr. Ling realizes this man is not ordinary, his domineering tone is as if he is used to being in charge. Referring to Young Master Li…is he a person favored by the Li Family? A relative?

 Composing herself she says, “Mr. Lu, the electrodes are stimulating her brain waves. It is normal for the patient to have some involuntary movements. I gave Miss Song a low dose pain medication in her IV, she shouldn’t be in any pain.” 

 “She is pregnant!  How will it affect the babies?”

She can’t hide her shock at his emotional outburst, “Mr. Lu! You are merely her bodyguard…Mr. Cadieux would not be happy to know you are growing abnormally attached to his sis…Miss Song.”

Li Tian’s hand in his trouser pocket is clenched and the veins on the back of his hand are bulging. He changes his expression and cocks an eyebrow, “Mr. Wu hired me…only he can fire me.”

“Well, let Dr. Sloane treat Miss Song without interfering.” I really want to kick this arrogant man out of the hospital! I have never seen such an overbearing bodyguard!

 The treatment continues for another hour and except for Sara’s initial reaction Li Tian doesn’t see any signs of discomfort. When Dr. Sloane finishes he tells Dr. Ling, “I am going to study the images and I will send my report to you.”

  “Very good.”

  A nurse comes into the room to wheel the cart out and the two doctors follow. When Dr. Sloane reaches for the door handle he turns around and he sees Li Tian holding Sara’s hand.

  While waiting for the elevator he remarks, “I think you should have Mr. Wu change bodyguards.” He noticed the possessive glint in Li Tian’s eyes and his interference was unprofessional. The man seems to be in love with Miss Song.

  Dr. Ling steps into the elevator with him and takes off her glasses. She has a worried expression,“You think I haven’t wanted to? I have been uneasy from the beginning! Leaving a man with a beautiful woman who is in a comatose state is unconscionable. But, it isn’t my decision. She was abducted and the culprits haven’t been found so Tang Wu insisted on having her guarded around the clock.”

 “She was kidnapped?”

  “Yes. I didn’t include that information in the report because Mr. Cadieux instructed me to conceal that information.”

  He furrows his thick eyebrows, “Dr. Ling when dealing with neurological problems it is best to have all the information. Have you ever considered the possibility the young girl was traumatized and her problem could be psychological?” He opens the folder in his hand, “According to the last analysis of the patient’s blood there is no trace of the Sombian. I assumed the drug did damage to her cerebrum.”

 She wipes her glasses, “I never considered that .”

 “I will know more when I study the images. For now I will plan on the treatment plan we discussed.” He steps out of the elevator curious about Sara’s abduction. When he enters his office he makes a phone call.

  The man who answers pushes the woman off his lap, “Damn! Young Master Sloane, it has been a long time! When did you return to China?”

 “How is your sister?”

 “She got married last year…are you jealous?”

  His lips curl up into a sneer and he ignores the question, “I need information on a woman named Song Sara.”

 The man lights a cigar, “A new love? Want her investigated? Haha…” 

 “A patient. She was a kidnapping victim approximately two months ago. I don’t have any more details.”

 “Oh. I thought maybe you finally moved on.”

 “The past is the past. Get me the information as soon as possible.”

  After he hangs up he takes a piece of candy from a bowl on his desk. As he unwraps it he leans back in the chair, bastard if you weren’t the best private investigator I know I wouldn’t call you! I need to know about what happened before I continue treatment!

In Sara’s hospital room Li Tian comes out of the bathroom with a warm wet towel. His eyes are full of pampering as he wipes Sara’s face, in a warm and gentle voice he says, “Did that hurt?” He kisses her eyes that are closed tight, “I don’t like that bastard’s attitude but if he can help you I will tolerate him.”

 There is a knock on the door then Kang Mingshun enters holding an insulation box. “Boss, I brought  dinner.”

 “Set it on the table.” He continues to run the washcloth down Sara’s neck, “Why is there no news about the kidnappers from Chen Wu?” 

  Kang Mingshun scratches his chin, “Ahh…Chen Wu…well, Vice President Yang told him to set it aside for now. He sent him to deal with the trouble in Shanghai.”

  Li Tian’s face darkens, he had a strange feeling when he was talking to Yang James. “Why wasn’t I informed?”

  “Boss, you said to listen to Yang James, you were only handling the matters in Bashu City. I thought you knew.”

  “Did you bring me the information on that greedy bastard Gao?”


  “Then you can go. Keep monitoring their mansion.”

   After Kang Mingshun leaves Li Tian walks over to the table. He opens up the insulation box and a fragrant aroma drifts over to Sara. She inhales and unconsciously licks her lips. Her mind is foggy. She doesn’t know for how long but she has been in a strange dream. She is like a doll lying motionless on a bed. 

    Sara can hear voices, people coming and going, the whirring sound of a machine. A man whose scent calms her down gently takes care of her, sometimes laying his head on her stomach. He embraces her and she feels comfortable in his arms. Why can’t I wake up? Who is he? Who am I? She struggles to open her eyes but only her eyelashes slightly flutter.



Treatment Part 1

It has been over almost two months and Sara has not awakened from the coma. Li Tian appears thin as he stands at the window of Sara’s hospital room looking out at the bustling city below.  Under the guise of being Sara’s bodyguard he spends most of his time in her room. During the day he patiently sits by her bed talking to her and doing his work, at night  he sleeps in the bed embracing Sara in his arms.

He successfully forced Leo to go back to France to deal with the turmoil he created in his father’s company. Because of the chaos Leo can only return occasionally to Bashu City to visit Sara. When Li Tian encounters him he keeps up the pretense of being Sara’s bodyguard and doesn’t interfere with him. Since the doctor said she needs stimulation he reluctantly accepts the fact

  After standing at the window for a while he walks over to the bed and fixes the blanket covering Sara.. Gazing at beautiful face he runs his finger across her tightly closed eyes gently touching her long black eyelashes. After leaning down and kissing her pale lips he has a crease between his sword like eyebrows, he strokes Sara’s growing belly and sighs, “When is your mommy going to wake up?” I miss seeing her changing expressions. When she is mad at me her crystal blue eyes deepen and are filled with sparks…when she is laying under me they are hazy and full of lust…driving me crazy with desire.

  Li Shaoting walks into the room and his heart tightens at the sight. It is strange to see his cold and aloof cousin looking helpless as though he has lost his soul. He walks over to the bed and doesn’t say the words in his heart. After returning from the film site he has tried to persuade Li Tian to take better care of himself to no avail. 

  “Filming is over?”


   Dr. Ling enters with a tall thin man wearing a white coat. “Mr. Wu, you are here… good.” Although she has seen Li Tian many times she believes he is only the bodyguard so typically she ignores him. “This is Dr. Sloane, a neurologist that recently joined the staff.”

  Reaching out his hand the foreign man smiles and Li Shaoting shakes it. Dr. Ling continues, “He has come up with a new method to treat patients in a vegative state.”

  Li Tian winces when she says ‘vegetative state’ he narrows his eyes staring at the blonde man standing next to her. He has had countless doctors come and examine Sara with no results. The only reason he hasn’t lost his mind is because the babies are growing normally and although she is in a coma her vitals remain stable.

  Li Shaoting’s eyes light up, “Dr. Sloane,- will  Song Sara wake up?”

  He calmly replies, “I believe Miss Song is a good candidate for treatment but there are no guarantees.”

Dr. Ling walks over to check Sara, “His  success rate has been excellent. I think this treatment is the best course of action.”

Li Tian wants to ask the specifics but knows his identity as a bodyguard doesn’t give him the right. He clenches his fists at his side, damn this charade! 

Li Shaoting can feel the oppressive aura surrounding his cousin at the moment and asks, “Can you give me the specifics?”

 Li Tian loosens his fists, very good… the brat is not completely useless.

 Dr. Sloane explains the treatment plan then says, “I have another patient to see. I will return later with the device.”

 Li Tian has lost his patience and blurts out in a domineering tone, “Now. Start treatment now. The other patient can wait.”


Li Shaoting immediately tries to smooth over the awkward atmosphere, “Haha..Lu Zhen…are you forgetting your place? I need to speak to you, step out into the hallway.”

 Li Tian glares at him and follows him out the door.  When they are in the hallway he growls, “You get your ass in there and convince that bastard to start treatment now!”

  “You didn’t give me a chance! Of course I will!”

  “I don’t want a delay! Go in there and threaten him that  the Li Family will withdraw their investment in this fucking hospital!” 

   Li Tian’s phone rings and he motions to Li Shaoting, “Do it.”

   Li Shaoting nods and walks back into Sara’s room.  They don’t know I am Li can I say that!

  Yang James responds, “Do what?”

 “I was talking to Shaoting. Why did you call? Have you found the people who plotted against me and abducted Song Sara?

 Yang James taps a gold pen on the desk, “ Not yet.”

 “When did you become so incompetent? It has been two fucking months!”

 “It is like they vanished into thin air. I am still having men look. But you need to come back to Catang City.”

 “I told you I am supervising the Affordable Housing Project,”

 “ The negotiations are at a standstill, if you don’t deal with her directly she said she won’t sell.” I know that is just an excuse to stay close to that bitch.

 “Then she doesn’t sell.”

 Yang James gnashes his teeth,“Tian, weren’t you the one who said the company needs that facility in order to expand?”

  “The expansion can wait.”

  “Wait for what? Song Sara to regain consciousness? You are going to waste our efforts for the last five years because of a stupid woman?”

   “Watch what you say! She is my beloved woman carrying my children!”

   “Tian, are you going to continue to neglect the company? It has been two months, she might never wake up!

   The veins on his forehead are bulging and he spits out,  “SHUT UP! SHE WILL WAKE UP AND SOON!” 

   After Li Tian hangs up he takes a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket and angrily strides to the end of the hallway. She has to wake up!

  He smokes three cigarettes to calm his nerves then returns to Sara’s room, only Li Shaoting is there.


  “They agreed and will start treatment immediately.”

  Li Tian walks over to Sara’s bed and sits down. He tenderly touches her cheek then kisses her forehead. His voice is soft and his eyes are filled with undisguised affection. “Baby, I know you will wake up soon.”

The Babies Are In Danger

   Xie Yubai lifts an eyebrow as he takes Leo’s hand off his shoulder, “I wasn’t aware Miss Song had a brother.”

   Leo realizes he was hasty and quickly responds, “We are like family so of course I call her sister. Dr. Ling will be arriving soon and will examine Song Sara then transport her to Bashu Heights Private Hospital.”

  “Dr. Ling?”

  “Yes. The medical helicopter should be landing any moment.”

  Xie Yubai narrows his eyes, “I didn’t catch your name.” Dr.Ling isn’t a doctor just  anyone can summon.

 “Cadieux, Leo Cadieux.”

“Your father is Nigel Cadieux?”


  Leo’s identity arouses his curiosity. How did Song Sara attract two dangerous men? One calls her his beloved woman, the other his sister.  If I allow Leo Cadieux to send Song Sara to the hospital Li Tian will be furious but it is in her best interest to be transported to a better equipped hospital as soon as possible. Dr. Ling is a world renowned doctor so Song Sara will be in excellent hands. “Very well.”

  Li Shaoting also believes that it would be best to get Sara away from Li Tian. “When will the helicopter arrive?”


  Dr. Ling enters the hospital room and greets Leo, she recognizes Xie Yubai, “Dr. Xie, what are you doing here?”

   “Hello Dr. Ling. I am the doctor the production company sent to the filming site. The patient is a friend of Tang Wu’s so he called me.” He doesn’t want to involve Li Tian.

  She looks surprised, “You are the on set doctor?” then quips, “ Isn’t that a waste of your talent?”

  He chuckles, “I find it rewarding in its own way.”

  Dr. Ling walks over to the bed, “What is going on with the patient?”

  Xie Yubai shows her the toxicology report and she frowns as she mutters, “Pregnant with twins and injected with Sombian.”

  Leo shakes his head in disbelief,, “What? Song Sara is having twins? How can that be possible? She had an ultrasound a few weeks ago and there was only one baby.”

  Dr. Ling responds, “How far along is she in her pregnancy?”

  Xie Yubai checks the chart then hands it to Dr. Ling, ” Approximately 15 weeks.”

   She studies the report then turns to Xie Yubai, “We shouldn’t delay transporting Miss Song.”  The patient could have a miscarriage if the drug remains in her blood for too long. The fetuses are definitely at riskthere is no time to waste. The Sombian will slowly deprive the babies of oxygen from the blood in the umbilical cord and placenta.

  He unhooks the IV then motions to the two nurses to put Sara onto the stretcher.

   Li Shoating can tell by Dr. Ling’s reaction to the report that Sara could be in danger of losing the babies. It was only for a moment but her eyes revealed her worry. He nervously follows, “I am coming with you.”

  Leo pushes him, “No. If she didn’t accompany you here this wouldn’t have happened.”

  “That is why I have to come with you.”

   Leo unwillingly relents because of his relationship with Sara, “You better hope she and the twins are okay or the Li family will be destroyed by me.”

   While keeping pace with Leo’s long strides, Li Shoating doesn’t respond, he is preoccupied thinking about how happy Sara was looking in the window of the baby boutique and now… He calls his brother, “Sara is being transported to Bashu Private Hospital. I will keep you informed. Stay in town tonight. Tomorrow I will arrange for a driver.”

Li Feng’s heart is in a knot and his voice trembles, “Is she going to be okay?”

“Well, I will call you from the hospital.” He quickly hangs up as they put Sara into the helicopter.

At the Chengi hospital Xie Yubai walks down the hallway to check on Li Tian. He meets Kang Mingshun coming out of the room. “Is he awake?”

  “Dr. Xie, you need to give the Boss a sedative. He ripped the IV out of his arm then fell down when he tried to stand up. He sounds delusional, he kept saying he needed to go be with his wife.” They aren’t married and the chick wants nothing to do with him! But I can’t say that.

  “Well, I will check on him. Song Sara is being taken to Bashu Heights Private Hospital, her condition isn’t good. Leo Cadieux arranged for a medical helicopter.”

  “Leo Cadieux?’

  “He arrived with a specialist not long ago. They should be on their way now.”

  Kang Mingshun breaks out into a cold sweat, “Whatever you do, don’t mention Leo Cadieux to the Boss!”

   Opening the door Li Tian overhears their conversation. He staggers out and angrily grabs Xie Yubai by the neck. His pitch black eyes are filled with rage and the veins on his neck are bulging, “You let that maniac take my wife? I will fucking kill you!”

  Xie Yubai struggles to breathe as Kang Mingshun tries to pull Li Tian away, “Boss! Stop! Miss Song’s life is in danger! Cadieux brought a medical helicopter.”

  Li Tian suddenly releases Xie Yubai and holds his head. In excruciating pain he tries to focus then commands Kang Mingshun, “Let’s go.”

  Xie Yubai rubs his neck, “Tian, you have a severe concussion and could have sequelae, you can’t leave the hospital.”

  Li Tian glares at him, “Can and will.” 

  Kang Mingshun holds onto Li Tian who is about to collapse, “Listen to the doctor Boss. I know you hate Cadieux but he will do everything possible to save Miss Song. You need treatment.”

 “Get me to the car.” I should be with my woman, not that bastard.! Trying to steal her away when I just found the little disobedient kitten again! I won’t let him!

  On board the helicopter Dr. Ling monitors Sara under the watchful eyes of Li Shaoting and Leo. Li Shaoting wrings his hands while Leo silently contemplates how to torture the people who kidnapped Sara.

    In Bashu City the people involved are in a luxurious hotel suite discussing the situation. Alexandre is sitting on the couch and Madam Olga is at the bar.

Alexandre regrets his greed clouded his judgment, “Have you heard from Hamid?” He anxiously taps his slender finger on his thigh, “He better have erased any evidence. Leo is very methodical and will meticulously search for the culprits. You are well aware of how competent his right hand man, Wong Duan is he will track down even the slightest clue.”

  “My son knows what to do, he should arrive soon.” She pours a glass of vodka, “Alexandre… how did you not know that this bitch is your partner’s sister! I never would have agreed to this plan!”

  “Fuck! I was shocked when he told me! He already took care of the Bosnians, if I had known that we wouldn’t be in this position. Leo bought a hotel by the harbor and wants me to open a restaurant with the girl. He obviously dotes on the little bitch. If she is harmed in any way I don’t want to think of the consequences.” I am certainly not going down for the kidnapping…that is for sure.

  The door of the hotel suite flies open and Hamid bursts into the room. Surprised to see Alexandre with his mother he hides his nervousness. As they were leaving Chengi the car they were driving passed by Leo and Wong Duan. He isn’t sure if Wong Duan saw them and wanted to inform his mother that he needs to return to Morocco immediately to create an alibi. 

  Alexandre noticed the flash of panic in Hamid’s eyes, gripping the glass in his hand tighter, he glares at him. “Is there a problem Hamid?”

  “Of course not.”

  “So nothing can be traced back to us?”

  “I assure you that I made it look as though human traffickers kidnapped the woman. No one has any reason to suspect otherwise.”

  “For your sake you better be right.” Alexandre receives a text then sets the drink down and stands up, “I’m leaving.”

  Madam Olga sneers, “Aren’t you forgetting something?”

  He turns around, “You will receive payment after I am satisfied there is no blowback. Yang James will call you, he wants to meet.”

   As Alexandre presses the button for the elevator he arches an eyebrow, his intuition tells him that Hamid is definitely hiding something. I might need to eliminate Madam Olga and him, if that moron botched handling the situation.

   Author’s Note: Hi my faithful readers ❤! I have been super busy and this story will be on a short hiatus until Aug. 24 then I will update regularly again...

The Storm Arrives

   When Li Shaoting and Xie Yubai walk back into the room, the nurse has finished with the ultrasound. Li Tian has a flustered expression while staring at the sonogram, the little girl is pregnant with twins. How can her tiny body handle having two babies? As the nurse moved a gadget around on Sara’s stomach he listened to their faint heartbeats and his mind is still reeling from the realization that those are his babies… He asked the nurse why the second baby didn’t show up in the first sonogram. Nurse Dong told him that because it was very early in the pregnancy the other baby could have been hidden from view. It is unusual but happens and is nothing to worry about, from the ultrasound results both babies appear unharmed.

   Li Shaoting looks over Li Tian’s shoulder, “Let me see.”

  Li Tian clutches tightly onto the black and white film in his hand while lovingly gazing at Sara’s delicate face devoid of color. She looks like a fragile porcelain doll laying there with her eyes closed her lush black hair spread on the white pillow. His voice is low and hoarse, “Yubai, did the results come back from the blood test? Why hasn’t she awakened yet.”

  Xie Yubai replies, “Not yet, I want to look at the sonogram.”

 Li Tian reluctantly hands it to him and Xie Yubai has a surprised expression, “Twins?”

 Li Shaoting grabs Xie Yubai’s arm, “What!”

 The three of them are looking at Sara lying unconscious on the bed when the door opens. A man in a white coat is holding a few sheets of paper and says, “Dr. Xie, could you step outside.”

 Li Tian glares at the man, “Do you have the results from the blood test?”

 The man feels stifled from Li Tian’s oppressive aura and steps back. He looks at Xie Yubai for instructions and Xie Yubai nods. The lab technician reports, “The woman was injected with a strong sedative called Sombian. It is currently not on the market and is in clinical trials…” He breaks out into a sweat as Li Tian suddenly approaches him in two aggressive long strides.. “Ah…ah…” Frightened he moves closer to Xie Yubai as Li Tian’s veins bulge on his forehead and his eyes turn pitch black,  “Continue…is my woman in danger?!”

  “Well…I don’t know. The patient’s blood is also tainted… with a..a..” The man stiffens his back and spits out, “I don’t know what…I would need to run more tests….we don’t have the facilities for complicated analysis.”

   Li Tian is like a volcano about to erupt, he feels as though he could destroy the world right now. A moment ago he was thrilled at the prospect of having twins but now faced with the possibility there could be complications for both mother and child he is close to losing his mind. Li Tian’s breathing quickens holding his bruised ribs trying to stabilize himself. His knuckles turn white as he grips onto a nearby chair, “Are the babies in danger?” 

   When the man doesn’t answer he grabs him by the collar and in a terrifying voice dripping with anger demands, “Answer me!” Li Tian has been suppressing the pain from his injuries but now that his rage has surged his qi is chaotic and he can’t focus. The man in front of him is becoming a blur and the room is spinning. He sucks in a deep breath and tries to remain alert but suddenly darkness surrounds him.

   Xie Yubai barely catches LI Tian as he collapses and tells the lab technician, “Get a stretcher quickly!”

   Li Shaoting watches in shock but snaps out of his daze to help Xie Yubai. Although they are both men are180m tall, Li Tian is still almost a head taller so they struggle supporting his strong body to the couch. He has never seen his intimidating cousin in a weakened state and his eyes widen in disbelief, “ I didn’t realize he was that injured.”

  “Tian is a very strong willed person adept at martial arts. He was using his internal energy but when he became enraged he couldn’t maintain the calmness he needed to ignore the pain.”

  Li Shaoting stares at his cousin lying motionless on the couch, maybe I underestimated his feelings for Sara but that doesn’t change the fact he isn’t good for her. It would be for the best if she didn’t go back to Catang City with him. She should remain at my villa where she can feel comfortable and start a new life.

  Two nurses enter with a stretcher and Xie Yubai and Li Shaoting help put Li Tian on it. Xie Yubai instructs them, “Take him directly for x rays of the chest and left arm, then a Cat scan.”

  Both he and the lab technician follow out the door and Xie Yubai turns back, “Shaoting, I will be back shortly.”

  Outside the room the lab technician hands are trembling as he passes Xie Yubai the paperwork, “Look at page two the second paragraph. The patient should be taken to a better hospital as soon as the storm subsides. We don’t have the right blood type here and she will need an exchange transfusion to dilute the effects of the Sombian in her bloodstream. I am telling you Dr. Xie, the side effects are unknown at this point and well…with the patient being in the early stage of pregnancy she needs to be monitored to prevent miscarriage. Whoever injected her with the drug exceeded the maximum dose…” He shakes his head thinking about the possible consequences…coma… miscarriage he is disgusted, “I hope the culprit will be brought to justice.”

Xie Yubai flips to page two and reads as he does his heart tightens. Despicable! If anything happens to Song Sara or the two babies I shudder to think of the hell Li Tian will rain down on whoever is involved. I have never seen such a genuine smile on his face as I did today while he was looking at the sonogram. He gazed at the woman like she was his most precious treasure… if they are harmed… he will become an Asura from Hell.

  Yang James eyebrows twitch as he impatiently calls Kang Mingshun for any news, “What is taking you so long! You haven’t arrived in Chengi yet? I tried to call CEO Li but there was no answer.” He is panicking, afraid his part in Sara’s kidnapping might be discovered somehow. After making the decision to eliminate anyone who lead Li Tian back to him, he contacted an assassin who is an expert in bomb making. He plans on swiftly killing Alexandre, Madam Olga and Hamid. He has arranged a meeting for tomorrow at the hotel where Madam Olga is staying. Aware of Li Tian’s methods he knows time is of the essence, he can’t delay.

  “I am driving as fast as I can, the snow has stopped falling but the visibility still sucks in the mountains, I can barely see through the fog.” Li Tian told him not to mention the helicopter crash.

 “Let me know as soon as you find him.” I need to know what is going on, Alexandre said Hamid released the woman but I haven’t heard anymore about the situation.

  At the hospital Li Shaoting stares at the sonogram in shock, today has been full of too many surprises. Song Sara’s kidnapping…Cousin’s confession that he is the man she was entangled with in Catang City…she is having twins… and  I couldn’t hear them but Sara or the babies must be in some sort of danger from his reaction to what the lab technician said.

 He rubs his temples feeling helpless when Xie Yubai returns to the room. Xie Yubai walks over and checks Sara’s pulse. Li Shaoting has a worried expression, “Song Sara is going to wake up and be alright isn’t she?”

  Xie Yubai knows Li Shaoting’s sensitive nature and doesn’t want to worry him, that won’t help the situation. “She is stable but she will need to be transferred to a larger hospital for more tests.”

   “What about the babies?”

   “Also stable, don’t worry too much. When she does wake up she will need you to be strong. You can do that can’t you?”

  “Of course. What about Cousin Tian?”

  “He has two broken ribs but no other broken bones. Mild concussion.. deep bruising and lacerations nothing serious. He collapsed because his breathing became unstable from the broken ribs and head injury.”

  “Is he awake?”


  “It is getting late don’t you have to film your scenes in the morning? You should rest.”

  “I can’t leave Song Sara alone, I feel responsible for her kidnapping. I shouldn’t have left her side.”

  “Shaoting, you can’t blame yourself we don’t know who kidnapped her or why.” It could very well be because the little beauty is carrying Li Tian’s child…rather children. He has a lot of enemies and Kang Lanfen is ruthless if she found out he had a mistress…well…I don’t put anything past that scheming bitch. Easily switching daughters to ensure the marriage contract wasn’t broken when Long An was injured…she needs this marriage desperately. The odd thing is the kidnapper told Tian where to find Song Sara without a ransom demand. Very strange…

  Li Shaoting takes out his phone to call his brother to update him when the door is flung open and Leo rushes to Sara’s bedside, startling both Li Shaoting and Xie Yubai who is checking the IV drip. Leo tenderly touches Sara’s pale cheek then impulsively grabs Xie Yubai by the shoulders, “Are you totally incompetent! Why hasn’t my sister awakened?” 



A Storm Is Coming

   In the clinic Li Tian won’t leave Sara’s bedside, he is gently holding her hand nervously watching as Xie Yubai draws blood. Li Shaoting anxiously paces back and forth then gathers his courage, “Cousin Tian you don’t look good, listen to Dr. Xie and get checked out. I will let you know what the doctor finds out.” He is afraid Sara will wake up, see Li Tian and freak out. He doesn’t want her to leave Bashu City.

  Li Tian turns his head and sarcastically drawls,, “Since when do you care about my well being?”

  “I called you to help find Song Sara and if my Dad finds out you were in a helicopter crash…well he will be really pissed off.”

  “No one will find out, I called someone to take care of the situation.”

  Li Tian glares at Xie Yubai, “Where is the nurse to check the baby?”

 “I told you Tian this is a small hospital. They are understaffed and the nurse will be here shortly.”

  Meanwhile in Bashu City Leo Cadieux calls Wong Duan, “The man you had watching Song Sara, contact him, she isn’t answering my calls.”

  “I will get right back to you.”

   Wong Duan calls the man he has shadowing Song Sara but he doesn’t answer. He checks the GPS installed in the bodyguard’s phone then calls Leo. “He didn’t answer either but his location is Chengi, a small town in the Washnu Mountains. With the snowstorm maybe the reception is bad.”

  Leo takes off his glasses and rubs the space between his eyebrows. He doesn’t like the ominous feeling he has in his heart.“Get me Li Shoating’s number. He is filming there and she must have accompanied him.”

  It doesn’t take long before Wong Duan finds Li Shaoting’s private number. He calls Leo, “Got it but he might not get a signal either.”

  Leo has no patience, “Number.”

  Wong Duan tells him the phone number then says, “Although Starfire made a mistake I have been training the girl, I think it would be wise to put her by Song Sara’s side again.”

  “I will see. First I want to find her now. It isn’t like my sister not to call, we had plans for dinner. How is the old woman?”

  “She refuses to eat or drink. Do you think Woo Hua will cooperate and tell the truth?”

   Leo twirls an ornate dagger in his hand, “I would rather have her confess to my sister in person but if she steadfastly refuses I taped our conversation when she admitted everything. His strange eyes narrow and he repeatedly staps the rosewood desk with the razon sharp point of the dagger. “I would enjoy killing the old bat, but if Song Sara found out…well…she would never forgive me. I was hoping the old woman would repent and admit her wrongs but she clings onto the fortune teller’s prophecy.”

   After he hangs up he dials the number Wong Duan gave him. Li Shaoting is in the hallway outside Sara’s room getting a can of Coke from a vending machine. He doesn’t recognize the number and hesitates then answers, “Who is this?”

  “Leo Cadieux, Song Sara hasn’t answered her phone, is she with you?”

  Li Shaoting recalls Sara was going to have dinner with a man named Cadieux. He takes a sip of the cola while he is thinking unsure if he should reveal the fact she was kidnapped.

  When he doesn’t respond Leo sounds irritated, “Is she with you or not?”


  Leo can sense there is a problem and growls, “ I am only asking you one more time…where is Song Sara?”

  Li Shaoting breaks out into a cold sweat from Leo’s intimidating tone. Fuck! This guy reminds me of Cousin Tian… the way the sound of his voice sends a bone piercing chill down my spine.

 His knees feel weak and he can barely breathe from the intense pressure he feels from Leo. He impulsively blurts out, “Someone kidnapped Song Sara, Cousin Tian found her unconscious at a small Inn.. Now she is being treated at Chengi Public Hospital.”

  Leo’s eyes have rolling flames in them and his rage makes the porcelain on the shelf rattle and fall to the ground. ”Repeat what you just said!”

  Li Shaoting stutters, “She…she is in Chengi Public Hospital.”

  Leo almost crushes the phone in his hand and hangs up. Filled with killing intent he throws the dagger at the wall then brushes everything off his desk onto the floor.

  He grabs his coat and rushes out of his study followed by his shadow guard X. As he races down the hallway he calls Wong Duan, “Song Sara was kidnapped and is in the hospital in that shitty little town. I’m picking you up. Get a hold of Dr. Ling to meet us there with a medical helicopter.”

  Li Shaoting leans on the wall next to the vending machine. Fuck!  When he finishes drinking the soda he crushes the can and tosses it into the trash then walks back to Sara’s room. A nurse is next to a machine by the bed and Li Shaoting asks Xie Yubai, “What is that?”

  “An Ultrasound machine to check the baby.”

  He walks closer and the middle aged nurse frowns, “You need to step outside. Only the father can be present.”


  Li Tian has a sly smile as he points to the door, “You heard the nurse. Go.”

 “I’m the baby’s cousin. I want to see too.” Father! She doesn’t want anything to do with that crazy bastard!

 Xie Yubai chuckles and looks at her name tag, “Nurse Dong, let him stay.”

 She shakes her head and doesn’t want to argue with Xie Yubai he often sees patients at the hospital on a pro bono basis while the film crew is in town. Nurse Dong admires him for his selflessness and dedication, additionally he extremely handsome and she wants to introduce her daughter to him next time she visits.. “Back up anyway you are crowding me.” I already have the husband who won’t let go of the girl’s hand. 

  Li Tian’s face darkens and in a low voice only Xie Yubai can hear him snarls, “I guess you don’t mind me telling your old man you aren’t abroad. He can start setting up the blind dates again.”

  Xie Yubai’s Peach Blossom eyes have a mischievous twinkle as he quietly responds “Fine. I can tell Auntie she is going to be a grandmother.”

   The nurse lifts Sara’s hospital gown exposing her snow white belly. Li Tian suddenly jumps up and pushes Li Shaoting, “Both of you leave now!”

  Looking at Li Tian’s eyes narrowed dangerously and his angry expression Li Shaoting turns towards the door muttering in an aggrieved tone, “Not fair. I want to see.”

  Xie Yubai is slightly taller than Li Shaoting and ruffles his hair as they leave. The Xie family and the Li family are close and he treats him like a little brother. “Ting, you can see the sonogram afterwards. I have never seen your cousin show any care towards a woman no matter how beautiful. What is Song Sara like?”

  After the door shuts completely Li Shaoting purses his lips and can’t help but complain. “ Yubai! She is too good for that cold bastard! He doesn’t deserve that beautiful girl at all! She is sweet and funny…kind.. and a really good cook. And Hmmph! Don’t let his caring act fool you, I don’t know what he did but she ran away from him…left Catang City because of him!”

   Xie Yubai notices that not only his words but Li Shaoting’s eyes are filled with affection. “Ting, maybe they had a lover’s spat. Pregnant women are emotional.”

  Li Shaoting is furious now that he knows about Sara and Li Tian. He clenches his fists at his side and his eyes are full of indignant fire, “Yubai, Song Sara is an ordinary girl. Do you think Grandfather would accept her…the baby? If Cousin Tian really cared about Song Sara, why didn’t he break the engagement with Long Jinxi and introduce her to the family? I can tell by your expression you know why…because he isn’t going to cause any waves in order to maintain his position as CEO of Li Group.”

  Xie Yubai cautions him, “Ting, I don’t think anyone can fathom what goes on in Tian’s mind, but he clearly feels something for that girl.The dark obsessive look in the man’s eyes … his  paranoid possessiveness. He is heavily injured but insisted on carrying the girl and is sitting there in pain not willing to move from her side. “ If I were you I would let them work out their differences and not get involved.”

  Li Shaoting wants to tell Xie Yubai that his cousin told him not to let her know he is in Bashu City…it is definitely more than a ‘lover’s quarrel’. But Li Tian warned him to keep it a secret. 

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