A Storm Is Coming

   In the clinic Li Tian won’t leave Sara’s bedside, he is gently holding her hand nervously watching as Xie Yubai draws blood. Li Shaoting anxiously paces back and forth then gathers his courage, “Cousin Tian you don’t look good, listen to Dr. Xie and get checked out. I will let you know what the doctor finds out.” He is afraid Sara will wake up, see Li Tian and freak out. He doesn’t want her to leave Bashu City.

  Li Tian turns his head and sarcastically drawls,, “Since when do you care about my well being?”

  “I called you to help find Song Sara and if my Dad finds out you were in a helicopter crash…well he will be really pissed off.”

  “No one will find out, I called someone to take care of the situation.”

  Li Tian glares at Xie Yubai, “Where is the nurse to check the baby?”

 “I told you Tian this is a small hospital. They are understaffed and the nurse will be here shortly.”

  Meanwhile in Bashu City Leo Cadieux calls Wong Duan, “The man you had watching Song Sara, contact him, she isn’t answering my calls.”

  “I will get right back to you.”

   Wong Duan calls the man he has shadowing Song Sara but he doesn’t answer. He checks the GPS installed in the bodyguard’s phone then calls Leo. “He didn’t answer either but his location is Chengi, a small town in the Washnu Mountains. With the snowstorm maybe the reception is bad.”

  Leo takes off his glasses and rubs the space between his eyebrows. He doesn’t like the ominous feeling he has in his heart.“Get me Li Shoating’s number. He is filming there and she must have accompanied him.”

  It doesn’t take long before Wong Duan finds Li Shaoting’s private number. He calls Leo, “Got it but he might not get a signal either.”

  Leo has no patience, “Number.”

  Wong Duan tells him the phone number then says, “Although Starfire made a mistake I have been training the girl, I think it would be wise to put her by Song Sara’s side again.”

  “I will see. First I want to find her now. It isn’t like my sister not to call, we had plans for dinner. How is the old woman?”

  “She refuses to eat or drink. Do you think Woo Hua will cooperate and tell the truth?”

   Leo twirls an ornate dagger in his hand, “I would rather have her confess to my sister in person but if she steadfastly refuses I taped our conversation when she admitted everything. His strange eyes narrow and he repeatedly staps the rosewood desk with the razon sharp point of the dagger. “I would enjoy killing the old bat, but if Song Sara found out…well…she would never forgive me. I was hoping the old woman would repent and admit her wrongs but she clings onto the fortune teller’s prophecy.”

   After he hangs up he dials the number Wong Duan gave him. Li Shaoting is in the hallway outside Sara’s room getting a can of Coke from a vending machine. He doesn’t recognize the number and hesitates then answers, “Who is this?”

  “Leo Cadieux, Song Sara hasn’t answered her phone, is she with you?”

  Li Shaoting recalls Sara was going to have dinner with a man named Cadieux. He takes a sip of the cola while he is thinking unsure if he should reveal the fact she was kidnapped.

  When he doesn’t respond Leo sounds irritated, “Is she with you or not?”


  Leo can sense there is a problem and growls, “ I am only asking you one more time…where is Song Sara?”

  Li Shaoting breaks out into a cold sweat from Leo’s intimidating tone. Fuck! This guy reminds me of Cousin Tian… the way the sound of his voice sends a bone piercing chill down my spine.

 His knees feel weak and he can barely breathe from the intense pressure he feels from Leo. He impulsively blurts out, “Someone kidnapped Song Sara, Cousin Tian found her unconscious at a small Inn.. Now she is being treated at Chengi Public Hospital.”

  Leo’s eyes have rolling flames in them and his rage makes the porcelain on the shelf rattle and fall to the ground. ”Repeat what you just said!”

  Li Shaoting stutters, “She…she is in Chengi Public Hospital.”

  Leo almost crushes the phone in his hand and hangs up. Filled with killing intent he throws the dagger at the wall then brushes everything off his desk onto the floor.

  He grabs his coat and rushes out of his study followed by his shadow guard X. As he races down the hallway he calls Wong Duan, “Song Sara was kidnapped and is in the hospital in that shitty little town. I’m picking you up. Get a hold of Dr. Ling to meet us there with a medical helicopter.”

  Li Shaoting leans on the wall next to the vending machine. Fuck!  When he finishes drinking the soda he crushes the can and tosses it into the trash then walks back to Sara’s room. A nurse is next to a machine by the bed and Li Shaoting asks Xie Yubai, “What is that?”

  “An Ultrasound machine to check the baby.”

  He walks closer and the middle aged nurse frowns, “You need to step outside. Only the father can be present.”


  Li Tian has a sly smile as he points to the door, “You heard the nurse. Go.”

 “I’m the baby’s cousin. I want to see too.” Father! She doesn’t want anything to do with that crazy bastard!

 Xie Yubai chuckles and looks at her name tag, “Nurse Dong, let him stay.”

 She shakes her head and doesn’t want to argue with Xie Yubai he often sees patients at the hospital on a pro bono basis while the film crew is in town. Nurse Dong admires him for his selflessness and dedication, additionally he extremely handsome and she wants to introduce her daughter to him next time she visits.. “Back up anyway you are crowding me.” I already have the husband who won’t let go of the girl’s hand. 

  Li Tian’s face darkens and in a low voice only Xie Yubai can hear him snarls, “I guess you don’t mind me telling your old man you aren’t abroad. He can start setting up the blind dates again.”

  Xie Yubai’s Peach Blossom eyes have a mischievous twinkle as he quietly responds “Fine. I can tell Auntie she is going to be a grandmother.”

   The nurse lifts Sara’s hospital gown exposing her snow white belly. Li Tian suddenly jumps up and pushes Li Shaoting, “Both of you leave now!”

  Looking at Li Tian’s eyes narrowed dangerously and his angry expression Li Shaoting turns towards the door muttering in an aggrieved tone, “Not fair. I want to see.”

  Xie Yubai is slightly taller than Li Shaoting and ruffles his hair as they leave. The Xie family and the Li family are close and he treats him like a little brother. “Ting, you can see the sonogram afterwards. I have never seen your cousin show any care towards a woman no matter how beautiful. What is Song Sara like?”

  After the door shuts completely Li Shaoting purses his lips and can’t help but complain. “ Yubai! She is too good for that cold bastard! He doesn’t deserve that beautiful girl at all! She is sweet and funny…kind.. and a really good cook. And Hmmph! Don’t let his caring act fool you, I don’t know what he did but she ran away from him…left Catang City because of him!”

   Xie Yubai notices that not only his words but Li Shaoting’s eyes are filled with affection. “Ting, maybe they had a lover’s spat. Pregnant women are emotional.”

  Li Shaoting is furious now that he knows about Sara and Li Tian. He clenches his fists at his side and his eyes are full of indignant fire, “Yubai, Song Sara is an ordinary girl. Do you think Grandfather would accept her…the baby? If Cousin Tian really cared about Song Sara, why didn’t he break the engagement with Long Jinxi and introduce her to the family? I can tell by your expression you know why…because he isn’t going to cause any waves in order to maintain his position as CEO of Li Group.”

  Xie Yubai cautions him, “Ting, I don’t think anyone can fathom what goes on in Tian’s mind, but he clearly feels something for that girl.The dark obsessive look in the man’s eyes … his  paranoid possessiveness. He is heavily injured but insisted on carrying the girl and is sitting there in pain not willing to move from her side. “ If I were you I would let them work out their differences and not get involved.”

  Li Shaoting wants to tell Xie Yubai that his cousin told him not to let her know he is in Bashu City…it is definitely more than a ‘lover’s quarrel’. But Li Tian warned him to keep it a secret. 

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