Meng Po Has LingLing

 At an exclusive club in Kazan in a VIP private room empty liquor bottles littered a table. An  ambiguous smell mixed with tobacco smoke lingered in the air. A naked blonde bearing a seven point resemblance to Merri was kneeling between Alexi’s muscular thighs. 

In the hallway, Sydney impatiently knocked on the door of the room. After the incident at the villa he took WeiWei to a luxurious hotel suite.

He finally coaxed her to kreep the kidnapping a secret and not reveal her ordeal to her father. Once she promised, he went to the hospital to deal with LingLing. She wasn’t there, and was furious.  

When there was no immediate response the usually unflappable man was visibly agitated and ordered,“Open the goddamn door.”

Alexi motioned to Dimitri and he walked over to the door. He opened it and said, “The Boss doesn’t want to be disturbed.”

 The heavy wooden door swung open and Sydney pushed past Dimitri. He glared at the young woman on her knees sending a shiver down her spine. His intimidating voice was dripping with contempt, “Get out!”

   Desperately wanting to flee from this suffocating atmosphere, the woman was frightened and on the verge of tears. As she tried to stand up Alexi pushed her back down, gripping her messy black hair he growled, “Did I say you could go?”

 Sydney snarled, “LingLing disappeared.”

Alexi hadn’t anticipated this turn of events and pushed the woman’s trembling shoulder, “Go.”

Her eyes darted between the two men then greedily landed on the cash on the table. She didn’t have the nerve to walk past Sydney to get the money.  

 She nervously gathered the clothes scattered on the floor then clutched the white lace dress to her chest. Standing motionless staring at the money she hesitated then turned and ran out of the room.  The atmosphere was filled with sparks and she didn’t want to be collateral damage.

Alexi arched his swordlike eyebrow, “I thought she was in custody.”

“Meng Po, the bastard, got her out.”

“Does she know about the upcoming shipment?”

“She isn’t aware, but she is still a threat. We need to find her.”

“Fuck! Instead of worrying about your little mistress you should have kept your wife under control.”

 Sydney did regret not immediately getting LingLing out of jail. But, besides the fact WeiWei was his mistress, he still hasn’t locked down the negotiations with her father. “WeiWei was used by Meng Po because he wanted to disrupt my negotiations with Chairman Gao. I had no idea the Russian police couldn’t detain one woman or that Meng Po would take her away.”

While Sydney and Alexi were discussing LingLing she was tied to a chair in the back room of Meng Po’s Casino.

 LingLing didn’t want to leave the hospital she was waiting for Sydney.  Her keen sense of self preservation told her that she wouldn’t have a good ending with either man. But, after careful thought she believed Sydney was the better choice. She was relying on the hope that after so many years together he wouldn’t kill her. Meng Po was a different story, he was unpredictable and they had a shallow relationship.

When the woman disguised as a nurse revealed Meng Po sent her, LingLing unilaterally refused to leave. Unfortunately, the woman injected her with a sedative and with the help of an accomplice took her out of the hospital.

Meg Po knelt down in front of the chair, face to face with LingLing. He waved the knife in his hand, ”Where is that son of a bitch, Viktor Rushkin?”

 Still groggy from the sedative LingLing struggled to regain her wits. “How…how would I know?” Why is he asking about Viktor?

 “You better think hard about where he might be.” He had a ruthless glint in his eyes as he pressed the tip of the knife on her throat.

 Blood trickled down her slender neck and she hissed from the stinging pain. “Honey, I really don’t know. What happened?”

“The cunning bastard fucked me good. I’m sure it was his doing that Zaranski found out about my dealings with the German and retaliated.Then he set a trap for me when I went to retrieve the merchandise.”

LingLing was stunned, that means Sydney knows not only about the stolen artifacts but also Meng Po. Viktor isn’t someone who acts on his own. “Meng Po, you have to believe me! I really don’t know! At the gallery that night, Irina was supposed to drug him. How could he know about the stolen artifacts? They were hidden in the vault.”

“You clearly underestimated him. Now thanks to your stupidity, I am in deep shit You either help me find the motherf**ker so I can cut him into a thousand pieces or I will use you as a substitute to vent my anger.”

Cold sweat dripped down her forehead and her body quivered, Meng Po stared at her like she was a dead person. “I can find him. But, Viktor would never make a decision on his own. Sydney or Alexi gave the order, they must know about us. She pleaded,“You need to protect me, I betrayed Sydney for you.”

 Meng Po scoffed and a cruel laugh revealed his attitude, “For me? You can deal with the consequences by yourself. I want Viktor Rushkin and you are going to lure him into my net.”

Merri’s body was nestled in his embrace as Viktor carried her back to the cabin. He had a satisfied smile as he kissed the top of her head. 

Once inside the cabin he gently laid her on the couch, “I am going to run a bath.”

She was exhausted and faintly murmured, “Hmm…”

Gazing at the fragile beauty on the couch, his eyes were full of affection. Viktor bent down and gently kissed Merri then brushed a strand of hair away from her face and leaned in to kiss her again, this time more passionately.

Merri responded to his kiss, her weariness momentarily forgotten. The room filled with an air of tenderness and desire as they lost themselves in each other’s embrace.

After a few moments, Viktor pulled away gently, his gaze still locked with Merri’s. He pressed his lips on her forehead one more time before rising from the couch.

After he walked to the bathroom Merri lay on the couch with a contented smile on her beautiful face.

While waiting she gazed at the fire burning in the fireplace savoring the warm feeling of being with the man she adored .

Moments later, the sound of running water filled the cabin as Viktor returned, a soft towel in hand. He approached the couch, his gaze filled with tenderness as he gently lifted Merri into his arms once again. Supporting her against his chest, he carried her into the bathroom, where a fragrant, warm bath awaited.

Lowering Merri into the soothing water, Viktor couldn’t take his eyes off of her tempting body. He knelt by the side of the tub and caressed her soft cheek flushed red from the warm water.

His obsidian eyes were swirling with desire and his voice was low and full of evil charm. “Should I join you?”

Ready To Leave

 Rui tossed and turned all night apprehensive about LiMei’s memories coming back.

His head is resting in his hand gazing at LiMei with a serious expression when she opens her eyes and yawns.

Smiling at the handsome man next to her, she chuckles, “Husband, why do you look like someone owes you money?”

  The bright smile on her beautiful face and her soft voice as she affectionately calls him husband relieves some of his fears. He touches her forehead with the back of his hand, “How do you feel?”

  She wraps her thin arms around his neck, “Good.”

 Noticing the dark circles under his eyes and his pale complexion she touches his face and frowns, “Did I make you worry?”

  He brushes her tangled hair behind her ear, “A little.” He calms down when he doesn’t see any unusual fluctuation in her eyes. “You were having a nightmare.”

  She has a puzzled expression, “Really? I don’t remember.”

  The knot in his heart loosens and he kisses her half parted lips. As he deepens the kiss her hand resting on his bare chest moves down to his lower abdomen. He thinks about Wong Hu’s warning and quickly places his large palm on her hand, “Don’t be naughty.”

   She nibbles on his ear and her warm breath sprays on his neck. “Husband, I want.”

   He restrains the urge to press her underneath him to give her what she wants…what he wants desperately…and pushes her away. Wong Hu said they can’t have sex for a month. “Yang Chenxi should be on the boat. We need to go get the kid and say goodbye to Wong Hu.”

   She is unwilling to believe she can’t tempt him. She entangles her body with his as she licks and sucks on his neck. Rubbing her breasts on his bare chest she coaxes in a breathless voice.“Don’t you want to make a baby?”

   His body is on fire from her seductive behavior. “Baby, of course I do, but we need to hurry..”

He doesn’t want to tell LiMei that if they have sex the residual cold poison in her body could flare up. She might never be able to have children in this life.

   Feeling his cock rising, he quickly unwraps her arms from around his neck and gets out of bed. 

   She puffs out her cheeks watching him hurriedly getting dressed. Her imagination is running wild recalling Su Wanqing and his closeness in the medicine room.

A sudden burst of jealousy hits her, quivering in anger, she jumps out of bed and stands in front of him. Her green eyes are filled with golden sparks, “You…you don’t want me anymore because of Su Wanqing!”

   Stunned by her irrational outburst, Rui gazes down at the petite girl in a daze. Naked, with messy hair, her lips red and swollen from his kisses she has her hands on her slim hips as she continues, ” I saw you two in the medicine room whispering!”

Her accusation is dripping with jealousy and he feels inexplicably happy. He hugs her into his arms and kisses the top of her head. Silly have no idea how beautiful you are…perfect…why would I look at another woman.

Lifting her chin with his finger his gentle kisses cover her face then he gazes into her eyes with a pampering look.“Wife, I told you I have nothing to do with that poisonous woman. I only love you…I only want you.”

Her lip trembles,”Then why did you push me away?”

“I told you Yang Chenxi is waiting for us.”

He lightly pats her bare ass, “Baby, be good. Your clothes are on the chair.”

In the main courtyard Baobei is running around with a piece of ham in his hand. He laughs, “Come on Jack! I know you can fly now!”

Wong Hu has his hands behind his back watching his grandson and the subborn bird ignoring him.

He walks over and picks up Baobei, “Stop teasing the bird. He is injured.”

Glaring at the black hawk rubbing his wing with his beak he complains,  “Grandpa, Jack can fly. I saw him when I came out!”

   Baobei gives Jack a contemptuous look then pops the piece of ham into his mouth. His cheeks puff out as he chews and Wong Hu smiles, I am going to miss this little rascal.

   The little boy looks up at his grandfather, “Grandpa, when is Sister LiMei going to get here?”

  “Soon. Remember what I told you at breakfast.You need to listen to her and Qiao Rui.”

   Baobei’s eyes are sparkling, “I will listen to Sister LiMei!” Not that mean guy,surname Qiao!

   He plays with Wong Hu’s white beard twisting it around his chubby finger, “Grandpa, can I really play with other kids?”


   Baobei claps his hand and then says, “I know it will be boring here without me but Sister LiMei said we can make video calls. So try not to miss me too much.”


Baobei points to the pathway to the courtyard and wiggles around in his grandfather’s arms, “I see them coming! Let me down so they don’t think I am a baby!”

Wong Hu chuckles as he puts down the little fat man and watches him run to the gate with his short legs. That son of mine better take good care of my precious grandson or I will kill him.

Rui opens the gate and LiMei sees the little butterball flying towards her. He is wearing denim shorts with navy blue suspenders, a red short sleeved shirt and white boat shoes. She laughs, “Look. We match.”

Rui’s eyes darken looking at the one big and one small in matching outfits. I should have picked a different colored shirt that the red one she is wearing.

 He walks over to Wong Hu. “I will let you know when we arrive in Hirachi City and give Xuan the package. Do you have any other instructions?”

 “Just protect my grandson. If that bastard son of mine is lying, do not give him Baobei. He never showed any interest in the past five years so I am wary. But, Baobei is a lively child, he shouldn’t be isolated on this Island.”

 He gazes at LiMei playing with his grandson. She is tickling the little boy and he is happily giggling, his chubby cheeks dyed red from embarrassment. “Your wife is an innocent and pure girl, treat her well.” I have already said what needs to be said to warn you. I truly hope your selfishness doesn’t destroy a good girl like Feng LiMei. 

  LiMei and Baobei hold hands as they walk over to the two men.

LiMei sweetly says , “Thank you Wong Hu for entrusting Baobei to us.”

  Wong Hu hands her a jade amulet on a red string, “Please accept this small token of my appreciation. Baobei likes you very much and is looking forward to this trip.”

   LiMei looks at the exquisitely carved piece of jade and her eyes widen, “I…I can’t accept this.”

  He folds her hand around it, “Keep it. It will protect you and your child when the time comes.”

   Thinking about having a baby with Rui, she accepts the gift. Her eyes bend into a crescent shape and she smiles brightly,  “Thank you, Wong Hu.”

    Yang Chenxi wipes the sweat from his forehead as he enters the courtyard. “Boat is ready.”

    Baobei jumps up and down. “Uncle Chenxi, I finally get to go on a boat trip with you and Jack!”

   Yang Chenxi rubs the little boy’s hair into a bird’s nest then picks up his luggage. 

  “Master Wong, which disciple was leaving the Island today? I saw a plane in the water by the cove.”

  Wong Hu’s eyes flash with annoyance. Su Wanqing thought she could leave without his knowledge but nothing slips by him. He won’t mention her departure for the time being. Wait and see if she tries to stir up trouble. “Liu Mo.”

  “Don’t think I know him.”

  Rui takes LiMei’s hand, “Let’s go.”

Take Me Away Part 1

 Gazing at the fragile girl wrapped in his arms, Rui tenderly rubs the crease between her wrinkled eyebrows. I can’t be rash…LiMei has experienced nightmares before and forgotten them when she woke up. 

He kisses her forehead,I can only hope that is the case this time. I will wait until she wakes up to make a decision.I will do whatever is necessary to hold on to LiMei. 

 In a courtyard not far away, Su Wanqing is in a rage. Why won’t Master help me? That little slut is not good enough for Brother Rui! She is nothing… useless trash! What qualifications does she have to be his wife? Only I am worthy of him!

Liu Mo quickens his pace towards the courtyard when he sees Su Wanqing’s distraught appearance. His heart is beating rapidly, the closer he gets to her his blood surges and his body is on fire. The Gu worm she fed him gnaws on his heart and he can barely control his desire.

His mind is in disarray and his emotions are out of control.

Earlier, after he left Su Wanqing all he could think about was her., Tormented by the thought of being separated, he even thought of kidnapping her if she refused to go with him.

He sat on the bed and ran his fingers through his hair staring at a pile of clothes and an empty suitcase. Father won’t let me stay on the island any longer but I absolutely can not leave without QingQing!

 Leaping over the fence he lands by a broken wooden rack on the ground. Su Wanqing is smashing pots while sobbing hysterically. Precious medicinal herbs are scattered everywhere admidst broken pieces of clay.

Witnessing the chaotic scene, the lovesick boy clenches his fists. It must be Qiao Rui that upset her again! I need to fucking kill that bastard for hurting my sweet QinqQing!

Standing behind Su Wanqing, he encircles her waist with his arms and leans his head on her shoulder. His voice is soft as he presses his mouth on her ear, “Don’t cry. I’m here.” 

She turns around and hugs him. Perfect timing…I couldn’t have planned this any better…now to convince the fool to take me with him.  

She bites her lower lip and pouts, “Brother Mo, I don’t want to stay on the Island. I want to go with you when you leave. You are the only person that cares about me.”

 He hides his excitement and wipes the tears off her face with his finger, “What happened?”

 “Feng LiMei…she turned Master against me! I thought I could endure after having my feelings trampled by Qiao Rui. I have you now and am very happy. But Master…. He told me to stay in my courtyard and not appear in front of him again!”

 “Because of Feng LiMei?”

 “Hmmm…she told him it was because of me she was trapped on the mountain.”

Su Wanqing lifts her head and his heart throbs. Her eyes are red and tears are hanging on her quivering eyelashes. 

He wants to kill Qiao Rui and Feng LiMei!

He hesitates because he wants her to leave with him, but his sense of righteousness prevails. QingQing is a sweet girl… she would never harm anyone…she shouldn’t be wronged like this. “I will go and tell Master Wong that you had nothing to do with it! It was that kid and her stupidity!”

 She anxiously holds onto his shirt afraid her lies will be exposed. “No. I don’t want you to get involved. Master won’t believe you. I just want to leave. I treated him not only as my Master, but as my father for so many years… and…and he took an outsider’s word over mine. Please take me away.”

 Liu Mo caresses her cheek, “Of course you can come with me. The airplane my father is sending will be here in the morning.” I couldn’t be any happier!

 Standing on her tiptoes she kisses his lips then looks at him adoringly, “Brother Mo…Sorry to trouble you.”

 A brilliant smile lights up his boyishly handsome face, “No trouble. I love you QingQing…I love you so much.”

 He kisses her deeply and his hand rubs her waist. When they are breathless he lifts her into his arms, “QingQing…”

Leo Is Back

Sara is in the kitchen making a chocolate cake when the butler enters, “Miss Song, you have a visitor, Mr. Cadieux.”

 She takes off the apron she is wearing and hurries into the living room. When she sees Leo she smiles brightly, “Brother Leo! When did you get back?”

His thin lips curl up into a faint smile, “This morning.”

Sara helps him take off  his coat then takes his hand, “I was just about to put a cake in the oven. Come in the kitchen.”

They walk hand in hand through the dining room to the kitchen. Leo enjoys the warm feeling of being with Sara. He can hardly contain the urge to tell her that he is her twin brother. But, he holds back knowing the truth will be revealed soon.

He sits at the kitchen table and she asks, “Do you want something to eat?”

“No. I had lunch before I came.”

 She pours cake batter into two pans then puts them in the oven.“How long will you be in Bashu City?”

“A couple weeks. How are you feeling?”

“Really good. I have a check up tomorrow.” She chuckles as the babies kick, “The babies are quite active.”

She walks over to him, “Do you want to feel them kicking?”

He gazes at her round belly and doesn’t move his hand.

Sara laughs and takes his hand, “Don’t be shy.” She puts his hand on her stomach anxious to see his reaction.

He has a complicated expression and his voice is tinged with concern, “Does it hurt when they kick like that?”

“No, not really, just a little uncomfortable sometimes. I can feel pressure on my ribs or abdomen. But, it makes me happy so I don’t mind. It reassures me they are fine.”

“After you finish baking the cake do you want to go with me somewhere?”


“It is a surprise.”

“Well, I’m not doing anything this afternoon so okay. I need to be back to make dinner for Tang Wu.”

 Leo’s strange eyes are filled with disdain and his aura visibly darkens. She knows he doesn’t like her working for him, so quickly says, “I enjoy cooking for Tang Wu. You don’t know but he really saved me when I first came to Bashu City. If it weren’t for him…well..I don’t want to think about it.”

 He understands her personality so he doesn’t voice his dissatisfaction. He wonders how she will feel when she finds out he is Li Tian’s cousin.

 Starfire could smell the aroma of chocolate wafting into the living room. She is grinning and sounds excited as she rushes into the kitchen. “Song Sara, what are you baking? Smells so good.”

 She notices Leo and her heart tightens, she is terrified of him and she called Sara in a familiar tone. She deeply bows, “Lor..Mr. Cadieux.”  She breaks out into a cold sweat, Oh my God! Wong Duan told me not to call him Lord in front of Song Sara.It hard to tell his mood…is he angry?

 He clenches his jaw as he taps his slender fingers on the table. Dammit! Fear is written all over that stupid girl’s face… I don’t want Sara to think I am scary. 

  Leo knows Starfire has a strong attachment to Wong Duan so he casually says, “Wong Duan will be returning from Shanghai next week.”

  Starfire maintains her composure but her eyes are sparkling. “Thank you Mr. Cadieux.”

 Sara whips the fluffy chocolate icing with a mixer and shakes her head, Brother Leo is cold on the outside but warm on the inside. He must know Starfire has feelings for Wong Duan and misses him.

  He stands up, “This afternoon you don’t need to accompany Sara.” In a barely audible voice only she can hear, he instructs, “Go and get your punishment.” 

   She nods knowing she was in the wrong. Well, at least he told me Wong Duan will be back.

He walks over to Sara, “I will be back in an hour to pick you up.”

   Leo leaves the villa and his driver opens the back door of the black Maybach.

   He enters the car and takes out his phone. “Is everything ready?”

   “Yeah Boss.” 

    Leo has a rare smile as he leans back on the leather seat. He gazes at his hand that rested on Sara’s stomach feeling the residual warmth. He is looking forward to Sara knowing he really is her brother. I have been patient long enough.

   Sara sees the faraway look in Starfire’s eyes and hugs her arm, “Are you excited he will be back soon?”

 Starfire doesn’t want to hide her feelings from Sara. She thinks of Sara not only as someone she is ordered to protect but as her friend.

  “I am. I like him so much and miss him.” She wrinkles up her nose, “He avoids his feelings for me though. I know…I know he likes me too but won’t admit it.”

   Starfire ate a spoonful of chocolate icing,  “He has so many excuses. I confessed when he brought me to Bashu City but he rejected me.

    “Well…maybe he just needs time.” 

 Sara makes tea and the two girls sit at the table and talk until the oven beeps. Sara puts on an oven mitt then takes the chocolate cake out of the oven. She sets the two round pans on a cooling rack then says, “I’m going to change.”


  Sara bumps into Li Shaoting as she walks up the stairs. “Tang Wu, I am going out this afternoon but I will be back to make dinner.”

   “ I won’t be eating at home tonight. I am going to Han Chao’s house for dinner.”


   “Did you bake a chocolate cake?”

   “Yeah. It is cooling now.”

   “You make the most delicious cakes I have ever tasted.”

   Sara’s eyes bend into a crescent shape, “Thanks! I really enjoy baking. My grandmother taught me…I cherish the memories of being in the kitchen with her.”

    “Have you thought any more about opening a bakery? I could invest if you are worried about money.”

   She patted her stomach, “I’m putting that on hold for now.”

  He laughed, “Yeah. You will have your hands full.”

  Sara told him he should take the cake to share with his friends, then they said goodbye.

She continued up the stairs wondering what Leo’s surprise could be.

Viktor takes Merri To The Hotspring Part 2

Viktor fixed her scarf then put his hands on Merri’s thin waist then lifted her onto the horse. He stepped into the stirrup, swung his long leg over the horse and sat behind her. Merri’s heart skipped a beat, she tilted her head, “I’m a little scared.”

 He gently kissed her then smiled, “I’m here, don’t worry.”

Viktor wrapped his arms around her willow thin waist and pulled her backward into his warm embrace. He could feel her slender body quivering and whispered in her ear, “Trust me.”

 Once they left the stables the horse began galloping through the snowy pasture towards the forest. Merri gasped, “Ahh! Slow down!”

  He laughed, “Czar hasn’t been ridden in a while he is excited.”

  “Won’t he slip in the snow?”

 “No. ”

  Merri was scared to death as the horse charged forward, her hands clutched Viktor’s jeans and her knuckles were white. In a barely audible voice she, “Please slow down. I’m going to fall.” Her face was pale and her eyes were shut tight.

He reined in the galloping horse and leaned into her ear, “Better?”

  “Much. I felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest.”

   Merri enjoyed the ride after she calmed down, “Where are we going?”


  The sun was setting when they arrived at the base of a snow covered mountain. Merri saw the steam from the hot spring and turned her head, “Wow! A hot spring!”

  He rode past the hot spring to a small cabin and stopped. He jumped off the horse, then stretched his arms to catch Merri. 

  After her feet were on the ground, she gazed at the majestic mountain and the quaint cabin. “It is so beautiful here.”

  He tied the reins to a post and held her hand. “I thought you would like it.”

   Grinning, she looked up at him, “I have never been to a hot spring before. This is so awesome.”

They walked to the cabin and he opened the door. He used the flashlight on his phone to find the switch to turn on the generator then the lights in the room.

She glanced around the wooden cabin. There was a stone fireplace and the furnishings were simple. Viktor pointed to a door, “There are towels and bathrobes in there.”

 “Umm…okay.” Just bathrobes? No swimsuits? She walked into the changing room and saw the white bathrobes and looked on the shelves. There were only towels folded. She nervously took off her clothes, well…he has seen me without clothes but…  Merri wrapped the bathrobe around her slender body and tied it tightly.

   When she came out before she could say anything Viktor said, “I will walk you to the hot spring then join you. I am going to feed Czar and start the fire so it will be warm when we come back.”

   “I can wait for you.”

   “No, it is too cold in here.”

   He unexpectedly picked her up into his arms  and her mouth was agape.

  Viktor’s thin lips curled up, “Too cold.”

  “I can put my boots on!”

  He kissed her forehead and his eyes were full of pampering, “I like holding you.”

   When they got to the hot spring he set her down on the warm flat rocks by the water, Merri shyly fluttered her eyelashes, “Turn around.”

  Viktor chuckled and turned his back, she slipped off the bathrobe and entered the hot spring.

  “Okay, you can turn around now.”

   He bent down and rubbed her head then teased, “What haven’t I seen?”

   The tips of Merri’s ears turned bright red, “Don’t say anymore!”

   After he left Merri leaned back and thought about Viktor. If this is a dream…a beautiful dream… I don’t want to wake up. My love wants to marry me! Such a gentle and perfect man is mine… I never thought after Dad died I would be so happy again.

  Merri had her eyes closed and a bewitching smile on her face when Viktor returned. He stared at the beautiful girl with a scorching gaze. In the waning sunlight she was glowing like a fairy that didn’t belong in the mortal world. 

Her long blonde hair was scattered and wet revealing her slender neck where traces of his love marks remained.  The faint bruising on her neck and collarbone reminded him of their fiery passion last night. A few strands of hair  stuck to her delicate skin that was flushed red from the heated water. The beautiful scenery was so tempting his Adam’s apple rolled and his throat was dry. 

He felt a rush of desire and all the blood in his body rushed to his lower abdomen. Viktor took off the bathrobe and slipped into the water keeping a slight distance from Merri. Silently watching her, his heart was beating erratically. It took all his internal energy to suppress the urge to sweep her into his embrace and kiss her tempting red lips.

Viktor poured vodka he brought into a plastic cup. After drinking it, she still hadn’t opened her eyes.

 He had a devilish grin as he playfully used his palm to send a wave of energy towards the sleeping beauty. When the water lightly sprayed in her face, Merri slowly opened her eyes.

Her voice was soft, tinged with a bit of sleepiness, “When did you get here?”

 Although he had been gazing at her for a while he lied, “Just now.”

“I was so relaxed that I fell asleep. I heard that hot springs had that effect.” She smiled, “Now I can see it’s true.”

“I brought some homemade cinnamon vodka…do you want to try?” He doesn’t like flavored vodka but thought Merri might like it. 

“Sounds good. You say it is homemade?”

 “Yes. My mother likes cinnamon flavored vodka so my father makes it for her every year.”

He poured a small amount in a cup and naturally moved closer to Merri. 

 She took a sip and smacked her lips, “I like it.”

After a few sips she was intoxicated from the strong alcohol and sneaking peeks at Viktor.He was leaning back looking at the snow capped mountain with an unfathomable expression. What is he thinking about? I thought he would…since we are both naked…but he isn’t looking at me at all. Even when he gave me the cup he quickly retracted his hand. 

Merri suddenly said, “Don’t you like it ?”

He was trying to maintain his composure, “I like.” But I might not be able to control myself if I drink any more.

“Then..”  Merri took a sip and impulsively pressed her lips on his. ===== he opened his mouth and the fiery liquid entered along with her small tongue. He wrapped his strong arms around her waist and his deep voice was full of desire, “You are making trouble.”

 She giggled then her warm minty breath sent a bolt of electricity down his back as she whispered in his ear , “Isn’t this what you want?”

He held the back of her neck and pulled her closer. His kiss was deep and domineering as his hands wandered down her body.

Viktor Takes Merri To Hotspring Part 1

The tense atmosphere relaxed after Vera left and Anya whined, “Brother, I want to go.Your friend owns the Club, ask him to let me in just this once.”

“No. You’re too young.”

“I am only a year younger than Sister-In-Law. I promise I won’t get into trouble. I will only drink a Coke.”


Anya pleadingly gazed at Merri, “Tell him to let me go, pleeease.”

Merri was flustered, she opened her mouth then closed it not knowing what to say. She helplessly looked at Viktor.

He tenderly touched Merri’s face, “Do you want Anya to go?” 

 Feeling on the spot, she blushed, why did you ask me? “Well…I’m not familiar so I can’t say. I would like her to go, but I think you know best.”

 She breathed a sigh of relief, I think that was well said.

Viktor chuckled lightly at her tactful answer, my little angel is so cute.

He agreed but warned, “You can go but you need to stay with us. No wandering off.”

Anya excitedly bobbed her head up and down, “I will!”

The server brought several dishes and Merri’s eyes lit up, “Looks delicious.” 

Anya pointed to the soup, “You will really like this. It is called Solyanka.” She put a kabob on her plate, “This is Lamb Shashlik, so yummy.”

The two girls were engaged in a lively discussion. He watched his sister describe all the dishes and Merri’s expression as she tasted each one. He was unable to look away from her dazzling smile. She is so good…I can’t believe she is really mine.

He was caught off guard when Merri suddenly put a spoonful of the soup to his lips. Her eyes were sparkling, “Try the soup. Soo tasty.”

Viktor swallowed the soup then said, “Very good.”

Merri exclaimed, “I really like these dishes. I never had Russian food before I came on this trip. The food in the hotel was delicious and this is even better.”

She had a sip of wine, “It must have been great growing up in such a beautiful place.”

Viktor thought about all the struggles he went through growing up in this small town. He never thought of it as a beautiful place. This town…Kazan… I wanted to get far away as quickly as possible.

Anya snorted, “Beautiful but boring.”  She put down her fork, “I envy you growing up in a big city. As soon as I graduate I am going to live with Vik in America.”

 Merri had a big grin,“That would be great!”

 A flash of displeasure crossed Viktor’s face, I agreed for Anya to live with me but that was before I met the little angel. Now I need to make different arrangements.

 Merri and Anya didn’t notice his change in expression and happily continued their chatter. 

Viktor finally lost his patience with Anya monopolizing Merri’s attention. He wanted to go back to the cottage and be alone with Merri. He motioned to the server and gave her his credit card. 

 After he signed the receipt he stood up. Anya wasn’t finished eating the dessert she ordered and protested, “I’m not done!”

“Merri needs to rest.”

Anya wanted to go to the Club and thought if Merri was too tired they might decide to stay home. She took one more bite of the rich chocolate cake then put down the fork in her hand. Grabbing her coat on the booth and the shopping bags, she quickly got up.

Once they arrived at the main house Anya got out of the car, “Don’t forget to pick me up when you go.”

Merri called out the window, “Wait. You forgot your bags.”

Anya smiled and ran back to the car., “Thanks Sister-In -Law.”

As they drove to the cottage Merri patted her stomach. “ I’m really not tired. Do you want to go for a walk? I couldn’t resist tasting all the dishes and I am really stuffed.”

 Viktor chuckled thinking about her cute appearance as she swept her plate clean. “We can go for a walk.” He had an idea, I can take her to the hot spring by the edge of the mountain, walk around then soak.

They went into the cottage and Viktor set the shopping bags on the couch. “I’m going to take a quick shower and change then we can go.”


 She went to the kitchen and took a bottle of water from the refrigerator. She sat at the kitchen table and opened the water, Viktor’s sister is so lively. I’m glad she is going tonight. I’m nervous thinking about meeting his friends.

 Merri took a sip of water and gazed at the delicate silver ring on her finger. So beautiful…the flowers look lifelike… intertwined like two hearts…two hearts…Viktor and mine…

Viktor came into the kitchen and saw her dreamy expression while staring at the ring. “You like?”

She impulsively stood up and hugged his waist, “I like…I like very much.”

He lifted her chin and kissed her pink lips, he had been thinking about during dinner.

She welcomed his kiss and wrapped her arms around his neck. Inhaling his unique scent and being kissed passionately Merri was melting in his arms.

When they were both breathless he stopped kissing her lips and sucked on her neck. His voice was raspy and full of evil charm as he pressed his mouth on her ear, “Instead of a walk we could exercise here.”

 Merri’s face was flushed red from his kisses and her heart was racing. Her eyelashes trembled and she looked like a startled little rabbit.

  Although a fire was raging in his body, e ddidn’t want to frighten her. He caressed her cheek and took her hand, “Let’s go for a walk.”

  They left the cottage and walked to the stable. Merri saw the horses and pulled on Viktor’s arm, “Can I touch one?”

  He laughed, “Of course.” He picked up an apple from a basket. “Feed him this.”

 Merri took the bright red apple and nervously held it in front of the majestic looking black horse. The horse bit into the apple, Merri jumped back and started laughing, “Ahh…”

  Viktor wrapped his arms around her from behind and leaned his chin on her shoulder, “Czar likes you.”

   “Haha..he likes the apple.”

  His warm breath tickled her ear asViktor teased, “He likes what I like…and I like you.”

  He loosened his hold and walked over to get a saddle.

   Merri had wide eyes looking as the saddle then at the tall and majestic horse, “What…what are you doing?”

“I am going to take you somewhere.”

Guo Nuan

Li Tian is in the living room of Sun Zhi’s villa pouring a drink. He is in an extremely good mood after having breakfast with Sara. He believes that he will be able to soon have his beloved woman at his side. 

Sun Zhi walks into the room and notices Li Tian’s faint smile. He says, “Did something good happen?”

 Li Tian swirls the whisky in the crystal glass and replies, “You will soon be drinking my wedding wine.”

 Sun Zhi raises an eyebrow, “I thought you didn’t want to marry Long Jinxi.”

 “I don’t. She will be breaking the engagement today. I am talking about Song Sara.”

 Picking up a bottle of water Sun Zhi has an incredulous look on his handsome face, “How did you manage to convince Long Jinxi?” And more surprising..Song Sara?

 “I left it to Yang James. He called and said she agreed.”

 Sun Zhi drank some water then couldn’t help asking, “What about Song Sara? I thought the little girl ran away from Catang City because of you.”

 “She did. But I convinced her I changed and she is willing to give me a chance.”

  Although he isn’t convinced Li Tian can marry Song Sara, giving a chance isn’t the same as agreeing to marry him; he doesn’t want to spoil his rare good mood.  “Well, good luck.”

   Li Tian sets down the glass of whisky. “Do you want to go to Ming’s tonight with Weisheng and me?”

  “Hmm…I have to go back to the office. What time?”


  “Yeah, I can meet you.”

    At the Guo family mansion across the city, Old Man Guo is lying in bed hooked up to an IV. At the side is his son and granddaughter. He summoned them to discuss the failed airport project. After his plan was ruined they lost a great deal of money and his anger worsened his heart disease.

  Guo Nuan holds his hand, “Grandfather, you need to calm down. Guo Shipping is doing well and so are our subsidiaries. The money we lost can be recouped, you need to let it go.”

  His eyes bulged, “Let it go? Never! That brat Li humiliated me and threatened to send me to prison! He has the damning evidence in his hand! At any time he could force me to a dead end!”

  The monitor showed an increase in his heart rate and Nuan squeezed his hand, “Grandfather, please calm down. I promise you, we will make him pay.” She turns to her father who has been silent, “Daddy, tell him your plan.”

  The old man looks towards his son, “What plan?”

  “I have been doing some investigating and Li Tian has a mistress. She is pregnant. If we kidnap the woman we can make him hand over the evidence. After we have the documents and audio recordings in hand, my men can silence the two ministers you bribed, pin the murders on Li Tian.”

  The old man’s eyes light up, “Very good. Do it.”

 Guo Nuan smiles, “You need to rest and get better. I won’t let anyone ruin the reputation of the Guo family.”

  “Little Nuan, you are more like me than your useless brother. I am counting on you.”

  She bent down and kissed his forehead then left followed by her father.

 Once outside the room Nuan sneered, “Daddy, I want the woman to die after the evidence is in our hands.”

  “Nuan, it is one thing to kidnap the woman…but kill her? Li Tian wouldn’t let us go. She is carrying the heir to the Li family in her fucking belly.”

  She stomps her high heel, “I want to marry Li Tian! I will have his children! She can’t be left alive!”

  He shakes his head, “Are you delusional? Do you think Li Tian would marry you even if she was dead? You saw his reaction when Grandfather tried to arrange a marriage between you two. What we need to be concerned about is retrieving the evidence. When we give it to father, he will name me as his successor. Do you want the company to be taken over by your uncle? Huh? Don’t be impetuous, turn your sights to Han Weisheng. He is worthy of you.”

  She knows there is no use arguing with him so she says, “You are right. Han Weisheng is good.”

  He pinches her cheek, “That is my obedient girl.”

  Guo Nuan dug her fingernails into her palm, I will kill he bitch and have Li Tian. I own Pagoda Real Estate and he will have to come to me.

At Sun Zhi’s villa, Li Tian is standing on the balcony looking down at his cousin’s home. He blows out a stream of smoke then crushes the cigarette out in the ashtray on a glass topped table. He takes out his phone and calls Han Weisheng.

Han Weisheng ends the meeting with his hotel catering staff and answers. Li Tian asks him about the progress on the permits needed to start construction on one of the affordable housing apartment complexes.

“There is a problem. The adjacent property is owned by the Guo family and they are blocking the development. Their representative insists it will lower the property value of the area. My assistant informed me they want to tear down the existing building on their land and build a high rise with exclusive condominiums.”

“Fuck those bastards. When did they get into the real estate business?”

“I checked, Guo Nuan recently bought Pagoda Real Estate.”

“Pagoda Real Estate?” He clenches his jaw and spits out,” Leo Cadieux! That prick!”

Han Weisheng can guess, “Leo Cadieux owned Pagoda? Why didn’t I know?”

“That cunning bitch is very good at hiding. He screwed me over on a deal in Catang City using Pagoda.”

“Hmm…do you think he sold it to Guao Nuan with an ulterior motive?”

“ Fuck yeah! He is interested in Song Sara. He probably wants the Affordable Housing Project to fail thinking I will leave Bashu City.”

 “Wait. Leo Cadieux is your love rival?”

Li Tian’s body stiffens and his aura darkens, “He will never have Song Sara! She is mine!”

Han Weisheng takes a caramel from his desk drawer and peels off the gold wrapping. “Well, that would explain Pagoda’s decision. I just don’t know why Guo Nuan would poke the hornet’s nest. The evidence you have on her grandfather could ruin the entire Guo family.”

“Maybe she isn’t aware. Old Man Guo is a proud man and she is his pampered granddaughter. He most likely doesn’t want her to know his dirty secrets. She deluded herself into thinking she and I could have a relationship. Possibly she thinks this is a way to approach me.”

 Han Weisheng swallows the sweet candy. Still craving a cigarette, he fiddles with an unopened pack. “I have known Nuan since she was a little girl, she is stubborn and wilful.”

Li Tian walks to the railing and stares at a black Maybach driving up to Li Saoting’s villa. “Keep working on the permits, I will arrange a meeting with Guao Nuan.”

Yang James Meets Long Jinxi

Long Jinxi impatiently waits at the Golden Pear Restaurant for Yang James.Twirling  a loose strand of curled red hair she pouts, what does that psycho want from me?

A server approaches the table, wondering who would dare keep a celebrity Like Long Jinxi waiting. He politely smiles, “ Miss Long, would you care for another Mimosa before the other party arrives? “

She taps her finger on the empty fluted glass, “Hmmm…One more.”

She looks towards the door and frowns, Where is that bastard? I’ve been waiting an hour already. Who does he think he is to make me wait this long. He is merely Li Tian’s lowly dog.

A few minutes later,Yang James walks through the door and glances around for Long Jinxi. 

He leisurely strides through the crowded restaurant then sits down at the table. She puffs out her cheeks and snaps, ” What took you so long to get here? I have been waiting over an hour. ” 

 Ignoring her angry expression, he looks at the menu. She furiously grabs the menu, ‘Apologize!”

As she touches his hand, his black pupils behind the gold rimmed glasses constrict. He squeezes his fingers around her hand and with a great deal of force twists her wrist, causing her eyes to water from the immense pain. She bites her lower lip so she doesn’t scream. The restaurant is crowded and because she is a celbrity, she doesn’t want to cause a scene,

 He lets go of her hand and his cruel smile is frightening, “It would be best if you didn’t provoke me.”

  She rubs her sore wrist, suppressing her fear, she purses her lips, “Why did you want to meet me?”

“I have a little task for you to perform. You need to go to Bashu City. “

In a shrill voice she refuses, “I have a commercial to shoot tomorrow, there’s no way I can go to Bashu City.”

The server arrives with the Mimosa and she quickly hides her red and swollen hand on her lap.

 He noticed the tension between them and Long Jinxi rubbing her hand as he walked up. He discreetly acted as though he didn’t notice and turned to Yang James. “Anything for you sir? “

 “ I will have a cup of black coffee.”

  Yang James picks up the menu and in a calm voice orders, “Push it back.”

  Grinding her molars she spits out, “I can’t! Do you know how hard it was for my agent to get this commercial for me? Bentella Cruise Lines will replace me with Fan Mi. I can’t lose out to that wench!”

 “It wasn’t a request. Do I need to remind you of your ‘special’ performance?”

 Long Jinxi’s face loses color and she quivers, “If I go will you destroy the tape.”


  The server returns with a cup of steaming black coffee, “Did you want to order?”

 Long Jinxi waves her hand, “Nothing for me. Well…another Mimosa.”

 “And you Sir?”

 Yang James pushes up his glasses and replies, “I will have the Grilled Salmon with Roasted Vegetables, no mushrooms…brown Rice not white and a glass of Haute Lafitte.”

 The server leaves and Long Jinxi’s heart is pounding, “You are going too far! Forcing me to abandon a golden opportunity and still holding onto the tape.”

 “You can only blame yourself. If you didn’t attempt to drug Li Shaoting you wouldn’t be in the palm of my hand now.”

   Knowing there is no way out except to cater to his demands, she gulps down the Mimosa, “What do you want me to do.”

  He explains the situation and Long Jinxi has a malicious gleam in her eyes. “I can definitely destroy their relationship.” It is worth losing the commercial to destroy their relationship. I will have much more prestige and money as Mrs. Li Tian!

  Yang James picks up a piece of Salmon with his chopsticks, “I will warn you. If you reveal that I gave you this information…well…you will regret it.”

  Long Jinxi smiles, “Don’t worry. I’m not stupid.” I know if Li Tian found out, I would die without a corpse.

  In a better mood, she calls the server over, “I changed my mind. I will have the House Chicken Salad with lemon wedges on the side, no dressing.”

  “Tell me. I’m curious why do you care about Song Sara and Li Tian.”

  Yang James puts down the wine glass in his hand. In a matter of fact tone he replies, “She is an unnecessary distraction.”

  “Why don’t you eliminate the woman?”

  “She is carrying the heir to the Li family. I just don’t want her to interfere with business.” I want to kill the nuisance but her fucking brother is Leo Cadieux.

Long Jinxi stares into his cold eyes devoid of any emotion and doesn’t say anything. What a strange man. But, as long as he has the tape I am at his mercy and he knows I attempted to kill the bitch on the rooftop… Song Sara, I can’t wait to see the expression on your face when you find out Li Tian was the man who raped you.

Song Sara returned to Li Shaoting’s in a daze thinking about the change in Li Tian. He was very gentle and lacked the domineering aura that usually surrounded him. 

 She walks into the villa and takes off the white cashmere coat she is wearing. Afterwards, she put on slippers and enters the living room. Sitting down on the couch she leans her head back then pats her bulging belly. Breathing a sigh of relief, she smiles, my darlings, I think you are no longer in danger. I can finally relax.

Yang James Is Furious

 Exasperated by Li Tian’s decision to marry Song Sara, Yang James angrily paces around his office. Damn that bitch! What does he see in that useless woman! 

 The door opens and Jiang Wenli sashays into the room. Yang James clenches his fist at his side, “Get out!”

 She walks over leans back on his desk in a provocative pose. Wearing a tight low cut red dress, it rides up her thighs as she arches her back. Although Yang James has never been tempted by her she enjoys teasing him. “My…my… what ruffled your feathers this early.”

 His face darkens gazing at her sedutive pose. He pulls her off the desk and grabs her by the neck. “Do you want to have a taste of what happened to Long Jinxi? Slut! Just because my mother married your father, don’t think I will spare you.”

  She puts her hand on his and has a strange smile. “Brother, I want the same thing you do, Song Sara to disappear.Why don’t we cooperate.”

  He loosens his grip and narrows his eyes, “Don’t think you know what I want.”

 “ I’m not going to reveal your secrets. If I wasn’t looking for Long Jinxi at the Mega Mall opening I wouldn’t have been aware of your enmity. I told you then we are family.”

  “Don’t call me brother and don’t interfere.”

   She presses her body on his and coquettishly whispers in his ear, “Those little bastards she is carrying are not CEO Li’s.”

   He pushes her away and growls, “What did you say?”

   Jiang Wenli flips her curled red hair, “She fucked a wild man and was pregnant before she was with Li Tian.”

  “Impossible. He wouldn’t touch a woman who was tainted.”

  “He must have been bewitched by the scheming fox.” Her face contorts in anger and she scoffs, “Do you know how many men lust after that bitch! It makes me sick!”

   Yang James lights a cigarette, if this is true he would dump the slut. He thinks she is pregnant with his children. A proud man like Tian would never accept another man’s spawn.

   “What proof do you have?

   “First, I want you to help me.”

   He curls up his thin lips into a sarcastic smile, “I don’t think you are in a position to negotiate.If your best friend Long Jinxi knew you watched her being dragged off by those men…and did nothing…”

  “I was drunk and in shock. Afraid they would take me too.”

  “You have always been good at self preservation.”

   “Help me Brother. I want Tzu Yibo.”

   “Song Sara’s ex fiance?”


   “You are stupid. Aren’t you worried she will get back with him?”

   She stomps her 10cm heel, “I want her dead!”

  Yang James laughs, “I have no intention of fulfilling that wish. You are right, there are too many men who care about the bitch.” Leo Cadieux is her brother and would destroy anyone who harmed the girl.

  “Fine. I want her to be unable to show her face in Catang City again.”

  “I will help you trap Tzu Yibo but you need to give me a good reason. Like the name of the man Song Sara slept with before Li Tian.”

  “Well…I don’t know his name…but the bartender said he owns the Black Jade Club. I drugged Song Sara and I saw him carrying her up the stairs.”

 Yang James can hardly control his temper. Li Tian owns the Black Jade Club! This fucking idiot sent Song Sara to Li Tian’s bed! 

 Jiang Wenli notices Yang James looks like he is about to explode. “You have connections you can find out who the man is.”

  He wants to strangle Jiang Wenli. Li Tian never would have crossed paths with Song Sara if it weren’t for your meddling! 

 After regaining his composure he smiles. Song Sara must not know the man that night was Li Tian. What would her reaction be if she knew?

  Jiang Wenli doesn’t know what to make of his changing expressions. Is he going to help me or not? “Well?”

  “You really live up to my expectations.”

  “What do you mean by that?”

“Find out what projects Jiang Enterprises is working on that can benefit Old Man Tzu. The best way to snare Tzu Yibo is for the families to want to cooperate.”

 “How can I do that? I don’t have access to that information.”

 “Figure it out. From my understanding of Tzu Yibo he has no intention of marrying anyone. He will need to be forced by his family.” He has a malicious gleam in his eyes, “Or you could drug him and be discovered together in bed, forcing him to take responsibility. His family can’t afford a scandal right now.”

  Jiang Wenli frowns, “I will have to sneak into Dad’s study. Yibo wouldn’t forgive me if I tricked him.”


   After she leaves he walks to his desk and sits down. I wonder how Leo Cadieux would react if he knew Tian raped his sister? He puts his face in his hands, Jiang Wenli!

   He picks up the phone and makes a call, “We need to meet.”

   Long Jinxi swats her assistant who is fixing her makeup and gets out of the chair. She storms out of the room. “NO! You psycho! I never want to see you again!”

   “I watched the tape, you were quite enthusiastic…you seemed to enjoy being played with by those men…don’t act like an innocent virgin.”

   She stammers, “I..I was drugged!”

   He laughs, “By the aphrodisiac you planned on using on Li Shaoting. You can only blame yourself.”

   She hurries down the empty hallway and opens the door to the parking lot.  “Bastard! Why haven’t you answered my calls? I want that tape destroyed!”

   “I was giving you time to think about how foolish you were to threaten me.”

   “I…I won’t again. I swear. If that tape gets leaked my life is over!”

   “You could make a good living as a porn star.”

    Long Jinxi tightens her hand around the phone, “Yang James! Do you think my mother won’t retaliate?”

   “Now that Long An has recovered she has another pawn. She will discard you.”

 “My mother will never let our family be disgraced.”

 “She might not be able to prevent it. But…I have a solution that will work for both of us. Meet me at the Golden Pear in an hour.”

  “I am shooting a scene soon. Come to the location. We can talk in my trailer. Bring the tape.”

    “Okay.” Bring the tape? In your dreams.

Meeting Li Tian

The hostess returns to the table and her eyelashes are trembling. She avoids making eye contact with Li Tian and hurriedly sets down the menus. “Sorry, I forgot to leave these. Your server will be over shortly.”

Sara smiles at the nervous young woman, “Thank you.”

She scurries away from the table as though she is being chased by a ghost, Sara teases, “Did you frighten the girl?”

Li Tian picks up the menu and raises an eyebrow, “In your eyes, am I that scary?” 

 Sara chuckles,“Well…yes.”


The server walks over to the table and sets down a basket of muffins.”Would like something to drink?” Sara says she would like a glass of orange juice and Li Tian orders a cup of black coffee.

 After he leaves Li Tian says, “Song Sara I need to…” Sara interrupts him, “Let’s eat before we discuss the situation.” I’m afraid I won’t be able to digest well after I tell you the truth and the babies are hungry. 

Sara picks up a warm blueberry muffin and takes a bite. “Oh…these are delicious.”

The server returns with the orange juice and coffee, “Did you want to order?”

Sara looks at Li Tian, “I am ready if you are. I have been here before so I know what I want.”

“I will have whatever you are having.”

Sara orders quite a few dishes and notices Li Tian’s amused expression. She blushes, “What? I am eating for three!”

He laughs, “It’s good you have a big appetite. Besides your belly you have no meat on you.

Seeing his usually cold face soften and the genuine smile that reaches his eyes Sara feels he has changed. He isn’t as cold and intimidating as I remember. His eyes seem to be filled with… pampering? Well… when I tell him he isn’t the father we will see if he can maintain this calm appearance.

She sips the orange juice and looks around the restaurant. She has a puzzled expression, “When I came here a few months ago this place was so busy. I wonder what happened. No customers have come in since we arrived. I hope they didn’t change cooks.”

Li Tian changes the subject, “Do you like living in Bashu City?”

“I do.”

“Do you plan on staying here?”

“I am very comfortable with my job. I don’t want to go back to Catang City.”

The server brings their breakfast. After he places the several dishes on the table he asks Li Tian, “Do you need anything else?” The owner told him what happened earlier and warned him not to offend Li Tian.

 Sara’s eyes light up. “Looks great.”

Li Tian is thinking about what Sara said and impatiently waves his hand for the server to leave. “What about your friends and family?”

The chopsticks in Sara’s hand stop midair, “Han Bi is my best friend and her family is here in Bashu City so she visits frequently.” Her eyes cloud over with sadness, “My family…well my mother is gone and my father has a new family.”

 She picks up a piece of ham and slowly chews it. After she swallows she puts down the chopsticks. “I know I said I want to eat first but I guess we should talk about my pregnancy.” The mention of her family made her lose her appetite.

 She gazes at Li Tian with a determined look. “CEO Li…I will be honest with you. I only want to live in peace. When my children are born I want to raise them away from all the turmoil I would face if my father knew of their existence.” She straightens her back and hesitates then says, “I know you think they are your children…but they are not. I…I was raped by a despicable beast before I met you.  There I said it.

 Sara waits for his response but Li Tian only stares at her with his unfathomable dark eyes. Despicable beast? I planned on telling her the truth but I don’t want to see her eyes filled with hate. 

 “In my mind I am the father, I want to marry you and raise the children as my own.”

Sara is in shock and her eyes widen in disbelief, “CEO Li, are you crazy? Did you hear what I said?”

“I did. But after you left Catang City I frantically looked for you. When I couldn’t find you I panicked. I realized I want you…I like you. I want to make you happy and spend the rest of my life with you.”

“You are engaged to Long Jinxi.”

 “The news of Long Jinxi withdrawing from the marriage will be announced today.”

“Your family would never accept me and my babies.”

“ I will convince them. You are the only woman I want to marry.”

“No. I want to lead an ordinary life. I don’t want to get caught up in your world. I will admit I have inexplicable feelings for you but it won’t work. Can you really accept the fact these babies are another man’s? I don’t think so.”

Li Tian’s heart races, he reaches across the table and holds Sara’s hand, “You admit you have feelings for me…why not give me a chance to prove how much I care about you. You will see I am sincere.”

 Sara gazes at his incredibly handsome face, his pitch black eyes are filled with a gentle light that reflect only her. She is mesmerized by his low and magnetic voice. It was like a dream she had when she was in a coma. He confessed how much he liked her and said he wanted to marry her. He said she and the babies were his precious treasures. He tenderly caressed and kissed her stomach then held her in a warm embrace.

 Overcome with mixed emotions Sara is flustered. She gulps down some water and tries to compose herself. Is it possible I really like Li Tian?

  Encouraged by the fact she hasn’t rejected him he coaxes Sara, “ I promise I won’t pressure you. I will be in Bashu City for a few months working with Han Weisheng on the Affordable Housing Project. We can take it slow.”

  “Well…are you really breaking off the engagement?”


   “When the marriage contract is officially broken…I…I will give you a chance.” 


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