New Story- Captured By The Cruel Boss Vol 1

This story will be a little dark. The Male Lead definitely has serious issues. I hope you enjoy it!

Vol 1 will be 25 chapters and available to read until Nov. 22.

I will update the story with Vol. 2 beginning Nov. 20

This way you can read before I put it on Kindle Vella. I hope you enjoy the story my lovely readers! ❤

Chapter 1 How Did I Provoke Him?

Chapter 2 No Escape

Chapter 3 Sent To The Wolf

Chapter 4 Back To The Black Swan Club

Chapter 5 Go To Work

Chapter 6 Clear The Room

Chapter 7 How Should I Punish You?

Chapter 8 Get Lost!

Chapter 9 Husband

Chapter10 Sweet Temptation

Chapter11 Cruelty

Chapter12 Bad Mood

Chapter13 Alexi Panics

Chapter14 Attraction

Chapter15 Karl Wu

Chapter16 Merri Wants To See Viktor

Chapter17Meet Karl Again

Chapter18 Riverside Mansion

Chapter19 Meet In The Garden

Chapter 20 Construction Site

Chapter 21 Viktor’s Office

Chapter 22 Bullied By The Music Room

Chapter 23 Piano Delivered

Chapter 24 Viktor’s Apartment Part 1

Chapter 25 Viktor’s Apartment Part 2

Vol. 2

Chapter 1 Viktor’s Apartment

Chapter 2 Merri Likes Viktor

Chapter 3 Viktor Changes His Plan

Chapter 4 Viktor Drives Merri Home

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