The Babies Are In Danger

   Xie Yubai lifts an eyebrow as he takes Leo’s hand off his shoulder, “I wasn’t aware Miss Song had a brother.”

   Leo realizes he was hasty and quickly responds, “We are like family so of course I call her sister. Dr. Ling will be arriving soon and will examine Song Sara then transport her to Bashu Heights Private Hospital.”

  “Dr. Ling?”

  “Yes. The medical helicopter should be landing any moment.”

  Xie Yubai narrows his eyes, “I didn’t catch your name.” Dr.Ling isn’t a doctor just  anyone can summon.

 “Cadieux, Leo Cadieux.”

“Your father is Nigel Cadieux?”


  Leo’s identity arouses his curiosity. How did Song Sara attract two dangerous men? One calls her his beloved woman, the other his sister.  If I allow Leo Cadieux to send Song Sara to the hospital Li Tian will be furious but it is in her best interest to be transported to a better equipped hospital as soon as possible. Dr. Ling is a world renowned doctor so Song Sara will be in excellent hands. “Very well.”

  Li Shaoting also believes that it would be best to get Sara away from Li Tian. “When will the helicopter arrive?”


  Dr. Ling enters the hospital room and greets Leo, she recognizes Xie Yubai, “Dr. Xie, what are you doing here?”

   “Hello Dr. Ling. I am the doctor the production company sent to the filming site. The patient is a friend of Tang Wu’s so he called me.” He doesn’t want to involve Li Tian.

  She looks surprised, “You are the on set doctor?” then quips, “ Isn’t that a waste of your talent?”

  He chuckles, “I find it rewarding in its own way.”

  Dr. Ling walks over to the bed, “What is going on with the patient?”

  Xie Yubai shows her the toxicology report and she frowns as she mutters, “Pregnant with twins and injected with Sombian.”

  Leo shakes his head in disbelief,, “What? Song Sara is having twins? How can that be possible? She had an ultrasound a few weeks ago and there was only one baby.”

  Dr. Ling responds, “How far along is she in her pregnancy?”

  Xie Yubai checks the chart then hands it to Dr. Ling, ” Approximately 15 weeks.”

   She studies the report then turns to Xie Yubai, “We shouldn’t delay transporting Miss Song.”  The patient could have a miscarriage if the drug remains in her blood for too long. The fetuses are definitely at riskthere is no time to waste. The Sombian will slowly deprive the babies of oxygen from the blood in the umbilical cord and placenta.

  He unhooks the IV then motions to the two nurses to put Sara onto the stretcher.

   Li Shoating can tell by Dr. Ling’s reaction to the report that Sara could be in danger of losing the babies. It was only for a moment but her eyes revealed her worry. He nervously follows, “I am coming with you.”

  Leo pushes him, “No. If she didn’t accompany you here this wouldn’t have happened.”

  “That is why I have to come with you.”

   Leo unwillingly relents because of his relationship with Sara, “You better hope she and the twins are okay or the Li family will be destroyed by me.”

   While keeping pace with Leo’s long strides, Li Shoating doesn’t respond, he is preoccupied thinking about how happy Sara was looking in the window of the baby boutique and now… He calls his brother, “Sara is being transported to Bashu Private Hospital. I will keep you informed. Stay in town tonight. Tomorrow I will arrange for a driver.”

Li Feng’s heart is in a knot and his voice trembles, “Is she going to be okay?”

“Well, I will call you from the hospital.” He quickly hangs up as they put Sara into the helicopter.

At the Chengi hospital Xie Yubai walks down the hallway to check on Li Tian. He meets Kang Mingshun coming out of the room. “Is he awake?”

  “Dr. Xie, you need to give the Boss a sedative. He ripped the IV out of his arm then fell down when he tried to stand up. He sounds delusional, he kept saying he needed to go be with his wife.” They aren’t married and the chick wants nothing to do with him! But I can’t say that.

  “Well, I will check on him. Song Sara is being taken to Bashu Heights Private Hospital, her condition isn’t good. Leo Cadieux arranged for a medical helicopter.”

  “Leo Cadieux?’

  “He arrived with a specialist not long ago. They should be on their way now.”

  Kang Mingshun breaks out into a cold sweat, “Whatever you do, don’t mention Leo Cadieux to the Boss!”

   Opening the door Li Tian overhears their conversation. He staggers out and angrily grabs Xie Yubai by the neck. His pitch black eyes are filled with rage and the veins on his neck are bulging, “You let that maniac take my wife? I will fucking kill you!”

  Xie Yubai struggles to breathe as Kang Mingshun tries to pull Li Tian away, “Boss! Stop! Miss Song’s life is in danger! Cadieux brought a medical helicopter.”

  Li Tian suddenly releases Xie Yubai and holds his head. In excruciating pain he tries to focus then commands Kang Mingshun, “Let’s go.”

  Xie Yubai rubs his neck, “Tian, you have a severe concussion and could have sequelae, you can’t leave the hospital.”

  Li Tian glares at him, “Can and will.” 

  Kang Mingshun holds onto Li Tian who is about to collapse, “Listen to the doctor Boss. I know you hate Cadieux but he will do everything possible to save Miss Song. You need treatment.”

 “Get me to the car.” I should be with my woman, not that bastard.! Trying to steal her away when I just found the little disobedient kitten again! I won’t let him!

  On board the helicopter Dr. Ling monitors Sara under the watchful eyes of Li Shaoting and Leo. Li Shaoting wrings his hands while Leo silently contemplates how to torture the people who kidnapped Sara.

    In Bashu City the people involved are in a luxurious hotel suite discussing the situation. Alexandre is sitting on the couch and Madam Olga is at the bar.

Alexandre regrets his greed clouded his judgment, “Have you heard from Hamid?” He anxiously taps his slender finger on his thigh, “He better have erased any evidence. Leo is very methodical and will meticulously search for the culprits. You are well aware of how competent his right hand man, Wong Duan is he will track down even the slightest clue.”

  “My son knows what to do, he should arrive soon.” She pours a glass of vodka, “Alexandre… how did you not know that this bitch is your partner’s sister! I never would have agreed to this plan!”

  “Fuck! I was shocked when he told me! He already took care of the Bosnians, if I had known that we wouldn’t be in this position. Leo bought a hotel by the harbor and wants me to open a restaurant with the girl. He obviously dotes on the little bitch. If she is harmed in any way I don’t want to think of the consequences.” I am certainly not going down for the kidnapping…that is for sure.

  The door of the hotel suite flies open and Hamid bursts into the room. Surprised to see Alexandre with his mother he hides his nervousness. As they were leaving Chengi the car they were driving passed by Leo and Wong Duan. He isn’t sure if Wong Duan saw them and wanted to inform his mother that he needs to return to Morocco immediately to create an alibi. 

  Alexandre noticed the flash of panic in Hamid’s eyes, gripping the glass in his hand tighter, he glares at him. “Is there a problem Hamid?”

  “Of course not.”

  “So nothing can be traced back to us?”

  “I assure you that I made it look as though human traffickers kidnapped the woman. No one has any reason to suspect otherwise.”

  “For your sake you better be right.” Alexandre receives a text then sets the drink down and stands up, “I’m leaving.”

  Madam Olga sneers, “Aren’t you forgetting something?”

  He turns around, “You will receive payment after I am satisfied there is no blowback. Yang James will call you, he wants to meet.”

   As Alexandre presses the button for the elevator he arches an eyebrow, his intuition tells him that Hamid is definitely hiding something. I might need to eliminate Madam Olga and him, if that moron botched handling the situation.

   Author’s Note: Hi my faithful readers ❤! I have been super busy and this story will be on a short hiatus until Aug. 24 then I will update regularly again...

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  1. Omg 😱 thanks for updating! The wait was murderous for me and this was just what I needed! This should be able to hold me over until the 24th!


    1. Thanks for being my faithful reader❤! I didn’t want anyone to think I abandoned the story lol. Poor Li Tian…Leo took his ‘wife’…Spoiler he will have more delusional behavior from his concussion after he leaves.😰


      1. Haha I wasn’t surprised. I mean he planned the baby’s room already so his delusions began long ago 😆👏🏽. Thanks for letting us know! I figured your scheduled was swamped and it may take some time to get back to your other works.


      2. Thanks for being understanding! I love writing the stories on this blog but I want to make some money! haha… I’m going on vacation and will feel refreshed when I return on the 24th…


      3. Have a great holiday! You deserve it, and I definitely understand the need for money! For now, enjoy a much needed break ☺️


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