Call Me Husband…

Enjoy! ! This chapter is for readers 18+!

  Aroused by LiMei taking the initiative to seduce him, Rui eagerly slips his hand under the loose white towel. LiMei softly moans as his hand roams up to her sensitive spot. As soon as his hand strokes her skin she softly moans and takes off the towel. Rui’s dark eyes flash with scorching flames gazing at her lithe naked body full of temptation. He presses LiMei underneath his taut body and takes her soft fragrant breast to his mouth twirling his tongue around her erect bud.

    The sound of LiMei purring like a satisfied kitten is intoxicating , he licks and bites her breast while thrusting his fingers in and out of her wet tunnel. LiMei’s inner walls instinctively tighten around his fingers as she arches her back. Rui’s adept and movements make LiMei’s head buzz with excitement as her sensitive body reacts to his familiar touch. He knows how to stimulate her senses and her body reacts as nectar flows freely down his fingers.

LiMei clutches the comforter as his slender long fingers expertly move in and out of her tight tunnel. He knows how to stimulate her senses and her body reacts as nectar flows down his fingers. LiMei quivers, her soft voice trembles, “Ahh..Rui.. Rui..”

   Rui’s ink black eyes flicker and his Adam apple rolls, in a breathless raspy voice he orders , “Say my name again…”

   LiMei’s face is flushed red and she is writhing on the bed, “Rui..Rui..Ummm..” She frantically unhooks his belt and unzips his pants, “Want.. Really want…” 

   He mischievously smiles as he pulls down his trousers and underwear unleashing his monstrous c*ck. “Baby, what do you want?”

   She feverishly touches his hardness, “Give it to me.”

   Rui teases LiMei and rubs her wet pink folds with the tip of his huge erection, Baby, you were very naughty and said you would leave me. You need to beg me.

  She wraps her thin legs around his waist and whimpers, “Don’t tease. I’m itchy…so itchy… need you to fuck me..pleassseeee.”

  “Call me Husband.”

   LiMei’s voice is soft and scratches his heart as she breathlessy gasps, “Husband…Fu..Fuck your wife.”

   Rui’s eyes deepen with dark desire as he holds onto her willow waist and plunges deep inside of LiMei. Rui’s mind is full of extreme obsession and paranoia. You will be my wife by the end of the day…I can’t wait. 

   Waves of limp and numb pleasure make LiMei’s body squirm under Rui as he wildly thrusts in and out of her slick tight tunnel. He is panting heavily as he groans, “So fucking tight…Baby, you feel so fucking good. Urghh..Mmmm..” Rui’s thick member crashes into LiMei’s cervix and she screams, “Too big! TOOOO DEEEEP! AHHH…TAKE IT OUT.”

   Rui can’t stop; he is out of control and continues to wantonly increase the intensity of his thrusts. Sweat is trickling down his broad chest and his heart is racing as LiMei’s warm slick walls tighten around his shaft sending shivers of pleasure up his spine.

  LiMei arches her back and moves in rhythm with Rui as her body feels like it is on fire. Dizzy from the intense pleasure her toes curl up, “RUIIIIIII! AHHHH! I’M GONNA DIEEEEE!”

   She opens her eyes and stares at his handsome face, his ink black hair is damp and messy hanging down in broken strands onto his forehead. Rui looks wild and unruly in stark contrast to his usual cold and abstinent appearance. He appears like a possessed Demon, his dark eyes are bloodshot and his pupils are enlarged and unfocused as he meets her gaze.

Like a hungry wolf demon devouring his prey he proclaims in a low and magnetic voice, “Baby, your sweet little pussy is mine…only mine.” I will kill any bastard who tries to take you away from me. If you try to leave I will chain you to my bed where only I can see you.

   He ruthlessly rubs his huge cock against her twitching walls not leaving a gap between their bodies. LiMei convulses as honey flows down onto the bed, “Hubby…I’m going to more!”

    Hearing her call him Hubby sends him to the brink of madness. Using hos internal energy he holds back the urge to explode inside of LiMei. “Baby, you feel so fucking good… I can’t stop…Nngh…Mmmnn…you are a little fox fairy…so sweet..”

He lowers his head and deeply kisses LiMei deeply savoring every corner of her mouth. When he lets go of her lips his kisses move down her neck. When he licks and bites her delicate collarbone LiMei digs her fingernails into Rui’s back. She whimpers as a rush of pain mixed with pleasure makes her body twitch uncontrollably under him. He teases, “Little fairy, you are so sensitive.”

He watches her bite her lower lip holding back her cries as he manipulates her body. He is fascinated by the lustful expression on her pure and delicate face. LiMei’s eyes are misty and the color has changed to a seductive smokey deep green. She is gasping for air and her snow white skin is an alluring red from the intense heat coursing through her body.

Rui thinks she looks like a little fairy who has been bullied and that makes him want to punish her for bewitching him. He can’t get enough of LiMei and she has become his only weakness. The thought of wanting to break up with him is driving him crazy. He wants to crush her into his bones so she can never leave him.

LiMei is unable to withstand his fierce pillaging and her eyes roll back in her head.

Rui has a faint smile as she clings onto him quivering as she climaxes. He feels her body go limp and he growls in ecstacy he shoots his essence deep inside of her body that is still twitching from the intense pleasure.

Rui stays inside of LiMei as he holds her spent body tightly in his arms. He brushes her damp hair back then buries his head in her neck. Inhaling her unique floral scent he kisses her earlobe and whispers in a deep and magnetic tone. “I love you LiMei, you can never leave me. I know you love me…you need to trust me… Be my wife…”

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  1. Hahah this evening we’ve got one chasing his wife to another city, while the other is planning on locking up his wife to the bed!! 🤣👏🏽 what a Christmas🎄.


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