Propping himself up on the bed with his elbow, Rui lovingly gazes at LiMei sleeping. He tenderly brushes her damp hair off her delicate face. He traces his finger down her small oval face still tinged with red after their lovemaking. Baby, you are so very beautifulinnocent…charming and incredibly seductive at the same time…you could suck any man’s soul from him but you are destined to be mine…Little fairy, you can only belong to me in this life and the next. Rui’s pitch black eyes contain both paranoia and deep obsession. I won’t let you go. 

    When he gently touches her lips he is deep in thought, his mind full of LiMei. I have seen many beautiful women but they can’t compare to you.  I love the way you smile at me… He caresses LiMei’s cheek, when you are happy and laugh you have the cutest dimples…when you are angry you puff out your cheeks like a little pufferfish. I love everything about you but most of all when your delicate soft body is pressed underneath me. You look up with your dazzling green eyes full of only me and say my name. When you called me Husband I don’t think I have ever been happier. I hope you never know what I am capable of in order to ensure you stay by my side. I am not the kind and gentle man you think I am. I am an extremely selfish man without a conscience when it comes to what I want…and I want you.

    Rui gets out of bed and when he returns he is holding a silver needle in his hand. He leans down and kisses LiMei, I can’t wait…you need to marry me today. If you are my wife then you will be protected when we go to find Master. The bitch won’t dare touch you…Master holds marriage sacred and would punish the snake woman severely if she tried to harm you. So…I…have no choice.

   After Rui uses the silver needle and whispers in her ear he kisses LiMei. When you wake up we will go to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

     He strides over to the table and picks up his phone. Gazing back at LiMei sound asleep on the bed he makes a call, “Send another suitable dress to my villa. I wasn’t satisfied with the other one.”

   Giselle puts down the account ledger in her hand, the dress is gorgeous. What could be wrong? Well,I can’t ask. “Certainly. Do you have any preference?”

   “No. But the dress and shoes need to be delivered in an hour.”

   “I will personally deliver the dress.”

   “Very good.”

     Rui walks into the bathroom and sees the porcelain jar containing the medicinal bath powder. He wrinkles his eyebrows, this can’t be sold on the market. After I take a shower I will call the lab.

   Rui finishes showering and after he dries his body he wraps a towel around his waist. Rubbing his head with a towel as he enters the bedroom he has a complicated expression on his handsome face. He puts on a bathrobe then picks up his phone and leaves the bedroom. Once he is in his study he calls the lab and a woman answers. Rui says, “Get Huang David.”

   Huang David is carefully opening a package of rare herbs that were just delivered when his assistant approaches him. “ Dr. Qiao is on the phone.”

   He takes off his gloves and answers the phone, “The Deliyu Root just arrived.”

   Rui raises an eyebrow, “That isn’t why I called. There is a problem with the new medicinal bath. It can’t be marketed.”

   Huang David sits at his desk, “I tested it rigorously before I sent it to you. What is the problem?”

  “It seems to have an aphrodisiac effect.”

   “Dr. Qiao, you must be mistaken. How could that be?” 

    He smiles thinking about LiMei wrapping herself around him. “Take my word for it.” 

    Huang David takes off his glasses and rubs his eyes, the ingredients shouldn’t have that effect. He has an idea, “Did you add anything else to the bath?”

   Rui did add Purple Chysallis to soothe LiMei’s nerves, “I added Purple Chysallis.”

  “That would explain it. One of the ingredients in the medicinal bath must have reacted with the flowers.”

  ‘Even if that is the case we need to rethink the formula. I will be out of town for the next ten days so during that time adjust the ingredients.”

  “Will do. Dr. Qiao I tested the anti scarring cream sent by your friend, the results were beyond expectation.”

   “Very good. I will set up a meeting when I return.” There is a light knock at the door and Rui ends the call. He thinks it is Hak Byung -Soo and is surprised to see LiMei.

Frowning when he notices her snow white bare feet he admonishes, “Baby, you shouldn’t walk around without slippers.” He lifts her into his embrace then carries her to the couch. Rui holds her petite body on his lap and gently brushes back her messy hair then kisses her forehead, “Why did you come find me? You should rest.”

   LiMei wraps her slender arms around his neck and gazes at him with watery eyes, “Rui…I had a nightmare. When I woke up and you weren’t there I well…I was frightened.”

   He taps the tip of her nose with his finger and teases, “Did you think I left on my trip?” Rui hugs her thin waist then gently kisses LiMei. “Silly girl. I said I would bring you.”” He lifts her chin and his eyes are full of undisguised pampering, “How could I leave my beautiful wife behind.” 

    She looks confused, “Wife?”

“We are going to the Civil Affairs Bureau this afternoon.” Rui creases his eyebrows together wondering if there is a problem with the imprinted new memory. 

    Suddenly LiMei’s mind is suddenly full of the images from her nightmare. She rubs her eyes then frantically shakes her head, “ we can’t get married today. Let’s leave… Go far away.”

   Rui holds LiMei’s shivering body tighter in his embrace, “LiMei, whatever you dreamed of… it was a nightmare…” Rui’s heart tightens and his voice is low as he reassures LiMei, ”Baby, don’t be afraid… I’m here… no one will hurt you.” 

  LiMei flutters her long black eyelashes as tears roll down her cheeks, “My dream was a warning!” She clutches onto his bathrobe, “There was blood…so much blood…” She starts sobbing uncontrollably, “Ru…Rui…no…can’t marry…” The man named Kuang Fu said he will kill you and I can’t stop him because I am weak. He would take away what I loved most then watch me suffer for betraying him.

  Rui’s eyes darken, “LiMei, it was a nightmare…not real.” I want to marry you today. I will marry you today! “Listen to me, If you are frightened I will get more bodyguards…” He buries his head in her neck and whispers in a hoarse voice, “You promised me LiMei… I want you to be my wife.”

Dammit! If I have to drag you there I will! He manages to restrain his inner stubborn beast and calmly coaxes LiMei, “Tell me about your nightmare.”

  LiMei clings onto Rui as she whimpers, “There was a terrifying man…I think I have dreamt of him before…I don’t know who he is…his face is blurred… but in my dream.. I escaped from him.. I am me..but I am not me…forget it..”

  “Baby, continue, maybe I can help you.”

  Rui clenches his jaw, the man must be Kuang Fu. How did that scumbag appear in LiMei’s nightmare? All those memories of Qin Daiyu should be sealed!

  LiMei sniffles, “Rui…I am afraid.”

  He tenderly kisses the top of LiMei’s head, “Baby, it was just a nightmare. You are nervous about getting married so your mind created a fearful situation in your dreams.”

   She looks up at Rui with an anxious expression, “Do you think that is it?” I am nervous about marrying Rui. I know I am not good enough for him.

  “Trust me LiMei, nothing bad will happen if you marry me. On the contrary, we will be very happy. If it makes you feel better I will increase the number of bodyguards although Hak Byung-Soo and Gu are very capable.”

   She snuggles into his warm chest and mutters, “You are right. It was just a nightmare.”

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