Shengshuan Station


 Li Tian walks into the Shengshuan train station. He takes long strides down a platform towards a train that is being delayed. The passengers on board are staring at the security guards blocking the train’s exits and muttering among themselves. One disgruntled man tries to leave, “I will miss my connection! What is going on here? Why aren’t we able to leave?!”

  A security guard pushes him back, “If you know what is good for you, you will return to your seat.”

  The middle aged man puffs out his chest and bellows, “Do you know who I am? If you don’t let me leave with one phone call you won’t have a job.”

  The security guard rolls his eyes then scoffs, “I said sit!” Dammit! Why did I pick up this shifft for Old Ming! 

  Suddenly the door opens and Li Tian enters the train followed by two bodyguards. The middle aged man recognizes him and shrinks into his seat. What the hell is CEO Li doing here?

  Li Tian storms through the car looking at each seat. A young woman with long dark hair tied in a ponytail has her head down looking at her phone. Li Tian thinks she is Song Sara and anxiously pulls on her arm startling the young woman. When he sees her face he is disappointed, “Sorry, Miss.”

   The young woman’s deep brown eyes widen while staring at his outstanding appearance. She flutters her long eyelashes and smiles brightly at him. Before she can strike up a conversation Li Tian has moved down the aisle. She watches his back as he disappears into the next section then decides to follow. He is the most handsome man that I have ever seen and his aura is so powerful.

   He swiftly moves through each section as she silently follows him. Kang Mingshun notices her movements and turns around blocking her from entering the next car. He leans in the doorway,“Miss, don’t attempt to approach my Boss, he isn’t in a good mood.”

   She sweetly smiles, “Maybe I could improve his mood. I must resemble the woman he is looking for on the train. Obviously, for him to stop the train she must not want to be with him.”

   Kang Mingshun notices her infatuated expression. He can tell from her attitude and designer clothes she is a wealthy Young Miss probably used to getting her own way.“You should mind your own business.” The Boss will definitely make you cry if you bother him.

  Li Tian’s face darkens with his martial arts skills even halfway down the aisles he can hear them. Whether the disobedient little girl wants to be with me or not I will bring her back. She can’t escape from me in this life! He clenches his fist in his pocket as he comes to the end of the train, where are you? He steps off the train and calls Yang James, “Get the security footage from the train station, Song Sara did not get on the train to Hirachi City.”

   The young woman watches Li Tian leave and takes a picture of him with her iPhone. Now isn’t the right time but I will make that man mine. She dials a private number.

   Sun Zhi is sitting in a restaurant and puts down the chopsticks when he hears the familiar ringtone. When he answers a coquettish voice enters his ear, “ “Brother, I need you to do me a favor.” He frowns, “What?”

  “I met a man on the train to Hirachi City and I want to know his identity.”

  Sun Zhi furrows his eyebrows, “What is his name?”

  “Don’t know.”

  “…” He takes a gulp of beer, “Forget it.”

   Sun ChuChu  wrinkles her delicate eyebrows and tightens the grip on her phone, “SUN!ZHI!

  “If he didn’t tell you his name he isn’t interested. Don’t be unruly…go back to school and study hard.”

  “He was in a hurry looking for someone on the train and he mistook me for the woman. He left when he couldn’t find her… I’m sending his picture to you. If you don’t find out who he is by the end of the day I will tell Mother you…you…you are bullying me!” She runs her finger over Li Tian’s picture then sends it to him

  Sun Zhi shakes his head and laughs then looks at the man’s photo. He slams his hand on the table, that fucking bastard again!  He controls his temper and calmly agrees, “ChuChu, I will see what I can find out but it might take awhile. Behave and go back to school.”

  “Brother, don’t just say you will. Do it. I am counting on you.”

  “En.” After he hangs up he finishes the beer and orders another one. The only woman Li Tian would be looking for is Song Sara. He calls her phone and it is turned off then dials Han Chang. “Chang, do you have a number for Song Sara?”

  “Yes. Let me look. The number is x- xxx-xxx-xxxx.”

  “That is the number I have but it is turned off.”

  “Call my sister Bi, she probably has her new number. Bi’s number is x-xxx-xxx-xxxx.”

   “Okay.” He hangs up as the server sets down the beer then calls Han Bi. She is having her nails done and motions to the manicurist to hold the phone. She is surprised when she hears her brother’s friend’s deep voice, “Sun Zhi?”

  “Yeah. Do you have Song Sara’s phone number?” Bi knows he is the silent investor in Sara’s restaurant so she says, “Sure.” She tells him the number and he has an ominous feeling. “No new number?”

  “No. This is her number.”

  “Have you talked to Song Sara recently?”

 “Yesterday. I was visiting my parents and just got back to Catang City this morning and haven’t called Sara. I figured she would be busy at the restaurant getting ready for the opening tomorrow night.  You could probably find her there if she doesn’t answer.”

  “Thanks.” He calls the server over then pays the bill and leaves. Sun Zhi’s gut tells him something happened between Sara and Li Tian and she left the city. Worried about Sara knowing she is pregnant he drives to the Waterfront Towers. Did Li Tian find out Song Sara is pregnant and threaten her? Where would she go? 

  Li Tian lights a cigarette as he exits the train station. “Kang Mingshun, have Tang Qiang follow that bastard Cadieux. Maybe he knows where she went.”

  He angrily sidesteps a shriveled old woman with long white hair who is sitting on a blanket shouting, “I will tell your fortune… twenty yuan.” 

When he brushes past the elderly woman she waves her thin arms and in a shrill voice warns , “Mister! Wait! If you don’t listen to me you will lose something precious.”

   Li Tian has no patience as she clutches the hem of his black cashmere coat with her gnarled fingers. He glares at the disheveled woman and tightens his jaw. Li Tian’s voice is tinged with disgust.“Old woman, If you want to keep that hand take it off my coat now.”

   She lets go of his coat and looks up at him with bloodshot eyes, “Evil man! I was going to help you find your child.”She bends her leg to tie her dirty tennis shoe muttering, “Now I won’t for a million yuan.”

  He grabs the back of her collar and lifts the tiny woman up, “What did you say?”

  She stammers, “Put me down! Devil! Devil!”

  “Answer me.”

   The fortune teller slyly smiles revealing two gold teeth, “I said I wouldn’t tell your fortune for a million yuan.”

  He let’s go and she falls onto the ground, “Pfft. Scammer. I don’t have any children.”

  She fixes the talismans on the edge of the blanket, “Stupid man. So easily deceived. Go. You are blocking the way.”

  The veins bulge out on Li Tian’s forehead as he stares at the old woman. “Do you know who I am!”

  “ Of course I know you are…the Devil! GO! I don’t want to help you. I never wanted to help you…It was for the child…and the woman with pure yin. The baby will need your blood…or she will die.”

   Li Tian bends down and studies the woman’s upturned face. He tries to detect any deceit in her eyes, “Do you know the consequences of lying to me?”

  She suddenly chants a strange phrase then hits him on the forehead , “You are the one who should be afraid. Not me.”

  He breaks out into a cold sweat as images form in his mind of Sara screaming in pain. “Save my baby…I beg you to save my baby…”

   Agitated by the disturbing experience he has a strange feeling and shivers, “Listen, I believe you alright. Tell me where she is. I will give you two million.”

   The old woman’s eyas bend and light up as she pulls a phone with a cracked screen from her pocket. “Pay first.”

  He takes out his phone and Kang Mingshun has a look of disbelief on his face watching the bizarre scene.

  Once the woman receives the payment she closes her eyes then suddenly opens them and grins, “Devil, you are lucky you met me today. The woman with pure yin is with a man who looks seven points similar to you getting off a train. The city well…it is by the sea.”

  “What city?”

   “A city by the sea.”

   “Do you have a brother?”


   “Hmm…The man looks very much like you.”

   “Dammit! For two million that is too vague.”

  “No refunds.”


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      1. Good 😮‍💨, so he can finally stop tossing mother and child around 🤣👏🏽. Oh, but I do hope things work out before that vision comes true!


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