Lunch At The Inn

    Morgan takes long strides through The Golden Pear Restaurant. He loosens his black striped silk tie as he steps outside and breathes in the cold air trying to quell his anger. Why did I want to punch Qiao Rui in the face? Because he treated me as though I was still his bodyguard? He could bark out an order and I would blindly obey? Fuck him! I still need answers. I want to know who this  ‘LingLing’ woman is who keeps disrupting my dreams. Feng  Li Mei must know something…the woman called on her goddamn phone!

   He walks down the sidewalk to where he parked his car and sees Zhou LingLing rubbing her hands together while shuffling her feet to stay warm. Morgan has a slight smile, “What happened to your blind date?”

   Startled by his sudden appearance she jumps and pats her chest, “Oh..CEO Lin you scared me! My blind date? Haha… I wrote down the wrong date according to my mother. It is tomorrow.”

   Zhou LingLing wrinkles her nose that is red from the cold wind, “What about you? Shouldn’t you be biting into a nice juicy steak about now.” After the ride to the restaurant she isn’t as intimidated by him.

   He smirks, “I got stood up.”

   Zhou LingLing chuckles, “Who would dare?”

  He gazes at her shivering, “Are you waiting for a taxi?”

  “Yeah..I guess they are busy right now because of the Art Exhibition at Red Peony Gallery. There are alot of tourists in town.”

   “Come with me I will give you a ride.”

   She waves her hand, “I don’t want to trouble you. I can call my agent.” Zhou LingLing tightens the scarf around her neck. “Go..go..I’m fine.”

    “Don’t be stupid. You will catch a cold standing in this wind.” He snickers, “If you could call your agent I think you would have already.” For some reason his mood improves looking at Zhou LingLing’s expression, she is freezing but stubborn.

   She looks at her phone and sees the location of the taxi on her app. She holds it up, “See, the taxi is almost here.”

   Morgan bursts out laughing, “It will take him another hour to arrive because that part of town has one detour after another with all the construction. “I’m your Boss. If you want the part of Concubine Li, let’s go.”

   “Okay.” I guess I can’t argue with him. She cancels the ride and walks next to him. “CEO Lin, I don’t want to go in the back door. I think my acting skills are good enough to get the part on my own. I will audition with all the other actresses.” Once people find out you got the part because of a powerful backer it will only be troublesome. Jealous crew members on set alienate you and throw dirty water. But, I am not going to say that to the Big Devil.

   He opens the passenger door of his white Range Rover then walks around to the driver’s seat. Once he is inside of the car he glances over at Zhou LingLing. “Very well.”

   Morgan notices her flinch in pain from the burn on her hand as she tries to buckle the seat belt. He leans over. “I will buckle it for you.”

    Zhou LingLing inhales his masculine scent mixed with a spicy woodsy smell, hmm..smells good. I wonder if my brother Jiang would like it., his birthday is coming up. “CEO Lin what is the cologne you are wearing? It smells really good.”

   “I am not wearing any. Might be my shower gel.”

   “Oh. My brother’s birthday is soon. I thought I might get him some cologne.”

   He doesn’t know why but he feels very comfortable talking to Zhou LingLing now that he knows she isn’t the ‘LingLing’ in his dreams. “I assume you didn’t eat, neither did I. Do you want to get some lunch before I take you home?”

  Zhou LingLing is starving but hesitant. But..he doesn’t seem that scary now. “Yeah, I am really hungry.

   “Do you like Italian food?”

   Zhou LingLing’s eyes light up, “Definitely. I love Italian food.”

   Morgan drives to a little Italian restaurant outside the city that he frequents occasionally. Zhou LingLing gazes out the window, “Looks like it is going to snow again.”

   He turns his head and glances at Zhou LingLing absentmindedly looking out  the window. If the little girl can act with her looks she could be a good seedling to develop. I will need to watch her audition. I do owe the little girl for selflessly protecting Qing from the hot tea. 

   They arrive at a small Inn and he parks. He reaches over and unbuckles Zhou LingLing then gets out of the car. She opens the car door and steps out, staring at the quaint restaurant she smiles. I didn’t think a cold man like CEO Lin would frequent such a small inconspicuous restaurant. It looks cozy.

   She follows him in the door and they are greeted by a short plump woman. She has her steel gray hair in a bun and is wearing casual clothes. “Lin Morgan! I haven’t seen you in a while.” She notices the slip of a girl cautiously standing behind him. “Who is this?”

   Zhou LingLing smiles brightly, “Hello. My name is Zhou LingLing. I work for CEO Lin.”

   The old woman frowns in disappointment looking up at Morgan. She clicks her tongue, “Tsk..I thought you finally found a girlfriend.”


    He grabs two menus from a worn wooden counter, “Is my table available?”

   “Of course.”

   “We can seat ourselves.” Mu Ning is getting old and he doesn’t want her to have to walk up stairs. He lazily walks to the back of the open dining room and then up a short flight of stairs. Zhou LingLing, speechless at his informal manner, follows behind him like a timid duckling.

    When they walk down a hallway there is an antique carved wooden table by a large window. She stares at him incredulously as they sit down. “CEO, how did you find this place?”

   “When I was in high school I was doing community service not far from here. My friend and I came to eat lunch. I enjoyed the food and the atmosphere. I come back when I get a chance.”

   She wistfully gazes out the window at an ice covered lake, several people are ice skating. “Wow. I haven’t been ice skating since I was little. They really look like they are having fun.”

  Morgan’s phone rings and he recognizes the number. Feng LiMei? Why is she calling me? He answers.“Yes.”

  LiMei controlled by LingLing was upset when she walked out of the bathroom and Rui was waiting for her instead of Morgan. Once they arrived at the hotel suite she went to the bathroom to call him. “Why did you leave?” She turns on the water filling the bathtub to cover the sound of her voice.

  “You told me not to wait.”

  “Do you want to know about LingLing?”

   Morgan tightens his hand on the phone and stands up. He takes three long strides down the hallway, “Yes.” He needs to solve this mystery. Every night he dreams about the woman.

  “Well, I need to see you in person. It is complicated. She is complicated.”

   “Miss Feng, I don’t think Qiao Rui would like you getting involved. Give me her phone number and I will contact the woman personally.”

   LiMei/LingLing, “It is not that simple. Rui has to go back to Pushong City tomorrow and will return at night. I could meet you at your office. The hotel wouldn’t be convenient.”

   “Very well.”

   “I will be there at one o’clock.” I will make sure you remember the desire you felt for me. In the restaurant I saw the lust in your eyes when you were holding me…wanting me.

   Morgan hangs up feeling extremely agitated, from what he knows of Feng LiMei she is a straightforward and honest girl. Is this LingLing woman manipulating her in some way? Feng LiMei would never do anything to anger Qiao Rui. She obviously adores the bastard. If he found out she met me, I don’t fucking care, but how would it affect their relationship. He would be furious. I can only draw the conclusion that this LingLing woman is controlling Feng LiMei…

  He walks back and a pretty girl standing at the table eyes light up, “LIN MORGAAAAAN!”

  “Mu girl, how have you been?”

   She touches her slightly protruding stomach.  “Good. Excellent! Weiting  and I are expecting our first baby.”

  “Congratulations. Is Weiting still working for Li Group?”

  “Yes, he was recently promoted to a Branch Manager so we decided to start our family. He told me you aren’t working as a bodyguard anymore and took over Lin Entertainment.”

   “Yeah. It was time.”

   Zhou LingLing’s eyes widen as she observes them, CEO Lin was a bodyguard? That is interesting.He certainly looks the part, he has an intimidating aura and muscular physique.

   Lin Morgan notices Mu Yan sneaking peeks at Zhou LingLing. “Mu Yan, this is Zhou LingLing, she works at Lin Entertainment.”

  “Hi. You are so beautiful. Are you an actress?”

   “ Thanks. Yeah, still in training really though.”

     Morgan interrupts. “Look at the menu so we can order.”

    “I like anything I will have whatever you are eating.”

    He orders Shrimp Scampi, Fettucini Afredo and a Ceasar Salad then looks at Zhou LingLing, “Can you drive?”


    “Do you have a valid driver’s license?”

    “Huh?” Zhou LingLing wrinkles her eyebrows together and puffs out her cheeks, “Of course. I am a law abiding citizen.”

   Morgan has an amused expression seeing her Zhou LingLing’s cute face contorted in angry, “Bring me a double whiskey on the rocks and a bottle of red wine.  A cup of tea for Miss Zhou.”

    She stops Mu Yan. “Do you have coke? I would like a bottle of coke. No tea.”

   Mu Yan  chuckles as she walks away. That piece of wood has never brought a woman here. She is very cute. I hope she can break through his cold exterior and find a place in his heart.

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