Meeting Again Part 1.2

   Morgan gazes down at the delicate petite girl clutching onto his arm. Has Feng LiMei gotten thinner since I worked as her bodyguard? She looks like a gust of wind would blow her away. As they approach the bathroom a tall woman and a little girl rush down the hallway. The tall woman is chasing the little girl, “Don’t run, you will fall!”

  The woman accidentally bumps into them. LingLing takes this opportunity to fall into Morgan’s arms. He embraces her and she looks up at him with misty eyes hinting of seduction, her alluring pink lips parted as she sweetly smiles, “I forgot how strong you are.” 

  Morgan’s heart skips a beat, if he leaned down slightly their lips would touch. Morgan’s arms are wrapped around her thin waist and her soft breasts are pressed against his chest. She innocently places her hand over his heart and looks up at him with an aggrieved expression, “Do you ever miss being my bodyguard?” LingLing’s voice sounds soft and coquettish, “ Morgan, I miss you. I felt very safe when you were around. Hak Bying-soo doesn’t like me..he is mean to me. Do you ever think about when you saved me at the warehouse?”

        She suddenly leaves his arms and mischievously throws her head back as she laughs in a self deprecating manner, “Of course not. You are a CEO now.” LingLing knows to stop here, just plant the seed of desire. There will be time. I am going to stay in Catang City until you are mine. “You don’t need to wait for me. I think after I freshen up I will feel better.”

   When she pushes the door to the bathroom open Morgan watches her enter. He feels an indescribable emotion thinking about the warmth of the beautiful girl suddenly disappearing. Morgan shakes his head, for a moment I wanted… He adjusts his erratic breathing and closes his eyes while leaning against the wall. Old habits die hard, even though she said to leave he feels he should wait.

   He hears the sound of fast footsteps coming down the hallway. He opens his eyes and meets Qiao Rui’s piercing eyes, “What happened to LiMei?”  When Rui returned to the table the server said she was dizzy and the other gentleman escorted her to the restroom.

     “Too much wine. She was light headed so I escorted her to the restroom.” After working for Rui he knows how possessive and jealous he is when it comes to Feng LiMei. “Since you are here, I will be leaving.”

 Rui’s deep eyes have a murderous glint and his body emanates a freezing blast of coldness. He clenches his hand in his pant’s pocket. Rui snarls, “Morgan in the future stay away from Feng LiMei.” He sensed the atmosphere between LiMei and Morgan was strange, similar to when she was kidnapped. When he arrived in the parking lot of the warehouse at the time he got the same ominous feeling.

  Morgan doesn’t answer and walks away.

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