Ice Skating

When Mu Yan brings the double whisky Morgan drinks it in one go and orders another.

    Zhou LingLing quietly watches Morgan as she sips her Coke. She could hear a woman’s voice when he answered the phone. When he returned to the table he was muttering, “Damn woman..” Is she a lover? According to Mrs. Mu he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Well none of my business. I am here to eat and then be his chauffeur.

  During lunch Morgan drinks the entire bottle of wine while staring out of the window. He has complex emotions about meeting with Feng LiMei tomorrow. He anxiously wants to solve the mystery of the woman in his dreams. The dreams are full of sex and dark desire totally out of character for him.

   Zhou LingLing happily tastes all the different dishes, savoring every bite. She had her head buried in her plate and didn’t notice Morgan hadn’t eaten until she reached for her bottle of Coke; he had only been drinking the wine

    She looks at his dark complexion. It seems as though the phone call he received really upset him.

 “CEO Lin, aren’t you going to eat? The food is amazing.” 

   He nods, “Not hungry.”

   Zhou LingLing isn’t sure why but his gloomy expression bothers her, she picks up his fork and twirls the creamy pasta. “You should eat. Drinking on an empty stomach will cause you problems. Have a bite.”

   Morgan feels his obsession with the woman in his dreams is consuming his soul. Wanting a distraction, in his drunken haze he stares at Zhou LingLing. Maybe this girl can make me forget about the woman in my dreams. He opens his mouth and let’s her feed him. “Delicious.”

   Zhou Ling Ling smiles brightly, “The best Alfredo sauce I have ever tasted.” 

   She sets his fork on his plate, “Eat more.”

   “Feed me.”

   “…. ” Feed me?  Shit..the CEO  must be  drunk. Well, he needs to eat. I will consider this thanks for a great meal. She pulls her chair closer to him and blushes as she picks up a shrimp.

    He gazes at the serious expression on her beautiful face and obediently eats as she feeds him.

  Suddenly he says, “You wanted to ice skate?”

  “ I think we should go back.”

  “I want to watch you.”

  Zhou LingLing gulps down her saliva. “I’m not very good.”

  “I want to watch you.”

  “I don’t have skates.”

  “They rent them here.” He stands up and takes her hand pulling her up from the chair. “Let’s go.”

   Zhou LingLing stares at Morgan, he is acting really strange. I should call his assistant. Maybe he has a low tolerance for alcohol and morphs into another person.

   He pulls her along and when they get downstairs he tells Mu Yan to get her skates. 

   “CEO Lin, maybe I should call your assistant.”

   “I don’t think he can ice skate.” 

   Morgan laughs and Zhou LingLing is mesmerized by how handsome he looks. 

    He takes the ice skates in one hand and holds her hand with the other. Zhou LingLing decides to go with the flow. Ice skating will be fun..maybe he will sober up in the cold air.

    They walk down a path lined with plum blossoms. Zhou LingLing gasps at how beautiful the area behind the simple Inn looks Like a wonderland! The trees glistening covered in a layer of snow. The sunlight shining on the frozen lake makes it appear like a sheet of glass.  She takes out her phone and snaps a couple pictures. When they get to a bench Morgan says, “Sit.”

   Zhou LingLing unconsciously follows his command and sits down. He kneels and takes off her boots one at a time putting on the ice skates. Unable to fathom what he is thinking, she silently watches him.

    She feels her heart beating fast when tenderly rubs her feet with his strong hands. He sends his internal energy to warm her feet before he puts on the skates. Looking at him she thinks he looks incredibly attractive. Morgan’s shiny black hair is messily hanging on his forehead and his long black eyelashes cast a shadow on his ruggedly handsome face. 

    When he finishes without saying anything he picks her up in his embrace and carries her to the frozen lake. Zhou LingLing’s face is on fire, “CEO I can walk with the skates on.”

   “You might turn your ankle.” He puts her down by the edge of the frozen lake. 

    Several young girls witness the scene and take pictures

   “Oh my God! He is so handsome!” One girl poked her boyfriend, “Learn from him!”

   The boy grimaces, if you looked as beautiful as that girl I might consider carrying you.

   Morgan’s unfathomable dark eyes are riveted on Zhou LingLing’s beautiful face as he fixes Zhou LingLing’s scarf, “You look beautiful.”

   Zhou LingLing quivers as his fingers lightly brush against her neck. I never noticed how indescribably deep and sexy his ink black eyes are. Wait! Calm down! LingLing what are you thinking! He is CEO Lin! Ceo Lin!

  She snaps back to reality and gazes at Morgan with an incredulous expression. I have heard of this condition but I have never seen it in real life. The CEO has a split personality! After drinking, his sexy..sweet…very sexy..alternate personality took over. I need to humor him then call my brother. No, I can’t let the CEO know that I am aware of his secret. I will never get an acting job. I can’t tell my brother either…he will wonder why I am with the CEO at an Inn.

   She smiles at Morgan then slowly skates onto the lake past several skaters. I need to have my own space in case I fall down.

   After she relaxes she is no longer apprehensive thinking she might fall at any given moment. Spinning and twirling around she glides across the ice. Wow..this is fun! She forgets about the awkward situation with Morgan as she enjoys herself. It is beginning to snow and she reaches her hands up to catch the snowflakes.

   Mongan is entranced watching her graceful movements as she glides across the icy lake. Zhou LingLing’s short black skirt reveals her slender legs as she spins around and the wind blows her long black hair. The little girl looks like a fairy.

   After a while, out of breath, LingLing skates over to where Morgan is waiting. She steps off the ice and trips. Closing her eyes she anticipates falling head first., but Morgan reaches out wrapping his hand around her waist.

  “Ohhhh.sorry.” Zhou LingLing tries to stabilize herself but Morgan doesn’t let go. He pats her on the head as he chuckles, “I told you the ground was uneven.” He hugs her into his embrace her  and carries her up the small hill to the Inn.

   “…” Once inside he sets her down and she yelps. He was right, I twisted my ankle. He wrinkles his eyebrows, “Your ankle?”

   Zhou LingLing bites her lower lip and nods as she stumbles onto a chair. This day is getting more embarrassing by the minute. Hopefully when he sobers up he won’t remember anything.

 Mu Yan hurries over to them, “What happened?”

  “She twisted her ankle. I am going to take her to the hospital.”

  Zhou LingLing panics and grabs his arm, “CEO Lin!  You can’t drive, you have been drinking!”

  Mu Ning sets down a stack of menus then  walks over to Morgan, “There was a bulletin right now, the road is closed that takes you to the highway. I didn’t hear why.”

  Zhou LingLing rubs her ankle then squints in pain. “You mean we are stuck here?”

   “Well, until they clear the road I will have YanYan prepare a room for you.”

   “HUH! No! No room!”

   Morgan laughs at her frightened expression, “Two rooms. Can you call Dr. Fu  to check Miss Zhou’s ankle.”  He Is acquainted ith the old doctor. He lives in a villa about half a mile down the road.

   “Sure I can call Dr. Fu  but with the road closure I can only give you one room. There are too many people who will be stranded in the area. You know there is only our Inn and The Plum Blossom Hotel.”

   Zhou LingLing gulps and looks like a frightened rabbit staring at Morgan. He teases, “Don’t worry, I don’t eat little girls.”

   Zhou LingLIng shoots him a look, who knows what you will do! You obviously aren’t yourself! 

   Mu Yan comes over to Zhou LingLing  holding a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream on top. “The room won’t take long to get ready.”

   Zhou LingLing sips the hot chocolate, “Yummy! Is there peppermint in there?”

   “Yes.” And a good amount of brandy..Dr. Fu is delivering a baby and won’t be here for a while. It will dull the pain a little.

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