Protect Song Sara

   After Wong Duan leaves the newly named Club, Rapture, pleased with himself he slyly grins as he enters the backseat of a black Rolls Royce Phantom. He marvels at his restraint and foresight, looking at the big picture instead of outright killing the man who made an attempt on his life, Sung Ren was easier to subdue than anticipated. I think Leo will be impressed that I opted to spare the bastard’s little life and gain a new business. 

   Glancing out the window as the car pulls away he notices two conspicuous  black mid size cars across the street. He instructs his driver, “Keep an eye out for anyone following us.”

  The driver also sees the two identical vehicles across the street, “Will do.”

  Wong Duan leans back on the leather seat and takes out his phone to call Leo. “Are you at the villa?”

   Leo is enroute to confront his grandmother about the past. “No. I am going to a small town in the countryside. Qiao Rui brought me the proof I needed to expose what happened in the past.” He looks at the folder on the seat next to his laptop. “I will need you to contact Alain to arrange for my sister and her roommate to move into the villa. How did it go with Sung Ren?” He chuckles, “Did you give him the kiss of death?”

  Wong Duan laughs, “You should have seen the look on that little prick’s face when I got out the lipstick then the vial containing the antidote. I decided it would be better to make a profit and confiscate Little Ren’s Private Club. Let him live for now anyway.”

  “I’m proud of you for restraining yourself. I thought with your temper you wouldn’t leave his corpse intact. You can have the club as a reward, both for making the right decision and relocating to Catang City. I’m sure you miss Shanghai.”

  “Thank you Lord, but I can’t accept.”

  “Accept or I burn the building to the ground. You should know by now that what I give, I will never take back.”

Wong Duan reaches into the small refrigerator and grabs a bottle of mineral water.  “Very well then, I will accept your generous gift. Do you have any other orders for me?”

  “Yes. What is Li Tian’s condition? Is he still in a coma?”

  “I don’t know. I can find out.”

  “Although I hate the ruthless bastard he is the father of my sister’s baby. I think if Li Tian were to remain in a coma, as much as I hate to admit it Song Sara would be devastated. She tries to hide the fact but it is obvious she has feelings for him. I would rather have him regain consciousness and his true nature revealed. She is too soft hearted, going to his hospital room everyday…I don’t want my sister to be stuck taking care of a vegetative person if he doesn’t recover.”

  “You are right. According to Fu Chian, Song Sara feels guilty about Li Tian’s accident, although the evidence points to the driver a deliberately turning his car into Li Tian’s vehicle.” He drinks the refreshing water then adds, “I have only had a relatively small amount of contact with your sister but she is too kind and naive.” Wong Duan has a faint smile, “It is hard to believe Song Sara is your twin sister..haha.”

  Leo picks up the thick folder on the seat, “I can’t disagree. Song Sara is the polar opposite of me, that is why I need to protect my little sister. I never thought I would have anyone who truly loves me, I can feel warmth from her golden aura when she is around me. I experience a peaceful calm in my heart which I have never felt in my entire life.

You are aware that I have the ability with my green eye to see inside a person’s soul and Song Sara’s love for me is extremely pure. She has no ulterior motives for getting close, even if she wasn’t my biological sister I would recognize the little girl. So she must be protected well.”

  Wong Duan is surprised, he knew Leo wanted to protect Song Sara but he didn’t know the depth of his feelings. “I will make sure Song Sara is safe. Starfire is very competent and her driver Fu Chian can also protect her from any danger. As far as Li Tian goes, I can get his medical information and proceed from there. I know a genius doctor who might be able to treat his condition and bring him out of the coma.”

 “ Send the doctor to the hospital say Dr. Ling recommended him. Find out who attempted to kill the bastard and get rid of them.”

  “…” Wouldn’t they be doing you a favor by eliminating Li Tian. Sometimes it is hard to fathom what goes on in his mind.

 “Keep me posted.”

  “ One last matter, the gambling equipment arrived from Shanghai. The Casino at the Ecstasy Club will be operational by tonight.”

  “Very good. I have instructed Natalia to be the hostess until Mei comes to Catang City at the end of the month. You will need to bear with Natalia’s infatuation until then because she is needed. You have to admit she is very good at hooking the whales.” Leo snickers,  “Happy cooperation.”

Leo hangs up and opens the folder while muttering, “Old woman, let’s see how you try to rationalize your despicable actions with the undeniable proof right in front of you!” Robbing me of my sweet sister for so many years! You and everyone involved will pay! If it weren’t for fate bringing us together I would never know the feeling of being loved!

  Thinking about Sara Leo calls her phone and she doesn’t answer. After he tries again he frowns then calls Wong Duan. “Call Starfire find out what Song Sara is doing.” She always answers my calls, what is going on?

   “Fu Chian said he was driving Song Sara to her new restaurant. Do you want me to go there?”

  “That is a better idea. Go.” 

  Wong Duan tells his driver to go to the Waterfront Towers and sips his mineral water. I am curious about Wang Xiaoming. Why would. a world class chef partner with a little unknown baker?

  Wang Xiaoming and Sara are in the kitchen watching the large ovens being installed. Sara points to the new marble countertop, “Wang Xiaoming the Italian white marble is beautiful.”

  “I’m glad you like it. If all goes well we should be able to open the restaurant the end of next week.” He stops one of the workers, ” Make sure there is adequate space on the side where the counter begins.”

   Sara’s beautiful blue eyes sparkle with excitement. “Wow! That soon?” She remembers she wanted to question him about naming the restaurant. “Ahh..Wang Xiaoming..we don’t have a name yet. Do you have any ideas?”

  He puts down the invoice in his hand. When he first considered owning his own restaurant he wanted to call it Xiaoming’s but now.. “What about you? Any thoughts?”

  “I was thinking we could keep it simple and call it Xiaoming’s”


  Sara sees the incredulous look on his handsome face. “If that would be alright with you. You are a well known chef and I think your name would be the best choice. People will be attracted by your fame to come to the restaurant.”

  “I’m flattered, but what about you?” He thinks for a moment, “ We could name the restaurant, Sara and Xiaoming’s.

  Sara shakes her head and waves her arms.“I don’t want my name on the restaurant. I named my bakery Sweet Dreams because I wanted to stay in the background. People who know the Song family know I am the unwanted daughter and it might deter them from coming.” She has a complicated expression and slight smile, “Or they would come and make trouble.”

  “Then we can find a neutral name.”

  “Wang Xiaoming…I am serious…I think  using your name is the best choice. It is a beautiful name and you are the owner and chef. Really it is the perfect name.”

  “We are partners and I don’t think it is fair to only use my name.”

  “As long as we treat each other sincerely and as true partners does the name matter in that regard? Your fame will get us customers whereas using my name could be detrimental. I vote for Xiaoming’s.”

   Starfire has been listening while standing next to Sara. She clenches her small fists at her side and her aura becomes dangerously black. The air surrounding her drops to freezing. I didn’t know Song Sara was mistreated by her family. She is such a nice person..those bastards!

   Sara senses the drastic change in Starfire’s aura, “Starfire, are you okay?”

   Starfire suddenly regains her composure, “Yeah.. I just got a little cold”,  her eyes dart around the kitchen. “Brr..Is the heat on in here?”

   Wang Xiaoming narrows his eyes behind his glasses he also felt the drop in temperature. Starfire is definitely very protective of Song Sara. “We can go back into the dining area to finish discussing the name.”

    Sara looks at the teapot on the stove. “I will make tea and be right in there you two go first.”

   When Wang Xiaoming and Starfire walk back to the dining room he wonders if he should find out more about Starfire. “Miss Starfire, are you from Shanghai?”

   “I am. How did you know?”

   “I spent time in Shanghai after I graduated from Culinary School.”

  “Oh. Mr. Wang, do you know Miss Song’s family?”

  Now he knows why Starfire’s aura suddenly turned dark. “I don’t.”

  “Why not?”

  Wang Xiaoming laughs, “Although the Song family has declined in the last few years it is one of the elite families in Catang City I had no reason to intersect with them, my family is rather ordinary. Why do you ask?”

  “I don’t like the fact Miss Song could be bullied by them. Why shouldn’t her name be included?”

  “I agree with you but that is her decision. I would be happy to name the restaurant Sara and Xiaoming’s.”

  Starfire props her elbows on the table with her face resting on her palms. She gazes intensely at his sincere expression, “You are a good man Mr. Wang.” Thinking about the fact he is a world renowned chef she sweetly smiles and adds, “ I look forward to tasting the food you make.”


  Wong Duan lazily strides into the restaurant and sees Starfire staring with an infatuated gaze at Wang Xiaoming. What is the little fool thinking with that silly expression on her face?

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