Meeting Again Part 1.1

  LiMei takes a sip of the sweet wine then leans over to Rui. Pressing her lips on Rui’s so the wine enters his mouth her green eyes are sparkling. Watching Rui’s lustful expression she smiles then she seductively licks the wine on his sexy lips.

    LiMei has a wicked grin as she puts her arms around his neck, “Your present… is a surprise.”

    Rui feels his c*ck harden imagining the ‘surprise’. He kisses LiMei deeply, tasting the sweetness of the wine mixed with her saliva, then whispers in her ear, “ Baby, we should go to the hotel now.”

    She giggles, “Rui, I’m starving.”

   He looks like a hungry wolf, “So am I.” He puts her hand on his crotch and LiMei blushes, “Ruiii…stop.”

 Rui  teases, “It is your fault LiMei. All I can think of now is eating you. We can order room service.”

  “No. I really want to try the food here.” She licks her lips eyeing the dishes on the other tables, “Everything looks delicious.”

  Rui tries to suppress the heat building inside of him, his hardness forming a tent in his pants. He takes her hand away and kisses it, “If you want.” He waves over the server, “We are ready to order.”

   “LiMei, what would you like?”

   While they are ordering lunch Morgan and Zhou LingLing enter the restaurant.

 An attractive older woman wearing a black Cheongsam behind a hostess stand asks, “Do you have a reservation?”

 Morgan replies, “Yes. Lin Morgan. Two o’clock.”

She crosses off his name from a list. “This way.”

 Morgan steps forward but LingLing doesn’t move. The woman raises an eyebrow, “Follow me.”

 “Ahh, I am not with him.”

  Morgan doesn’ t say anything; he is waiting to see what LingLing is going to say. Determine if she is acting or actually meeting someone for lunch.

  The woman gazes impatiently at the two of them then politely says, “Miss.Do you have a reservation?”

  LingLing scans the restaurant, “No..but I am meeting a man. I’m late. He might be here already.”

  “His name?”

  “Well…I forgot. He is a blind date my mother set up. Take CEO Lin to his table. I will wait here and call my mother.”


    Morgan’s lip curls up into a smirk. The little girl really is putting on a show for me..haha. Now I am almost positive she called me… Maybe she used a voice modifier. Well, she was injured by Qing. I will still give her the role of Concubine Li. Let’s see how long it takes for her to find her way to my table after her ‘blind date’ doesn’t show up.

  He follows the hostess through the crowded restaurant. Suddenly he hears a familiar voice and his eyes fall on Rui and LiMei cuddling together at a table by the window. Why are they in Catang City? Does it have something to do with the mysterious woman named LingLing. He doesn’t believe in coincidences and is tired of making conjectures. Morgan stops by their table, “CEO Qiao, Miss Feng.”

   They both look at him with surprised expressions. LiMei is the first to speak, “Morgan! What a coincidence.”

   Rui gives him a perfunctory nod, “CEO Lin.” Okay, keep walking. I don’t need you interrupting my lunch with LiMei. 

   LiMei’s green eyes are sparkling as she pats the chair next to her, “It has been awhile. Do you want to join us? Rui told me you took over as CEO of Lin Entertainment. Congratulations.” LIMei doesn’t know why but her heart is racing and she really wants Morgan to join them.

   Although Morgan can sense hostility coming from Rui, he decides it would be a good opportunity to ask about the woman named LingLing. The mysterious woman did call on Feng LiMei’s phone. There are four seats, is this part of ‘LingLing’s’ plan? 

  “Thank you, but I am meeting a woman.”

 “Well, this table is set for four.” LiMei’s heart is filled with strange emotions. Sit down…I want you to sit next to me.

  Rui’s mouth twitches and he grits his teeth. “Baby, Morgan probably wants…”

  Before Rui can finish his sentence Morgan smiles,“Okay. I will accept your invitation.” Morgan has been watching LiMei’s facial expressions and detects LiMei’s eyes are filled with expectation.  Yeah..this is no coincidence. 

   He sits down next to LiMei and Rui’s aura becomes dangerously black. What the fuck!

  The hostess who is waiting to the side turns to Morgan, “So, you don’t want your reserved table?”


  “Very well we do have a wait for tables.” She sets two menus on the table then walks away.

   Morgan slightly turns his head to see Zhou LingLing talking on the phone. He inwardly chuckles, I wonder how long before she walks over to the table. Surprisingly the girl turns and leaves the restaurant.


   He has a compelling need to control. Morgan wants a logical sequence to events…all the puzzle pieces to neatly fall into place. Bewildered by the situation not developing as expected, he wants to directly ask LiMei about ‘LingLing.’ Qiao Rui’s expression isn’t good. I don’t want to cause a problem for Feng LiMei but dammit! I need some fucking answers.

   Rui’s phone rings and he scowls, “What.”

   Bai Chinyu’s hand is trembling, staring at the imposing man in front of her desk she stammers, “Dr. Qiao there…there is a problem at the hospital.”

   He doesn’t want to leave LiMei and Morgan alone at the table but has no choice. He doesn’t want to worry LiMei and he doesn’t want to expose his business in front of Morgan. 

 He kisses LiMei on the forehead, “Baby, I need to take this call I will be right back.”

  Rui gets up from the table to find a quiet place to talk. Motherf****r! He angrily strides to the door to the garden. “Speak.”

   Inhaling Morgan’s scent is stirring emotions and strangely a feeling of desire within her body.  LiMei sips her wine nervously trying to compose herself.  Uncomfortable not understanding the wave of inexplicable heat rushing through her body she anxiously gulps down her wine. Maybe I shouldn’t have asked Morgan to join us. My God I am getting wet..what the ????. Is it something to do with my alternate personalities? I should step away from Dr. Huang… I want to kiss his sexy lips..touch him… this is crazy. She can barely control the urge to put her hand on his leg. I need to get away. I can’t ask him to leave. How weird would that be? I just asked him to join us.

    “Miss Feng, I received a call last night…I was wondering…” 

    She fills her wine glass, Rui! Hurry back! You need to get rid of Morgan! Get jealous…tell him to leave. “Wondering?”

    Morgan has an urge to kiss LiMei’s lips glistening with droplets of red wine. He is aroused gazing at LiMei’s beautiful face flushed red from the wine, his dark eyes fill with lust. Feng LiMei is breathtakingly beautiful. So fucking beautiful.

He takes a deep breath and concentrates on why he is here to dispel the inappropriate thoughts swirling around inside his mind. “Your friend LingLing called me from your phone last night.”

   LiMei’s head starts throbbing as LingLing desperately fights to surface. “Morgan, I don’t know anyone named LingLing.”

   “The call was from your phone.”

  LiMei smiles, “You must be mistaken.”

  “I’m not.”

  LingLing’s personality rises to the front of LiMei’s mind. The intense desire she feels for Morgan and him being so close  gives her the power to subdue Qin Daiyu and Feng LiMei. Morgan, remember me! I’m here! Your LingLing! Damn that bitch Qin Daiyu for erasing your memories! How can I make you remember! You love me…you want me!

  When she doesn’t reply he notices her dazed expression, “Miss Feng?”

  LiMei tries to regain control, “I need to use the restroom. I’m not feeling well.” Qin Daiyu’s voice screams, Get away from him!

  LiMei’s face is pale and she is trembling. He assumes it because she doesn’t want to discuss ‘LingLing.’

  When LiMei stands up she feels light headed and puts her hands on the table to steady herself. Morgan furrows his eyebrows at her fragile appearance. “Miss Feng, should I go get Qiao Rui.?”

   LingLing answers, “ I don’t want to worry him. If you could help me to the bathroom. I think I need to splash some water on my face. I haven’t eaten and the wine made me feel dizzy.”

  After being her bodyguard he knows LiMei has a low tolerance for alcohol. He holds LiMei’s slender arm for support and walks towards the hallway where the bathrooms are located.

   LingLing’s’s lips turn up into a sly smile as she leans into Morgan’s strong body. smell so good. I will make you remember me!



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