Sara calls Fu Chian, “I’m ready.”

   “We just dropped off the girls at school. I am on my way to pick you up now.”

   “I will wait downstairs.” She puts on a black coat and a bright blue cashmere scarf then heads down the stairs. She greets the old woman who lives next door then pets the black cat she is holding. “Have you found a new place to live?”

  Mrs. Long smiles brightly, “My son said I can live with him. My daughter in law is going back to work and I can watch my grandson.”

   “That is great!”

   “The only problem is my little grandson is allergic to cats.” She tenderly strokes the cat’s face. “I need to find a good home for him.” Mrs. Long’s eyes light up, “Would you be interested in adopting Mr. Black?”

   “Well, I don’t know. I am going to be living in a friend’s villa. I’m not sure if he likes cats or not.”

   “ I see. I might have to take him to the shelter.”

   The sleek black cat narrows his bright green eyes staring at Sara. She feels a chill go down her spine from his intense gaze. “Let me ask.” Mr. Black seems satisfied with her answer and meows.

   “Okay. You have my phone number just let me know. The movers are coming in two days.”

  “I will.” Sara glances back at Mr. Black as the old woman opens her door, such a strange cat. He is so spoiled I can’t imagine him being put in a shelter…

  Sara reaches the bottom of the stairs, when she sees the familiar black Bentley she walks outside. Starfire quickly unbuckles her seatbelt and hops out of the car faster than Fu Chian to open the door for Sara, “Good Morning Miss Song!”

  “Good morning Starfire.”

   Sara gets into the backseat then Starfire enters. She brushes the snow off of Sara’s shoulder. “Miss Song, thank you for letting me be your assistant.”

  “You don’t need to thank me, you should thank Mr. Cadieux when you see him. I will be honest, this is all new to me so I appreciate your help.”

   Fu Chian smiles looking in the rear view mirror. “Miss Song, the girls really loved the clothes you picked out.”

   Sara laughs, “Mr. Fu you should also thank Mr. Cadieux, he paid for everything. I had fun shopping! All the clothes were so adorable it was hard to choose. I hope I have a little girl someday so I can dress her up prettily.”

  “I definitely will. It was very thoughtful of you to individualize their clothes. I never considered that before. “ He rubs his chin, “I would just buy two of each. haha. Xiaoxiao pointed out that she and Xiaoyue have different tastes.”

  “Well, although the girls look alike they have very different personalities. I noticed as soon as I met them. Are we taking them ice skating this afternoon?”

  Fu Chian replies, “If you still want to go.”

  “I think I can. Mr. Wang said he has an appointment this afternoon so he will be leaving the new restaurant at two o’clock.”

  “I will pick up the girls and then come to the Waterfront Towers.”

  “Sounds good.”

  They arrive at the Waterfront Towers and Fu Chian opens the back door for them to get out, “I am going to my garage if you need me before that time, call me.”

  Starfire frowns because Fu Chian’s black boot is untied. She immediately bends down and ties his shoe. She pops up afterwards, “Careful Mr. Fu.”

  Fu Chian’s ruggedly handsome face turns red after being treated as a child. “Um..thank you Miss Starfire.” 

  She grins as she pats him on his shoulder, “You were so busy getting the girls ready you forgot about yourself.” Starfire stands on her tiptoes then fixes his scarf, “See you later Mr. Fu!”

   He shakes his head as he watches the two women enter the Waterfront Towers. If I didn’t see her skills I never would think that little girl is a highly trained martial artist.

   When they are in the lobby Sara turns to Starfire, “Do you like Mr. Fu?”

  “Yeah.  If we can be friends I can eat at the guesthouse.” Starfire swallows her saliva, “ He is a really good… great cook. “


   They take the elevator to the rooftop. Wang Xiaoming is speaking to Yang James pointing to the patio area.

   Sara walks over to the two tall men followed by Starfire. Wang Xiaoming stops talking then introduces Song Sara, “Director Yang, this is my partner Song Sara and ?”

   Sara introduces Starfire, “Starfire is my assistant.”

   The men have complicated expressions staring at the short pretty girl standing next to Sara. They both can sense Starfire has very high martial skills from assessing her internal energy. She is suppressing her dark aura which is making her qi fluctuate.

  Wang Xiaoming remarks, “Pleasure to meet you.”  Assistant or Bodyguard?

   While they are judging Starfire she is also checking out the two men. I should tell Mr. Cadieux. Miss Song’s partner has an extremely high spiritual cultivation and the other man is a black fox. Although he is smiling, his unfathomable dark eyes are narrowed behind his elegant gold rimmed glasses… his smile is not really a smile.

 “Miss Song, I am going to finish with Director Yang then I will come inside.”

 Sara and Starfire stroll into the restaurant and Starfire gazes around in awe. “Miss Song, your restaurant is beautiful.” She excitedly quickens her pace over to the window, “The view of the water is spectacular.”

  “Well, I really can’t take any credit. Wang Xiaoming and Mia Malone are the ones who designed the restaurant. Give me your coat and I will hang it in the office.”

   Starfire grins, “Miss Song, I am the assistant..haha..give me your coat and scarf, I will hang them up.”

   Sara unbuttons her coat and takes off her scarf. When she hands them to Starfire she comments, “It will take some time to get used to having an assistant.” She points to the rear of the spacious dining room. “ Follow me.The office and the kitchen are this way.”

  Across town Wong Duan confidently strides into a luxurious private club followed by five men dressed in black. A woman runs over to them, her red heels clicking across the shiny marble floor. She looks up at the incredibly beautiful man, “Sorry, we aren’t open yet.”

  Wong Duan has a malicious smile as he continues to walk towards the back of the bar. “Good. We won’t disturb your customers.”

  The woman trails after him, “ can’t go back there.”

  He turns and grabs her thin neck with one hand, easily lifting her off the floor, “Can’t?” He laughs as he watches her face pale and contort in pain. The beautiful woman’s brown eyes bulge and fill with tears as she gasps for breath. He squeezes tighter until the woman loses consciousness then ruthlessly flings her limp body onto the hard floor.

A cracking sound can be heard and blood runs out of the back of her head as she hits the white marble. Wong Duan glances down at the woman sprawled on the floor. The short black skirt is up to her hips and the tight red top she is wearing has ridden up. He lifts an eyebrow at the tattoo of a red and black snake on her abdomen. The whore is very lucky that I am in a good mood today.

    Sung Ren’s bodyguards are instantly surrounded and subdued by the men Wong Duan brought. The men were a blur as they entered the room catching his highly trained guards by surprise.

Sung Ren leans back in his chair and puts down his chopsticks as Wong Duan approaches. He holds the gun in his pocket trying to appear unfazed.  “Long time no see, Beautiful.”

  Wong Duan sneers, “Little Ren, you are as ugly as ever. I told you to go to Dr. Park Soo Jun. He is the best plastic surgeon in Gangnam.” Wong Duan grips Sung Ren’s chin and turns his face to the side. ”He could shave that jaw…fix your unsightly flat nose.”

  Sung Ren smiles, “If I could end up looking like you I might go.”

  Wong Duan dramatically sighs as he runs his slender fingers through his thick black hair, “You know I was born with this curse of a face. It gets tiring. Even a straight man like you can’t take his eyes off me.” He leans down and gazes into Sung Ren’s infatuated eyes then seductively licks his lips. “ I bet you want to see if my lips taste as good as they look.”

  “Unfortunately, I was informed…a little too late that you don’t kiss women or men.”

  Wong Duan takes out the poison lipstick from his pocket and opens the cap. He provocatively whispers in Sung Ren’s ear. “I could make an exception for you, Little Ren.”

  Sung Ren takes a sip of wine. “We could die together. You don’t have the protective antidote.”

  Wong Duan pulls out a small green vial, “Oh..are you referring to this?” After he smears the clear liquid onto his lips they glisten. He is about to apply the lipstick when Sung Ren grabs his wrist. “You made your point. What do you want?”

  “ Silly Boy, you did try to assassinate me. I had planned on coming here and killing you.” Wong Duan glances around the luxuriously decorated club. “But then I thought, where is the profit in that ? Sure, I would feel euphoric for a moment looking at your ugly face crushed in my hands but that is only temporary satisfaction. I am a businessman after all, so I decided for compensation… you can give me this club.”

  Sung Ren smirks as he places his finger on the trigger of the gun in his pocket, “I think this club is worth more than your measly life. I can’t agree.”

  Wong Duan’s pitch black eyes have a murderous gleam, “Can’t?”


  “Hmm.. that is the second time I heard that word since I entered this club.” In a flash he grabs Sung Ren’s hand holding the gun in his pocket. Sung Ren struggles as Wong Duan’s iron grip tightens and he sarcastically quips, “If I pull this trigger you definitely ‘Can’t’ in the future..hahaha..”

  Sung Ren can feel the gun pressed against his Little Brother and breaks out into a sweat. “Motherf****r!”

  “Shouldn’t you be begging me not to render you impotent?”

  “ Crazy Bastard! You can have the goddamn club! Take your finger off the trigger.”

  Wong Duan’s men are snickering while Sung Ren’s men are sweating profusely. They will all be dead if anything happens to their Boss’ jewels.

  “Tell one of your men to bring the necessary paperwork .”

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