Ecstasy Club

    Wong Duan and Starfire walk through the well lit flower garden back to the main house after dinner at the guesthouse. Starfire glances at Wong Duan as they walk down the path, Mr.Wong is a really complicated man. He can be incredibly cold like an ice sculpture but when he wants he can be charming and warm. I thought he would be angered by the noisy children but he was smiling. Noticing Xiaoyue is shy and hesitated to ask for help when she couldn’t reach the plate, he  put the slice of pork she was eyeing into her bowl. When she had trouble with the chopsticks Mr. Wong patiently showed her how to hold them properly. 

    He notices Starfire sneaking peeks at him and teases, “Have you seen enough?”

   Starfire blushes, “Mr. Wong, I didn’t think you would like the children.”

  “I don’t.”

  She has a stunned expression, “But..but.. you were very attentive and gentle with the girls.”

  “I did what should be done. Mr. Cadieux wants Fu Chian and his nieces to feel comfortable. If I was to show my impatience it would disregard his wishes.”

  “Oh. I see.”

  He has a faint smile seeing Starfire’s confused expression. Wong Duan is a chameleon; he can be whatever the situation requires. Staying for the simple dinner I was able to ascertain that Fu Chian is a responsible and honest man. Leo Cadieux’s kindness is deeply ingrained in him now and he will be extremely loyal. He is inexperienced with women and showed no interest in Starfire. Possibly he has someone he likes… hopefully not Miss Song for his sake.

   Starfire is a simple girl who is easily amused and craves warmth and love. She demonstrated this by her genuine care for the annoying girls. She is a foodie but when the noiseir of the two  children was about to fall she rushed to catch her dropping the precious chicken in her greasy paw. She treated Fu Chian as a good food source, more interested in his culinary skills than the man. Obviously she lived in a cold environment at the Old Master’s compound. Surrounded by male disciples of her Master who were only concerned with cultivating, she lacks social skills.

The two children Xiaoxiao and Xiaoyue are like magnets neither Miss Song or Starfire could resist the cuteness factor. Fu Chian is a ‘daughter slave’ although from my inquiries there is no blood relation.  Xiaoxiao is the more extroverted and steals most of the attention while the slightly smaller girl is shy. She entertains herself as demonstrated by her one sided dialogue with the dreadfully very pink stuffed bunny.

    Wong Duan concluded from his visit the children are not thoroughly unlikable but the less he has to interact with them the better. Fu Chian is loyal and Starfire is a little fool.

   They silently walk to the French doors in the back of the villa. Once inside Wong Duan tells Starfire, “You consumed over 4,000 calories at dinner. I suggest you go to the training room. Mr. Cadieux doesn’t like fat women.”

     She takes off her coat. “Hmmph! Mr. Wong! I have a high metabolism. I never gain weight!”

    He pokes her slightly protruding stomach, “Girl, you should have some self awareness. Since you came to the villa with all your snacking and voracious appetite you have put on at least 3kg.”

    Starfire angrily puffs out her crimson red cheeks then storms down the hallway running to her room. She turns around and sticks her tongue out at him, Hateful!

   Wong Duan chuckles as he walks to the living room. He sees Leo in the hallway. “Did Miss Song leave?”


  “Is she going to move into the villa?”

   Leo has a smile thinking about the greedy look on Han Bi’s face. “Han Bi was hesitant until she saw the Game Room. I think she will agree. They are going to discuss it further when they get to their apartment.”

  “Fu Chian is very grateful, the guest house surpassed his expectations. I think he is a good seedling.”

  “Did you notice how Starfire performed in front of Song Sara?”

  “Very well. I got a glimpse of Starfire’s ability. She is low key but able to react very quickly. The one little girl was about to fall in the living room. Starfire was in the kitchen apparently not paying attention but was there in a flash and caught the child in her arms.”

“How about with Song Sara.”

  “They seemed to bond instantly with the two children as a catalyst.”

  “Very good. Are you going to Ecstasy?”

  “I thought I would shower and change then go.”

 “So Ecstasy is up and running we are only waiting for the gambling set up.”

  “That is what I am going to check on tonight.” He looks at his watch, “The manager arranged a performance by a few dancers at midnight. I want to see the reaction of the guests. If it is favorable we can add a stage.”

   “You have good business acumen. How many private rooms are booked?”

   “All of them. Lishi Tao used his connections to put the word out.”

   “How is security?”

   “I brought men from Shanghai. They arrived this morning.”

   Leo runs his finger down Wong Duan’s flawless face, “My beautiful Brother, I trust you will protect yourself. If the word is out the competition won’t sit still.”

   Wong Duan embraces Leo, “Don’t worry my brother, I have a sense of measure.”

  Starfire changed into work out clothes and is heading to the training room when she witnesses this scene. She puts her hand over her mouth as she gasps,  Mr. Wong and Mr. Cadieux  ?!?!!!!!??  She hurries back to her room, well that makes sense, Mr. Wong is so good looking even Mr. Cadieux can’t resist his beauty.

   Leo and Wong Duan have no idea the strange thoughts whirling around in Starfire’s head. Wong Duan goes to his room and Leo goes to the study.

   Wong Duan changes into a black silk shirt, black striped tie and a custom made Armani black suit. He puts on a pair of black leather shoes then picks out a Limited Edition Rolex watch. After  brushing his short cropped black hair he rubs lightly scented moisturizer onto his face.

   He takes two pills and washes them down with water then leaves his room.

  Starfire nervously waits in her room until she thinks Leo and Wong Duan are no longer in the hallway then she peeks out the door.She breathes a sigh of relief when she sees the hallway is deserted.  She feels she is privy to a big secret and is uneasy. Ah good they are gone.She has the image of the two extraordinarily handsome men embracing as she lazily walks down the long hallway.

     Outside the training room while she is distracted she runs into a hard wall and holds her nose, “Owww.”

   She looks up at the hard wall, it is Wong Duan’s back.

   He turns around, “Girl, could you watch where you are going?” 

  Starfire gulps down her saliva and tries not to drool, staring at Wong Duan. Oh my God, wearing all black Mr. Wong looks like a handsome devil. His face is so white and his thin lips are red. The suit perfectly highlights his tall and taut body and what is that scent? So fresh and manly, woodsy with a hint of spice.

  Wong Duan was going to check on her progress before he left. He pinches her cheek, “Stop staring. Why aren’t you practicing?”

   She twists the towel in her hand, I can’t say I saw you and Mr. Cadieux “ My stomach hurt had to go to the bathroom first.” 

   Wong Duan furrows his eyebrows. “Are you feeling alright now? I told you that your eating habits are unhealthy.”

   Starfire is embarrassed and decides to embarrass him. “I’m fine. It wasn’t the food, it is a woman’s know the time of the month.”

   Wong Duan has an understanding look on his face, “Do you need any woman products at the store? I can have Peng Han drive you.”

   What a thick skinned man! Starfire wants to slap him, are you not embarrassed by anything! “Thank you. Mr.Wong but I have what I need.”

   Wong Duan pats her head affectionately, “You should have mentioned earlier. No need to train tonight. Have the cook make you Brown Sugar Ginger Tea. Don’t drink anything cold and go rest early.”

  Now seeing his concerned expression she feels she can’t be mad at him any longer, “Mr. Wong, where are you going so late at night?”

  “I have a date.” He saw the flash of infatuation in her eyes and decided it is best to quell the little girl’s interest.

   “What about Mr. Cadieux?”

   Wong Duan languidly leans on the wall repeating her words,“What about Mr. Cadieux?”

  Starfire waves her small hand,“Nothing..nothing.” She looks up at him with a worried look and her bright eyes are wide, “Mr. Wong, don’t drink too much and be careful. Master said there are unscrupulous men who want to take advantage. You are so incredibly beautiful your date might drug you.”

  “…” Wong Duan bursts out laughing at her cute expression and naivete. He leans down and teases, “What else did your Master teach you about men?”

   She can tell he is making fun of her, she stomps her foot, “Forget it! So much for worrying about you!” Starfire runs down the hallway.  Mr. Wong is infuriating! 

   He watches her petite figure as she runs away. Really an adorable and innocent little girl..she has such a big temper…haha.. Before Wong Duan leaves he tells the cook to take Starfire Brown Sugar Ginger Tea.

  When he arrives at the Ecstasy Club Wong Duan parks the sleek black Porsche in the back of the Club. He notices the front parking lot is filled with expensive luxury cars.

He has a faint smile, “Very good.”

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