Ecstasy Club Part 2

   Wong Duan puts on a mask and black Yankees baseball cap then strides to the back entrance of the Club. He enters the passcode on the heavy metal back door, when he slides it open a spacious kitchen can be seen. A tall muscular man wearing a white linen shirt with the sleeves rolled up approaches him, “Boss, I didn’t expect you to come tonight.”

  “I want to check out the clientele and the progress on the Casino.”

  “Well, as expected the rich second generation assholes that have too much time and money are here.” He motions the chef to watch a sizzling skillet. “A couple of Underworld Bosses came to either check the Club out or cause trouble. I am not sure which yet.”

  Wong Duan watches the activity in the kitchen then inquires,“When are the Casino’s tables and slots expected to arrive.”

   “The driver said they are still at the port in Bashu City. They should be delivered early in the morning. If we work all day the Casino should be operational by tomorrow night.”

   “I don’t want any of the employees or guests to know my identity, you can introduce me as your friend.”  

  Lishi Tao quips,  “Boss, they know I don’t have any friends.”

   Wong Duan puts his hand on his shoulder,  ‘Would you rather introduce me as your boyfriend?’

  Lishi Tao chokes and pushes his hand away “Shut up! You know I’m a straight man! That was just a nasty rumor..nasty rumor!”

   Wong Duan laughs, “I will go to the Casino and check the progress then watch the dancers from the private room.”

   “I think you will be satisfied with the dancers. I auditioned almost fifty women and chose the best looking, hahaha.. who could actually dance.”

   They walk through the crowded Club to a large black lacquered door in the back. “If I see the crowd is pleased you can build the stage you wanted with the poles.”

   Lishi Tao opens the door and Wong Duan nods in approval, “You followed my instructions well. The room is decorated luxuriously.” He looks up at the ceiling suspiciously, “Where did you get the crystal chandeliers?”

A gorgeous woman steps down the spiral staircase. She is wearing a black Cheongsam embroidered with red spider lillies up the side and 10cm black high heels. Swaying her hips provocatively she sashays in front of the two men. She flips her wavy red hair, and coyly remarks, “Wong Duan, it has been awhile.”

  “You picked out the chandeliers?”

   She smiles and puts her slender hand on his sleeve.“Of course, who else knows what you like better than I do?”

   Wong Duan shakes her hand off his sleeve and sneers, “Almost anyone.”

  He gives Lishi Tao a look, “You have grown balls, you hired Natalia without my permission.”

   Lishi Tao feels the temperature drop to freezing surrounding them and Wong Duan ‘s eyes darken with undisguised killing intent. “Wong Duan give me a fucking break! It was short notice to get the Casino ready. Natalia decorated the Qian Street Casino and I thought bringing her to Catang City would expedite matters.” He glares at Natalia, “I thought the annoying woman would be gone before you came.” Fucking bitch! Hiding upstairs until Wong Duan came.

  Wong Duan ignores Natalia and walks back to the door leading to Esctasy Club with Lishi Tao on his heels.

   Natalia lifts her thin eyebrows and mutters as the door shuts, “ Wong Duan, you aren’t going to get rid of me that easily.”

  Once Wong Duan enters the Club several women oggle him. One brave woman approaches, “Are you Young Master Jing?”

  He doesn’t answer and continues to take long strides through the Club. ” Send a bottle of Chateau Villane 88 to my private room.” He looks at his watch, “Send the dancers to the room. I want to see them first. “

  “Wong Duan, no. Your standards are too high. You will reject them all and I already had the DJ announce the performance would start in a half hour. The drunk bastards in the Club have lower expectations. As long as the women have big tits and shake their asses they will be satisfied! They will throw their money around!”

  “Send the women up.”

  He walks up the steps and passes a pretty woman wearing a tight blue dress with a slit up the side. She bumps into him. He immediately grabs her hand and she winces in pain, “You don’t need to be so rough.”

   Wong Duan noticed the gleam from a dagger strapped to her thigh. He slips his hand onto her thigh.Pressing her against the railing be slides his hand up snatching the dagger then slightly exerts pressure with the shiny blade on her neck, “I can be gentle if you tell me who sent you.” 

   The pretty woman smiles coquettishly, “Handsome, no one sent me the knife..well.. is for my protection.”

   He slices into her thin neck with the exceedingly sharp knife and blood trickles from the thin cut. The woman clenches her fists at her side. When she saw Wong Duan’s elegant attire and beautiful face she thought he would be easy to kill.

    “Don’t want to talk? I really love playing with knives.” He raises the blade to her cheek and she shivers, “Stop. Don’t. Let’s go to a room.”

    The woman’s plan was to seduce Wong Dong and then kill him. She didn’t think he would notice the dagger strapped to her inner thigh.

   “I would like to see if you have any talent at all. You are a waste as an assassin.”

   Unruffled the woman remains calm and curls her red lips into an arc, she has another method to complete the job. “I have many talents.”

   He drags her into the private room and throws her onto the couch. Lishi Tao knocks on the door.


   He stares at the disheveled woman on the couch. The  beautiful woman is clutching her neck and a thin red stream of blood is trickling through her slender fingers down her neck. “She is?” He sets the wine and glasses on a glass table then opens the sinfully expensive wine. He hands Wong Duan a glass of wine.

  “No idea.”He holds out the dagger.

  “Tried to kill you? Should I take care of the bitch, the dancers will be here soon.” He takes a gulp of wine while keeping his eyes locked on the woman.

   Wong Duan says, “Take off your tie.”

   Lishi Tao reluctantly loosens his designer tie and he tells him to tie her hands.  Wong Duan drinks the wine while studying the woman. She doesn’t struggle or speak while Lishi Tao is tying her hands behind her back.

    “Put the woman in the chair.”

      Wong Duan picks up her small black purse that is on the couch and dumps it out. The woman doesn’t appear anxious as he empties her purse . He can see why when the contents scatter on the couch.There is no identification in the wallet, only a few thousand yuan. No credit cards. He unzips the makeup pouch and looks inside. He feels the lining of the purse to see if he can find any clue as to the woman’s identity or who sent her to kill him. Nothing.

   He leans down with the knife to her face, “Last chance who sent you?”

   The woman laughs, “Maybe no one sent me. Maybe I came on my own. I saw how handsome you are and wanted to fuck you.”

 Lishi Tao  hears the dancers outside the door chattering and has a helpless expression looking at Wong Duan.

   Wong Duan laughs, “Let them come in.”

   “What about the woman?”

   He lifts the woman’s chin, “You will be obedient, eh?”

   She smiles and nods.

  Lishi Tao opens the door and ten women come rushing in the door. They stop chattering when they see the woman with the bloody neck sitting on a chair with her hands behind her back.

  Wong Duan is leaning back on the couch, they don’t notice him because their eyes are riveted on the woman. He calmly says, “Anyone who is squeamish can leave.”

   The dancers turn to look in his direction when they hear the low and melodic voice. They see a man with unworldly good looks sipping red wine while lazily reclining on the couch.

   All of them are frozen on the spot. He casually says, “Stand in a line.”

   The dancers nervously form a line while one young girl slips out the door.

   He motions to Lishi Tao and he goes out after the girl.

   Wong Duan stands up and walks over to the shivering women. He lifts one beautiful woman’s chin, “Too much makeup. You look like a clown” She bites her lip so she doesn’t cry. I spent  a small fortune on the expensive makeup and an hour and a half getting ready.

  He steps in front of a tall woman wearing a shimmering silver low cut top. He reaches into her bra and pulls out the foam pads and puts them in her hand , “You should embrace your own body.”

   As he goes down the line he finds fault with each woman and shakes his head. “Go to the dressing room and Antoine will fix your imperfections. The name of the Club is Ecstasy. When the customers watch you pathetic women dance they should at least get a fucking hard on.”

   They stare at Wong Duan and they all share the same thought. The man is a demon. He is the most beautiful man they have ever seen but extremely terrifying! Why is the woman in the chair just watching without any expression on her face?

   Suddenly Wong Duan smiles, mesmerizing the women, “Go. I look forward to your performance.”

   They hurry out the door and then the woman laughs, “I heard you are a beautiful devil. Seems to be true.”

   He sits on the couch looking at the woman then stands up walking lazily over to the chair. “You are prettier than most of the dancers but not as beautiful as I am.I think you could use a little lipstick. First I should wipe off the old lipstick.”He looks at the tube of red lipstick Rather ingenious of you, I wouldn’t have noticed except for the faint smell.”

   The woman’s eyes widen and she frantically tries to get up from the chair, “NO! NO!”

   He has a murderous gleam in his eyes, “Don’t you want to die beautifully?”

   “It was Sung Ren! He sent me!”

   Wong Duan brushes her hair back then puts the tube of lipstick into his coat pocket . He unties her hands, “You can leave.”

   The woman has an incredulous expression, “Just like that I can go?”

  “Well, how long you can live since you betrayed Little Ren will depend on how fast you can run in those cheap heels.”

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