Find Song Sara

    “My study is on the third floor down the hallway to the right.” Leo walks out through the arched doorway leaving them in the kitchen to talk.

   Han Bi waits until he disappears and pulls on Sara’s sleeve. “What is going on between you two?”

   “We are friends.”

   “Sara don’t you think..well..Mr. Cadieux pampers you?”

  Sara wipes her hands on a dish towel. “Bi, I think Leo Cadiuex is a very lonely man. We had a connection when we met and he told me he thinks of me as his sister. He isn’t close to his family and I feel he enjoys the warmth between us. I really like him also. I cling to him a bit because you know my family situation. He is like an elder brother, dependable and gentle, very caring. At first I was reluctant to accept his generosity but he insisted and explained the money means nothing to him.  The two people Fu Chian and Starfire both need the work.”

   Sara takes a bottle of orange juice from the refrigerator.  “After dinner we should go to the guest house, you will see that Leo Cadiuex is an extremely compassionate man.” She pours a glass of juice. ” One of those employees, you met him, the driver, Fu Chian. He was in a dire situation, his two five year old nieces were in an unhealthy environment. You know what he did? Leo Cadiuex let them move into the guest house, redecorated it for the little girls and bought them new clothes. Additionally he hired a nanny for them.”

  Bi’s has a shocked expression, her impression of Leo Cadieux is that he is cold and indifferent to everyone but Sara. “So he isn’t just nice to you…but his employees also?”

  “Yes. I was going to wait until after dinner but we received a two week Demolition Notice for our apartment building.”

  Bi panics, “WHAT?!? I am going to get a bottle of wine. Did he say in the next room?”


   Bi comes back with two bottles of red wine. She finds the corkscrew and Sara takes two crystal wine glasses from a tall separate cupboard.

   Bi pours the wine then takes a gulp, “I guess my brother Chang can find us another apartment.”

   “Well that is why I wanted you to come to dinner and get to know Mr. Cadieux. He said the second floor is unoccupied and we can live in his villa until we can find a suitable apartment. He is only in Catang City temporarily and seldom lives here. I would like to live here because of the two little girls, they are adorable. Their mother passed away and their father is abroad. I would like to help Fu Chian. When you meet them you will fall in love with them too.”

   Bi sits at the counter and pours another glass of wine. “ Sara, this is a little much to digest.” Bi had a rough day at work in her new position. “I need to think about it.”

  “Of course. If you don’t want to move into the villa I won’t. We can find another apartment. I just thought as a temporary solution this might work. You are dealing with the changes at the Fang Group and I am working with Wang Xiaoming at the new restaurant.”

  Bi drinks the wine, “That’s true. Yum…this wine is really tasty.” 

  Sara picks up the wine then her face pales and she sets it down. I almost forgot alcohol would trigger the aphrodisiac. She fans herself with her hand. Wheww..that was close. “Dinner’s almost ready.” She looks in the cupboard and takes out the plates. Bi stands up, “I can set the table.”

  “Thanks Bi.” 

  Thinking about the aphrodisiac, Sara wonders how Li Tian is doing. She turned her phone off when she arrived at the new restaurant.

  At the hospital Kang Mingshun locked the door to Li Tian’s hospital room. He is discussing the attempt on his life when Li Tian suddenly says, “Why hasn’t Song Sara visited me?”

   “…” How would I know!  “Boss, Miss Song isn’t answering her phone. It has been off all day.”

   “Find Song Sara. Tell her to come to give me a massage, say the doctor said it improved my condition.” I should have had her followed.  How dare the little thing have her phone off all day! Is she not concerned about me at all!

  “Okay. One other thing, Miss Long’s sister, Long Jinxi has been insisting on seeing you.”

  “Long Jinxi? I thought she was filming. Why would she want to see me?”

  “I think it must have something to do with the marriage contract. I overheard her talking with Zhao Lanfen when I went downstairs to get coffee.”

  “It is none of that arrogant bitch’s business.” Fuck! Now with Long An in the hospital it will be harder to break the marriage contract will take time since she was in the accident with me driving. 

   He clenches his fist. “I don’t know how much longer I can pretend to be in a coma. I thought someone would try to finish the job..send a fake kill me. That is why I think the mastermind isn’t well connected. Using a car accident…is amateurish, the results can’t be guaranteed. A car bomb would have been a better choice.  Check local gangs… My competitors would have used a more sophisticated method. I want the motherf****rs found who dared to come at me!”

    Kang Mingshum swallows his saliva, it’s good the mastermind is an amateur or we wouldn’t be having this conversation!

  “What are you still doing here? Find Song Sara and bring her here.”

  Kang Mingshun lifts his feet to move, when Li Tian says, “Stop.”  the Boss is getting stranger and stranger..shouldn’t his first priority be to find out who attempted to kill him.

  “Any other orders?”

   Li Tian’s face darkens, “Last night Song Sara was on the phone with Wang Xiaoming. She might be with that obnoxious bastard. Or that arrogant lunatic Leo Cadieux. Why didn’t you have someone following Song Sara? Where is Tang Qiang?”

  ???  Boss, you  sent Tang Qiang for punishment…the poor guy can’t walk yet.


  “Tang Qiang is recovering from his punishment. Should I have Big Gu follow Miss Song?”

   Li Tian rubs his temples, “Are you stupid? The ugly man is over 195 tall and is built like Mt. Tai…an absolute eyesore with his frightening face. The little girl would be scared to death if she were to notice him trailing her. Call Wu Kai, have him arrange a less conspicuous person. What are you standing there for? Go.”

  Kang Mingshun is speechless, is it the medication? The Boss’ is even harder to figure out than normal. He is more worried about me delivering Miss Song to him than the gangsters who tried to kill him.

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