After Sara and Starfire play with the twins in their new room they come downstairs. Fu Chian is making dinner and Wong Duan has left.

     Sara walks into the airy kitchen, “Fu Chian, what do you think of the arrangements?”

   He sprinkles spices into the bubbling ginger sauce. “Miss Song, I haven’t felt this relaxed in a long time. I need to properly thank Mr. Cadieux. This place is amazing!”

   Starfire licks her lips while gazing longingly at the thinly sliced chicken and stir fried vegetables, “Mr. Fu ! Smells delicious!”

   He has a shy expression looking at Starfire, “Well…”

   Xiaoxiao walks into the kitchen, “Little Uncle is a great cook! Everything he makes is delicious! Much better than Agnes!”

    Starfire takes a piece of celery from a chopping board. “Who is Agnes?” She picks up a spatula then turns the sweet and pork over sizzling in a pan.

   “Agnes is our grandmother but she doesn’t like to be called Grandma.”


   Sara hasn’t told Starfire she doesn’t need an assistant yet and watching her with the children she thinks Starfire might be good for them. She has a slight smile watching Fu Chian take the spatula from Starfire.The way Fu Chian was blushing he also seems to like the girl. I guess I will owe Leo Cadieux another dinner or several haha.

   Xiaoyue is playing with the pink floppy ears on a plush bunny and Sara pats Xiaoyue’s head, “Are you happy?”

   Xiaoyue holds up the fluffy bunny, “I am very happy, aren’t you too Mr. Bunny?” She makes the bunny nod in agreement. Sara and Starfire both laugh when her little cherry red lips curl up into a big smile.

   “Sara bends down, “Well, I will see you tomorrow.”

   Xiaoyue tugs on her coat and coquettishly flutters her eyelashes, “Can’t you stay?”

  “Since we didn’t go to the ice skating pond today, how about I come with your Uncle Fu to pick you up tomorrow and we go?”

   Xiaoxiao runs over with her short legs and trips, Starfire in a flash catches the chubby little dumpling before she falls. Xiaoxiao exclaims, “Can Starfire come too? Can we have hot chocolate again?”

   “Of course.” She helplessly glances at Fu Chian and puts her hands up in surrender. The twins are too cute to refuse !

  “Mr. Fu, I will be leaving then to go to Mr. Cadieux’s villa for dinner. If you need anything, call me.”

    Xiaoxiao hugs Sara’s legs, “Don’t go! Tell that Mister C to come here and eat. Little Uncle, you made enough food right?”

   Fu Chian’s face loses its color. He runs to the living room.“Shhh.. Be good ! Mr. Cadieux is my Boss and our benefactor!! Let go of Miss Song.”

   Starfire is in the kitchen watching as she stirs the vegetables, I can stay. The food smells delicious and Mr. Fu is very handsome. Not as handsome as Mr. Wong but very handsome. Mr. Wong was right, all Mr. Cadieux’s employees are very good looking.

  Sara wants Leo to meet the girls, “After we go ice skating you can wear the new lavender velvet dresses and thank Mr. Cadieux properly.”

  Starfire looks up from the stove, “I can stay. If Miss Song doesn’t mind.”

  Fu Chian has a complicated expression. Shouldn’t you ask me? If I mind?

   Sara gazes at Fu Chian, “Well, I don’t care but you should ask Mr. Fu.”

  Starfire picks up a piece of chicken with the chopsticks unable to resist, “Mr. Fu?”

  He scratches his short beard, “I guess.” 

  There is a knock and Fu Chian answers the door. A very short plain looking woman bundled in a thick gray coat is standing there. Gazing up at Fu Chian’s intimidating appearance her big brown eyes widen in fright. She is still having trouble digesting the fact her she will be caring for two children who live with a single man. I thought I was going to work as a maid in the main house.

According to her elder sister she will be living at her home and work from 2:30 to ten o’clock every day. Liu Biyu wanted to turn and go back home but then her sister told her what she would be paid. I don’t like children but I must endure… I could never make this much money in the village

  She clears her throat, “Kakkaa. I am Liu Biyu, the nanny.”

  Xiaoxiao and Xiaoyue run over to the door and stop in their tracks. Liu Biyu has an unpleasant expression on her round face and isn’t very pretty like Song Sara or Starfire. They don’t shout Beautiful Sister and are stumped as to what to say. Then Xiaoxiao blurts out, “Hello Auntie!”

  “…” I am twenty five!

  Fu Chian looks disapprovingly at the twins then politely smiles, “Come in.”

   “These are my nieces, Xiaoxiao and Xiaoyue. Miss Song said you would watch them after school until I get off work. I am off work early today so if you want to start tomorrow that would be fine.”

   Liu Biyu stares at Starfire leaning on the counter in the kitchen playing with a knife Liu Biyu feels pressure coming from the beautiful girl and her knees feel weak. Who is she? The girlfriend. I don’t like this at all. But Sister said I have to do it.

  “Well, that would be good. I rushed over from the bus station. I would like to get settled in at my sister’s house.”

  “Then you can start tomorrow.” 

   She rushes out the door as though a ghost is chasing her.


   Fu Chian walks back to the kitchen, “Miss Starfire you can watch television until the food is ready.”

  She takes a bite of the marinated chicken from the pan. “I can help.”

   Starfire is too close to Fu Chian and he feels uncomfortable. A thin layer of sweat forms on his forehead. “Why don’t you play with the girls.”

  Starfire walks into the living room and the twins are watching a cartoon. She sits down on the comfortable couch with them and is laughing.

There is a loud impatient sounding knock on the front door. Fu Chian answers and Wong Duan takes two long strides into the room. He sees Starfire on the couch holding Xiaoxiao and rubbing Xiaoyue’s head. He has a hapless expression. When she didn’t come back with Song Sara he was a little worried, she is naive and he doesn’t know Fu Chian.

  “Mr. Wong.”

 “I need Starfire to come back to the villa.”

  She tilts her head on his direction and has a puzzled expression. Starfire is having fun and doesn’t want to leave.“Huh? Miss Song said I could play with the twins and eat dinner here.”

  Fu Chian as a man knows what Wong Duan is thinking. “Mr. Wong, if you want, you could stay for dinner also. I made a lot of food.”

 He uncharacteristically agrees. “Thank you. I haven’t eaten dinner.”  Well, this would be a good chance to see what kind of a man Fu Chian is.

  Starfire continues to watch the cartoon. Wong Duan glances at her innocent appearance. What was I worried about? Haha… with Fu Chian’s benign aura and the little fool’s mentality of a ten year old. I am overthinking…maybe because I live in darkness I am too suspicious.

   Wong Duan saunters into the kitchen, “Fu Chian, I am handy in the kitchen, Can I help?”

   “No. It is almost ready.” You are Mr. Cadiuex’s right hand man. How can I have you help? I am nervous about having you for dinner!

  Wong Duan opens a cupboard and takes out the plates then sets the table.


  Fu Chian brings over the dishes, “Miss Starfire, girls, come to the table.”

  Starfire carries Xiaoyue and holds Xiaoxiao’s hand. Fu Chian takes Xiaoxiao and puts her on the special seat placed on the wooden chair so she can reach the table. He then takes Xiaoyue from Starfire and sets her on the chair next to him.

   Meanwhile in Leo’s villa Sara is in the kitchen preparing dinner when Leo arrives with Han Bi. Sara is surprised they arrive together.

   Han Bi explains, “I was waiting for a taxi when Mr. Cadieux saw me. He had his driver stop and give me a ride.” I didn’t want to get into the car but I was compelled for some reason.

   “Oh. Well you two go relax. Dinner will be a few more minutes.”

  Leo walks over to the stove and lifts the lid of a pot. “Smells delicious.”

  “I hope you like the food. I don’t know your preferences so I made a variety.” Sara stirs the Fish and Tofu Stew. “I met Starfire. I was going to say no.. I don’t need an assistant but she said she needs the work. I also think she and I will get along well. So thank you.”


   Han Bi scrutinizes Leo as he gazes at Sara with a warm and gentle look in his eyes. He hired an assistant for Sara? He gave her a driver…is he interested in Sara?

  Sara notices Bi doesn’t have her usual energy. “Sweetie, you look tired. Long day at work?”

  Bi doesn’t want to complain in front of Leo and replies, “Not bad.”

  Leo decides to go to his study because Bi appears uncomfortable. “I have some work to do if you don’t mind. Make yourself at home. I will join you for dinner after I send a couple emails. There is wine on the rack in the next room.” 

  “Thanks Brother. I will come get you when the food is ready.”

  “My study is on the third floor down the hallway to the right.” He walks out through the arched doorway leaving them in the kitchen to talk.

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