Wong Duan

   Mia Milano holds her chest, her heart is pounding. What is Leo Cadieux doing in Catang City and how does he know Song Sara? They seemed very intimate, is she his lover?

  She anxiously looks back to make sure Leo isn’t following and rushes out the door of The Waterfront Towers. Quickening her pace on the slippery sidewalk she slips on a piece of ice breaking one of her red 10cm stiletto heels. Losing her balance she fearfully tries to grab onto anything to steady herself. She grabs a strong arm and gazes up into an exceptionally beautiful face.

    The man is wearing dark sunglasses and a glimpse of the latest designer suit by Armani can be seen under an unbuttoned black trench coat. He has a charming smile showing his perfect white teeth. ”Miss, those heels aren’t meant for running.” 

Mia Milano blushes and feels her heart flutter as the tall god like bends down to check her ankle.  She has her hand on his shoulder to balance herself as he uses his internal energy to massage her sprained ankle.

Afterwards he exerts pressure reattaching the heel to the sole of her shoe. Mia Milano has an infatuated gaze watching the handsome man put the shoe on her foot. He has the faint scent of cigarettes and is that Jade’s new moisturizer? He does have flawless skin and his hands are strong but incredibly soft for a man.

  Wong Duan stands up holding onto her arm, speaking English with a faint Chinese accent, “I think you should go to the hospital. I can take you.” He glances over at Leo who is watching from the exit of the Waterfront Towers and winks.

   Leo’s thin lips curl up into an arc watching the scene. As expected of Wong Duan, he appears to be the epitome of a handsome gentleman. Hahaha..no woman can resist his charming facade.

  Mia Milano stares with a scorching gaze at the incredibly handsome and sexy man forgetting she was in a hurry running away from Leo. “No. Thank you.”

   He unexpectedly picks her up into his embrace, “I insist. My driver is right here.”

  Mia Milano lets down her defenses and puts her arms around his neck, “Well, if you could take me to my hotel I would appreciate it. I was going to call a taxi.”

  Wong Duan has a faint sneer, women are so easily fascinated by a handsome face. They forget to be cautious.

  The muscular driver gets out and opens the door of the black Bentley. Wong Duan puts Mia Milano on the seat then gets into the car. “Are you sure you don’t want to go to the hospital?”

  “No. I have a flight to catch. If my ankle bothers me I will call the hotel doctor. Oh, I didn’t get your name.”She proudly takes out her business card and hands it to him with a confident smile.

   He holds her hand as he takes the card and a wave of heat makes her face turn red.

   Wong Duan takes off his sunglasses and looks at her business card while still holding her hand. He locks his fox like amber eyes with hers and leans forward, their faces are extremely close. Wong Duan’s voice is low and seductive, “Mia Milano…beautiful name.”

  She is entranced, his unusual amber eyes seem to burn into her soul. She doesn’t take her hand from his as he plays with her slender fingers. 

   The driver in the front seat is shaking his head, the stupid woman is going to regret getting into this car.

   After a few moments she regains her composure. She coquettishly blinks her eyes,“What is my saviour’s name?”

   He casually places her hand on his crotch and leans forward kissing her lips. Unable to extricate herself from his bewitching spell she allows him to kiss her wantonly. Mia Milano’s eyes are filled with lust aroused by his provocative behaviour.Touching his hardness she bites her lower lip he is huge! When she is breathless he let’s her go.

  “My name …Wong Duan.”

   Mia Milano’s voice is soft and hoarse, “Do you live in Catang City.”

   He languidly leans back and holds her hand on the tent forming in his pants. “I am here on business.”

   She is muddle-headed and confused by his alluring face and doesn’t stop him from rubbing her hand on his erection. 

   They are driving on a side road and Mia Milano is not paying attention. Intoxicated by his hormonal scent and driven by desire she unzips his pants. He has an evil smile as she uses her mouth to pleasure him.

   The driver doesn’t want to listen to the slurping sounds from the backseat and puts up the privacy partition. Wong Duan chuckles and presses the button to lower the partition again. The driver Ping Han tightens his hand on the wheel. He glares in the rear view mirror and mouths, Pervert.

   Wong Duan smiles and licks his lips provocatively to taunt Ping Han.

   Mia Milano swallows his essence and licks his shaft. She looks up at him for his reaction. He didn’t make any sounds of satisfaction while she deep throated his huge pillar.

He takes a tissue and gently wipes her lips that are glistening and his essence dripping down her chin. She smiles as he cleans her face then is humiliated when he snarls,“Leo said you are a slut. He was right.”

   She comes back to reality and sits up. Filled with terror, her eyes wide, her voice is trembling, “Leo..Leo..” She looks out the window at the rundown homes. She tries the door handle but the door is locked. “What are you going to do?!?”

   “Well, depends on your answer.”

   “Who did you sell the painting to?”

   She is sweating, “I didn’t. It wasn’t me.”

   “Hahaha..Honey, you have one chance to tell me or you will be sucking quite a few c*cks. None of which will be as clean and tasty as mine.”

   Mia Milano feels like she is going to pass out. She regrets listening to her brother. But..if I give him up well… There is Father, maybe he can protect me.

  The conspicuous black Bentley stop at a dilapidated house where several burly and unkept men are sitting on the porch. They are smoking and drinking beer. The patio is littered with beer bottles and trash.

   Wong Duan looks at his Cartier watch inlaid with black diamonds, “I am a busy man. You have one minute.” He rolls down the window and smiles while waving at the men on the porch. A bald man wearing an oil stained shirt tosses a greasy chicken bone into a pile and stands up. She is overcome by nausea watching the slovenly fat man spit out tobacco as he staggers over towards the car. She frantically clutches Wong Duan’s sleeve, “Roll up the window..hurry..I will tell you.”

   He waves the man away and rolls up the window. Wong Duan has never raised his voice and maintained a charming appearance which is extremely terrifying. She grips her skirt, he is sick!

   Wong Duan looks at his watch. “Speak.”

   “You need to promise me you won’t hurt me.”

  “I don’t make promises I might not be able to keep.”

 Mia Milano gulps, “My brother..my brother Milo. He is the one. I didn’t know the paonting belonged to Mr. Cadiuex. I never would have got involved.” Tears are streaming down her face and he frowns while handing her a tissue. “I don’t like you, so crying doesn’t help your situation. As a matter of fact your ugly crying face annoys me.”

   She sniffles and wipes her cheeks.

  “Continue. Who bought it?”

  Mia Milano really doesn’t know, “I..I..don’t know.”

  He holds her delicate hand and dislocates her index finger.

  She starts screaming, “Ahh..hurts..hurts!”

  “I will put it back in place. Tell me who has the painting?”

  “Ivan Rushnikov! He has the painting.”

  He takes her finger and snaps it back into place.

 “You and your brother have one week to make this right. Mr. Cadieux is being generous because you are designing Wang Xiaoming and Song Sara’s restaurant. You will remain in Catang City to complete the job. So don’t think about leaving before this situation is resolved.”

  “Ping Han drive to the Golden Crane Hotel.”

  Mia Milano is shivering, huddled in the corner as far away from Wong Duan as possible. She sneaks a peek at him as they drive along the highway. He is leaning back with his eyes closed listening to ancient style music ignoring her presence. 


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