Wong Duan Part 2

   After Wong Duan completes his task he returns to Leo’s villa. He sees Starfire eating a bag of spicy snacks., “Girl, don’t you know how to take care of your skin? Eating that shit will destroy your somewhat pretty face.”

   Starfire pops a spicy pork rind into her mouth. She talks while crunching the crispy snack. “Mr. Wong, although you have a beautiful face like an Immortal, your heart is ugly. “

  He laughs as he snatches the snack bag from her hand and crumples it up. He uses his handkerchief to  gently wipe the oily residue from her lips. She swats his hand away, “Don’t touch me.”

   Wong Duan grabs her hand and Starfire struggles to break free but his grip is too tight. “Pretty man let me go!” She tries to kick him but he quickly wraps his arms around her waist trapping Starfire in his embrace.

    He looks down at the delicate girl, “I am doing this for your own good. The Lord only surrounds himself with beautiful people. Look around, is even one of his subordinates ugly?”

   Starfire looks at two men playing cards and a woman who is sweeping the hallway. He might have a point. I haven’t seen even an average looking man or woman. They are all extremely good looking.

    “Am I right?”

    Wong Duan has a faint smile looking at her complex expression. He doesn’t usually like women, from his experience he finds them shallow and uninteresting, but he thinks Starfire is innocent and cute.

She has never experienced the outside world and is curious about everything. Leo’s Master thought she would be tainted so he never let her out of the courtyard. She spent her days training. Since she came to the villa she has been in the game room learning to play video games and her other favorite pastime is snacking. 

Wong Duan finds Starfire entertaining. She isn’t smitten by his flawless appearance and speaks without a filter. She is very fun to tease and all her emotions are written on her face.

“But snacks are so delicious!”

  “I will take you to the supermarket and we can get some healthy snacks.”

  Starfire makes a sad face looking at the crumpled bag in his hand, “Okay. I have never been to a supermarket. Let’s go.”

   He gives her a look. “I didn’t mean right now. I have work to do.”

  She looks disappointed, “Oh. But I am hungry.”

  He shakes his head and drags her to the kitchen. Ping Han and another bodyguard are watching and look at each other, since when does the narcissistic asshole care about anyone but himself? 

   When they enter the kitchen he points to the table.“Sit.” 

  He brews a medicinal tea that is good for cleansing toxins, then looks in the refrigerator. He takes out some fruit and slices the apples and pineapple.

  Starfire watches him wield the knife with precision, “Mr. Wong, you are very good with a knife.”

  “It is my preferred weapon.”

  “I like knives but I am better with silver needles.”


  He brings the plate of fruit over to the wooden table. “It is better to snack on fruit.” He sits at the table and stares at Starfire while she eats a piece of pineapple. “The tea will help clear all the toxins your unhealthy eating has accumulated in your body.”

After she swallows the piece of the sweet and juicy pineapple she apologizes, “Mr. Wong I am sorry I said that. You aren’t a bad person. I was angry.”

  “I am a bad person. Haha.. but I won’t be bad to you. You remind me of someone.”

   She sips the tea and looks at him with a curious expression, “I do?”

  “Yes. My sister. She is dead.”

  Starfire stares at his calm expression and her eyes get misty. “I’m sorry to hear that. I know how sad it is to lose someone you love. You don’t need to hold it inside.”

   He rubs her head, “It was a long time ago.” He stands up, “After I finish my work we can go to the store.”

   “Mr. Wong?”

  He turns around, “Yes.”

  “Thank you.”

   He walks out of the kitchen and goes to his room. He sits at his desk and opens his laptop to locate Ivan Rushnikov. He calls Leo, “I completed the task. Mia Milano will be obedient and finish the restaurant. You were right it was her brother Milo. Ivan Rushnikov has the painting. His whereabouts are unknown at the moment. The yacht he owned exploded in the Mediterranean three days ago. Rushnikov’s body and that of his companion, a woman named Rebecca Wang, wasn’t recovered from the wreckage. I will send someone to Greece to follow up.”

   Leo listens to the information then responds, “I don’t think Mia Milano will alert her brother since he would know she gave us the information. I will have someone follow him. Song Sara is cooking dinner at the villa tonight. Can you walk to the guesthouse and see if they have redecorated?”

  Wong Duan taps a gold pen on the desk.“Lord, this girl Starfire, what are your plans for the girl?”

  “She will be Song Sara’s bodyguard. How is the girl adapting?”

  “Well, her martial arts skills are very good but she has a low EQ. She was very sheltered by your Master.”

 “ Then she will be perfect for Song Sara. If I tried to place a woman with a cold personality next to her she would be uncomfortable. Song Sara has a nurturing nature so she will take Starfire under her wing. I will introduce her as an assistant rather than a bodyguard. I think they will get along well. Fill Starfire in on her duties before Song Sara arrives.”

  “ I will check on the guesthouse. I made it clear earlier to Mo Agnes there would be severe consequences if she tried to interfere with the new arrangements.”

  “Wong Duan, it makes me feel at ease having you here in Catang City. Although these things may seem trivial I place importance on them. I have decided to put you in charge of the new Underground Casino and will compensate you for your efforts.”

  “Lord, it is my honor to serve you in whatever capacity you need. The medicine has been working and soon I will be able to have my health restored. If it weren’t for you I would have been buried along with my sister.”

  “I wish I could have saved Lan’er but unfortunately she was too weak, she had suffered too  much internal damage from the poison.”

  “The doctors you sent did the best they could. I will always remember you making Lan’er comfortable until she died.”

  “Well, she was my friend. Follow up on Rushnikov. I will be home for dinner.”

  When Wong Duan hangs up he rubs his temples then looks at the picture of him and his sister on his desk. I met a girl that reminds me of you, Lan’er..naive…cheerful and straightforward. 

   He closes his laptop and walks out of his room. He sees the housekeeper, “Did they finish in the guesthouse?”

  “I think so. I saw them deliver the beds and furniture a couple hours ago. I was going to check. Mr. Cadieux said it was to be finished by five o’clock.”

   Wong Duan checks his watch, “I’m going to walk over to the guest house to check.”

   Starfire comes out of the kitchen, “Mr. Wong Can I go see the guest house with you? I heard two little girls are moving in there.”


   She hurries to his side and as he opens the door he frowns. Starfire is wearing a light blue silk Cheongsam.

“No coat?” 

 “It is not that cold.”

  He has a crease between his eyebrows as he points to the coatroom, “I will wait. Get a coat.”

  She comes back with a white cashmere coat that Leo’s secretary bought her when they were in Shanghai. He helps her put it on and buttons it. “Don’t be stupid. Even if you practice martial arts and your internal energy keeps you warm, in this snowy weather you need a coat. If you get sick who will protect Miss Song?”

  “Is that going to be my job?”

  “Yes. I will give you the details before she arrives.”

   “What is she like?”

   They walk out the French doors leading through the garden to the guest house. “I have never met the woman but according to the Lord she is a very nice person.”

   “Why does she need a bodyguard?”

   “You don’t need to know.” He lifts an eyebrow, “Girl, you ask too many questions. I said I will give you the information that you need.”

    She shrinks into her coat when he reprimands her. Mr. Wong is so moody.

   When they arrive at the guesthouse a woman is knocking at the door. Wong Duan approaches, “Who are you?”

   “I am the housekeeper’s sister, Liu Ning, she told me to come to be a nanny.”

   “Go to the main house and wait there.”

  She sees the luxurious villa. Liu Ning came in the gate by where three men were packing up a truck close to the guest house. “Alright.”

   Wong Duan opens the door to the guest house. A man in a blue gray uniform is carrying empty boxes in his hand, “Almost finished.”

   “You have fifteen minutes.” Leo said for it to be completed by five o’clock not a second later.

   “…” We did two days of work in four hours!

    Starfire looks around, “I like this place. It isn’t as cold as Mr. Cadieux’s villa.” 

    He is checking with the man in charge and Starfire goes to the second floor. She gazes at the twins room and squeals, “Ahhh!”

    Wong Duan takes the stairs three at at time and rushes to the room. Worried something happened to Starfire he doesn’t have his usual calm.

Wong Dong’s veins bulge on his neck when he sees Starfire playing with a large stuffed bear while twirling around the pink room. Wong Duan almost feels blinded by the all the pink.  He is annoyed,he thought something was wrong with Starfire.

   He growls, “Shut up and put the fucking bear down!”

  Starfire drops the large teddy bear and runs out of the room.

He holds his head, Goddam girl! 

   She is pouting downstairs on the couch with her head between her knees  when Fu Chian and Sara walk in the door with Xiaoxiao and Xiaoyue.

   Fu Chian hasn’t met Starfire before and says, “Are you the nanny?”

  Starfire looks around for Wong Duan. “No I’m not the nanny. I am the..”

  Wong Duan comes down the stairs, “I am Wong Duan, Mr. Cadieux’s secretary. Starfire is the assistant Mr. Cadieux assigned to help you, Miss Song.”

    Xiaoxiao runs over to the couch and jumps onto Starfire. “Beautiful Sister Starfire!”

   Fu Chian picks up Xiaoxiao, “Sorry.”

   Starfire smiles and her eyes sparkle, “ It’s okay.They are so cute!  She rubs Xiaoxiao’s head. “What are your names?

  “ Xiaoxiao”


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