Romantic Dinner

    Rui walks into the bathroom and turns on the water to fill the bath. He is thinking about how he was unmoved by any woman until he met LiMei. He stares at the water with his hands on his head. I can’t lose LiMei. I don’t want to return to the darkness…living each day in an empty void. Moving through life not knowing any real pleasure or happiness. She is the only bright light in my dull existence. What if when LiMei wakes up she looks at me with that cold and indifferent expression? can’t.Rui’s eyelashes tremble and he slams his fist on the tiled wall then screams, “NOOOOO!”  

     Wrapped in a silk sheet LiMei stands in the doorway rubbing her bleary eyes. She yawns, “Rui, what is wrong?”

   Rui turns around and sees LiMei. He rushes over and hugs her thin body into his embrace,”’t leave me.” He leans down kissing her face with a sense of urgency, “I love you so much.”

   LiMei hooks her thin snow white arms around his neck. She has a confused expression as she gazes into Rui’s gloomy eyes that are dark as a deep abyss. He has been very moody lately…he was fine earlier..she blinks a few times and tenderly touches his cheek, “Did you have a nightmare?”

  Rui’s eyes have a storm raging within them, he wants to crush LiMei into his bones, “Yeah..a very bad nightmare.” A nightmare I can never let come true

  LiMei giggles as she points to the overflowing bathtub , “Rui, the bath..”

  Rui sees the water pouring over the edge of the bathtub and turns off the water. He is holding her tightly in his arms and LiMei kisses him. She acts like a baby as she coquettishly teases him.“I’m tired.Bathe me.”

   Rui loves it when Li Mei takes the initiative and he kisses her lips then puts LiMei down. Rui’s Adam Apple rolls as the sheet covering her alluring body slips down to the floor. He lifts her into the bath and as water splashes everywhere she giggles, “Messy.”

  Rui undresses and gets into the large marble bathtub with LiMei as she plays with the bubbles.

He pulls her onto his lap then possessively kisses her lips. His eager tongue pries open her mouth to taste her sweetness. LiMei leans into his body pressing her soft breasts onto his chest arousing his desire. Rui kisses her earlobe and breathlessly whispers, “Baby, marry me. Marry me LiMei.” He nibbles on her ear as his other hand caresses her breast. “Baby, Let’s go to the Civil Affairs Bureau in the morning.”

  LiMei’s eyes widen and she touches his cheek with her warm palm. She gazes into his ink black eyes, “Rui, I want to marry you..I want to marry you very much. But, now isn’t the time. Umm..I have a few problems, you know that.”

  “I don’t care. We can face them as man and wife. “I have never wanted anything more in my life. Baby, you mean everything to me.” He frantically kisses LiMei, “We can keep it a secret if you want. I just need to know you are completely mine.”

   Rui’s scorching gaze burns into her heart. LiMei can feel his eyes filled with loneliness… deep yearning..a need to know she is his, his intense emotions boring straight into her soul. Rui’s vulnerable appearance and his heartfelt words are hard to resist. LiMei leans on his shoulder, “Rui, do you know I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to meet you? You are the most handsome..kind..gentle..amazing person I have ever met. I really don’t feel I deserve you.” She looks up at him with her watery and seductive eyes, “ I want to be able to walk by your side proudly. I can only do that if I am complete.”

  He brushes her tangled hair behind her ear, he lovingly gazes at LiMei’s beautiful and delicate face. Rui can see she is sincere, he hesitates then relents, “I will wait then. But can’t ever think about leaving me.”

   LiMei kisses his lips and her small tongue invades his mouth giving him a rush of pleasure. He puts his large palm behind her head and deepens the kiss. Soon water is splashing out of the bathtub as they indulge in each other’s body.

   After the bath Rui dries LiMei’s long black hair, “Delun is cooking a special dinner to thank you.”

  “Thank me?”

   “You said you wanted Delun and Sheng Siyue to go to the Crystal Mountain Resort with us this weekend.”

  “But.. I thought you said no.”

  “I changed my mind since you wanted them to accompany us.”

  LiMei turns around and hugs Rui’s waist, “It will be so fun!” Thank you Rui!”

  He smiles when her thin arms wrap around him, “Be good. Let me finish drying your hair.”

  LiMei obediently sits still. After brushes her hair he says, “Tomorrow I need to drive to Catang City. Do you want to go with me?”

  “Catang City? Isn’t that where Li Tian and Song Sara live?”

  “Yes. Maybe you could have lunch with Song Sara while I take care of my business.”

  “I will call Song Sara. If she isn’t available I can go shopping.” LiMei has a mischievous smile as she stands up and moves close to him.“Since you ripped my new lingerie I will go to the Mall.” She draws a circle on his bare chest with her finger then looks up at him with a playful grin exposing her cute dimples, “How about a sexy little kitten…meow..meow..” She puts her small hand into a claw shape..and seductively purrs ”

   Rui feels his body reacting and pulls her into his embrace. He slaps her bottom, “Where did you learn how to be so naughty?”

   LiMei laughs and her green eyes are sparking as he spanks her again. “I read it in a magazine..haha. Stop haha..stop!”

   Rui hugs her tighter, his deep voice is low and magnetic, “You are a bad little girl! I need to punish you!”

   They are both laughing as he pulls her down onto the luxurious bed and presses her underneath him. He pulls off the towel wrapped on her body and begins to tease LiMei touching her sensitive spot. LiMei softly moans as he kisses her neck.

Suddenly there is a knock at the door, “Rui. Dinner is ready. I am leaving.”

   LiMei’s eyes light up, “Dinner?” She pushes Rui’s bare chest, “I am starving.”

   He has a helpless expression as LiMei rolls off the bed and runs to the closet. Rui lays back with his arms behind his head, inhaling LiMei’s light floral fragrance that is lingering on the pillow. Dammit! Delun’s timing is terrible!

   LiMei calls out from the walk in closet, “Rui! Don’t dawdle, the food will get cold!” 

  When he doesn’t get up she hurries over to the bed with his clothes, “We shouldn’t waste your brother’s efforts.” She pulls Rui up and puts the black cashmere sweater over his head. “Lift up your arms!”

Once the sweater is on he can’t help but laugh, “Little Foodie, are you going to put my underwear on for me and my pants too?”

  LiMei’s face turns red, “ can..I am going to fix my hair.” She scurries to the bathroom then turns around and stares at Rui. “Rascal!”

   Rui puts on his pants and has a big smile, my little Baby is too cute..

  LiMei comes into the bedroom wearing a white sweater and gray leggings. She has a satisfied smile when she sees Rui is dressed. She holds his hand, “What do you think Delun made for dinner? Well, anything he makes is delicious.”


  When they walk into the dining room LiMei puts her hand to her mouth as she gasps, “Ahh.. Beautiful!”

  Rui raises an eyebrow, he said he wanted a five course meal but didn’t expect Delun to create such a romantic setting. I will need to increase his allowance.

  The lights are dimmed. There are candles and the plum flowers from earlier are in a crystal vase in the center of the table. Delun meticulously set the table with exquisite porcelain plates and the chopsticks are gold plated with a row of diamonds at the top.

   LiMei salivates at the dazzling array of dishes. She gazes up at Rui with an astonished look, “I feel we are underdressed for this elegant meal.”

  Rui laughs as he teases, “Did you want to go change into an evening gown or eat while the food is hot.”

   LiMei quickly responds, “EAT! EAT!”

   Rui sits down then pulls her onto his lap. He  feeds LiMei a piece of roasted duck. LiMei’s eyes light up as she savors the fragrant flavor, “Yummm..soooo good.”

    LiMei picks up the chopsticks and smiles, “I have never seen such extravagant chopsticks!”

  “They were a gift from a patient.”

   LiMei fills his bowl with white ginseng chicken soup. She blows on a spoonful and feeds Rui the fresh and sweet soup. “Rui, your brother is an amazing cook. Have you considered helping him get his own restaurant?” 

    LiMei has tasted the dishes and finds each one to have its own special unique taste. The dishes are all different yet compliment each other. Light but distinct flavors, fresh and crisp vegetables, the meat is tender and melts in the mouth. “So delicious!”

    Rui lowers his head and licks a grain of rice stuck to the corner of LiMei’s mouth then kisses her lips. “Very delicious.”

    “People would flock to his restaurant!”  

    “Delun is an excellent chef, very talented, but he is too immature to handle the responsibility of owning his own restaurant. Delun needs to finish school and work in a restaurant for a couple years. There is much more to owning and operating a restaurant than just the food. I don’t want him to fail because he is unprepared.”

    LiMei gazes intently at Rui’s serious expression while he explains. When he is being serious he is even more handsome. He really cares about Delun and thought this through.

   Rui notices the infatuated look in her eyes and his lips curls up,  “Am I good looking?”

   LiMei blushes, she flutters her eyelashes, “Very handsome..too handsome.” Li Mei pouts and puffs out her cheeks, “I’m the one who should worry about a beautiful woman stealing you away from me!”

Rui chuckles and traces his finger down her flawless face. “That can never happen. No one is as beautiful as you … You are my baby girl. I will love you forever.” Only your beautiful face makes my heart beat faster and fills me with desire.

  Rui holds LiMei’s petite body in his embrace with his arms encircling  her slender waist. LiMei is so unbelievably beautiful, in this light she is like a delicate porcelain doll. He kisses her forehead, this is perfect.. my  beautiful Baby in my arms…I need to ensure that no matter what the results of the hypnotic therapy LiMei stays with me.

LiMei’s voice sounds soft and sweet, “I will always be yours Rui.” I will love you in this life and the next but if we can be together…I don’t know.

She fills a bowl with jasmine rice then feeds Rui a bite of sweet and sour thinly sliced pork with some rice. “Rui do you think Delun could teach me to cook?”

“He is going back to Paris next week.” I don’t want you to spend that much time with him!

“Oh I wanted to be able to cook you amazing dishes.”

” How about you just let me eat you? Nothing tastes more tender and delicious.” He licks and bites her lip as his hand slips under her sweater.

Li Mei grabs his hand, “RUI! I haven’t tried the spicy marinated fish yet!”

  ” Haha..okay. ”  Rui has a pampering look as he picks up the spicy fish in the chopsticks. “Feed my little piggie first.”


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