News About Accident

    When they sit at a table towards the back of the cafe Wang Dongyu goes to the kitchen to personally brew the tea for Sara. If she could be my daughter-in-law that would be great. I wouldn’t have to worry about Xiaoming. That witch Claudette who buzzes around him all the time…I am afraid one day she will trick him into marrying her. When her son told her that he was going to be partners with Sara in a restaurant she was ecstatic. 

    Sara glances around, “It looks like your mother’s cafe is doing well.”

   “Ever since you posted on your blog she has been very busy. A celebrity named Kang Jin reposted your story and left a flattering comment.”

    She smiles brightly “Kang Jin? That is great!”

   “Do you know him?”

   “He is Han Chao, Bi and Chang’s brother.”

  “I didn’t know that.”

   “Well, for various reasons he doesn’t want his real identity known.”

  Wang Danyu brings the tea, “Are you hungry?”

  “No thanks, we just had lunch.”

  “If you change your mind I just made a pot of Ox Bone Soup it is perfect for a cold day like today.”

   Wang Xiaoming sees the way his mother is staring at Song Sara with a greedy gaze. He has a helpless expression.“Mom, we need to discuss a few things.”

  “Oh, I will get back to the kitchen then.” She hurries away but turns and looks back at them with a big smile.

  “Don’t mind my mother, she really likes you.”

  “I’m happy she does. When I am stressed out I love to come and eat. She makes me home and very comfortable. I think of your mother as my friend.”

  Well, she thinks of you as a future daughter-in -law. “I wanted to wait until mother went back to work to make the call. I will call Han Weisheng now.”

   Han Weisheng answers, “Xiaoming, are you calling to invite me to dinner? I haven’t tasted your cooking in a while.”

    “No, actually I’m calling about Li Tian. He was in an accident.” 

Han Weisheng walks away from the conference table. He dismiss the people in the room.”You can all leave. We will continue at the 9 o’clock meeting tomorrow.”

After the room clears he raise an eyebrow, “What the fuck! When? “

   “This afternoon, I was wondering about his condition. Since you are aware of our strained relationship I thought I would ask you to find out the details. “

    “Do you know what hospital he is in? How did you know about this and I don’t? “

    “ I saw him at lunch at The Golden Pear and happened to pass by the accident scene. I recognized his license plate number on the black Bentley.”

     Han Weisheng has a worried expression, Li Tian is one of his closest friends, “I will call Yang James and get back to you.”

    When Wang Xiaoming hangs up he tells Sara that they should have news soon.

    Sara was intently listening to their conversation and heard him mention the strained relationship between him and Li Tian. She is curious but she doesn’t feel it is her place to ask. She simply says thank you.

    Wang Dongyu returns with a cup of  Hibiscus tea and a cup of coffee for her son. “Are you sure you don’t want a Dessert? I just made a pan of chestnut cake.”

  Sara feels very anxious about Li Tian’s condition, she forces a smile as she answers, “That sounds delicious Mrs. Wang but I really am still full from lunch.”

  A customer is waving at Wang Dongyu and she frowns, I want to see how Xiaoming and  Song Sara get along. He is such a cold fish but I have seen him smile twice at the little girl. “Pfft!I need to see what that annoying man wants.” She smiles politely at the attractive middle aged man. The turns back towards Sara and her son, she blushes and has a cute aggrieved look on her face. “That pest! He comes in every day and has some reason to talk to me.”

  After Wang Dongyu leaves the table Sara chuckles, “ It sounds like the man might have a crush on your mother.”

  “He does. Mo Cheng and my mother grew up together and his wife recently passed away. He has been pursuing my mother ever since.”

  She looks over to see the two squabbling and Wang Dongyu snatching up the plate of chestnut cake in front of him. Sara’s lips curl up into an arc, “I hope you don’t mind me saying this but they look really cute together.”

  Wang Xiaoming laughs, “Well, I have to admit my mother tries to hide the fact but she looks forward to Mo Cheng coming into the cafe to pester her. He was on a business trip and didn’t come in for a week and she was moping around like a pouting High School girl.

  Sara grins, “ Hahaha..your mother is so beautiful and such an awesome person.It is nice to see her with her eyes sparkling and a big smile on her face.” Sara sighs, “ Love really does make people shine, don’t you think? “

   Wang Xiaoming absentmindedly looks at Sara as she sips her tea and doesn’t answer.He has noticed his mother is more lively since blank has been coming around. Mo Cheng treats his mother well and is a gentleman so he has no objections to them being together. But, love isn’t a subject he has much interest in discussing. He has never been in love and has seen a couple of his friends ruined by giving their heart to the wrong person.

   When he doesn’t answer Sara’s mind drifts off to Zhou Jason, he is the only man she has ever loved. It really was love at first sight as she laid in the snow staring up at him. She thought she had never seen such a perfect man. He  gently pulled her up out of the snow then straightened her knit cap.His friend was mocking her and Zhou Jason teased, “Don’t listen to him. He is jealous you could tumble down the hill so gracefully. The last time he fell in the snow he broke his ankle.”Zhou Jason’s amber eyes behind his glasses were shining when he brushed the snow off her jacket and fixed her scarf. I wished I could stay in that moment when we locked gazes.That began the happiest time in my life, now we are world’s apart.

   He notices Sara’s gloomy expression as she stares at her tea cup. “It might take a short while for Han Weisheng to get back to me. Do you want to look over the designs while we are waiting? 

   Sara  takes a sip of her tea and agrees, “Sounds good.”

  “I will get my computer from my car and be right back.”

  Sara watches him put his coat on and leave. I am very lucky that he will be my partner. I can see he has a steady and calm personality. 

   He returns with his laptop and moves his chair closer to Sara. When he opens his laptop she can’t help but notice his wallpaper. It is a photograph of a small fishing village.

She smiles looking at his elegant appearance. He is wearing a perfectly fitting designer suit, his hair is clipped short and neat. His nails are maincured and he exudes a gentle and noble vibe. She tilts her head and teases, “Wang Xiaoming for some reason you don’t look like a fisherman to me. Do you like to fish?”

  “ I do. It is a good memory I have of my father. He would take me fishing at this remote village.” Wang Xiaoming doesn’t know why he is so at ease around Song Sara. He never speaks of personal topics with anyone.  First, they discussed his mother and now he explained the photograph.

  Sara has a mischievous smile. “ I have only been fishing once and it was a miserable experience.” She giggles, “During summer vacation when I was fourteen, Han Bi  invited me to go with her to a mountain village where her brother Chao was going to school. I had a huge crush on Han Chao so of course I wouldn’t refuse any chance to be close to him.

The second day we were there he and his friends were going fishing. I pleaded with Han Bi get him to include us. He was unwilling because he said we were a couple of spoiled girls which would only hinder them. They had to go through a forest to get to this special fishing spot.”

 Sara takes a sip of water, “Well… this is embarrassing..” She stops talking and Wang Xiaoming teases, “Continue…we are partners now you can trust me not to laugh.”

   Sara smiles prettily, her eyes bend in a crescent shape and her dimples are exposed,  “Okay partner, but you must remember I am a city girl.” Wang Xiaoming almost feels his soul float away gazing at her adorable expression. She continues, “This was my first experience going fishing in a river and I was totally unprepared…”

Suddenly Wang Xiaoming’s phone rings and Sara looks at him apprehensively. While Sara is nervously staring at him he has the urge to hold her trembling hand that is placed on the table and impulsively does. This small action seems to calm Sara.

  “Weisheng what is going on with Li Tian?”

   “I am at Li’s private hospital now. He is out of surgery and in ICU to be monitored as a precaution because he is in a coma. They will move him to a private room in a couple hours. The doctor said that isn’t an unusual occurrence in this situation. Li Tian should regain consciousness in a couple days.

The operation went well. The airbag protected him. All of his cars are custom made with reinforced steel and bulletproof glass so the impact was minimized to an extent. The skin trauma on his body was caused when his car caught on fire and he rescued Long An. Surprisingly, he risked his life to pull that woman from the burning car.” Han Weisheng was wondering he didn’t take this opportunity to rid himself of the troublesome woman.

  “Apparently, according to Long An, her seat belt was stuck, Li Tian cut it off then dragged her out of the burning car to safety moments before the car exploded.”

  Wang Xiaoming is holding the phone so she can hear the conversation also. Sara hears Han Weisheng’s last sentence and her heart sinks and body goes numb. He risked his life for Long An?

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  1. I feel like if Long An go burned she could’ve built more character…nah I’m lying to myself, I just wanted her to pay back for being mean to Sara 😈. I mean a bit of a burn on the arm would do. Nothing too serious.


  2. Well Long An was injured. Spoiler broke her leg and did suffer facial bruising from airbag and some skin trauma. Next chappie coming soon!😰


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