Accident Scene

    Sara nervously drinks her tea then takes an herbal pill to calm her nerves. It doesn’t take long to work and she relaxes putting what happened earlier with Li Tian to the back of her mind. I need to thank Leo and Dr. Ling the medicine really helps.

   Bi noticed Sara taking the small blue pill, “Sara you don’t usually take pills what is that?”

    Dr. Ling gave it to me along with the other nutritional supplements after she examined me, it is… umm… let me think what she said..Mingha Root and Ice Cave Grass.”

   Wang Xiaoming raises an eyebrow,Dr. Ling? She is a legend in the medical field. I didn’t think she took patients any longer and that expensive pill is not easy to get. Now he is almost sure Li Tian and Sara have a special relationship but he wants to probe further. “Miss Song, Dr. Ling is your doctor?”

  “Yes. Do you know her?”

  “No, more of an acquaintance. I met Dr. Ling at a banquet initially then on a few other occasions.”

  “Oh. She is really awesome. I was really ill when I was abroad and when I came back a friend of mine took me to see Dr. Ling. I feel so much healthier. She was also kind enough to recommend a nutritionist.”

  “Your friend must have a good rapport with Dr. Ling, she doesn’t accept patients.”

   Sara looks surprised, “Really? I thought Dr. Ling was a doctor on staff at Wang’s Private Clinic.”

  “…”  Staff at Wang’s Private Clinic…what a joke! Because the Wangs are near bankruptcy they were looking for investors, Han Chang was approached but declined. I heard a foreigner invested heavily on the spur of the moment because of a special  patient. Song Sara? Is it her backer, the man who Han Chang said was the person behind Song Sara? He can barely hold back his curiosity but the food has arrived.

   They don’t talk while eating and when they are finished Bi excuses herself, “I need to go back to work. Send me some pictures of the new restaurant.”

   “I will.”

   Wang Xiaoming stops Bi, “ Miss Han,The Fang Group is on the way to the Waterfront Tower, why don’t I give you a ride.”

  “Well sure! It is sometimes hard to get a taxi in this weather.”

  Wang Xiaoming insists on paying the bill and they walk to the front door.. He tells them, “Wait inside I parked down the street.”

   After he leaves Sara holds Bi’s arm affectionately, “You and Wang Xiaoming seem to get along very well. I know from his mother he is single.”

   Bi blushes, “Sara don’t play matchmaker! He is a celebrity chef! I’m sure he has many women chasing him and well I am not ready.”

   “Well you should keep an open mind. Since he will be my partner and you are my best friend you will be seeing a lot of him.”

   Wang Xiaoming walks up to the entrance of the restaurant and motions for them to come out. He opens the back door of a white Range Rover that is double parked. “I would have come in but as you can see I am parked illegally haha.”

  Sara and Bi get into the backseat and he circles around to the driver’s seat. As he drives down the street it is blocked because the police are cleaning an accident scene.  A tow truck is removing an older model car that is crushed and there is a burnt luxury car over on a grassy area.

    The traffic is completely backed up and a policeman is waving at people to detour around 48th St.

    Sara looks at the horrific sight as they wait their turn to go. Concerned about the victims she mutters, “ I hope everyone is okay.”

    Wang Xiaoming recognizes the license plate of the burnt Bentley, it is Li Tian’s, he has had a plate with 7777 since his first car, a custom Limited Edition Porsche. He glances in the rear view mirror wondering if he should tell Song Sara so she can check on his condition.They have some sort of relationship although I’m not sure what it is.

    He waits until he drops Bi off at the Fang Group building. After Bi gets out of the car he turns around in his seat, “Miss Song. I wanted to wait until Miss Han left. The Bentley in the accident belongs to Li Tian. I recognized the license plate. If you want, I can take you to the hospital.”  Wang Xiaoming sees her shocked expression, “ Or I can call and check on his condition if you don’t want to go to the hospital. If she is his mistress it would be best for her not to show up there. 

    Sara’s face turns ghostly white, when CEO Li left the restroom he was furious. Did he not pay attention to the road because of being agitated? Oh my God. She clutches her coat until her knuckles are white. How do I explain our relationship? I can’t.

Sara’s voice is tinged with guilt, “Please take me there. I work with CEO Li on a collaborative project between Zhou Group and his company. I..I angered him at the restaurant.” She tightly closes her eyes, Please be alright. We have our issues but I don’t want to think he was distracted by what happened.

 Sara thinks about Long An… she was with Li Tian,  if her mother is there it could be ugly.  “I have his assistant’s number, I will call him first.”

   Sara calls Yang James, “Umm..Mr. Yang..ahh.. this is Song Sara. I want to check on CEO Li’s condition.”

   Yang James is pacing outside the operating room. “How did you know the CEO had an accident?”

   “Sara rubs her teary eyes, “Umm…I was at the Golden Pear and saw him and Miss Long. When I left I passed the accident scene. I know I don’t have the qualifications  but …I ..” She chokes back her tears, “I am very concerned.”

   Yang James knows Li Tian has a sexual relationship with Sara but doesn’t feel he should inform her of Li Tian’s condition. “Miss Song, it is not my place to pass information to you.”

  “I..I understand. Sorry to trouble you Mr. Yang.”

  Wang Xiaoming can hear Sara quietly sobbing in the back seat and is pissed, obviously that asshole Yang James was dismissive of Sara. He comforts Sara, “Miss Song, I am friends with Han Weisheng who is good friends with Li Tian. I can find out Li Tian’s condition for you.”

   Sara’s misty eyes light up and she flutters her black eyelashes, “You can? I just feel terrible thinking he was distracted because of me.”

   “I will check but Miss Song you shouldn’t blame yourself. Li Tian wouldn’t let a small argument with an assistant influence him to the extent he would drive carelessly. We don’t know what caused the accident. The roads are icy and with the snowfall the visibility is low.”

  He sees she is not nervously fidgeting anymore, “I have water back there, drink some and try to calm down.”

”Thank you Wang Xiaoming.” She touches her queasy stomach, What he says makes sense but the thought of the Big Devil being injured…

  “We aren’t far from my mother’s cafe. The snow is getting heavier, why don’t we stop there and I can make a couple calls.”

  “That is a good idea, I don’t want you to call while you are driving.”

   Wang Xiaoming curls his lip at her worried expression. When they arrive at the cafe he opens the door for her and opens an umbrella. She smiles up at Wang Xiaming as he holds it over her head. Sara slips on some ice and he grabs her arm to steady her, “Watch your step.”

Sara regrets wearing heels now that the sidewalks are covered in snow again from the increased snowfall. She holds his arm as they enter the cafe so she doesn’t fall.

Wang Xiaming’s mother sees them walk into the cafe and has a wide grin as she hurries over to them.

She can’t hide her happiness seeing Sara holding onto her son’s arm. “Song Sara! Come sit. My dear, you must be frozen.” Wang Dongyu brushes the snow from Sara’s hair then takes her coat. “I will get you a cup of tea to warm you up.”

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  1. I hope that Sarah will not have a guilt complex in relation to Li Tian because of the accident. This usually happens in such situations and a person begins to take care of the victim in every possible way because of a sense of guilt. But in this case, there are no real feelings!


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