Making Plans

Wang Xiaoming knows Sara feels guilty so he asks, “ What caused the accident?”

“I spoke with the policeman who is investigating. According to him, the man in the other car involved was arrested with a high level of alcohol in his system. It was his fault he crossed through traffic and hit Tian’s car. It would have been a head on collision but Tian swerved and absorbed most of the impact on the driver’s side.

Tian’s car continued moving until it struck a tree which most likely caused the engine to catch fire. This is just the preliminary report. The man was taken to Catang Public Hospital with multiple injuries, I am going to interrogate him when he regains consciousness.”

 “Is the Li family there?”

  Sara has heard enough and she needs to use the ladies’s room. She whispers, “Thank you. I am going to use the restroom.”

   She pulls her hand away from his grasp. Wang Xiaoming didn’t realize he was still holding Sara’s hand. He watches her petite figure walking away and looks at his hand that still has her warmth. Song Sara for your sake I hope you aren’t involved with that bastard Li Tian. Before he had selfish reasons but now he feels Sara is  the perfect person to partner with him. She is cute and interesting.

  Han Weisheng walks down to an area he can smoke. “Xiaoming, since when are you interested in Li Tian’s affairs?”

   Now that Sara has left he is more himself, “I could give a shit but my partner in my new restaurant worked for him and was unable to get any information.”

  “You have a partner for your restaurant? I told you I would invest.”

 “Well, the situation was a bit complicated, the site I wanted your brother Han Chang beat me to it. We were able to negotiate a deal where I would partner with his client.”

  “I am a bit surprised. You have always been adverse to the idea of sharing a restaurant with someone. “

“Well, that is true but my partner is amiable and a pastry chef. She is willing to allow me to run the restaurant as I see fit and concentrate on creating desserts and catering.”

 “Your partner is a woman?” He lights a cigarette and inhales, “Now I’m really surprised. Didn’t you  always say you would never in this life work in the kitchen with a woman? Well, of course other than your mother, hahaha.”

  “I guess the saying is true ‘Never Say Never’.”

  “She must have cast a bewitchment spell on you.Do I know the woman” Han Weisheng is in the hotel and restaurant business and is acquainted with most of the people in the industry in Catang City.

  “Maybe. She has a small bakery called Sweet Dreams.”

 “Song Sara? Do you know who the investor is behind Song Sara?”

 “No. Your brother Chang said the man wants to remain invisible. The money should be considered to be invested by Song Sara. I felt it was not my business to inquire further.”

  I am sure it is Sun Zhi. He has a devilish grin, haha..Song Sara you are very intriguing girl, Li Tian’s woman… Sun Zhi as a backer and Xiaoming as a partner.

  Sara sneezes as she walks back to the table. Wang Xiaoming ends the call, “Let me know if there are any other developments.”

   “Will do.”

   After he hangs up Han Weisheng glances down the hallway at Kang Lanfen talking to Li Tian’s mother. Song Sara must not want to go to the hospital because Li Tian’s mother and father are here along with Long An’s family.

  “You heard the accident was caused by a drunk driver and Li Tian was alert enough to turn the car. You shouldn’t have any guilt, it wasn’t your argument that distracted Li Tian.”

  “I appreciate you calling your friend.”

  “Did you want to go to the hospital? I can accompany you.”

  Sara takes a deep breath, in the bathroom she came to the realization she would only cause trouble if she visited Li Tian. Since it was a drunk driver and he reacted quickly she wasn’t a factor. “I think it would be best if I didn’t go. Do you still have time to go over the plans with me?”

  “Sure. I have nothing going on tonight and I would like to open the restaurant as soon as possible.”

   “I would like that also. Spring is when many weddings are held. If we can establish ourselves in the next couple months it would be advantageous. I was thinking the restaurant could provide catering, both the food and the wedding cake and desserts.

I’m not sure if you are aware but the cost of a wedding cake can be up to 500,000 and the cost for ingredients is neglible. The main selling factor is of course the taste and decoration. I will be honest I didn’t graduate but I attended culinary school in Italy and have confidence in my ability. I have many repeat customers and I get new customers by word of mouth.”

  He looks at Sara with some admiration that she would realize catering weddings is very profitable. “Miss Song, I am in total agreement with you. I have tasted your strawberry cream cake if you recall and I thought it was very delicious. I don’t care for sweets but it was light and not greasy. I saw on your blog several wedding cakes you made and I thought the decoration was delicate and beautiful.” 

  “Thank you. Of course those cakes were for smaller weddings. I was thinking there are three big weddings coming up late Spring. Unfortunately I have no way to stop this unholy marriage, Harborview Hotel is both the site and the caterer for the Zhou- Zheng wedding.Han Bi occasionally helps out at her brother’s hotel so she told me. The other two I I think are undecided. During wedding season there must be more for sure. Those are just examples.”

  “You put some thought into this.”

  “Well, I can’t tell you how excited I am to have this opportunity. It has always been my dream to own a Bakery Cafe. But I think sharing with you will be better. You are experienced and well known and I just want to bake. Really I want to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming haha! Working alongside an unbelievably handsome andtalented man like you who wouldn’t be excited! Haha.”

“You think I am good looking?”

“Of course. You could be a model eith that face and perfect body.”

  Wang Xiaoming laughs loudly at her unfiltered praise. Looking at her clear and innocent crystal blue eyes he warns Sara. “Haven’t you heard of my reputation? I am often told that I have ice water running through my veins.  My nickname, The Ice Chef? That I have no patience, a bad temper and my standards are too high?”

   Sara waves her hand in an exaggerated motion.“Rumors..only baseless rumors from jealous chefs who can’t compare!”

    He has a genuine smile and his eyes are twinkling from her amusing gesture. “You are quite the little flatterer.”

   Sara laughs, “Of course I have to have my partner’s back.”

   They look at the blueprints and Wang Xiaoming is surprised Sara can read them. She explains with the various projects under construction by Zhou Group she has had to learn.

  Sara points to the two offices, “Wang Xiaoming if we share an office, we could use the other room for cake samplings and to do presentations for clients. It could be comfortably decorated to create a relaxed atmosphere.” She looks up and meets his eyes,“You know, like in a high end boutique they take you to a private room, bring tea or wine and snacks. I have only been a few times but I felt special. Their attentive behavior made me feel I would disappoint them if I didn’t buy…buy… buy. Being pampered  made me forget I can’t afford their prices hahaha. Also rich people expect that sort of treatment. When you take your girlfriend shopping isn’t that true?”

“…” He watches Sara cheerful chatter and thinks she is very cute. It will be fun to work with this interesting girl. She is really different…very honest and straightforward. “I don’t have a girlfriend but I agree with your idea.”

  Sara looks surprised, “Isn’t that French fashion model Claudette your girlfriend?”

  “No. We are friends, the media likes to pair us because we attend events together.”

 “She is really gorgeous! When I was in Milan I went to the Chanel show with Long An and Claudette was modeling. She is so tall and sophisticated while walking the runway in unbelievabe high heels thin as chopsticks. I was envious.”

  “You and Li Tian’s fiancee are friends?”

  “Umm..definitely not. It is a long story.” Milan is where all my bad luck started. Forced to accompany Long An..the Bellini Auction.. Sara unconsciously shivers, recalling the nightmarish trip abroad with Li Tian and Long An. “Anyway, what did you have in mind for the restaurant decor? I trust your judgment and will accept whatever you choose. Really I just want the room to meet clients and a nice size workspace. Since you accepted my vision I will definitely accept yours.”

  He pats her head, “Song Sara, I want the restaurant to reflect both of us.” He is shocked he feels this way but the more he talks to Sara the more he appreciates her somewhat childish attitude.

  “I am serious. You are well travelled and know better than I what the restaurant should look like. I would like to see your design ideas but I won’t interfere.”

  “I will forward the color scheme and layout after I discuss with an interior designer I know. I appreciate your confidence in me but I am not an interior designer.”

  “Wang Xiaoming have you considered a name for our restaurant?”

  Wang Xiaoming doesn’t realize it himself but his eyes are filled with affection when he hears Sara say ‘our restaurant.’

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  1. Han Weisheng is a cunning beetle, he has so many famous friends and he knows so much about them… I hope he will keep quiet. ha ha


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