Going to Dinner

   When Sara gets home she smiles while pouring a cup of warm water, Leo Cadieux…if I had a brother I would like him to be just like Leo He is very thoughtful and gentle. She tears open the packet of medicinal herbs the doctor gave her at the hospital. While she is stirring the powder into the water the apartment door swings open. Han Bi drags her suitcase into the living room then runs over to the kitchen and hugs Sara, “Sweetie! You are finally back.” She lets go and grabs a bottle of water. Leaning back on the kitchen counter she gulps down the water, “I want to hear all about your trip!”

   Sara sips her tea and notices the door Bi left open suddenly closes. ??? Is there a breeze in the hallway?  The guard hidden outside thinks no wonder the boss is worried, they are a couple of idiots… leaving a door wide open in this neighborhood. Sara walks over to the couch, “Nothing eventful.”

   Bi joins her on the couch, “Did you get to walk around Paris like you wanted?”

   “No time. Too much work.” Well, I went to an art gallery anyway… then I was assaulted and had to go to the hospital. Tortured by Li Tian…Assaulted..  Kidnapped…Abandoned…  Hahaha..was a miserable trip all around! The only bright spot was meeting Leo Cadieux.

  “How is your family?”

  “It was nice to see all my brothers. It isn’t often the whole family can get together because everyone is so busy. Chao was in town for a concert so he was able to come to dinner. Tiefeng and his wife brought my nephew…oh my God! The little bun is so fat and cute. Weisheng was In a bad mood because my mother set him up with a blind date. I guess the girl is really clingy and annoying. Chang is staying in China indefinitely, he is coming to Catang next week.”I will tell her the good news later...she will be so excited! Bi opens a bag of snacks and Sara quickly snatches it away. ” You will spoil your appetite for dinner.”

  “Give them back! We are just going out to a noodle shop. A small bag of chips won’t spoil my appetite for a bowl of beef noodles.”

  “ Well I have a little surprise for you. When I was in Paris I met an interesting man, Leo Cadieux. He is in town for business and invited us to join him for dinner at Ming’s restaurant.”

“I don’t want to drive to Bashu City! I just got back.”

Sara rubs Bi’s hair, “Don’t be silly, it’s a new restaurant the owner of Ming’s opened downtown.”

 “Really? I’ve always wanted to eat there, I wonder if it’s as good as the original restaurant?

 “I would think so. But,anyway that’s not the point, his business associate who is also coming to dinner is your boss Fang Yunxian.”

   Bi tosses the spicy chip in her hand onto the table and wipes her hands on her shirt. She blushes, “CEO Fang is going to be there?”

  “Uh huh.. Do you want to go? If you rather eat noodles..”

   Bi smiles brightly, “Do you even need to ask?” She pats her cheeks, “What time? I’m going to have to put on a moisturizing mask and call over a stylist.”


  Bi rushes out of the living room and turns around when she reaches her bedroom door. “Oh Sara I almost forgot. Open my suitcase. I brought you a present.”

  “I will wait. You can give it to me later.”

  Sara walks to her bedroom and calls Leo. “My roommate said thank you for the invitation. She is looking forward to meeting you.”

   He crosses his legs and lazily looks at the medical report from the hospital in his hand. “My pleasure. I am also looking forward to meeting your friend. Call the driver when you are ready.”

  “I will.” I am not going to decline his offer, the poor guy’s wife needs an operation.

  Li Tian is in his office at the Black Jade Club. He is pacing like a ferocious leopard in front of a terrified reporter sitting on the couch. He was furious when he saw the media coverage of his upcoming marriage to Long An. Yang James traced the original source to this man. 

  The middle aged reporter’s hands are sweating. He was liesurely walking down the sidewalk when two muscular men grabbed him. He couldn’t struggle as they smashed his camera on the ground then threw him into the backseat of a black Escalade. Terrified, he kept asking where they were taking him but never received a reply. He even considered jumping out of the car at a red light but the doors were locked. Now he is facing Li Tian and realizes he made a big mistake taking that money.

   Li Tian leans down while holding a shiny black dagger in his hands, “Do you think I am making an idle threat?” He runs the dull side of the blade down the man’s cheek.

  “No..no..I just really don’t know. I received cash from a man yesterday. He said to release the footage and photos today when I got a call. CEO Li I..I had no idea there would be a problem!”

  “Let me see your phone.”

  He fumbles in his pocket and takes out his phone.“The man called from a blocked number.”

 Li Tian takes the phone then hands it to Kang Mingshun,”Find him.”

   Kang Mingshun leaves, the best person to call to retrieve the information is Sun Peizhi but will he do it? He doesn’t work for CEO Li anymore. Well, I will give it a try.

     The reporter blurts out, “How can you.. The number is blocked.”

    Li Tian growls, “Did I tell you to speak?” He walks over and pours a glass of whisky…the fire…the arms deal..now the fake news about my wedding.. Who would benefit? Long An and Zhou Lanfen wouldn’t have the nerve to leak this information. They know the consequences of fucking with me. I can have the reporter make a statement claiming the pictures were photoshopped but I want to know who is behind this bullshit!

   The reporter is frightened out of his mind, I need to think of something the man looks insane! He said if this this isn’t resolved he will personally gouge out my eyes.. I really think he would do it! Trembling, the man’s voice sounds weak, “Ah..CEO Li..I don’t know if this will be of help but..when the man …well… It sounded like he was in a hospital. I could hear a doctor being paged in the background.”

  Li Tian raises his eyebrow and his face turns black, a hospital? In a violent rage he hurls the glass of whisky in his hand. It whizzes past the man’s head and the crystal glass smashes into the wall. Whisky and ice cubes land on the man and shattered glass is all over the floor. He storms out of his office and rushes down the stairs taking three steps at a time The answer was right in front of my face..FUCK! I will kill that little motherf****r.

   When he gets to his Bugatti Veyron he calls Chen Wu, “ Scare the shit out of that little weasel reporter, have him confess he was paid. I want it all to disappear. All evidence, posts, reposts, comments on Weibo, everything! Immediately! Maybe Song Sara hasn’t seen it yet.

  He dials Tiang Qiang… no answer. What is going on with him. He calls again …no answer. Tang Qiang!

Tang Qiang is unconscious on the ground behind some bushes on the side of the private clinic.After he stepped out of the SUV for a little fresh air and to smoke a cigarette he was knocked out by one of Leo’s men.

   Li Tian decides to go to his villa and change clothes. He calls Kang Mingshun, “Where the fuck is Tang Qiang?”

  “I thought he was watching the clinic.”

   Li Tian slams his hand on the steering wheel as he races down the highway. “He didn’t answer. What do I pay you incompetent assholes for anyway? Where the hell is Song Sara?”

   “I will find her.”

   “I expect Song Sara’s exact location within the hour. Or don’t appear in front of me again.”

    Sara looks at her watch and calls out to Bi, “Are you almost ready?”

    “Not too much longer.”

    Sara is wearing a chic beige cashmere dress and short black boots. She has her long black hair curled and swept to the side with a diamond and gold barrette that Bi gave her for her last birthday. She lifts her hair and puts on a pair of delicate gold earrings. Satisfied, she picks up her small black purse and walks to the living room. This is the first time since I got on that plane to Milan with that unbelievably annoying… perverted…heartless…unreliable man I feel like myself. Bi comes out of the bedroom followed by her stylist, Nadia.

   Bi twirls around, “What do you think?”

   “You look amazing.” She sees Nadia walking behind Bi. The three of them went to University together and are good friends.”Wow! Nadia, I love the sparkly blue eyeshadow, is that new?”

   “Yes. It is from a new cosmetic company, Allure. I think their gold eyeshadow would look great on you. Come here.. let me do your makeup.”

   “No, I don’t want to bother you.”

    She takes Sara’s hand.“No bother.” She smiles, “Actually, I’m glad you are back from your business trip. I wanted to ask you if you could bake a cake for my boyfriend’s birthday.”

    “Sure. When is Hao’s birthday?”

   “Friday. Come and sit.” Nadia takes out her brushes and makeup from a brown leather bag. “You look a little pale, do you mind if I apply a little blush.”

   “Okay. What kind of cake does he like?”

   Nadia expertly applies light makeup to Sara then dots the gold eyeshadow across her eyelid to the corner of her eyes. “Chocolate…definitely chocolate cake. Sara I know you don’t like to wear makeup but I think a little eyeliner would be good. This collection is fragrance free and hypo allergenic. I have always wanted to do your makeup.”

  Sara is in a good mood, her eyes bend into a crescent shape , “Why not!”

   When Nadia finishes she holds up a mirror so Sara can see, “What do you think?”

  “Nadia you are so talented! I really love it. The makeup is delicate and very beautiful.”

  “I always love doing Bi’s makeup because she has an aggressive seductive beauty. Your face looks innocent and pure but with makeup you look like an irresistable fairy.”

   Bi nods her head, “You look really gorgeous.”

   Sara blushes and takes both their hands. “Thanks, It is good to be home and with my friends.”

  Nadia packs up her bag,”Let’s take a selfie.”

  The three of them stand together and Bi makes a heart sign. Nadia says, ” One more… just you two put your heads together” then snaps the picture.

  Bi looks at Nadia’s phone, “Send them to me. I want to post on Wechat.”

  Nadia sends them to Bi’s phone, “Sara, can I pick the cake up at about four on Friday?”

 “Yeah, text when you are on your way.”

  After Nadia leaves Sara takes out the card the driver gave her earlier, “Can you pick us up now?”

 “Yes. I will be there in ten minutes.”

  Bi looks at Sara with an incredulous expression, “You called a driver?”

  “Well, Mr. Cadieux told me to call his driver.”

  ??? Who is this man?

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