Sparks Fly

  Sara and Bi walk downstairs when the driver calls to say he has  arrived. Sara pulls up the collar of her coat, “Brrr…So cold. I think it is going to snow tonight.”

  The driver opens the door of the silver Bentley and they get into the backseat. Fu Chian’s eyes are riveted on Han Bi, her face looks alot like Fox way..haha.. CEO Cadieux would never associate with a gamer girl.

  Bi nudges Sara, “Who is this man, Leo Cadieux?”

  “I met him in Paris. He is an art dealer and owns part of a club, Alexandre’s.”

  The driver smirks,  like I thought… this girl is really naive…a little idiot!

  “Didn’t you say you flew back with him? How could an art dealer have a private plane?”

  “Well, I didn’t ask. Maybe he has other businesses. He did invest in Wang’s Private Clinic.”

   “Is he interested in you?”

   “ we just hit it off from the first time we met. You will like him. He is very gentle and thoughtful…extremely handsome.”

   The driver coughs…Gentle? Thoughtful? The man is a cold hearted killer. He has absolutely no sense of right or wrong. I have worked for him for five years, he is a ruthless maniac. Why are women so easy to deceive… He laughs, because the Boss is ‘extremely’ handsome and rich.Too bad he is also ‘extremely’ insane.

   “How old is he?”

  “I think about our age. He is transferring to A University for his postgraduate studies.”

  “ he a second generation rich guy? That would explain having his own plane.”

   “I don’t know anything about his family.” Sara can’t help but smile, “Bi, no more questions!”

Bi puffs her cheeks out, “I haven’t asked half the questions I have about this man you suddenly befriended!”

   “You will like him. Oh…one thing..don’t be shocked when you see his eyes. I think they are very beautiful but he says some people won’t make eye contact. I’m letting you know so you aren’t surprised.”

  “Oh my God! Is he blind!”

   Sara starts laughing uncontrollaby, she holds her side, ” Bi, If he is blind how could he evaluate art and be an art dealer.”

  “Right! Hahaha.”

   Fu Chian looks in the rear view mirror and sees Han Bi slap her head while giggling, “Duhhh…haha.”

He has a slight smile listening to the two girls in the backseat, being a driver isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. They are cute.

  Sara continues, “I was going to say Leo Cadieux has two different colored eyes, his right eye is green and his left eye is blue.”

   “I don’t think that is a big deal. My favorite anime character has two different colored eyes, one is brown and the other red. I think it is cool!”


   Fu Chian puts his hand over his mouth as he chuckles, Song Sara”s friend is really funny…my favorite anime character..haha. But, now that I hear her voice she isn’t Fox Fairy.

  They pull up to Ming’s restaurant and Fu Chian opens the back door. Sara and Bi smile prettily at him and in unison say, “Thank you!” as they step onto the sidewalk.

   Bi pulls Sara along, “That driver is very handsome.”

  “Yeah, don’t get any ideas he is married. Poor guy. He is a driver cause he isn’t strong enough to be a bodyguard like his brother that works for Mr. Cadieux. His wife needs an expensive operation.”

      Fu Chian hasn’t left, he is getting a cigarette out of his pocket. Bi pulls out a wad of cash from her purse and hurries to the driver side as he opens his lighter. He rolls down the window, “Something.”

    Bi takes the lighter then shoves the money into his hand, “For your wife’s operation.” She curls his fingers around the money as he tries to give it back. “Stay strong.”  Bi grins opening her cherry red lips showing her perfect white teeth dazzling him for a moment,  “I will pray for you and your wife at the Temple”, she tosses the lighter onto the passenger seat then hurries away as a car behind the Bentley honks.

   Fu Chian’s ruggedly handsome face turns beet red, he is rendered speechless while staring at the stack of money. What the fuck! He wants to get out and return the money but the light changed and there is too much traffic to open the door. I will give it to the Boss to give back to the little is his fault they think I am a poor man with a sick wife…of course if I want to live I won’t say that..

   Leo is playing a game on his phone when there is a knock on the private room’s door. He nods to his bodyguard to answer when he hears Sara’s voice. Sara and Bi walk into the luxurious room and Bi sighs, “Really beautiful!”

   Leo’s thin lips curl up into a slight arc as he teases Bi, “Thank you.”

   Bi’s cheeks turn red, what a shameless guy! “Not you! The room!”

   Sara pulls on Bi’s coat and whispers, “He is just being playful.” She knows Bi is sensitive to teasing,particularly from a stranger. “Mr. Cadieux… Leo…this is my best friend and roommate Han Bi.”

 “Miss Han, Sara, please sit down.”

  Sara and Bi take off their coats and hand them to the bodyguard who has his hand outstretched. Leo appreciates beauty and both women look stunning, “I’m a very lucky man to be in the presence of two incredibly beautiful women tonight. Thank you for joining me for dinner. Fang Yunxian will be here shortly, what would you like to drink?”

  Bi thinks Leo has redeemed himself by saying they are beautiful. Since he is Sara’s friend I will let it go. She sees his phone sitting on the table as she sits down. She impulsively comments, “You play Legends of the Jianghu?”

  Leo cocks his eyebrow surprised she knows of the game it is only being distributed to a limited number of players. “You are familiar?”

  Bi hesitates then answers,”A little.” She is one of the top players and livestreams under the name Fox Fairy.

   Leo stares at Bi surprised she has access to ‘Legends of the Jianghu’ Bi stares at him because he really is a beautiful man. Sara wasn’t stretching the truth… his eyes are like sparkling jewels…crazy beautiful!

    Sara feels her stomach gurgling, is it from the medicinal tea? “I am going to the restroom.” She notices them staring intensely at each other, “You two play nice.haha..”

   After Sara leaves Leo picks up his phone, “What do you think of the game?” He invested in a game company called, FCG, this is their latest game. Since he was waiting he decided to check it out.

  Bi takes a sip of water,  “Hmm.. It is fun to play.”

    “Let me ask you a question, if you wanted to defeat the Immortal Xiandu what weapon would you choose?” He hasn’t been able to get past this level after several tries.

   “Xiandu? Well since he wields the Seven Ice Blades, most players would definitely choose the Demon Assassin Nightfire whose weapon is the Black Fire Spear . But, I think the little fairy Alette who follows Starfire has the best ability to defeat him. She is small and fast, she can slip through his Seven Ice Blades and use her White Jade Dagger to strike a fatal blow. There is also a glitch in the software when Xiandu spins before he flies to the clouds. There is a delay of a second when his sword can’t separate. You can also strike him then, but I like Alette she is so cute with her little silver wings and sparkling blue dress.”


Bi can see the skepticism in his eyes,  I will show this arrogant Young Master! She pulls her chair next to him, “Don’t believe me? Give me your phone.”

   Leo raises his eyebrow and hands her his phone. He is leaning over Bi’s arm watching her play when Sara comes into the room. Bi looks guilty and immediately tosses Leo the phone. He is impressed Bi killed the Immortal guarding the gate and moved to the next level. 

    Sara saw Bi playing a game on Leo’s phone when she came into the room. “Oh…you two have something in common, playing video games. Leo, Bi is very well…” Bi coughs while looking at Sara with a strange expression. Bi doesn’t want Sara to tell Leo she is a well known gamer. She typically plays on at her desk when she finishes her work. She is overqualified for her job as a secretary so she can easily whip through the paperwork. The only reason she works at Fang Group is so she can see Fang Yunxian every day. The livestream is for fun when she is bored.

   Sara knows that look so she doesn’t continue. Leo can sense Bi is anxious for some reason, Interesting girl. 

   Before the conversation continues there is noise outside the door. Leo motions to his bodyguard to check it out. As the bodyguard opens the door Li Tian casually strides into the room, “Leo, thank you for the invitation.” He greets Sara and Bi, “ Miss Song..Miss Han.”

   Li Tian pulls out a chair and sits down then languidly stretches out his long legs. Sara stares wide eyed at Leo with an incredulous expression on her pale face. No..Leo would never invite Li Tian! He is lying!

Leo doesn’t want to frighten Sara and Bi by showing the rage he is feeling inside right now. The two girls would be reluctant to move in with me after they receive the demolition notice. I want my sister to live with me. Before I make a move lets see what the arrogant bastard has up his sleeve. He sips his red wine then calmly controls the tone of his voice, “I don’t recall sending you one, that seat is for Fang Yunxian.”  Leo’s two bodyguards are looking at him for the sign to throw Li Tian out.

  Li Tian has a sarcastic smile, “Well, maybe it was from Alexandre, where is he anyway?” He looks around the room but his eyes linger on Sara with a scorching hot gaze. He clenches his fists under the table until his knuckles turn white. She looks incredibly beautiful.. The glimmering gold eyeshadow makes her crystal blue eyes look like sparkling stars…her soft cashmere dress is clinging to her breasts… her softly curled hair… A dark fire rolls in the bottom of his eyes. What the fuck is this…a goddam double fucking date! I want to grab the little demoness and take her to my bed and punish the little thing all night. How dare Song Sara block me…hide from me…and be with this crazy maniac. She has no idea that underneath that gentle appearance he is a black hearted killer. She is so stupid to be fooled by him! 

  Leo narrows his eyes behind his glasses, Alexandre wouldn’t have the balls to leak any information to Li Tian. The atmosphere between the two men is extremely volatile. Leo can barely contain his anger. He is about to explode noticing the lustful gleam in Li Tian’s eyes while staring at Sara. You fucking beast! I want to gouge your fucking eyes out for devouring my little sister with that look!

Sara can feel Leo’s body stiffen and his aura is blackening. She reaches under the table and puts her hand on Leo’s tensed hand, she doesn’t want him to do anything rash on her behalf. This is Li Tian’s town and Leo is at a severe disadvantage. Leo suddenly smiles knowing Li Tian saw Sara’s concerned expression and intimate gesture, “Paris.  Since you are here, what would you like to drink.”

   Sara’s heart is racing, I knew I would have to see him while working on the Mega Mall project but this is too unexpected. Why would he barge in here?  I am not going to be intimidated by him! He is a business associate of Leo’s. I’m sure he can’t be rude to him. Shameless bastard! 

   She takes a deep breath to calm her nerves. She feels relieved when Leo’s aura turns a light gray as she tightly holds his hand. She doesn’t want Bi to worry and she doesn’t want Leo to get into any mishaps because of her. Sara forces herself to smile brightly at Li Tian, “CEO Li, long time no see.”

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  1. Hahaha nice conversation between best friend and twin brother. Gaming always has a way to be the best I’ve breaker!


      1. He is a little pissed off ‘too weak to be a bodyguard’ he is a martial artist…’sick wife’ he is a single guy..’poor’ he invested in FCG. when they first started he is a millionaire but likes the excitement of working for Leo…haha..I think he will have a crush on Bi …😳


      2. Can’t blame him. And I have no doubt when he finds out she’s his favourite streamer that’ll just add fuel to the crush.


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