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 LiMei is exhausted after Rui vigorously ‘convinces’ her to move into his villa After she falls asleep again Rui covers her with the blanket then calls Xinghi, “Come in two hours, LiMei is still sleeping, she needs her rest.”

   Xinghi and Dr. Woo are discussing the situation while sitting in Rui’s office. Xinghi reluctantly agrees. When he hangs up he asks Dr. Woo, “What do you think that brat is planning? He said he won’t tamper with Daiyu’s memories again but can I trust him?”

  “If Qiao Rui gave you his word you can trust him to comply. He has to realize she is in a fragile mental state. It is essential  to restore her memories, no person can live with a false identity indefinitely.”

  Xinghi crushes out a cigarette in the ashtray, “Xixin, my impression of Qiao Rui previously was that he was a cold expressionless prick. I never saw him display any emotions. I always believed that his detached personality  is what made him such an excellent doctor with an unrivaled success rate. Difficult cases no one else wanted to touch he would accept as a challenge…the results were well…  unbelievably high by any standard. He was never afraid to use experimental techniques when he operated, as though whether the patient lived or died was of no concern to him. He seemed to lack basic human emotions… a sense of humanity. But, when I heard the desperation in his voice when he thought Daiyu might leave him… then the uncontrollable rage in his pitch black eyes..well…he didn’t look like the same person.”

  Dr. Woo treated Rui for his inability to harness his inner rage. When Rui was in High School he took him as a disciple and they lived in the mountains. It was during this time he taught Rui to meditate to calm his inner demons. “I think ‘Feng LiMei’ is the only person Qiao Rui has ever given his heart to completely. After his mother died when he was young he closed his heart, his brother Delun is probably an exception too. He has always had a good relationship with him but..Feng LiMei is like an obsession.”

  “He wants to be in the room when I hypnotize Daiyu but I’m not sure that is a good idea. I agreed or otherwise I think he would have lost control.”

  Woo Xixin sips his tea that is getting cold, “I will be there too. I will keep an eye on him.”

  “Well, I think Daiyu is still in danger because she is Subject 456. I have major regrets that I used the little girl in my experiments. Kuang Fu was firm on Qin Daiyu being the first experimental subject, she wasn’t my first choice. But when it was decided  I was impressed with her skills, at the time I felt it would give her an extra layer of protection being in the Black Sky Organization. I don’t think anyone could have predicted she would escape and create a new identity for herself. When I saw her with Kuang Fu she was very docile and obedient. I never considered the ramifications if her regenerative capability was discovered. If she can restore her memories she will be able to protect herself.”

  Dr. Woo responds, “The perfect scenario would be that she integrates the two personalities, retains her skills and memories of the past but lives a simple life like Feng LiMei. There is no upside to returning to being Qin Daiyu.”

  Xinghi lights another cigarette, “Kuang Bo forced his brother Fu to give up on bringing Qin Daiyu back and seeking revenge. If her identity as Subject 456 can remain hidden there is no reason for not to lead a normal life. I have my men trying to find out who was behind kidnapping Daiyu from the Jewelry Competition. Unfortunately, all the evidence in the warehouse/lab was destroyed in the explosion.”

   Rui’s secretary Bai Chiyu enters the office and is surprised to see the two men. She recognizes Dr. Woo, “Where is Dr. Qiao?”

 Dr. Woo answers, “He is checking on a patient.”

 “Do you know which patient? I wasn’t aware he returned to the hospital this morning.”

 “You can call him. I don’t know.”

 She sits at her desk and dials his number. That is strange he isn’t answering. She hangs up, “Is he coming back to the office?” If Dr. Qiao is back he can deal with his stepmother. She has been hounding me non stop.”

   Rui has finished taking a bath with LiMei and is drying her hair when there is a knock at the door. Delun brought the clothes he requested. He knocks again, “Rui,  let me in… I want to see Feng LiMei.”

  Rui opens the door slightly, “No.” He takes the clothes  and shuts the door.

  “…” Delun knows his brother’s temper so he isn’t surprised. After he leaves Wu Pei looks at Hak Byung-soo, “Isn’t that Qiao Rui’s brother?” Morgan had shown him pictures of the people surrounding Rui.

  “Yeah, I told you CEO Qiao is crazy when it comes to Feng LiMei.”

   LiMei heard Delun’s voice, “Rui, why didn’t you let Delun come in?”

   “Dr. Huang will be here soon. You need to get dressed.”

   “Rui, I am a little nervous.”

  He holds her hand and lifts her chin then tenderly kisses her lips, “I will be with you there is no reason to be afraid.” Rui hands her the bag of clothes then watches LiMei get dressed. He kisses her neck and zips up the back of the dress. He lifts her hair and whispers in her ear, ‘Baby, tell me you love me.”

  LiMei turns around and wraps her arms around his neck, she gazes deeply into his eyes “Rui, I love you… you are mine and I am yours forever.”

   Rui is satisfied with her answer, he passionately kisses LiMei  and hugs her tighter, wanting to mold her beautiful body into his bones. He inhales her intoxicating scent and his deep voice is filled with emotion as he presses his lips on her ear, “Don’t ever forget those words.” Rui holds her small delicate face in his hands while tenderly kissing her forehead, eyebrows and the tip of her nose, “You are mine…only mine.”

  There is a knock at the door and LiMei looks up at Rui with a frightened expression. Her soft voice trembles, “I…I  changed my mind, I don’t want to do it.”

  Rui is tempted to say then don’t but he knows she needs therapy. He picks up the brush on the nightstand and fixes her hair into a high ponytail. “Trust me. If you are at all uncomfortable I will tell him to stop.”

  Reassured Rui will protect her, LiMei holds his hand. “Okay.”

  Rui walks over and opens the door, Xinghi and Dr. Woo enter the room. Xinghi greets LiMei, “Miss Feng.”

  “Hello Dr. Huang.”

   He gives Rui a warning look then says, “Dr. Qiao, if you want to observe I will need you to stay towards the back of the room out of Miss Feng’s sight. ”

  LiMei looks at Rui then tightens her grip on his hand, “Dr. Huang, I want Rui to stay by me.”

  ‘Miss Feng, if that is the case I will need to put you into a deep sleep. Seeing Qiao Rui might inhibit your ability to focus.”

  Now she is conflicted, she wants to be conscious so she can be in control. She lets go of Rui’s hand, “Allright.”

  Xinghi props up the pillows on the bed. “Sit on the bed and we can begin.”

  “I need a drink of water first.”

  Rui hands her a bottle of water and she takes several gulps. He brushes her hair behind her ear, “Baby, don’t worry. I’m here.”

   After he kisses her forehead she calms down, “I’m ready.”  

   Xinghi takes out an unusual piece of carved black jade. He hands the amulet to LiMei, “Relax and rub your finger the jade amulet , can you see the carving on it?”


   “Concentrate on counting the number of lotus blossoms you can see.”

   “I see one…two..three..fourrr…fiii…” LiMei closes her eyes and drops the rare black jade onto the bed.

   Xinghi waits a few moments then says, “You can open your eyes.”

   LiMei flutters her eyelashes, “Can’t.”

  “Try harder.”

  “Don’t want to.”


  “Good dream.”

  “Tell me about your dream.”

  LiMei’s eyes remain shut but she smiles exposing her cute dimples. “Secret.”

  “You can tell me.”

  LiMei scrunches up her nose and furrows her eyebrows in her dreamlike state. ‘Noisy! Uncle Xinghi! You are ruining my sweet dream!” 

   “You recognize my voice?”

   “Why wouldn’t I?”

      “…” Rui and Dr. Woo are watching from a short distance away.  Rui clenches his fist at his side. LiMei recognizes Xinghi’s voice? She is Qin Daiyu! Dr. Woo feels the dangerous aura surrounding Rui. He holds onto Rui’s arm, in a low voice he says,”Don’t disturb them. He has barely begun.”

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      1. Well, can’t exactly blame. I mean there’s a chance LiMei may forget him, there’s a chance she’ll be pregnant very soon. Poor Rui is under a lot of stress 🤣👏🏽


      2. Hahaha.. For some reason I went back and read the chapters when they first met. It has been a wild ride for those two so far!


      3. Lol it was completely unexpected from him hitting her with his car, to him attempting to entrap her with memory manipulation and a shotgun pregnant…the humour is not loss on me 😂!! But they’re both such romantics about it so there’s a splash of adorable-ness in the comedy of it all.


      4. I think fate really brought them together. He went from so cold to a hot mess…haha. 😰 I think he is cute ❤


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