Drive To Villa

This chapter is for 18+

    After LiMei and Rui check on Song Sara they leave the hospital. Rui considers Morgan’s advice to return to Pushong City immediately but he needs to pick up several items from the villa. He decides he can cancel the meeting scheduled with Biotech. I should give LiMei a thorough check up at my hospital, she is pale and although she says she no longer has a headache I am concerned.

  He calls the airport to have his plane ready in three hours as they drive to his villa. “Hak Byung-soo, you are coming to Pushong City to guard Feng LiMei with Cheng. I spoke to Rene. He doesn’t need you until he leaves for Thailand.”

  When Hak Byung-soo hears this he curses under his breath.Motherf****r! I don’t want to go to Pushong City but I have no choice but to follow Rene’s orders.  Morgan is driving, the car swerves when Rui assigns Hak Byung-soo to guard LiMei instead of him. “Sorry, there was a branch in the road.”

  Hak Byung-soo looks at Morgan, bullshit…there was nothing in the road. I can see by the expression on your iceberg face you are angry that you are not on Feng LiMei’s security detail. 

  LiMei is half asleep in the back seat lying in Rui’s arms. Because LiMei is vulnerable in her present semi conscious state LingLing takes advantage and tries to take over. She is furious, stupid man! You can’t take my Morgan away! How will I see him! LiMei flutters her dense black eyelashes. She doesn’t know why but she doesn’t want Morgan replaced. She sleepily gazes up at Rui, “Rui..I want Morgan as a bodyguard, I feel safe when he is guarding me and well…I don’t think Hak Byung-soo likes me.”

   Hak Byung-soo clenches his jaw and suppresses the urge to reach back and strangle LiMei. Little bitch! What the hell! Why did you say that to the Boss!

  Rui has a faint smile, I know, that is why I am assigning him to guard you. Rui’s jealousy flared up when LiMei was praising Morgan after the rescue. I think after Morgan rescued you that you might… well.. I know Morgan wouldn’t develop feelings for you with his cold and alienated personality but… I made my decision. “LiMei, Hak Byung-soo is an excellent bodyguard. I need Morgan. I have my reasons.”

    Hak Byung-soo breathes a sigh of relief, I thought CEO Qiao would be angry..seems like he doesn’t care that the little nuisance doesn’t like me.  

    LingLing’s commanding voice is inside of LiMei’s head urging, “CONVINCE HIM!”

   LiMei suddenly stares at Morgan driving, “I am going back to work at Chen Group when we get back. You said that I can’t take the bus to work and I don’t think Hak Byung-soo is familiar with Pushong City…ummm..or even has a driver’s license.”

  Hak Byung-soo’s lips twitch, I have a fucking driver’s license and how hard is it to navigate a small city like Pushong! The little slut just wants Morgan around to tease! The poor guy he is a newbie to love and defenseless to her charm! I need to step up for him.He calmy replies, “Miss Feng, I have a driver’s license and there is GPS in the car.”

  Morgan’s slight smile thinking LiMei wants him to guard her disappears listening to Hak Byung-soo’s response. What the fuck! Shut up!  Morgan lifts his palm up on the steering wheel, angrily sending a wave of his internal energy directly to the passenger seat. The temperature drops to freezing in the front seat and Hak Byung-soo feels suffocated. 

    Hak Byung-soo coughs,  Brother, I know you are pissed off but I’m doing this for you! You don’t need to guard this little seductress! She is destroying you! You are Lin fucking Morgan ! A badass…a fucking souless killing machine!

   Now Rui is convinced LiMei is developing an attachment to Morgan. Morgan is too good of a bodyguard to dismiss but he needs to put a distance between them. Rui leans down and kisses LiMei, “Be a good girl.” He gently touches her cheek, “You can’t go back to work right away. I need to give you a full examination at the hospital to find out the cause of your headaches.”

  “I only had a slight headache, the doctor said I am fine. I don’t want to lose my job.” Although Chen Jianyu can be sooo annoying I Iike Nuying and the work is easy. “I am looking forward to going to Shingu Island again.”

   “ Baby, it can’t be considered a slight headache, you fainted. When we were in the cabin you also had a headache and fainted. I will only feel at ease if I run some tests.” Shingu Island? I don’t think so! He recalls the last time they were on the Island and Leng Shuai. Luckily he heard Leng Shuai was forced to return to Chinese Intelligence for the time being. “Jianyu will understand your health comes first.”

     LiMei snuggles into his warm embrace smelling his distinct masculine scent. As she listens to Rui’s calming voice and he tenderly kisses her she feels safe so LingLing begins to fade. Ohhhh…the little girl is getting stronger as the stupid man coaxes her with his pampering tone.. Morgan looks upset …don’t worry I will be back!

    Rui tells Morgan to put up the partition between the seats for privacy, “Baby, I need to be assured there is nothing wrong with you.” He lifts her chin and lovingly gazes into her beautiful green eyes, “I shouldn’t have let you out of my sight.” He possessively wraps his arms tighter around her petite body. “I was too careless…if anything happened to you I..”

   LiMei stops him, “Rui, it wasn’t your fault. Who would have thought someone would kidnap Song Sara and me from the backstage of such a big event. Do you have any idea why someone would kidnap us?”

   LiMei must still not remember she is Subject 456. Now is not the time to say anything. I will have Dr. Woo examine LiMei also, it might be time to restore her memories. “No. I will investigate after we return to China.”

   LiMei leans on his chest listening to his heartbeat, “Rui..”

   He plays with a strand of her loose black hair while looking at her biting her lower lip and furrowing her eyebrows, she is so fucking cute! “Hmm?”

   “Don’t be mad at me.. I lost the beautiful Pink Lotus Necklace and bracelet you gave me. I know it must have been very expensive. I am so sorry.”

  “Is that why you look so worried? Haha..the necklace and bracelet are in your purse that you left on the couch.You took them off probably before you modeled the Midnight Lover’s necklace. Even if you did lose the jewelry I wouldn’t care..there is nothing in the world that is precious to me except you LiMei.”

   He gently kisses her forehead then her lush eyelashes, her soft cheeks finally her soft pink lips. Rui licks then nibbles on her sensitive earlobe and his warm breath makes LiMei quiver. He smiles at her adorable reaction as his breath tickles her neck. “Baby, I love you…”

   “Rui…you are so good to me.” 

   He has a devilish grin while teasing LiMei, “Baby, I want to be good to you right now..” He puts his hand under her thin dress caressing her thigh and he kisses her deeply . His low voice sounds seductive as he whispers in her ear, “Can I?”

  She can feel his hardness under her bottom and she is getting turned on from his kisses. LiMei blushes and giggles, “Can.”

Morgan is going crazy thinking about LiMei and Rui having sex in the back seat. He notices Hak Byung-soo has his headphones in with his eyes closed leaning back in the seat. Shit! He reaches over swiftly hitting Hak Byung-soo’s acupoint putting him to sleep.  Morgan impulsively puts the privacy partition down slightly leaving a small gap to listen. He can only see LiMei’s seductive flushed face.

   Rui kisses LiMei’s neck leaving a trail of red marks as he pulls down the small white shorts she is wearing under the dress. He leans LiMei back onto the seat and spreads her thin legs kissing her thigh until his hot lips reach her flower hole. LiMei moans loudly as her honey flows out, Rui greedily laps up the sweet nectar while thrusting his tongue in and out. Rui’s face is buried between her legs, he savors her sweetness as she arches her hips towards him. “Ahhh…Ruiiii!!” LiMei’s throaty moans echo in Morgan’s ears as Rui brings her to climax.

Rui’s messy soft hair falls on her skin as he runs his tongue across her small entrance. He lifts his head and licks his lips, “LiMei Baby.. you taste so sweet.” He straddles her body and LiMei unbuckles his belt then pulls down his zipper. She touches his erection sending a hot rush of blood making it enlarge and begin to throb. He growls, “Uhhh..Baby..Use your mouth.”

    Morgan wants to put the partition back up but he can’t.  Imagining LiMei’s delicate snow white body writhing in the throes of ecstasy he gets hard. I’m a fucking sick pervert but I don’t give a shit. He unzips his pants exposing his huge swollen pillar. Putting his hand on his erection he moves it up and down while listening to her sweet voice moaning and begging for mercy.  I want to fuck Feng LiMei so goddam bad!

    He holds tightly to the steering wheel with his other hand to keep the car steady on the dark road. His mind is filled with lewd images as LiMei sounds coquettish pleading with Rui to stop. He puts up the partition then moves his hand faster, his breathing becoming heavier as he is about to explode. “NNNGHH..AHHH.. FUCK! “ After he releases he quickly opens the console grabbing out a towel to wipe himself off and the messy area in front of him. He tosses the dirty towel out the window. Reaching in his pocket for his pack of cigarettes he remembers he smoked his last one in the parking lot of the warehouse. Dammit!

  When they arrive at the villa Morgan presses Hak Byung-soo’s accupoint waking him up. He rubs his eyes,“We are here already?”  

   Morgan gets out of the driver’s seat and walks around the car to open the back door. Rui carries LiMei who is asleep in his arms into the house followed by Morgan and Hak Byung-soo. He takes her up the stairs to the Master bedroom. After he lays her on the bed he goes into the bathroom and fills the bathtub with warm water. He sprinkles in some medicinal herbs and flower petals then goes into the bedroom to get LiMei.

   Morgan goes into his room and turns on the shower. He slams his hand on the wall while thinking about listening to LiMei and Rui. Morgan you shameless motherf****r! How could you do the perverted shit you have done lately?

Morgan takes off his clothes tossing them into the trash. He steps into the shower and winces as the water sprays onto his injury.

Morgan touches the scar on his abdomen that LiMei ran her finger down. Feng LiMei is so beautiful and sweet. He thinks about her making herbal medicine especially for him. He smiles and has a gentle expression, she even brought me fruit because it was bitter. FUCK! I can’t stop thinking about the little girl. I want to kill that fucking bastard Qiao Rui with my bare hands.

Morgan places his hands on the shower wall with his head hanging letting the ice cold water run down his muscular body. He can’t calm down the beast raging inside of him. I don’t care if it is fucked up! I want her alternate personality to come out and fuck her beautiful body until she screams my name.. I want to fuck her in the the bed..anywhere! If I don’t possess Feng LiMei soon I will lose my fucking mind! Morgan looks at his body’s reaction while thinking about LiMei. How can I make ‘LingLing’ appear again?

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  1. I hope Rui will still let LiMai go to work. She hadn’t teased Chen Jianyu for a long time. ha-ha. By the way, is he still looking for Kang Mei?


  2. LiMei promised to return to work on Monday, but it seems that, judging by the events, more time has passed.


    1. True but Rui is friends with Chen Jianyu it won’t be a problem. He knows LiMei is with Rui.She is a special assistant so her work is more flexible. But it should be fun when she goes back to work😳


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