Rui Arrives

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   LiMei’s eyes are sparkling and her smile is dazzling. “When we enter the cave in Lion’s Breath Mountain you will see. I will open the portal with the Tianshu Dragon Sword and bring you with me. ”

   “…” What the hell????  “Miss Feng..” 

   LiMei puts her finger on Morgan’s lips, “Shhh..Qiao Rui is coming. We only have a few more minutes before they arrive.”

  Morgan has high martial arts skills and can’t hear any movement outside.

  “Don’t waste time.” She stands on her tiptoes and puts her arms around his neck then kisses him. Morgan has no resistance against LiMei and holds her alluring body to his chest while passionately deepening the kiss. He knows it is wrong but he can’t restrain his urges. Panting heavily he licks and sucks on her snow white neck then his warm breath sprays on her ear as he whispers, “Leave Paris with me.”

   LiMei wrinkles her forehead, “He is here.” Suddenly bright lights shine through the window to the side of where Morgan has LiMei pressed against the wall. A string of glistening saliva is between their lips as LiMei abruptly ends the kiss, pushing him away. Unwilling to let her go Morgan’s heart is racing as he wraps his hands tightly around her thin waist. Burying his head in her neck, his raspy voice sounds domineering, “I won’t give you back to him.”

  “Stop. I told you we can be together when we go to the cave in Lion’s Breath Mountain.” I know the little girl will suppress me as soon as she sees that stupid man Qiao Rui. LiMei gazes into Morgan’s deep black eyes filled with lustful desire as she tenderly caresses his cheek. She twists her delicate eyebrows and has a wistful smile on her beautiful face, “ I will probably disappear when Qiao Rui arrives but you are not allowed to forget me.” She gently kisses his lips, “Promise me ! “

Morgan runs his fingers through her hair then kisses her on the forehead, “I promise.” How could I ever forget you…

“Good.” LiMei walks over to the couch where Song Sara is laying. 

   Morgan’s eyes are glued to her slender body as he reluctantly watches LiMei walk away. I feel like I am going insane ! He doesn’t have any time to think about LiMei’s bizarre behavior because the door bursts open and Qiao Rui enters the room. He is  followed by Hak Byung-soo, Leo Cadieux and several other men. 

   Qin LingLing was right in her prediction, LiMei surfaces the moment she sees Rui, “RUI!”

   Morgan clenches his fists at his side as Rui takes LiMei into his arms, “Baby..” He looks at the torn and dirty dress she is wearing, “Are you hurt anywhere?”

   “No I am fine, Morgan protected us. Rui, we need to get Song Sara to a hospital.”

   Rui breathes a sigh of relief when she reassures him she wasn’t injured. He embraces her and his eyes are full of guilt, “I’m sorry LiMei I should have protected you better.”

Leo Cadieux is sitting on the edge of the couch touching Sara’s forehead. He called an ambulance as they were on their way to the warehouse. “An ambulance should arrive soon.”

   Morgan feels like he can’t breathe witnessing LiMei and Rui’s tender reunion. He walks out of the door telling Hak Byung-soo, “I’m going out for a cigarette.”

   He takes out the last cigarette from his pack then crushes the empty package in his hand. Morgan can smell the lingering scent of jasmine on his clothes from holding LiMei. He lights the cigarette and blows a smoke ring into the darkness, you really are a perverted bastard… taking advantage of the girl while she is having mental issues. She was right as soon as she saw Qiao Rui she changed back to her original personality. Should I tell Qiao Rui about her alternate personality? Morgan selfishly wonders if he should conceal the fact LiMei has a split personality. ‘LingLing’ likes me..if she completely disappears will LiMei even look at me as a man ?

Leaning on the hood of a black SUV he smokes the cigarette conflicted about LiMei‘s mental state. But what if her condition worsens ? The little girl definitely was traumatized from the kidnapping. If she doesn’t get professional help...I will consult Wang Yi, he is a psychiatrist,then make a decision.

  The ambulance pulls into the parking lot and two men wheel a stretcher out of the back after it backs up to the warehouse. They rush to the door of the office as Hak Byung- soo walks towards Morgan. He notices Morgan’s gloomy expression, he taunts him, “You didn’t seem too happy to see Qiao Rui.”

  Morgan ignores his sarcastic smirk and grinds the cigarette butt under his black boot, “Got a cigarette?”

  Hak Byung-soo gives him a cigarette then takes one out for himself. While looking at the fire blazing in the other warehouse he wonders if Morgan knows anything. “Fuck, I wonder who was behind the kidnapping? Did they want Feng LiMei or Song Sara?”

  “No idea.”

  Song Sara is wheeled out of the office on the stretcher followed by Leo Cadieux who gets into the back of the ambulance also. They are followed by his bodyguards who get into two SUVs parked by Morgan and Hak Byung-so. Morgan looks towards the door waiting for Rui and LiMei to exit the office.

Rui comes out holding LiMei’s hand, when she and Morgan make eye contact her head begins to pound. She suddenly bends over holding her head, Ahhhh…hurts..” The pain is excruciating as LingLIng tries to get control of LiMei’s mind, “I want Morgan! Morgan!” LiMei struggles with the voice echoing in her mind,  “Nooo…go away!”

    “LiMei! What is wrong!?!” Rui quickly picks her up into his arms while shaking her head back and forth muttering No…no..” she faints. Morgan has a worried expression, she was fine in the office..what is wrong!  He throws away his half burnt cigarette and hurries towards them. Rui calls Hak Byung-soo who is on his phone with Rene, “Hurry up! Feng LiMei fainted!”

   Morgan opens the back door of the car and Rui gets in while still holding LiMei. Morgan gets into the driver’s seat as Hak Byung-soo runs to the car opening the passenger door.

  Rui checks LiMei’s pulse and her breathing is regular, why did she faint all of a sudden? “Go to the hospital”

   Morgan speeds out of the parking lot, not familiar with the area he asks, “What is the address?”

   He looks in the rear view mirror at LiMei lying in Rui’s arms. Morgan feels suffocated watching the woman he wants in another man’s arms. Don’t torture yourself..just drive. 

   When they get to the hospital Rui carries LiMei into the emergency room. A nurse comes over and Rui explains the situation. She directs him to an empty bed and he lays LiMei down. She doesn’t have any physical injuries could it be from the trauma of being kidnapped? A doctor moves the curtain and steps over to the bed. He checks her vitals then shines a light into her eyes. “The patient should wake up by herself if she doesn’t within fifteen minutes then I will see how to proceed.”

   As a doctor Rui knows this is the standard procedure so he holds LiMei’s hand, “Wake up Baby..”

  Morgan nervously paces back and forth in the waiting area. He asks the nurse as she comes out from behind the curtain where LiMei is, “How is Feng LiMei? Did she wake Up?”

   “I’m sorry Sir, I can’t give out that information.” She walks over to the front desk, “The patient in the third bed on the right, Song Sara, is to be immediately taken to a VIP room.”

     Hak Byung-soo lifts his eyebrow as he pats Morgan on the back, “Man, could you be any more obvious! Qiao Rui will notice you are overly concerned about Feng LiMei if you act like this.”

   “I saved Miss Feng, of course I am concerned.”

   “Yeah right. Let’s go out and have a smoke. The little chick just fainted. She will be fine.”

   They walk out of the Emergency Room and down the sidewalk a short distance from the entrance. Hak Byung-soo hands Morgan a cigarette, ”Brother you need to chill. Feng LiMei might be grateful that you risked your ass to save her but don’t expect anything else. You are a bodyguard, that is your job.”

   “I know.” Morgan smokes his cigarette thinking about kissing LiMei, I know he is right but I can’t stop thinking about Feng LiMei.  Once we return to Pushong City and I quit… FUCK! Do I stay on as her bodyguard so I can at least be close to Feng LiMei or take over the Lin Group as I planned?

  Hak Byung-soo lights his cigarette, “Why don’t you work for Rene? I was talking to him and he has a dangerous job in Thailand next month. He needs three more men. The pay is astronomical and you can get that little slu.. little girl out of your head. I have always admired you for your ruthlessness and cold personality.

When you single handedly killed the ten men attempting to assassinate the Princess of Maran I just joined Rene’s team. We were there for backup but you had already taken care of the asassins. I couldn’t believe you weren’t even tempted when she threw herself at you afterward at the hotel. She was offering you ..” He scratches his head, “Well yeah I was eavesdropping in the hallway.”


“The Princess is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and you walked away after receiving payment. Seriously you are a goddam legend …you are wasting your fuckin talent guarding Feng LiMei.”

  Morgan smokes the cigarette and doesn’t respond. He gazes at the starless night sky considering his options. “Hak Byung-soo have you ever been in love?”

  “Fuck no!”

  “Well, I never wanted any woman until I met Feng LiMei.”

  “What the fuck Morgan, you could have any beautiful woman you want..why Qiao Rui’s woman? It is impossible to snatch Feng LiMei away from that arrogant bastard.  I’m a dude but I can say if I were to compare you two… well, you are equally handsome.. but Qiao Rui is rich…a fucking Billionaire… powerful…and the little chick is obviously in love with him. Don’t waste your time.”

    Morgan flicks the ash off the end of the cigarette while listening to Hak Byung-soo. I don’t lose out to Qiao Rui as far as wealth and power go, with my investments… all I need to do is take over the company then we will be on equal footing. “We will see if I have the ability or not when we return to Pushong City.” 

   They walk back into the Emergency Room. Rui comes out from behind the curtain surrounding LiMei’s bed, “Feng LiMei is awake and wants to check on Song Sara.  Afterwards we will be going back to my villa.”

  Morgan is relieved she has awakened. He has had time to settle his nerves after standing in the night air and making the decision to pursue LiMei when they go back to China.

Returning to bodyguard mode he advises, “Qiao Rui, since the mastermind behind the kidnapping hasn’t been captured do you think it is safe to return to your villa?” We should leave immediately for Pushong City. Feng LiMei will go back to her apartment and you will go to your villa.

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    1. Haha..naive is the perfect word to describe poor lovestruck Morgan!❤ He might have to remain as her bodyguard to stay near LiMei haha..😰


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