Leo’s Revenge

   Sara and Leo arrive at her door, “Mr. Cadieux,I would invite you in but I am very tired.” Also, Han Bi is a very messy person. I do the housecleaning… who knows what the apartment looks like.

  “Leo, remember..haha..I understand. You have my number, please call me if you need anything. I will pick you up for your doctor’s appointment tomorrow.”

  “Thank you for everything.”

  “Rest well, don’t forget to take the medicine the doctor gave you to calm your stomach.”

 “I won’t. The medicine really helped with my stomach issues.”

 Sara opens the door to the apartment a crack, Oh what a mess! She turns towards him then awkwardly smiles I hope he didn’t catch a glimpse of the living room! “Goodbye then.” 

 Leo waits until she enters the apartment to leave, as he walks down the stairs the light flickers on and off. Terrible!  Song Sara most likely won’t accept my offer to  live with me. I need to think of something. When he gets into the car he tells the driver to drive around the neighborhood. The driver looks in the rear view mirror, why does the Young Master want to..nevermind he always has his reason for doing things.

  When Leo arrives at the luxurious mansion he leased he goes directly to the study. He tells his bodyguard to have the cook make him a cup of expresso as he places his laptop on the desk. If I bought that apartment building and the well the entire block, the several small stores shouldn’t be hard to acquire, I could build a shopping mall.

   He calls his financial advisor to find out if the owners are willing to sell. His financial advisor, Maurice Baudin tries to dissuade him, Leo angrily replies, “Are you questioning me?”

  Maurice Baudin immediately breaks out into a sweat, “No..no..But it is my job to tell you the pros and cons of an investment. If I appeared to be insubordinate I apologize Mr. Cadieux. I will contact the owners and email you immediately.”

  “Don’t mention my name as the potential buyer. I will purchase them using  Veritie Production Company.”

  “Understood.” Well, the Boss has a Chinese partner that will make it easier but what a pain in my ass! He calls his assistant into his office,”Who in the office speaks Chinese?”

  Leo hangs up the phone, he is aware that Li Tian is building a Mega Mall outside Catang City. Why should people leave the city if they can have a new modern shopping complex closer? It is actually a great opportunity to not only make money but fuck that bastard. Leo leans back in the leather chair pleased with himself for thinking of this plan. If I can purchase this property I can set the demolition for next month, compensate the tenants then offer Sara and her roommate a place to live until they can relocate. I will block their attempts to find a place so Song Sara will need to live with me. Who is the woman she lives with..Han Bi..? He calls his assistant, Beau Chastain, “Get all the information you can on a woman named Han Bi.”

  His bodyguard Ramone Ramirez brings in the expresso, “Mr. Cadieux, I placed three men to secretly guard Miss Song. If Li Tian shows up they will call immediately.”

  “Very good.” I don’t want her having to deal with him in her fragile state. “That is all for now. I will be leaving later to meet a friend of mine. I will let you know.”

   “Yes Sir.”

   After the bodyguard leaves Leo sips his espresso while looking at an email on his laptop. He smirks as he reads the email detailing Li Tian and Long An arriving in Catang City.. The photographs show Long An in Li Tian’s embrace. Actually she tripped according to the photographer, but he was able to capture the picture at an angle that made it appear Li Tian was intimately embracing Long An. Then the man he hired bribed Li Hong’s nurse to leak the information Li Tian and Long An are so in love they can’t wait to marry. The wedding date has been moved up to the 18th when he gives her the go ahead. He bursts out laughing when he reads the exaggerated reports about Li Tian and Long An.

After Song Sara sees these photographs no way will Li Tian be able to talk his way back into her life. “Release them tomorrow afternoon.” It is for the good of your baby and you, better to cut ties now with that cold hearted son of a bitch. I will be with you when you see the news and comfort you. Now to give the motherf****r something to do so he doesn’t have time to go to Song Sara. He calls Ramone back to the study, his lips curl up in an evil smile,“Do it. Make sure there are no casualties” His green eye sparkles picturing Li Tian’s furious expression when the shit hits. “Also, what the hell, hijack his shipment coming in tonight. He will have to deal with the Russian personally.” Want to see Song Sara? Haha… no fucking way! Not tonight!

   “Will do. Boss, should I contact Kuang Bo? He is in Pushong City. He can easily mobilize enough men quickly and he is very capable. He can make sure there is no way to trace who stole the trucks. We are short of men since we just arrived and don’t have anywhere to store the arms.”

   Leo finishes his espresso,“That is a good idea. Tell Kuang Bo he can have 80% of the profit, I will take 20% for the information.Tell him if any intel points back to me he will pay a high price for his incompetence.” I don’t think he can pass up this lucrative opportunity.

   Ramone stares at  his young boss, he really has steel balls..he is a fucking maniac! He not only is screwing with a powerful man, Li Tian but threatening Kuang Bo!

   Sara looks around the cluttered apartment and shakes her head as she picks up some empty snack bags and cups from the coffee table.  Well I didn’t tell Bi I was coming back today. I will call her after I charge my phone. She walks into her small bedroom, I am so happy to be home! That entire trip was one nightmare after another! She turns on the water for a bath then takes off her clothes, I am so tired! I feel like I could sleep for days. Sara gets into the bathtub, leaning back she closes her eyes, I wish I had never met that man! 

    That man, Li Tian, meanwhile is in his office at his Black Jade Club drinking heavily. He has tried to call Song Sara several times..no answer. He told Tang Qiang to watch Sara’s apartment to see if she returns there and he hasn’t heard from him. Would that bastard keep her somewhere? He pours another glass of whisky, I need to see the little thing and explain. He dials Yang James, “Why the hell haven’t you been able to locate Leo Cadieux?”

   “Tian, my sources have checked all the hotels, villas for lease or rent. Leo Cadieux doesn’t own any properties in Catang City or the surrounding vicinity. I checked his various companies also and no property under them. I haven’t been able to track any friends or associates he has either. He is a fucking ghost.”

  “Dammit! He isn’t sleeping on a goddam bench in a park! There must be some way to locate his whereabouts!”

  “I will let you know as soon as I locate him.”

  Li Tian hangs up, “Bastard!” That fucking brat is smart, to get where he is at his young age, I will give him that. I shouldn’t have underestimated him. He grabs his black cashmere coat from the couch, I am going to Song Sara’s apartment and wait for her to come back. He walks down the stairs to the bar area, several women gasp,” Oh my God he is so handsome!” A beautiful young woman dressed in a revealing black lace short top and a silver mini skirt steps in front of him. Confident of her beauty she attempts to talk to him. She reaches out her delicate well manicured hand, “My name..” Before she can finish her sentence Li Tian glares at her with an icy stare, “Move.”

  “But..” He shoves her out of his way and she stumbles into her friends, breaking one of her 10cm heels as she turns her ankle. She holds her ankle watching him take long strides towards the door, “Hmmph..does he know who I am!” She stands up and asks a waiter passing by, “Do you know that man?”

   The waiter knows he is the owner of the Club, Li Tian, but he lies, “Never seen him before.” I’m not losing this job telling you anything!

   Her friends help her over to a couch to sit down. “Don’t worry about it FeiFei we will find out who the rude asshole is and make him pay.”

   Li Tian gets into his silver Maserati and speeds away from the Black Jade Club heading for Sara’s apartment. He is pulling onto the highway going 120MPH when he receives a call on his Bluetooth. The hysterical man calling is the foreman of the construction company, “CEO LI! THE ENTIRE CONSTRUCTION SITE IS ON FIRE!”

  “…” What the fuck!

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      1. Well, he has to protect his sister and future niece or nephew. But I’m already loving the hell Leo’s gonna bring!


      2. True! He is really looking out for Sara in his own way…fucking with Li Tian..she is oblivious as she enjoys her relaxing bath haha


      3. Ignorance is bliss for our dear Sara. She’s won herself a nice break and a warm bath!


      4. Well the real drama begins when Sara finds out she is pregnant. The time matches when she lost her virginity to the strange man she can’t remember.😰


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