Sara closes her eyes then quickly falls into a deep sleep unable to hear the commotion at the front door of the apartment.

  Li Tian pounds on Patrick’s door, “Either you let me in or I force my way in… you choose.I am not leaving until I see Song Sara.”

  Patrick leans with his hand on the wall looking at the screen showing Li Tian outside his apartment. He presses a button, “I told you on the phone that all depends on whether she wants to see you or not.”

“Open the fucking door now!”

Patrick smirks enjoying seeing the cold and aloof Li Tian looking flustered. He opens the door.

Li Tian pushes the door open and confidently strides into the luxurious living room. “Go get Song Sara or do I have to find her myself.” He impatiently looks down the long hallway adjacent to the living room and decides to find her himself.

    Patrick stretches out his long arm to stop him. “She is probably sleeping. I told you to wait until the morning.”

   ” What and leave her here with you? No way. I am taking her back to my villa.”

    “If you approach her with that domineering attitude I can assure you she won’t want to go with you. He laughs then sarcastically quips, “She obviously went to a lot of trouble to escape from your villa.”

    Annoyed by his taunt Li Tian has an idea. He raises an eyebrow, “Patrick how long have you been looking for Ning?

    Patrick’s face blackens and he angrily grabs Li Tian by his collar, “Bastard! How dare you say her name!”

   Li Tian laughs as he grips Patrick’s hand removing it from his collar, “You were a fool then and by your reaction at the mention of her name… you’re still you are a fool. I can somewhat understand your reluctance to forget her since she disappeared suddenly without any explanation. So, I have a proposition for you.”

   Patrick hates the smug expression on Li Tian’s face. This motherf****r  hasn’t changed 

“You don’t interfere with me. I will tell you where Ning is.”

  “I don’t believe you. No one knows where Ning’er went after she ran away from the wedding.”

  “ I do.”

   “You are fucking lying. My men have searched everywhere and haven’t  found a clue.”

   “Well… that is because you’re not dealing with an ordinary runaway bride.”


   “You haven’t agreed yet to my condition.”

    Patrick doesn’t hesitate, “Agreed.”

    Li Tian takes out one of his business cards from his wallet then writes an address on the back. “ I hope you realize what you find might not be what you hope it will be.  I will call Noah and tell him you are coming.”

    Patrick  looks at the address on the back of the card, “This is fucking bullshit! Just tell me where she is.”

   “ Do you want to die? Although we have had our problems I do have some good memories of our time in University. The person who is protecting  is not to be underestimated.  I hope you don’t regret.”

   Patrick grabs his  black cashmere overcoat anxious to find Ning. “ Bastard, if you are lying to me you will be the one that will have regrets.”  He takes out his phone, “Meet me in Bourges.”

   After he leaves Li Tian  shakes his head,  Idiot!  He should have left that conniving woman in the past. I don’t think he’s going to like what he finds. But maybe it’s for the best he can move on after he has to face reality.

        Li Tian looks down the hallway, this worked out better than I anticipated. I wonder if the little thing is sleeping? He opens the first door and it appears to be the master bedroom then continues down the hallway until he reaches the guest room. When he looks inside he smiles, Sara is bundled up in the quilt and her hair is messily spread on the pillow.

     He quietly walks towards the bed and his heart calms down gazing at Sara. I won’t let you escape from me.. You can only be mine.. He tenderly carresses her cheek then goes to take a shower.

   Sara stirs on the bed as Li Tian comes out of the bathroom , in her dream she sees a fuzzy outline of a man, he is lean and tall wearing only a white towel around his strong waist.  Water droplets are trickling down his broad chest to his sexy mermaid line. She smiles in her sleep dreaming about Zhou Jason, this is their wedding night. Sara has had this dream before of them being intimate and reaches her arms out to him. Shocked Li Tian approaches the bed when he sees her outstretched arms. He sits on the edge of the bed, noticing she appears to be sleeping his lips curl up in a smile, is she dreaming about me?

    Sara mumbles something incoherently as she puts her slender arms around his neck. Feeling her soft body pressed on his bare skin he knows she is sleeping but can’t resist the temptation. He kisses Sara, sucking and licking her tender pink lips.Inhaling his familiar masculine scent Sara obediently parts her pink lips for his tongue to enter her small mouth. His desire is rising fueled by her alluring appearance in the thin white nightgown. Li Tian’s heart starts racing as their tongues tangle together and he tastes her sweet flavor. The nightgown slips off her shoulder and her bare right breast feels soft against his chest. He presses her under him on the bed as her body arches towards him. Water from his wet hair drips onto Sara’s face as he passionately kisses her face, this stimulates Sara and she moans. He kisses move down her neck then he greedily sucks on her tempting pink bud.

Suddenly  Li Tian uncharacteristically stops himself from continuing any further.  He rolls off of Sara thinking about what Patrick said, the little thing is probably still very angry with me.  I need to take it slowly, although she seems to be willing she is obviously asleep…if she were to wake up…He is fillex with conflicting emotions.I want to hold you..I need to feel your body next to mine. But I need to restrain my desire so I don’t drive you away. He sits on the edge of the bed gazing at Sara’s beautiful face then presses her accupoint so she won’t wake up. Afterwards he takes off the towel and lays on the bed next to Sara. He pulls her into his embrace and wraps his arms around her petite body then gently kisses her forehead.I will try to be patient..

    Sara sleeps soundly and wakes up in the morning feeling refreshed. She stretches her arms out and blushes recalling her dream filled with erotic images, I can’t believe I dreamt about Zhou Jason again. Sara rubs her eyes, I wonder what time it is? She looks at her phone and jumps out of bed to take a bath. Sara’s legs are weak and she almost falls to the floor. She sits back on the bedding rubbing her legs. I can’t believe I slept until ten o’clock!  I need to call Mr. Navarre and tell him I found the diamonds and sapphires.  After a few minutes she slowly walks over to the table , why does my waist hurt.. I am so sore.. Sara takes his business card out of her purse and dials his number, “Mr. Navarre, it is Song Sara I have good news. I found the missing jewels. I am so sorry they were stuck in the fabric in the bottom of my purse.”

  Navarre has been trying to get in touch with Li Tian but has been unable to reach him. He has also called LTJ to no avail. Relieved the lost rare jewels are recovered he doesn’t hide his excitement. “That is excellent! I will come and get the jewels.” 

    “! I mean… I can bring them to your apartment. Would an hour or so be okay?” She isn’t sure what to say, she doesn’t want to explain why she is at Patrick’s apartment.

   “That would be fine. You can try on the gown I selected for you to wear at the Jewelry Competition tomorrow.”

   “What time will I be modeling the Midnight Lover Necklace?” Sara wants to book a flight to leave for Catang City immediately after it finishes.

   “Eight o’clock.”

   “Okay. See you in an hour.”

   Sara hurries to take a quick shower as she passes the couch she notices a beautiful cream colored dress and she smiles thinking how thoughtful Patrick is. I will need to pay him back for this dress and his kindness. She shivers thinking about being in Li Tian’s villa. I hope I can avoid that hooligan from now on! If I quit Zhou Group there is no reason to come into contact with CEO Li so he can bully me!

   After her shower she dries her hair and slips on the designer dress by Chloe admiring Patrick’s aesthetic. This dress is beautiful and fits me perfectly. Brushing her hair into a high ponytail she then applies a light layer of makeup and some lip gloss. Instead of putting on the high heels that are in a box by the couch she puts on the tennis shoes she wore last night. After I drop off the jewels I think I’ll do some sightseeing. Putting her phone into the crystal embroidered evening purse Sara smiles. I will go shopping too, I need to get a new purse. Ohh I can’t wait to enjoy Paris!

   Humming a song as she leaves the guest room Sara is in a great mood as she walks down the long hallway to the living room. She smells a delicious aroma as she enters the spacious living room and glances over towards the kitchen. Yummy.. Patrick must be fixing breakfast.

  She happily walks towards the kitchen, her voice sounds melodious as she sweetly says, “Smells delicious, can I help?”

Looking at the handsome man standing by the stove Sara’s mouth drops open and her blue eyes widen as she exclaims, “What..what are you doing here?”

   Li Tian has a devilish grin, “Making breakfast.”


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      1. Next chapter brings them closer together. I got a new laptop yeah! I destroyed two and lost one in 2021 haha so hopefully I can be more consistent in my updating.


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