Patrick continues to goad Li Tian, “You obviously know nothing about women, let me give you some advice. She is still very angry, wait until she calms down before you come rushing over here.” 

  “Address.” Leave Sara with you? Never!

  “Very well.. 1879 Avenue Montaigne.” This should be fun...I wonder if she will go with him?

    Unaware Patrick has betrayed her and Li Tian is on his way to Patrick’s apartment Sara comfortably sits on the bed with her slender legs crossed. Oh…that bath was so relaxing…I’m going to text Bi then go to sleep. I am exhausted.After she blow dries her long black hair she drinks some water then takes out her phone to text Bi. [I miss you. I can’t wait to get back to Catang City]

  Bi looks at her phone. It is the middle of the night in Paris what is Sara doing up? [ I wish I could be in Paris.]

  Still upset over what happened with Li Tian Sarah responds [ Maybe under different circumstances I would feel the same way]

   Bi swats Tsu Yibo’s hand as he takes the last piece of strawberry mousse cake then responds. [ Aren’t you excited to model for Navarre? I am so jealous! He’s so talented and dreamy.]

Yibo has a satisfied smile when he notices Bi’s dejected expression because he grabbed last piece of the strawberry mousse cake. Bi glares at him as he licks the strawberry cream from his lips. Childish!

    [It is complicated.] Sara brushes her tangled hair. [ But, I shouldn’t complain he  offered me alot of money for one evening’s work.] And although it was because of that stupid man, I feel somewhat responsible for the beautiful necklace being broken

     [ So many celebrities will be at the Jewelry Competition, take a lot of pictures for me.]

[I can’t do that! I’ll be working! Ask your brother Chao.I need to keep a low profile. Really…I just want to get paid and come home.]

Sara sounds depressed I should perk her up with some good news. [I was going to wait until you got home to tell you but I can’t wait.  I told my older brother Chang about your plan to open a bakery cafe a while ago and didn’t expect him to invest. But he told me he was at a wedding a couple weeks ago and tasted  the wedding cake that you made. He was very impressed so Han Investment Group wants to invest in your bakery cafe. My amazing brother found a perfect spot. I will  send you an email with the details.]

[Really? But I didn’t plan on having any investors. I was just going to use my savings.]

[Don’t be stubborn.My amazing brother found a perfect spot. I will  send you an email with the details.]

   [ Sounds tempting, but I don’t want to have to answer to anyone else. I want to be my own boss.]

  [Don’t pass up this  golden opportunity! You told me you were tired of working for the Zhou Group.The location is awesome too.]

   This unexpected development is a lot for Sara to digest [ Well send me the information and I will check it out. Be sure and tell your brother thank you but Bi I’m not sure I can accept his investment.]

  [ I am telling you Sara this is your best chance to completely break away from the Song family.]

   Sara yawns and finishes the bottle of water. Han Chang’s company wants to invest in my bakery cafe? Han Investment Group usually handles large corporation investment and acquisitions… it doesn’t make sense that small fry like me would even come into their eyes. Sara has a warm feeling thinking about her best friend. I wonder if Bi persuaded  her brother to help me? She knows how much pressure I’ve been under at the Zhou Group with that infuriating bastard CEO Li.The least I can do is appreciate her effort by looking at the  specifics. [Thanks. I will look at the email and we can discuss  when I get home.]

    Bi doesn’t want to tell Sara that her father Song Yichen and Tsu Yibo’s parents have set a date for Sara and Yibo’s wedding. When Bi finishes texting she takes a sip of her latte, “Yibo,  I am worried about Sara. The last couple times I have talked to her she does not sound happy.” Bi wrinkles her forehead,  “Maybe CEO Li is overworking her. She sounds tired and depressed. I don’t know what has been going on with her since she accompanied CEO Li  to Milan but I think it is more than she is telling me.”

   “ Bi, you know Sara doesn’t like to worry you with her problems. I am glad you didn’t tell her about her father insisting on pushing up our wedding date. I am doing what I can to convince my family that we aren’t a good match. Unfortumately all they care about is merging the families for financial benefits.”

    “That’s why I thought if she could have her own restaurant she could completely break away from them.  I know because of your responsibilities you can’t give up your position as Director of your family’s business so the only way to dissolve the marriage contract is if Sara does.  It is not like Song Yichen supports her in any way. I don’t know why she feels any allegiance to those money-grubbing assholes.”

    Tsu Yibo knows that because Bi has a close knit family she can’t understand the Song family or his family. Bi’s parents and brothers dote on her and would never force her into a marriage she was against. They pamper and protect her, not letting her see the dark side of maintaining power and social status in Catang City.

The Song family has been deteriorating in the past ten years and Song Yichen needs the cash infusion the family can provide when he marries Sara. If the marriage contract is dissolved it could force Song Corporation into bankruptcy. Yibo is well aware of the reason Sara doesn’t distance herself from Song Yichen is because she doesn’t want Song Corporation to be destroyed. It is her dream one day to reclaim the company her mother built from her father.  “Don’t worry Bi. I have a big project coming up so I should be able to delay the wedding. I will need to be out of the country for a month.” He wasn’t planning on acquiring this French Biotech company but when he found out about Song Yichen pushing up the date of the wedding he changed his mind. His father won’t force the marriage issue if he is working on a new acqusition.

   Bi finishes her latte, “ You’ll be gone for two months? Where are you going?”

   Yibo’s Phoenix eyes light up as he leans towards Bi while they’re sitting on the couch. While teasing Bi he has a devilish grin on his handsome face,“Why? Will you miss me?” 

    “Miss what? You popping over without any notice and devouring all the sweets in the house ?” She scrunches up her small button nose looking at the  cake crumbs left on the plate. That was the last of the cake! 

      Yibo has had a crush on Bi since Middle School, only Sara knows how much he cares about her. Yibo thinks she looks really cute with the angry expression on her pretty face. He rubs her head, “ I’m just doing you a favor. I noticed you put on a little weight lately.”

    B’s face turns bright red and she hits him with the blue and white couch pillow. “!”

    He holds his arms up blocking his face and starts laughing, “Temper..temper. Yuxian likes women who are soft and gentle.”

   Bi stands up and kicks Yibo in the leg and points at the door. “GET OUT!”

   Yibo holds his shin, “Oww.. I was just kidding!”

     She  angrily pulls him up by his arm,“I’m not! Leave!”

    He knows this might be the last chance he gets to see Bi before he leaves the country. He can’t resist pulling her down onto his lap which ignites her temper. She puffs out her cheeks and hits his chest with her fist, “Tsu Yibo! Let me go. What do you think you’re doing?”

    Tsu Ybo realizes his behavior was impulsive, flustered he panics pushing her off his lap and she lands on the floor. He quickly stands up, “Clumsy  woman!” He straightens out his clothes  hoping she doesn’t notice the tips of his ears are red. “You wrinkled my suit and I have to meet my friends at the Black Jade Club.”

    Bi stands up and rubs her butt, she wants to complain… pulled me down but changes her mind thinking Yibo might be meeting Fang Yunxian. She flutters her eyelashes as she sweetly asks, “Who are you meeting at the Black Jade Club?”

??? What is with the honey coated voice?

   Surprised Bi’s taciturn older brother even noticed her or knew her aspirations Sara lays her head on the pillow. She absentmindedly  stares at the ceiling thinking about having her own Bakery Cafe. Should I set aside my pride and accept a partner?  I am tired of working as an executive assistant.  If I continue to work for Zhou Group I will have to come into contact with L T on a regular basis.Now that they have located the owner of the property it won’t be long until they strike a deal. The two companies will be working closely together on the Mega Mall Project. I could ask Zhou Jason  to transfer me to another department but then I  would have to take a pay cut. Hmmm… it is very tempting I should look at the email.



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  1. It’s gonna be tough for Song Sara. But there’s so many questions I have about the Song family and her mother’s death. But I’ll wait until the story develops a bit in that direction to ask.


      1. I do too! I’m rooting for Yibo! And Song Yichen, hehe bankruptcy will be the last thing he has to worry about when Song Sara comes back with a vengeful Li Tian pursuing her 🤣


      2. Do you remember Wang Xiaoming? He was looking for a restaurant space in beginning of story? Well everyone wants the rooftop area of LT’s new Waterfront Complex. Sparks fly haha.


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