Drive To Paris

     When the two mercenaries get to the stream they can see the canoe not far away. Shit! Frank runs along the edge of the stream then takes out his gun. I know that the Boss wants the woman alive but if I can kill the man who is rowing the canoe or shoot a hole in the boat…He aims at the canoe and fires.

   Rui hears the bullet skim across the water not far away from the boat. He pulls LiMei so she is lying on the deck. “Don’t get up! No matter what happens stay down.”

   Rui’s strict tone frightens LiMei and she lies there motionless curled up hugging her knees. He continues to row as fast as he can moving the canoe through the dark water hoping their pursuers don’t have any long range weapons. The helicopter is hovering above the stream with a light beam illuminating the stream. Rui gulps and considers the likelihood of them being able to escape is slim. DAMMIT! He considers whether they should abandon the canoe and swim towards the shore when suddenly the helicopter spirals out of control. Rui sees it crash into the forest then a burst of flames.

    Anton eliminated the men pursuing Rui and LiMei on the ground then used one of their rifles to shoot down the helicopter.  The only two mercenaries still alive are the two by the cabin. When Frank sees the helicopter go down he curses, “What the hell!” He frantically runs through the forest to where it crashed. When he arrives at the crash site he sees the two men still aboard the helicopter. One is dead slumped over in the passenger seat and the pilot is still breathing but is covered in blood. He pulls the half dead man out of the wreckage then looks for the high powered rifles located in the back of the helicopter. The other mercenary has arrived and he yells his direction, “Help me. The fucking case is stuck under some crushed metal.”

  “Hey Frank!” He sees gas flowing out, “The fuckin helicopter is going to explode fuck the goddamm rifles!”

   Frank is pissed such a simple grab has become a huge problem. He has big plans for the money he was promised when the woman is delivered to Chronus. So he ignores the young mercenary next to him and continues to yank on the rifle case. Once the case is loosened he barely escapes before the helicopter is totally engulfed in red and orange flames.

   The other mercenary grabs his arm, “Why bother the canoe is too far away at this point.”

    Frank pulls away from him. While prying the rifle case open he spits out“Not if I can get to the top of that hill before the bend in the stream up ahead. I can eliminate the man and put a hole in the canoe.” The lab rat will have no choice but to swim to the shore. He rushes towards the hill carrying the case with the high powered rifle.

  Looking at the black smoke from the wreckage billowing into the air Rui wonders what caused the helicopter to crash. He continues rowing. Once the canoe rounds the bend they won’t be able to catch us. We can travel down the river towards Milan. I can call Morgan to come pick us up and we can drive to Paris. He gazes down at LiMei who is silently laying down by his feet. “LiMei don’t worry I will protect you. Just please… don’t get up.”

   LiMei wonders who is chasing them and why. Her head begins throbbing as she tries to remember why they were at the little cabin. She is no longer angry at him for raising his voice to her earlier realizing the situation is extremely dangerous. She holds onto his leg, “I won’t.”

   “We will be at a safe distance away from the men chasing us soon and I can call someone to pick us up.”

   She knows now isn’t the time to question him so she obediently stays where she is.

   Rui continues to row and doesn’t relax until they are on the river. He stops rowing to take a break then reaches down to pick up LiMei. She shivers as his strong arms wrap around her,Rui pulling her petite body onto his lap. He kisses her forehead then lifts her chin staring into her deep green eyes, “I’m sorry LiMei for scolding you.”

   Fluttering her long black eyelashes she looks up at Rui feeling guilty for childishly pouting when they first got into the canoe. LiMei’s voice sounds soft as she apologizes,“No Rui, I should have listened.”

   Rui carresses her cheek and hugs her tighter. Seeing her obedient expression he decides to tease her. “So from now on you will listen to me?”


  Rui has a devilish grin on his handsome face as he puts his slender finger on his lips,“Then kiss me.”

  LiMei giggles then puts her arms around his neck then lightly presses her soft pink lips onto his thin lips. Rui’s heart skips a beat as she slips her tongue into his mouth. LiMei taking the initiative causes his desire to ignite. He entangles her small tongue savoring her unique taste . When LiMei is breathless he stops. Rui whispers in her ear, “Baby, I love you.” He licks and nibbles on her small earlobe, “You are mine..I won’t let anyone take you away from me.” I will destroy Chronus. Gunnar you bastard I am coming for you.

  Rui’s warm breath on her neck tickles and   when she hears his seductive voice LiMei’s beautiful face lights up and she sweetly murmurs, “Thank you.”   

   Suddenly LiMei’s chest feels stuffy and she has a strange feeling that she doesn’t deserve this amazing man’s love. A harsh voice inside of her mind says, “You don’t deserve Qiao Rui. Look at the danger you are putting him in by being with you.” LiMei is in turmoil and refutes, “No, no.. it isn’t because of me.” The inner voice replies condeming her, “Qin Daiyu you know the truth. You don’t want to face it. He is too far above you are dirty and he is like a beautiful Immortal. Leave Qiao Rui or he will die.” LiMei’s eyes have a layer of mist and she shivers listening to the ridiculing voice inside of her head. LiMei tightens her arms around Rui and closes her eyes trying to hold back tears. “ But..but.. I’m not this person Daiyu..I am  LiMei..Feng LiMei.. I love Rui so much… I’m Feng LiMei..” 

  Rui can’t help but smile while looking down at LiMei who has fallen asleep with her head resting on his chest. He fixes his suit coat around her thin body then gently smoothes her hair. Rui runs his finger down her face then across her parted pink lips. He gently kisses her lips. LiMei must be exhausted. I need to get her to my chateau outside Paris where she can be safe and rest.

He formulates a plan as he picks up the oars and continues to row the canoe down the river. After rowing for a  short while he sees a small dock and decides to abandon the canoe and call his men to pick them up. Rui maneuvers the canoe towards the dock. Once it is secured he carefully lifts LiMei and carries her up a grassy slope. When he reaches the top he notices a small two story building not far away. Rui  walks around to the front of the building, there is a colorful wooden sign ‘Lando’s Fornitura di Pesca’. Still holding LiMei in his arms Rui sits on a wrought iron bench facing an empty parking lot. He takes out his phone and there are several missed calls from Bai Chinyu, Delun and his head of security, Yang Yi. He calls him. “I need you to send Morgan and Cheng to pick me up at 1290 Pesce Azzuro Blvd. Tell Morgan to bring my laptop, clothes for myself and Feng LiMei.”

   “Boss, your brother Delun called me when you didn’t answer your phone. He said it is urgent you call.”

   “Got it.” He glances at LiMei asleep in his arms, I will deal with whatever problems Qiao Corporation has once she is safe. He wants to smoke a cigarette but hesitates looking at LiMei nestled in his arms, I can wait.

    Standing on top of a hill in the forest Frank throws down the rifle in his hand.  When he reached the top of the hill the canoe was rounding the bend in the stream moving out of sight. Motherf****r what kind of luck does that bastard have! We just missed him at the cabin..the fucking helicopter went down that could have easily.. Fucking shit! How am I going to locate the lab rat now?  He angrily stomps back to the sight of the helicopter crash. The other mercenary has been trying to stop the bleeding on the helicopter pilot’s head, “So were you..” Frank interrupts, “SHUT UP!” He takes out his radio transmitter, “Mission fail. Lab rat not secured.We will return in an hour for further instructions. Helicopter down. Send clean up. Cordinates  xxx xxx.” He turns to the other mercenary, “Let’s go.”

  “What about Beron?”

   Frank looks at the bloodied man lying on the ground. “Clean up notified.”

   The other mercenary stands up; he has known Beron for a few years and understands what ‘clean up’ means. He shakes his head and picks up Beron throwing him onto his back infuriating Frank. He takes out his gun aiming it at the two men, “Are you stupid? Unless you want me to kill you both leave him.” It is up to the Boss whether he lives or dies when clean up arrives. The other mercenary knows he is no match for Frank and places the injured helicopter pilot back on the ground muttering, “Sorry man.” He takes a half empty water bottle from his vest and places it by Beron then turns and leaves. Frank takes out a half smoked cigar from his pocket as he lights it he looks toward the stream..You can’t hide from me lab rat! I will fucking find your little ass and deliver you to Chronus.

    Rui looks at the black Maybach pulling into the deserted parking lot and stands up. He carries LiMei to the car and Morgan gets out of the front seat and opens the back door. Morgan is shocked when he sees Rui’s disheveled appearance and the little girl asleep in his arms. He exclaims“CEO!”

  Rui motions for him to be quiet and he gently puts LiMei into the back seat. Li Mei hasn’t awakened and Rui puts her on his lap, he kisses her then tells Cheng,“Drive to Paris.”


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      1. Oh goodie! First Song Sara and Li Tian’s shenanigans, now LiMei and Rui’s. Ahhh…this makes me miss good ole Paris!


    1. Ah you’d love it!! I’m a historian so I did a historic tour of the city. Than my sister forced me to do the fashion tour 😂


      1. Oh cool ! A historian ? Awesome ! I was in Paris ❤ once but not for long I would love to stay for an extended time and travel around France. Ahh dreaming! Haha


      2. Well when the pandemic is over, the world is your oyster! Yep, I’ve loved history for as long as I could remember. So moving abroad was like a dream come true for me. And France was on the top of my list. Oh! When will we see Leng Shuai again? I’m kinda missing the big guy. I’m curious what he’s been up too 🤔


      3. Yeah definitely can’t wait to travel feely again! Leng Shuai will be back eventually. Don’t forget he needs the jade inside the Golden Dragon LiMei hid at the Black Lotus Club.


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