Can’t Wait

This extra chapter is sponsored by my sweet friend Lily!❤Thanks! I really appreciate you!

   When they arrive at the car Li Tian’s bodyguard Kang Mingshen opens the back door of the black Maybach. Once they are in the back seat Li Tian immediately orders him to raise the tinted glass between the seats. After asking their destination Kang Mingshen immediately complies. Surprised, Sara turns to Li Tian, “ No! Wait, I need to go to the nearest hospital, I can’t go to your villa.”

   He reaches over picking Sara up, he places her on his lap then caresses her burning hot cheek, “I told you I am your only antidote. The hospital won’t have any way to treat you. I called a doctor at the Inn to examine you and give you an antidote. Actually it was after we had lunch in Milan but I can’t tell you that.  Unfortunately, he told me that this particular new drug is manufactured in Morocco and has unusual properties. The aphrodisiac’s  lingering effects are triggered by alcohol. No known antidotes work to suppress it. I have been in touch with some contacts in Morocco searching  for the antidote.” 

  His cool fingers feel soothing as they glide over her hot face. Sara has been trying her best to control her lustful thoughts believing she would be treated at the hospital soon. After listening to Li Tian her willpower wanes, she struggles wanting to immediately give in to temptation but she stubbornly demands, “Let me out of the car. I will find a hotel and find a way to just suffer through it.”

  “Don’t be crazy.” He tenderly kisses her forehead, “I told you, I want you. Not to mention you could have severe complications if you don’t have sex.”

  Sara is trying her hardest to be rational and not give in to desire. Sitting on his lap feeling his huge manhood through his pants and inhaling his strong masculine scent Sara can barely hold onto her sanity. She lowers her head and clutches her dress tightly, “Well, I don’t want to do this, you are engaged and there is no love between us.There must be another way.”

  “There is no other way. You could be with me or find a stranger.” He brushes her loose strands of hair behind her ear, ” I think it is obvious the best option would be me.” Li Tian is fully aware the drug is beginning to take over her mind and senses by the way she is rubbing her thighs together. Sara’s body’s temperature is extremely high also, he can feel the heat through her thin dress.

He holds her small face in his hands deciding to be truthful. His eyes soften gazing at Sara’s bewildered expression as he explains, “There is nothing between Long An and myself. It is a marriage contract, which will be broken soon.” His face is extremely close, Sara can feel his warm breath on her face and his voice is tinged with undisguised lust, ” I want you Sara.” He runs his finger across her pink lips. “You are so incredibly beautiful.I want to make love to you.” He puts his large hand on the back of her head pressing her forward to meet his kiss. She wants to push him away and resist his advances but can’t as she gets swept up from the intense and undeniable attraction between them. Sara’s heart races when he puts his hand under her green silk dress and slowly moves it up while caressing her soft thigh. Sara can’t help but give in to temptation as he spreads her legs then touches her damp underwear. He has a devilish grin on his handsome face, “So wet already.”

Sara blushes and her shy expression fuels his desire. Baby, you are so fucking cute. No other man can ever see you like this…only me. Slipping his long slender finger under her tiny black thong he rubs her sensitive bud. Aroused by how beautiful Sara looks right now Li Tian’s breathing becomes ragged and he realizes the villa is too far away. I can’t wait and the little thing needs relief. His Adam’s apple rolls as he instructs Kang Mingshen, with a hoarse voice he spits out, “PULL OVER!”

   “..” They have driven out of the city and Kang Mingshen looks for a convenient spot to park the car. He spots a side road to the left where there is only an empty parking lot by a warehouse.I guess this will work.When the car stops Li Tian tells him to get out of the car. He is shocked, he has never seen his boss being even slightly intimate with a woman and it is obvious what they are going to do in the car. Kang Mingshen shakes his head as he takes out a cigarette and walks towards the empty parking lot. 

   Li Tian removes his suit jacket then puts it under Sara’s head as he lays her down onto the leather seat. Looking up at Li Tian all she can think of is having his body satisfy her insatiable hunger as quickly as possible. He is right..I can’t wait..I feel like I will die if I don’t get satisfaction.

   Sara has lost all sense of reason as her body responds to his skillful teasing. She feels as though she is losing her mind as he presses down on her body then nibbles on her ear. My God he is amazing… His deep and languid voice sends a shiver through her as he provocatively whispers,”Does it feel good baby?” Sara can only moan in response as she begins to feel dizzy from his domineering kisses. He licks and sucks on her slender neck savoring her unique taste then reaches behind unzipping her dress with one hand. Sliding the silky fabric down her delicate shoulders he kisses her jade like skin and bites her collarbone sending a wave of pleasure through Sara’s body. Overcome with desire she wildly kisses Li Tian, putting her small tongue into his mouth entangling with his eager tongue as he removes her pink bra. He cups her tender snowy white breast in his hand then sucks on her pink bud twirling his tongue around as he tastes her sweetness. Panting heavily as Li Tian plays with her breasts, Sara puts her hand on the back of his neck, then runs her fingers through his messy ink black hair. Sara’s touch lights a fire within him. He slides his finger into her wet entrance then plunges his finger deeper. Feeling her sucking it in he begins to thrust in and out of Sara while rubbing her sensitive spot with his thumb. When he does, Sara’s honey flows down over his finger as his experienced movements makes her sensitive body shudder. Li Tian gets excited watching Sara’s body react to his touch, his huge manhood enlarges and begins to throb, wanting to possess Sara completely. He has an intoxicated expression when he lifts up Sara’s green silk dress revealing her tiny soaked underwear. Sara softly moans, placing her small hands on his chest she kisses and sucks on his neck causing the heat to rise in his body.

   He wanted to wait until they arrived at the Villa but he can’t hold back when he sees Sara’s inviting slender white thighs spread open and her thong soaked from her honey. Breathing heavily he takes off his belt and unzips his pants. He holds Sara’s small soft hand on his hardness then rubs it across her thong watching her flushed face as he slips a finger under the black lace thong playing with her sensitive bud. Sara softly moans anticipating him removing her wet underwear. Instinctively she can’t help but arch her back and move her hips forward anxiously awaiting him entering her body to quench her thirst. His dark eyes have a mischievous gleam when he notices Sara watching him like a greedy little cat while licking her red and swollen lips, he can’t resist teasing Sara, “ Want?” 

     Sara’s beautiful blue eyes darken, reflecting a bit of temper as she shakes her head no. So cruel! This is no time to tease me! Sara’s insides are itchy waiting to have him deep inside of her body, but she bites her bottom lip seductively, then coquettishly  pouts, “Don’t want.”  as she hits his chest with her small fists.

    Laughing at her weak attempt to push him away Li Tian leans down, lifting her damp and messy long black hair covering her ear, he bites the tip of her ear then quips, “Liar.” He has a devilish grin on his handsome face as he rips her thong off then spreads Sara’s legs she has defiantly clenched together, abruptly inserting his throbbing erection into her tight tunnel. He groans as he impulsively enters,”Baby.. Ahhh… so damn tight…” Sara wraps her leg around his strong waist as he slowly buries himself inside of her body. I know when I hit a certain spot she will whimper like a little kitten and her nectar will flow down my hardness, then I can move more comfortably. He likes to hear Sara’s sweet voice moaning uncontrollably when she reaches the heavens, so he pounds into Sara hitting her sensitive spot until she cries out. The incredible sensation overwhelms Sara, she tightens her grip on his shoulders, “Ahhh..sooo big…too big..Ummm..Mmm.”  

  Li Tian’s voice sounds raspy as he tells Sara, “Open your eyes, look at me.”

  Sara feels as if she is floating on a cloud, she opens her hazy blue eyes that are covered in a layer of mist. She gazes at his charming soft gaze, his face flushed with lust, thinking how unbelievably handsome he looks when he doesn’t have his usual cold expression. The man really has perfect features, his beautiful narrow and  incredibly deep dark eyes look like an unfathomable bottomless abyss. I feel if I gaze into them any longer they will suck my soul out of my body.

  When he sees Sara’s infatuated expression his lips curl up in a satisfed smile then he begins to thrust in and out at a faster pace.  He is like an insatiable beast as he vigorously penetrates deeper and deeper until he growls releasing his essence inside of Sara.

  Li Tian has an incredibly strong euphoric feeling when he climaxes. He has the sensation of looking down from the heavens on the mundane world feeling extremely satisfied and happy. Afterwards, still buried inside her body he tenderly gazes at Sara underneath him who is unconscious from his ruthless plundering. Her beautiful dress is ripped, barely hanging on her petite body, pulled up around her bare breasts and her slender thighs are covered with the evidence of their love making. How can my pleasure become more intense every time I have sex with this girl? Is it because of her pure yin controlling my dark yang. She’s accepting me so I am benefiting from her pure yin like the old  quack told me? I feel incredibly peaceful after we have sex without my usual rage and turbulent qi. He affectionately hugs Sara, playing with a strand over silky black hair he inhales her unique fragrance. She has to be my woman no matter what I have to do to make that happen. He possessively hugs her tighter wanting to fuse her beautiful lithe body into his. Song Sara you can never leave my grasp in this life.

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