A Glass of Wine

    Li Tian and Navarre stand in the living room and discuss the jewelry competition. Li Tian agrees to acquire the replacement jewels Navarre needs to complete the repair of the Midnight Lover’s Necklace.Navarre is satisfied knowing he will be able to successfully enter the competition. Originally he wanted to win primarily for international recognition, but after his confrontation with Philippe on the plane to Paris he is more determined. He wants to see the look on Philippe’s face when he is handed the prestigious award.  Philippe was annoyingly smug while talking about his son Albert and the other competitor’s educational background from prestigious Universities. 

   Navarre recalls working in the University cafeteria and whenever he jad the opportunity he would inconspicuously sit in the back of the class listening  to an art lecture. Luckily, he met his Master, Johan Karson, who took him under his wing and taught him what he knows. Johan Karson’s meticulous teaching combined with Navarre’s natural talent has made him one of the most successful young jewelry designers throughout Asia and Europe.

    Although Li Tian is not happy about the idea of Sara modeling the necklace at  the competition he realizes that is the only option at this point. He has a vested interest in Navarre succeeding so he can expand his jewelry business into the United States. Sara being Navarre’s model also will force her to delay returning to China giving him an opportunity to spend more time with her in Paris.

  Li Tian is satisfied that Navarre was not avoiding him and he has no interest in Sara other than as his model. He breathes a sigh of relief that he was worrying without reason.

    While listening to the two men’s conversation in the living room Sara nervously pours  another glass of the expensive white wine, then hastily gulps it down making her eyes water. Patrick notices Sara’s strange expression and her slender hand trembling on the wine glass. He puts down his fork, with a concerned expression he asks, “Sara, what is wrong? ” 

     Apprehensively glancing at the doorway Sara coughs then stutters, “Ha..ha..nothing.. nothing..” 

  Li Tian and Navarre enter the dining room, when Li Tian sees Patrick sitting at the table with Sara he clenches his fists at his side. What the f**k is that asshole  doing here?Surprised, he turns to face Navarre. Glaring at him Li Tian sarcastically remarks,”I didn’t know you were familiar with the world famous chef Patrick Sloan.”

“…” World class chef? Sara blushes thinking of how she was bothering Patrick in the kitchen while he was cooking. Oh My God ! How embarrassing!

Li Tian suddenly notices Sara’s flushed face and her small hand gripping a wine glass.  Holy shit  !The little idiot has been drinking! I need to just get her out of here, I don’t have time to mess around with Patrick right now. He quickly walks over to her seat and pulls Sara up into his embrace, grabbing the empty wine glass from her hand. Setting it down on the table, Li Tian narrows his dark eyes staring at Patrick with a murderous glint in his eye. Remembering Patrick’s playboy reputation at University in a domineering tone he growls, “Stay away from  Song Sara!”

   Patrick stands up from the table and confronts Li Tian. Both men are 185cm tall and they lock eyes, Sara shivers sensing the dark auras surrounding them clashing. Patrick’s momentum doesn’t lose to Li Tian’s as he aggresdively pushes his shoulder “I didn’t hear Sara say she wants to leave with you.”

  Sara’s body is starting to get  extremely hot from the residual aphrodisiac being activated by the wine. She realizes after what happened at the Camellia Inn what is happening inside her body right now. Oh my God I am so stupid! The wine… the wine…drinking alcohol must activate the aphrodisiac inside of my body! Sara wants to cry as waves heat start engulfing her body, I don’t want to make a fool of myself in front of Patrick and Navarre.

She is wedged between them as her eyes start darting around the room, I need to get out of here before I lose control. I will ask the CEO to take me to the hospital, they must be able to do something to detoxify me.It’s embarrassing but he is already aware of the situation,which is why he probably took the wine from my hand. Li Tian holding onto her body tightly intensifies Sara’s reaction to the drug. Inhaling the two men’s strong masculine scent and the phernomes they are emitting makes the overwhelming feeling of desire rise in Sara. Sara gulps her saliva trying not to drool, being sandwiched between two alpha males she is having difficulty maintaining her composure.

   Awkwardly Sara smiles facing Patrick trying to diffuse the volatile situation, “Patrick, thank you so much for dinner. It was absolutely delicious.”  She holds onto Li Tian’s sleeve, “ CEO Li, Did you come to find me so we can go over the reports before tomorrow?”

   “En.” Why is she calling that fuckng bastard by his first name? The two of them looked rather cozy laughing and drinking when I walked into the dining room. Godammit!What has been going on here? Li Tian possessively holds Sara’s hand pulling her closer to him.

   Sara continues, “We should go then.Mr. Navarre, please let me know when you need me to try on the necklace and the time of the Jewelry Competition. Your assistant Michelle has my phone number.”

    Sara hurries Li Tian out of the room and as they walk through the living room she picks up her purse off the glass coffee table. Uncomfortable she loosens the dress’s ruffled collar beginning to feel that familiar itchiness. Sara softly pleads , “Please..pleasee CEO Li take me to the hospital.I… I need the antidote.”

    After they leave the apartment he tenderly brushes her loose black hair behind her ear, “If you hadn’t left so abruptly from the Camellia Inn, I would have told you I figured out what triggers the aphrodisiac.”

    The feeling of his warm touch as his fingers brush against her ear Sara can hardly stop herself from initiating a kiss. A shiver goes down her back and she tries to resist the urge to rub her body onto his strong chest . Sara control yourself ! You can do it! Have some  willpower! The doctors at the hospital have to be able to help you! Then never pick up another glass of wine. Her mind starts to wander fantasizing about Li Tian making love to her at the Inn. Sara closes her eyes STOP! STOP THINKING ABOUT HIM IN BED!  AHH..I’M COMPLETELY SHAMELESS!

   Li Tian knows the aphrodisiac is beginning to take control of Sara; he could feel her tremble when he lightly touched her hair. He gazes down at her beautiful face, we have already been intimate so what does it matter if I help the little thing relieve the aphrodisiac one more time.I’m not trying to deceive her,I would have told her to avoid alcohol because it triggers the aphrodisiac. Also, I am looking for a cure.  I just can’t locate that asshole Amir Hamid. He motions to Tang Qiang and Adrien who are following him, “ Don’t follow. Take the next elevator, meet me at the hotel.”

    When they get into the elevator Li Tian leans down and his warm breath tickles her skin as he seductively whispers in her ear, “I will be your antidote.”

   Sara’s face turns a brighter shade of red at his suggestive comment. She looks up at him, her blue eyes reflecting her determination to control her impulsive behavior.  “CEO Li..We can’t… I shouldn’t have  forced myself on you at the Inn.” What was I thinking… he’s Li Tian… but I have no choice now I need someone to take me to the Hospital. Since he knows the predicament I am he is my best choice.

 Li Tian can’t help but smile at how cute she looks right now. So many different emotions are flashing across her beautiful face. She looks innocent.. shy.. embarrassed and extremely alluring. He hugs her soft body to him wrapping his arm around her thin waist and lifts her chin. Li Tian’s eyes are blazing with passion, his thin lips curl up into a smile, “Forcing me… hahaha… little thing, I wanted you since the first time I saw you walking up the steps in my Club.” 

  ‘Huh?” Li Tian’s deep voice sounds so magnetic and sexy Sara’s heart skips a beat. What Club? 

  Before Sara has the chance to think about what he saidwithout warning Li Tian kisses her lips, licking and biting them.She wraps her arms around his neck, unable to resist his domineering kisses she opens her small mouth to welcome his eager tongue. He continues kissing Sara until she is breathless and the elevator door opens. Ignoring the people around them he lifts her up into his arms. Carrying her through the luxurious lobby Sara pushes on his chest and exclaims, “Put me down!”

   He wantonly kisses her again then presses his forehead onto hers as he replies, “No.”


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