Ambulance Ride

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    The ambulance with Rui and LiMei inside speeds along the highway towards Dr. Lumbert’s Clinic. The atmosphere is awkward between them as Rui lovingly gazes at LiMei while holding her hand as she lays on the bed. Although he realizes she obviously doesn’t remember him, he doesn’t care. If I stay by her side memories will come back. I will make her remember me. He has a faint smile picturing her beautiful face when she woke up in his arms. LiMei did come into my bed at the hospital of her own volition so  memories of our relationship must be hidden in her subconscious.

   LiMei feels conflicted looking at the handsome man holding her hand, his unique masculine scent and powerful presence gives her a strange sense of security. She was hoping to get some information from Uncle Xinghi because he appeared to know Qiao Rui.Unfortunately, she didn’t get a chance while they were in her hospital room. Debating on whether to ask him now about their relationship or wait she closes her eyes to consider what she should do. 

   Rui chuckles watching her pretend to sleep because LiMei has always shown her feelings on her face. He can tell that right before she closed her eyes she was trying to decide what she should say to him.  I am not going to pressure  LiMei I know she will remember me given time. She’s letting me hold her hand which shows she isn’t rejecting me completely. I can be here with LiMei and help her regain her memory. 

  Directly behind them in the Rolls-Royce Phantom Xinghi and Dr. Woo are discussing LiMei’s condition.After looking at her chart they have decided to wait and see how the Phoenix Breath Serum affects her recovery while she’s at the clinic.

Curious to find out more about Dr. Lumbert Dr. Woo asks, “What is your connection to Dr. Lumbert.I have never heard you mention it before.”

    Xinghi answers, “ I recruited him five years ago because of his expertise with molecular splicing and reconfiguration when I hit a wall trying to develop my regenerative enhancement procedure.I will be honest I don’t completely trust him but I really had no choice but to collaborate with him. I was unable to perfect splicing the YT/NJ molecule to create a gene specific alternative splicing connection.I was extremely frustrated until I read an article he wrote that was published in Peking Medical Journal. I couldn’t help but be intrigued by his innovative approach to splicing and reconfiguration cells at the molecular level.This research was in its infancy at the time and he was making astonishing progress.

     He is a rather strange man with a mysterious background.I ignored the discrepancies in his resume because I felt  his research was essential if I was going to succeed. I have worked sporadically with him over the past few years. I was hesitant but when Nikolai Naralov was shot, LiMei was the blood donor. After the transfusion Naralov almost immediately showed signs of improvement then began recovering at an unprecedented rate. I had no intention of revealing LiMei’s existence as Subject 456 only requesting he draw Naralov’s blood to send me for in depth analysis. He somehow discovered this information on his own and confronted me. I was forced to reveal LiMei was one of my first experimental subjects. I emphasized that I don’t want her information revealed under any circumstances or there would be severe repercussions. He is well aware of the consequences if he betrays my confidence. I felt that in her critical condition she would benefit from the Phoenix Breath Serum so I instructed him to go to Blessed Spirit Hospital and give her the injection then move her to his Clinic.”

 Dr. Woo stares at his friend who typically is extremely cautious. “This is very unlike you. From what you just told me you’re taking a big chance relying on a man with a sketchy past who may not be loyal.” 

  Xinghi continues, “I don’t trust him. I have several men placed in his Clinic to ensure her safety. I also plan on monitoring LiMei while she is at his Clinic. Transporting her there was our only option, her rapid recovery from serious injuries would definitely raise eyebrows. Believe me I would not hesitate to have Lumbert killed if he harms the little girl in any way. I’ve heard some disturbing rumors that his most recent very controversial  research has been financed by the Chronus Consortium.

    Dr. Woo raises an eyebrow, “ The Chronus Consortium? I thought they mostly dealt with industrial chemical production and mining.”

    “ That was when Franz Hedwig was still alive, since his eldest son, Gunnar, took over two years ago the Consortium has branched out into the Biotechnology field.They have also increased their nefarious activities becoming one of the most feared organizations in the Underworld. Franz’s son is not to be underestimated, on the surface he appears benign. An extremely successful CEO with various profitable businesses under the umbrella of the  Consortium. Whereas in reality he reaps more profits from his Underworld activities. Gunnar Hedwg won’t hesitate to use any means no matter how vile to achieve his goals.The Consortium maintains a private army of ruthless and bloodthirsty mercenaries at their compound in Zambia.”

   Dr. Woo has a worried expression, “So you are afraid Hedwig is looking for Subject 456. Is Dr. Lumbert aware Naralov also was also part of your experimental group?  if so why wouldn’t Hedwig just grab him when he had perfect opportunity at the warehouse, Instead of helping Victor put him into the Bosnian prison”

   Xinghi has a sardonic grin then replies, “He has no idea Naralov was part of a  follow up group of subjects. It would take a while to go into the details but if someone wanted to replicate my regeneration process it would be the most advantageous to study my most successful subject who is Feng LiMei. Can you imagine if a megalomaniac like Gunnar Hedwig was able to create his own Army of Super Soldiers, the havoc and chaos he could  create?The technology is not there yet for instantaneous regeneration, but with increased research the possibility is not that far away from reality. At present with LiMei’s ’s reconfigured cellular structure,her body regenerates at an increased rate. According to my hypothesis, once enhanced by Phoenix Breath Serum the regeneration process should accelerate.But, it has not been tested LiMei received the first injection earlier.” 

     Dr. Woo knew that his friend’s work was groundbreaking but he had no idea how revolutionary Xinghi’s regeneration  procedure was until he saw LiMei in the hospital room.Even without examining her injuries under the bandages he could tell the rate of her recovery from two gunshot wounds was absolutely unbelievable. After brain surgery she was alert and mobile seemingly only experiencing short term memory loss. Such remarkable progress is mind boggling.

     Dr. Woo  after listening to Xinghi is extremely worried for LiMei’s safety. I would not underestimate the power of money to corrupt.Even if you  threatened him with death,Lumbert could weigh the risk and decide to cooperate with the Chronus Consortium.assuming such a powerful organization could easily insulate him from any danger.Not to mention if he chose to sell the biotechnology involved how many billions of dollars he could make. Dr. Woo has a serious expression while contemplating the drastic repercussions,”Bottom line is for LiMei’s safety and to prevent Hedwig from creating a virtually indestructible army we can’t let her fall into his hands.”

    Suddenly gunshots are heard and blood splatters against the windshield of the Rolls Royce Phantom.Hit in the side of the head by a bullet the driver slumps down on the steering wheel. The car goes out of control skidding across the highway into a ditch.

    Ahead of them in the ambulance the driver gets a phone call. He opens the window to the back alerting the male nurse, “There is a delay on the road we are taking a detour. ” This is the signal to kill Rui, the other part of their team has prevented Xinghi from following. Gunnar Hedwig doesn’t want Xinghi harmed he might need him. They are now to take Subject 456 to the private plane that is waiting.

The male nurse says to Rui, ” The frontage road can get bumpy I need to strap the patient in tighter and give her a sedative so she doesn’t move.”


When the male nurse bends over LiMei to strap her down LiMei opens her eyes slightly watching him. She notices the edge of a tattoo on his chest, a C and cobra’s head and her heart starts racing. Shit ! This isn’t good. Chronus! Is my assignment something to do with that maniac ? Bo where are you ! Glancing over at Rui who has moved away to allow the male nurse to secure LiMei on the bed she hesitates. If I subdue this nurse I expose myself… if I don’t I think the handsome man and I die.

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  1. That’s unexpected! Dr. Wu had no questions about how Xinghi knew LiMei. And he knows that she is actually Daiyu. Perhaps he is now wondering what kind of fate this girl had.


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