The Gunman

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    Nikolai paces around the hallway outside the operating room waiting for Anton. Impatient he hasn’t arrived yet Nikolai takes long strides to the exit to have a smoke to calm his frayed nerves. Once outside of the hospital he pulls a cigarette out of the pack then looks at the starless sky as he lights it.

Tonight made him realize how good it feels to have a beautiful woman’s eyes sparkle while looking at him as though he is the only man in the world. He has a twinge of jealousy thinking about Qiao Rui as he inhales. Little Assassin, why is that arrogant bastard any better than me? I am going to change and leave the Underworld behind. Don’t die… I have never been one to pray but right now I would promise whatever deity exists I will change to save you and have you stay by my side. Nikolai’s heart tightens, the image of LiMei jumping in front of him vivid in his mind. Angry LiMei was shot because of him he wants to find out who ordered the hit. Where the fuck is Anton with some answers! Anxious to destroy whoever did this he takes one more drag on the cigarette then crushes it on the concrete looking around the parking lot for Anton.

   Not seeing his black Maybach he is about to reluctantly head back inside when Anton rushes through the parking lot towards him. Finally I should get some information. Nikolai takes out another cigarette, when Anton approaches he worriedly looks Nikolai over, “Boss, are you sure you are okay?”

  “Yeah, I told you…the Little Assassin..” He doesn’t want to say it again. “I need you to find out who tried to kill me. At first I thought it was the fat fuck from the restaurant. I only heard the gunman incoherently muttering something, sounded like he had a slight accent when I thought about it.” He looks towards the hospital wondering how the surgery is going then continues, “ It definitely wasn’t Italian..All that ugly motherf****r’s guards were Italian. So that rules him.out.”

  “What fat guy.”

  Nikolai blows a smoke ring, “Not important. The gunman was taken away by the police. I don’t know where they would take him. I need you to find him, contact that weird little man you know who works in the police morgue.”

“…” Unless the guy is dead Vinny wouldn’t have any information. If he is dead I can’t interrogate him. Boss..what is wrong with you? “Ah would he know anything?”

   “The morgue is part of the police department. He can use his computer access to see where they transported the gunman .”

   “I guess, but wouldn’t that look suspicious?”

   “Who gives a fuck! Unless you know a better way. I just got out of a fucking Bosnian prison, I don’t have any contacts in the Milan police department.”

   Nikolai flicks his cigarette into the parking lot., “Let me know as soon as you have any information about the gunman.”

   Two nurses are walking out of the hospital to the right of Nikolai, the taller of the two women stares with an infatuated expression at Nikolai’s perfect body and chiseled profile.  After hearing the end of their conversation she realizes he is the handsome man the other nurses on her floor were talking about earlier. He came into the hospital with the young girl that was shot. He is the best looking man I have ever tall and his cold aura is very sexy. I wouldn’t mind climbing into his bed!

She is confident if he gives her a chance she can find a way to seduce him. I’m pursued by many men because of my alluring body, I have long slender legs, a small waist and big breasts. My uniform is custom made so it hugs my body  accentuating my curves. I want this man! Her eyes are riveted on his tall perfect body, Nikolai threw away his bloodied suit coat so he is only wearing a thin black silk shirt so the outline of his muscles are clearly defined as he turns their direction.

 She bites her lower lip, They are looking for the gunman?  Should I tell them the gunman was admitted to the hospital because although it is a private hospital it is the closest one to the crime scene. It is the police’s responsibility to get him immediate help. She wants to talk to him so she stops by the taxi stand. Her friend Gina has a worried expression , “ Sheila, what are you doing? We will miss the bu..” The taller woman puts her hand on her friend’s mouth then she leans down whispering,“Shhh..look at that man “ Gina immediately whips her head Nikolai’s direction. Sheila quickly grabs her arm.”Stupid! Don’t be obvious.”

    She obediently replies, “Okay.”  The young nurse then pretends to tie her shoe while sneaking a peek at Nikolai and Anton who are starting to walk towards them. She blushes as Nikolai makes eye contact, impulsively blurting out, “So handsome!”

   Nikolai gives her an icy glare as she kneels tying her shoe lace looking up at him while drooling. The taller woman wants to slap the stupid look off of her friend Gina’s face. Sheila goes to exclusive clubs like the Medici Club to find a golden thigh to hug so she is familiar with men like Nikolai.. His arrogant temperament is more intimidating than the owner of the Medici Club, Diego Bellini. Damn you Gina this type of man knows he is handsome, he hates it when women say that! Now how am I going to talk to him! 

   Sheila regains her composure, last year a young Mafia Boss pursued her so she can tell Nikolai radiates a murderous aura. I need to get his attention, she sweetly says, “Excuse me, are you the man who was with the shooting victim?” .

   Nikolai stops to see what she has to say, maybe the annoying woman has information about LiMei. “Why.”

   Up close, Nikolai’s extremely cold aura and deep unfathomable dark eyes frighten Sheila, now she doesn’t know how to follow up. She stands there befuddled, unable to speak.

Nikolai wants to kick this woman out of his way for holding him up from discussing the situation with Anton. “Scram.”

   Unwilling to miss this chance she stammers, “Wait…wait.”

   Nikolai keeps walking uninterested in her obvious attempt to get close to him. Sheila hurries to keep up, “I have some information you might want.”

   “Speak.” He nods to Anton who takes out a wad of money.

      Sheila’s face turns crimson red and she flutters her eyelashes, “I don’t want money, I just thought we could have a cup of coffee or something.”


   “Is she your girlfriend? The woman..the woman you brought in who was shot.”

      Nikolai’s face darkens, “ I said get out of my way.”

  “No..wait..fine I don’t like to see innocent people hurt. I couldn’t help but overhear you say you wanted to find the gunman?”

   Nikolai stops. “Yes.” Anton hopes for her sake she isn’t just trying to get close to Nikolai. He can tell if the next thing she says isn’t to his liking he will kick her into the street.

   “The gunman he..he is in this hospital… on the floor where my friend works.” Pinching Gina on the arm she pulls her over to the two men.“Tell him.”

    Gina’s eyes widen in fear at being dragged in front of  Nikolai and Anton. She is startled by Sheila’s sudden action, she was just standing there admiring Nikolai from the side. After the piercing look he gave her when their eyes met she doesn’t want to get anywhere near him. Glaring at her friend she rubs her arm, “Oww.” Why am I friends with Sheila! She always bullies me! We are going to miss the bus and this man looks really scary, I don’t care how handsome he is! He looks like he could kill a person without even blinking!

   Nikolai softens his tone seeing how the short girl is trembling and he wants the information. “Well?”  If the gunman is in the hospital that would simplify the matter of questioning him.

    Sheila has a commanding tone,”Tell him.”

   “Ah…I don’t know much I was getting off work when they wheeled a man all beat up covered in bandages down the hallway. There were two policemen walking by the side of the stretcher and the man well… he was handcuffed to it.” 

   Anton can tell Nikolai’s little bit of patience is wearing thin as he reaches in his pocket for another cigarette. So Anton asks, “What floor?”

   Gina nervously twists her blue wool sweater as she turns her face to look at Anton, she audibly gasps noticing him for the first time , My God this man looks like a giant bear with his bushy brown hair and beard! Gina’s doe like eyes widen and her tone rises by an octave,“The..the third floor.” 

  Nikolai says something in Russian to Anton as he walks away. Anton hands Gina a stack of bills, shoving them into her small hand. “Take it.” When she tries to refuse Anton won’t take the money back.  “You need shoes.” Anton noticed Gina’s shoes are worn and her sweater has a few holes in it.

  Gina looks at the money in her hand before she can put it in her pocket Sheila greedily grabs all of the money. “Let’s take a taxi.” 

   “…” I was planning on splitting the money with you! Gathering up her courage she says,“Sheila, we should at least split the money and a taxi costs too much! There is one more bus coming.”

  Disappointed Nikolai never put her in his eyes Sheila pinches Gina, “If it weren’t for me talking to him we wouldn’t have this money. I have a date and you already made me late.” She waves for a taxi, her eyes sparkling as she puts the money in her purse she says, “I have some shoes you can have.”

    Gina looks at her feet then at Sheila’s who are at least two sizes bigger than hers then shakes her head.

    Anton catches up with Nikolai, “I will go and find the man.”

    Nikolai throws his cigarette down and steps on it with his black leather shoes grinding it into the concrete. “Call me with the bastard’s name who hired him.” He pushes the door to the hospital when they enter he recognizes Scorpion in a white coat coming out of the elevator. What is that scrawny motherf*****r doing here, did Kuang Bo have something to do with the shooting? He wanted to kill me because of his brother and Feng LiMei? Scorpion must have been here to silence the gunman. He is most likely already dead. Fucking Shit!

   He leans over to Anton, pointing to Scorpion, Anton clenches his fist as he comes to the same conclusion as Nikolai. 

  Nikolai quietly says,“Grab him.”

  Scorpion has his phone in his hand to call Kuang Bo. He isn’t paying attention so Anton takes advantage of him being distracted to put a knife on his waist. Nikolai pushes the elevator button without saying anything. When a nurse walks out of the elevator they enter. Scorpion smiles, “Naralov… Anton, it has been a long time.”

 Nikolai stops the elevator and motions to Anton who punches Scorpion. Holding his cheek Scorpion spits out some blood, “Hey! We are on the same side!”

  Anton looks towards Nikoliai to check if he should continue. Nikolai holds up his hand, “How do you figure that when your fucking boss tried to kill me and obviously you just took care of the gunman.”

 “It is true I just killed the asshole, but my Boss didn’t have him move on you.”

  “Why should I believe you?”

  “Well, I am the only one who knows who the person is behind the hit. I haven’t even told Kuang Bo yet.”

    Nikolai can see from looking in Scorpion’s eyes he isn’t lying and his tone doesn’t have any trace of deceit. He pushes the elevator to continue down to the parking garage. “If you are lying you know it won’t be only you that dies, that little slut you sleep with…what is the fat bitch’s name..yeah.. Rosa. She will be raped by my men then chopped into pieces while you watch.”

   Scorpion doesn’t show any fear, “Although your description of what you would do to Rosa pisses me off, I will ignore your threat since I am telling the truth. I really am going to enjoy the look on your face when I tell you what I found out. Of course, you need to forget I am the one who told you.” I think it would be better for the Boss to let you handle it. He is busy right now being Henri Armand haha.

  The elevator opens at the underground garage and Anton pushes Scorpion out. 

  Nikolai leans with his foot against the wall, “So who wanted to kill me tonight?”

  Scorpion looks at Anton who is holding the knife on him, “The knife?” 

   Nikolai sees the mischevous gleam in Scorpion’s eyes, why does he look so smug? “Are you stalling for time?”

  “No, but I think in the spirit of our comradeship Anton should stop poking me with the knife, tell him to put it down.”

  “Just spit out who wanted me dead tonight and you can go.”

    Scorpion smirks then sarcastically chides him,  “Did I say you were the target?”

    Anton presses the knife into Scorpions side, “Stop fucking around!”

   Scorpion can feel the sharp edge piercing through his coat, “Okay..okay.. Martina Rushnikov.”

  Nikolai starts laughing, “If you had said her father or even her brother I would believe you but Martina? She wouldn’t have the nerve and she has been in love with me since she was a young girl.”

    “ Fuck! Anton get that goddam knife out of my side!”

Nikolai nods to Anton, “You have ten seconds to tell me the truth or Anton’s knife will move to your neck.”

“You really take the fun out of it… It seriously was Martina Rushnikov. The gunman… well… you are lucky I gave him a shot of Hetudal, he bolted up in the bed and spilled his guts before he died. Your little fiancee wanted Feng LiMei dead. Well, she didn’t even know her name. Apparently, Martina was already upset you didn’t pick her up to go to the reception. She was anxiously waiting outside the Bellini Mansion for you to arrive when she saw you kissing a woman in the backseat of the car. She had no idea who the woman was and planned on confronting you. But you left. So, in a jealous rage she just grabbed one of her bodyguards told him to follow you and kill the woman. That man is the dead gunman upstairs.”

   Nikolai’s eyes are burning with rage, “Tell Kuang Bo, I will take care of Martina not to interfere.”


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  1. Ah, I should’ve guessed it was Nikolai’s fiancé! And I though Wang Rebecca was crazy, Martina Rushnikov actually manage to get the drop on poor LiMei. And she doesn’t even like Nikolai. I’m curious if while he’s out getting revenge, will if Leng Shuai drop in?


  2. Well, when Nikolai is gone the hospital gets lively ..Jealous Martina made a stupid decision for sure.Looks like Nikolai is going to the reception after all haha


    1. Lol and here he was trying to avoid the banquet altogether. Oh btw, is one of Xinghi’s doctors still coming to pay Nikolai a visit? I know he’d be furious if he found out what happened to LiMei and who was responsible 🤔. Could it possibly be Dr. Woo?!


      1. I don’t want to give too much away but Uncle Xinghi will be very pissed and comes when he finds out LiMei’s condition after surgery. Dr. Silva idolizes Xinghi because of he is a genius…although most people think he is an immoral maniac.. It should be interesting.


  3. Lol ok, I won’t ask anymore. But I can definitely see how Dr. Silva could connect with Xinghi, via LiMei’s operation. And I can’t wait to read more about Xinghi and LiMei’s relationship, especially in regards to her mom. I love his eccentric uncle role in her life.


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