Wait For Me

    Sun Peizhi sees it is Sara calling he breathes a sigh of relief, “Sara where are you?”

    Sara can hear the worry and concern in his voice, “I am at a small cafe called Little Vito’s .”

    “Wait for me. I should arrive in five minutes.”

   “Okay, but I should let you know I am no longer working for CEO Li.” Sara gives the woman her credit card to pay the bill at the front desk then proceeds to the door while talking with him. “And..I won’t go back to the hotel.”

   “You can stay at my friend’s apartment. I don’t care if you quit, we are friends, you shouldn’t be out at this time of night by yourself. Stay inside the cafe, I will be there shortly.”

   Sara is already standing on the sidewalk outside the cafe, she peeks behind her and the cashier is locking the door. “Okay.” Well, I can’t go back inside, I will be fine waiting here for Sun Peizhi. The area around the cafe seems deserted but at least it is well lit. Staying at his friend’s apartment will save me some money not having to pay for a hotel tonight. I will need to find a way to repay Sun Peizhi for all he has done for me. She chuckles, it is too bad he has a girlfriend or I could offer to pay him with my body haha..

   Sara’s arms have goosebumps, shivering she wraps her slender arms around herself, it feels much colder than before I went into the cafe.  Looking down the empty street it dawns on her the cold faced guard must have sent Sun Peizhi to pick her up..or did Li Tian? Did he wake up and wonder what happened to me? He was gentle in the gazebo and protective of me when the man attacked us pushing me behind him. I will ask Sun Peizhi. Sara’s heart tightens and she has a strange feeling thinking about Li Tian. I’m just concerned..that’s it. I don’t actually care about him do I? She shakes her head and laughs..that’s ridiculous…

   The Bentley Sun Peizhi is driving gets stuck behind a large delivery truck with a flat tire blocking the narrow road. The veins bulge on his forehead watching as a muscular man wearing jeans and a leather jacket bends down looking at the tire. Impatient to find Sara he sticks his head out of the window yelling in Italian, “Move the fucking truck over!”

   The delivery man angrily shakes his fist towards Sun Peizhi then points to the tire and the back of his overloaded truck. He stares with bloodshot eyes at Sun Peizhi then responds in a booming voice,  “If I try and all my vegetables fall out will you fucking pay me for my loss asshole! My brother is on his way, shut the fuck up or I will shut you up!” He throws off his leather jacket then rolls up his sleeves exposing his tattooed muscular arms to intimidate Sun Peizhi. I have been driving all day to deliver this produce and fresh fish to the Postino Hotel I am not in the mood for some rich foreigner to fuck with me! 

   Sun Peizhi would like to get out and beat the shit out of the man to vent his anger that has built up over Sara being left alone on the street, but he doesn’t have time. Fuck it there aren’t any pedestrians, he turns the wheel sharply then backs the car up. Positioning the car with two tires on the road and two on the sidewalk he attempts to get around the truck. He barely squeezes by scraping the side of the Bentley on the truck. Once he maneuvers around he speeds up, one more street and I will be at the cafe. He smiles as he looks in his rear view mirror, the delivery driver is stomping around the dented side of the truck waving his arms and cursing.

   When he arrives at the cafe he sees the shades on windows pulled down and a closed sign on the door, The interior is dark with only a small light still on inside of the cafe. What the hell! He puts the car in park then jumps out dashing over to look in the small window in the door. He presses his face to the window unable to see anyone. He turns around walking down the sidewalk while surveying the area to see if Sara is standing somewhere. I told her to stay in the cafe to wait foe me! Even if they were closing she should have asked for them to stay open for a few more minutes! Goddammit! Where is she?

   Sara blinks her eyes trying to understand what just happened. She can’t move her body but can tell there is a tall man dressed in a black suit sitting next to her in the backseat of a small car. He must be the man who stuck me with a needle when he grabbed me from behind outside the restaurant. She is unable to move or speak, these must be the same people who attacked CEO Li. Oh my god! Why would they abduct me..wuwuu. Sara closes her eyes to try and calm down. They must think I am important to Li Tian, but I’m not..wuwuuu..I’m just a little secretary..not even his secretary..

   Meanwhile at the Bellini reception on the patio, Karin’s face is flushed red and she is breathing heavily. She pulls on François Baranne’s suit coat seductively rubbing her breasts onto his chest. “I need you..what will it cost? Name your price.”

   François is is a devilishly good looking man especially when he smiles. Drooling looking at him Karin is mesmerized by his flawless face and brilliant smile, “François, someone drugged me I don’t know how..please, what do you want? You are the only man here I trust.” 

  His voice is low and sounds seductive as he whispers with a slight French accent, “Take your fake breasts off me. And if you don’t remove your hand I will break every bone in it.” François is disgusted by Karin and only is talking to her to find out about the location of the arms shipment. He was sent by Madame Olga’s German partner Noah to find out where the arm shipment is hidden Li Tian hijacked.

   His hot breath spraying on her exposed neck is sending an electric current down her body. She touches her  breasts, “I have never had any complaints.”

   He smirks,  “Get one of your bodyguards. The one coming from the garden towards you looks quite virile. I’m sure his stamina is good.”

  Karin looks in the direction he is looking and sees one of the men she sent to subdue Li Tian. He has a worried look on his face as he approaches. Karin tries to control the drug inside of her, if she doesn’t get that arms shipment back she will be in big trouble with her mother, Madam Olga. “François don’t go anywhere.” She hurries over looking around for the other men she sent, she raises her eyebrow, “Why is it just you?”

   “Li Tian’s bodyguards arrived and we were unable to grab him.”

   Karin doesn’t hesitate and slaps his face twice, “ “Incompetent!”

    François watches from the side then walks away, What a stupid cow. It is almost unbelievable her mother is the shrewd and calculating Madam Olga. Such a shame that an ambitious and smart woman like Olga Hamid gave birth to such wastes. Out of her three children only Rashid has any brains at all. Although he is a perverted asshole he can at least be regarded as competent working for Amir as his right hand man. Why she let this idiot daughter handle the situation is beyond my comprehension. Not only did the fucking slut let Li Tian get away she is salivating like a bitch in heat from being drugged carelessly with an aphrodisiac. Fucking shit! He looks for a server carrying a tray of drinks.This could have been such an easy mission without her interference!

He takes a glass of wine and continues to watch Karin and her guard, apparently Madame Olga doesn’t trust Noah, but sending her brainless daughter? Absolutely ridiculous decision! Before he could negotiate with Li Tian he was thwarted by Karin, his man witnessed the entire debacle between Wu Jin and her assassins then reported back. Luckily, the woman who was with Li Tian was spotted heading towards the mansion, his man was able to brush against her leaving a tracer on her dress. François decided to kidnap Song Sara to use as leverage to find the location of the arms.

   After he walks away he makes a phone call. “Did you get the woman?” 


   “Take her to Noah, he arrived an hour ago from Berlin, he is at Marisa’s villa.”

   The man raises his eyebrow glancing at Sara, Marisa?.. His emotionless face changes when he hears her name..Noah’s woman is a jealous vain bitch, He looks at Sara, she  won’t like seeing this woman’s naturally beautiful face. I hope Li Tian agrees to the exchange quickly. Adrien is a mercenary but usually only works transporting arms, this is the first time he has kidnapped a woman and feels uncomfortable thinking of Marisa torturing Sara. But, I was partially responsible for the loss of the trucks so I am lucky Noah didn’t kill me on the spot.

   He instructs the man driving the car, “When you get on the highway take the second exit, the villa is located at the end of the wooded area.”

   Sara understands some French but the man next to her is speaking too fast. Why did a Frenchman abduct me? The men in the garden fighting with Li Tian’s guard were Russian.

   At the Lattorio Hotel Li Tian slowly opens his eyes, he rubs the back of his head and feels a lump. Shit! Right…the little woman was dragging me and I knocked into a rock with my head. He has a slight smile as he recalls Sara gently pulling the flowers from his hair while talking nonsense. He looks around the room. Where is the little idiot? He calls out, “Wu Jin get in here.

   Wu Jin just returned from getting stitches and is sitting on the couch in the living room with Tang Qiang. He keeps his voice low, “No word from Peizhi about the girl?”

    Tang Qiang shakes his head, “No.”

    Wu Jin gulps down his saliva as he hesitantly walks into the bedroom, “Boss.”

    “Tell Song Sara I am awake to come in.”

    Wu Jin scratches his head, “Not here.”

   Li Tian stands up to go to the bathroom, still a little weak he holds onto the table to steady himself. Reaching for a water bottle his voice is hoarse, “What the fuck do you mean not here! Didn’t she come back with me?” He vaguely recalls hearing Wu Jin talking to Sara before he fell unconscious.”What, she wanted to go to the Grand Palace? Okay, I will take a shower then take me there.” 

  “Well no. She wanted to get out of the car so I let her off by the Postino’s Hotel.”

   Li Tian’s eyes narrow and killing intent fills the air, “You just let her out of the car!” He hurls the water bottle at Wu Jin hitting him in the chest water spraying all over his clothes.

   Wu Jin didn’t dare dodge and stands frozen in place his shirt drenched. “I was only concerned about you Boss. She insisted.” What I am saying is true I am simply leaving out some details.

   Li Tian doesn’t think that makes sense, Song Sara was obviously very concerned about me. She risked her life to save me. Why wouldn’t she stay with me? 

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  1. She could use one for sure ! Did you notice Karin is Madam Olga’s daughter lol. Im going to get the extra CEO chapters done by Sat. I got an unexpected visitor for a couple days.


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