Marisa’s Villa

Thank you my translator friend Elena for the coffee and your hard work translating my little novels into Russian ! This extra chapter is for you ❤

    When they arrive at Marisa’s villa Adrien tells the driver to call Noah. He easily picks up Sara carrying her to the front door. Uncomfortable being carried by a strange man Sara can only inwardly cry at her situation. He kicks at the door and after a couple minutes she can hear a sultry woman’s voice through the security screen. “Leave.”

    Adrien responds in French, “Open the door. Noah said to bring the woman here.”

   Sara can only tell by the exchange the woman isn’t being cooperative or the door would be open. Who is Noah…probably the man who had me kidnapped. What does he want from Li Tian?

    Marisa didn’t like being awakened by Noah’s phone call. He said his subordinate would be bringing a woman but didn’t specify why. After modeling all day and then accompanying the designer to a boring dinner she wanted to have a glass of wine then go to sleep. Looking at the slender woman balled up in his muscular arms she snaps,“Well he isn’t here and my villa is not a garbage dump.”  Her pointed nails dig into her palms as she notices Sara’s profile. The nerve of the asshole to bring a woman to my place!

   Adrien knows Marisa is just being obstinate because she is pissed off at his boss but that isn’t his problem. In an emotionless voice he replies,“I can leave, then you explain to the boss you refused his order. He should be here in a half hour.” 

    Marisa stomps her foot realizing she has to let them into the villa. “Hmmph!” She tightens the sash on her white silk bathrobe then flings open the door. Glaring at Adrien she storms off down the hallway. Bastard! 

   Sitting in her luxurious bedroom Marissa looks out her window as she has another glass of wine and her mood worsens. I am so sick of that domineering pr**k, Do that..I want you to suck me..I want to tie you up and fuck you with this…. What now? He wants a threesome with that slut? She shudders remembering the last time Noah forced her to ‘entertain’ one of his business partners, Amir Malouf, while he sat on the couch watching them. Pervert! Bastard!  She swirls the wine around in her glass, I think I will follow the CEO of Exodon Corporation the head designer introduced me to tonight. He was attractive and well mannered he would probably treat me well, not like that devil Noah Borstrum! She finishes her glass of white wine and looks at the empty bottle. Angry thinking about her sick relationship with Noah she throws the bottle at the wall. As it shatters Marisa falls on bed pounding the pillow with her fists, I don’t want him fucking another woman!

  While Marisa’s imagination is running wild, Adrien breathes a sigh of relief because she left them alone in the living room. He was afraid with her volatile temper she would complicate matters. After he puts Sara on the couch he calls Noah, “We are at the villa.”

  “Tie her up and give her the antidote, I’m sure Li Tian will want proof of life before he tells me the location of the arms shipment.”

  Noah calls Francois, “Meet me at Marisa’s villa.”

  “What about Karin?’ Francois has an evil smile looking over at Karin who is now hanging all over her guard. The look on the man’s face is priceless, part tempted part terrified she will have him killed after she regains her senses.

   “Fuck that bitch..screwing up a simple plan like that. Don’t tell her anything, let her try to explain to her crazy mother what a mess she made. I don’t want the old shrew knowing we have a bargaining chip.”

   “Leaving now.”

  Adrien takes a small pill out of his pocket then opens Sara’s mouth, after he forces it down her throat he pours water into her mouth. Some of the water drips back out trickling down her delicate chin. Adrien’s throat rolls as he looks at her wet lips. Damn she really is beautiful, I’m glad Marisa didn’t get a good look at her face. He leans her back onto the couch and goes to get a towel from the bathroom..

   After sitting on her bed stewing about the situation Marisa decides she will intimidate the slut before Noah arrives. Marisa has a satisfied smile as she walks down the stairs to see what the woman looks like Noah sent to her villa. Before at least he would call her to his suite when he wanted to indulge in his perverted behavior not use her villa. Seeing Sara laying on the couch she walks unsteadily over to take a closer look as Adrien returns. He immediately hurries over placing the towel onto Sara’s face. Marisa sneers as she reaches out to remove the towel, “Let’s see what Noah’s whore looks like.” 

    Adrien grabs her wrist, “You shouldn’t interfere.”

  “ Bastard! Let go of me! Who are you to tell me what to do! You are just Noah’s mongrel he picked up.”

  Adrien releases her wrist, ignoring her insult he warns, “She is important to the boss.I would advise you to go back to your bedroom and wait. He isn’t in a very good mood.”

   That comment infuriates Marisa, ‘Hmmph!”  Important! Undaunted by his warning Marisa purses her lips and has a determined expression curious to see Sara’s face even more. Why would this idiot be hiding her face from me unless…no… there is no way she is more beautiful than I am. Adrien sits on the edge of the couch blocking Marisa’s view. 

   The antidote that Adrien gave Sara is specifically formulated to counteract the Black Viper poison so she slowly opens her eyes hearing them argue. Groggy, she feels the soft towel on her face and reaches up with her slender white hand to remove it. Adrien firmly holds it in place while fending off Marisa who is now halfway on the white leather couch leaning past him pushing his arm to grab the towel. Adrien grimaces, dammit this is going to be a problem. I would like to knock Marisa out but I can’t, the boss might get get angry.

   Sara leans forward as she does, her creamy white skin and cleavage distracts Adrien. Using this opportunity  Marisa grabs the edge of the towel quickly tearing it away revealing Sara’s flawless features. Marisa screams, “ You little fox! Bitch! You dare to seduce Noah!” She lunges at Sara to slap her face, Sara closes her eyes expecting to be hit but when she isn’t she opens her eyes to see Marisa sprawled on the floor.

   She looks with half opened eyes at the ruggedly handsome man sitting on the edge of the couch, by his scent and build he is the man who kidnapped me. Sara feels muddleheaded still from the poison, Who is the woman? Why did he knock her out?  Who is Noah? 

    Adrien doesn’t say anything and Sara decides it is best not to ask any questions. He probably wouldn’t answer anyway. After a moment of silence he tells her in Chinese, “You won’t be hurt if you cooperate.”

   Gazing at his expressionless face, she can hear a hint of reassurance in his low voice. Sara feels somewhat relieved although she doesn’t understand what he means by cooperation. His aura is dark but I don’t feel any killing intent directed at me. He did stop the woman from slapping me.  Obviously they want something Li Tian has and think they can get it by using me. I have no idea why they think he would be willing to exchange it for me. His secretary..really.. haha.. I doubt I am that important to him… Why didn’t they kidnap Long An!

Adrien is sceptical, staring at Sara’s appearance although her face is beautiful her body is not well developed. He wonders if Li Tian will negotiate to rescue her from Noah. He knows Li Tian because Noah has had business dealings before, the last time was at Li Tian’s  Black Jade Club in Catang City. He had several women brought into the room to entertain Noah and the man from Morrocco. They were all sophisticated looking women with curvaceous bodies and big breasts. This frail woman looks like a frightened rabbit, is she really Li Tian’s woman? He hesitates about tying her up, the rough ropes would definitely rub her delicate skin raw. I doubt this weak looking woman would try to run away. “I’m going to take this woman upstairs. Don’t try to escape, there is nowhere to go, I don’t want to have to tie you up.”

   Sara’s voice sounds hoarse, “Okay. I won’t.”

   Adrien throws Marisa over his shoulder climbing the stairs two at a time. He removes her bathrobe and throws her down onto the bed. He shakes his head as he pulls the covers up over her motionless body. You are such a jealous bitch! If you injured that woman both of us would be in big trouble.

   Sara grabs the bottle of water and thinks about the woman who wanted to slap her, she looked familiar. Where did I see her before?

    Adrien is coming down the stairs as the door opens, he hurries down and quietly says to Sara, “Don’t mention Marisa.”

   Sara nods grateful he stopped the enraged woman from slapping her face. Marisa..Marisa.. She gulps down her water then her eyes light up, Now I know who she is! Marisa the French supermodel! I saw her walk the runway when Long An took me to the Chanel Fashion Show. What the heck is she doing with these gangsters?

   She has a sip of water as she watches Noah walk into the living room, her heart is pounding in her chest, he must be the boss..his aura is black! Very black! Gripped by fear she knows he would kill her without thinking twice. He is followed by twenty tall and muscular guards dressed in black. Sara breaks out into a cold sweat as he approaches the couch where she is sitting.Oh my God! He is terrifying! I feel like my breath is being sucked out of me from the oppressive air around him.

    Noah’s sinister smile makes Sara shiver and he notices her reaction to him. He has a German accent as he teases her in Chinese, “Afraid?”

   Sara’s blue eyes widen with obvious fear reflected in them. She answers honestly, “Very afraid.” She gulps down her saliva, who wouldn’t be! You look like a wild cheetah that is going to devour me for your dinner! 

  He laughs as one of his guards brings him a drink, “ Little thing, don’t you have confidence that your man will rescue you?”

   Wuuwuuu..I knew that they thought I was CEO  Li’s girlfriend. But if I deny it they might kill me right now.

  “Of course I do.” No, I don’t! I have absolutely no confidence in that man rescuing me at all! He could easily get a new secretary..damn I’m not even his real secretary just a temp! I am totally dispensable!

  Noah sits down across from Sara as he crosses his long legs he says “How long have you been with Tian? I don’t recall ever seeing you.” but for some reason she looks a bit familiar.

  Sara doesn’t know what to say, why is he making small talk. “I want to go home, could you call him.” My ticket for tomorrow’s flight is nonrefundable. I can only hope he appreciates he fact I saved him at that mansion.

   “Well, I want him to worry about you a bit first.”

     After she finishes her bottle of water Sara lowers her head as she nervously plays with her hands. He probably isn’t worried at all! I will be lucky if he answers when you call him! 

    He frowns looking at her disheveled appearance and dirty dress, “Why don’t you take a bath.” He turns to where Adrien is standing,” Adrien, tell Marissa to give her some clothes. Follow him upstairs. ”

  Sara waves her arms, “ I don’t want to trouble you. I’m good.”

   “…” Noah lifts his eyebrow at her response then smirks, “Well, I don’t like dirty things so I’m not good. Go.”

   After Sara follows Adrien up the stairs Noah takes out his phone and calls Li Tian. “You have something I want and I have something you want.”

   “Noah, you fucking bastard! If you touch one hair on her head!”

   “ If you don’t give me those trucks filled with my weapons, I will start with her hair then touch every part of her beautiful body.”

    Li Tian’s  dark eyes are filled with burning flames thinking about Noah touching Sara, “ Motherf****r! Let me talk to Sara now!’

    “I would but she is taking a bath.”

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