After Li Tian applies the ointment on Sara’s neck and chest he then spreads her slender legs. As he smears the clear ointment with his finger on her sensitive area he smiles recalling their lovemaking. Looking at her swollen red petals he thinks he might have been too rough but he craved her body and couldn’t control his vigorous movements. He puts some ointment on his long finger and rubs it inside of her tunnel as far as his finger can reach. When he is finished he can’t resist laying his hand between her thighs, “This is mine.. you are mine.”

He puts a white nightgown on Sara and covers her with the quilt. Gazing at her sleeping peacefully he lightly kisses her forehead then caresses her cheek before getting up from the bed.

Satisfied she will no longer have traces of their lovemaking when she wakes up he leaves the suite with a look of contentment on his handsome face. When he talks to his men outside the Presidential Suite guarding Sara he reminds them to say exactly what he instructed not to deviate. He takes out his phone as he walks to the elevator to call Sun Peizhi, when he answers Li Tian tells him, “I am going to need you to pick up Song Sara at the Presidential Suite in the Golden Palace Hotel at eight o’clock to bring her to the Bellini Reception. She is no longer staying at the Lattorio. She became ill at lunch and is resting in the suite now, when she wakes up I will inform her of the change in plans.”

  Listening to Li Tian, Sun Peizhi has a worried look on his face, Song Sara sick? Is it from the drug or the antidote? He controls his emotions and calmly asks, “Do you need a doctor sent over?”

   Li Tian thinks about it, no she seemed fine only exhausted, he has a devilish grin recalling their passionate sex. “I think she will be fine after sleeping.”

   “Okay, eight o’clock?”


   Sun Peizhi is in the backseat of Freddie’s car coming back from a meeting with Nikolai Naralov. They came to an agreement now he just needs to figure out how to ensure the Rushnikov Organization purchases the flash drive, or there will be a problem…a big problem.

  Freddie looks in the rear view mirror at Sun Peizhi, “ Why look so glum? Shouldn’t you be happy that the crazy bastard practically gift wrapped the flash drive just the way you wanted.”

    Sun Peizhi has an uneasy feeling worried about Sara, he looks at his watch, if I go to check on Sara now it would seem suspicious. Why would her bodyguard be concerned… the Presidential Suite? Is Li Tian staying there also?

  “Peizhi are you listening?”

  His handsome face has a strange expression thinking Sara is in the Presidential Suite at the Golden Palace. Distracted by the thought of Sara alone with Li Tian he barely hears Freddie, “What?”

  Freddie shakes his head, “Never mind.” They have arrived at the Italian Restaurant where they are meeting Lucas. When they step out of the car Sun Peizhi sees Qiao Rui and Leng Shuai leaving the restaurant.

   When Sun Peizhe exits the car he hurries over to his brother’s friend Qiao Rui, “Hey Rui. What are you doing in Milan?” 

     Qiao Rui turns around then robotically walks towards Sun Peizhi. When he gets closer Sun Peizhi is shocked by his unkempt appearance, he looks disheveled and his eyes are bloodshot. Qiao Rui’s voice sounds weak and hoarse, “Zhi? What are you doing in Milan?”

    “I was going to ask you the same question I thought you were in Cambodia with your girlfriend on holiday.”

    At the mention of his girlfriend Feng LiMei, Qiao Rui’s face darkens, she was kidnapped and is currently missing. He and Leng Shuai with all their resources have come up empty in their search to find her whereabouts. Suddenly his tired looking eyes have a spark of hope seeing Sun Peizhi. “Zhi, Han Weisheng is on a mission in the Middle East and is unreachable. I need your help.”

   Leng Shuai has a puzzled expression when he recognizes Sun Peizhi as a member of the prestigious Sun family from Catang City. How can a spoiled Young Master help find Feng LiMei? Qiao Rui is really grasping at straws.

   Sun Peizhi in turn recognizes Leng Shuai as the real CEO of Leng Enterprises and the powerful head of the Ghost Blade Syndicate. He doesn’t want to blow his cover, the only reason his brother’s close friend Qiao Rui is privy to his undercover work is because he came in contact with him on a mission. Qiao Rui was working for the Underworld at the time due to personal difficulties and helped him a great deal to infiltrate the Falcon’s Claw. He pulls Rui to the side whispering with his head close to Qiao Rui’s ear, “It is best outsiders aren’t aware of my identity.”

   Rui would rather find LiMei on his own but he and Leng Shuai  are working together. If he cuts Leng Shuai out there will definitely be repercussions. He shoots a look at Leng Shuai who is standing  to the side observing them, “He is trustworthy.” He almost chokes as he spits out those words.

   Although Sun Peizhi hesitates while glancing over at Leng Shuai he does owe Qiao Rui a few favors, only a few days ago he came to his villa to treat Song Sara in the middle of the night. “What do you need? Actually I have a private room reserved for lunch, why don’t we talk there.”

  “En.” Qiao Rui waves at Leng Shuai to follow them into the Italian restaurant.

   Freddie has handed the keys to his car to the valet and catches up curious as to what the head of the Ghost Blade Syndicate wants with Sun Peizhi. He hates Leng Shuai after being assigned to gather intel on him and coming up with nothing then he would have to listen to his Superior at Headquarters berating his skills. What is Peizhi doing with him. He walks next to Sun Peizhi without talking but gives Leng Shuai a dirty look. Crafty fucking fox! We have never been able to get a shred of evidence concerning his illegal activities, the man always is one step ahead.

   When they get into the private room Qiao Rui can’t wait to ask for Sun Peizhi’s help. Even before they sit down he asks, “Can you use your contacts to find this car?” We have been unable to make any headway, the man who kidnapped Feng LiMei was driving this Lamborghini.”

   Sun Peizhi sits down and looks at the photograph taken from a CCTV camera. Sun Peizhi says, “Rui, without the license plate and only having a blurry photo..” Curious Freddie leans over Sun Peizhi’s shoulder and points at the picture then blurts out, “I saw that car earlier today.”

   All three of them stare at Freddie, Qiao Rui rushes over and gets in Freddie’s face, “Where!”

   Sun Peizhi pulls Rui back as he is about to grab Freddie’s collar, he knows Freddie’s temperament, he will swing his fist at any provocation. “Calm down Rui, let Freddie talk.”

   Freddie ignores Rui and walks over to the couch, he has been driving all day and wants to stretch his legs. “What is in it for me if I tell ya?”

   Sun Peizhi knows Freddie is pissed off and wants to fuck with Qiao Rui but he knows this isn’t the time. Rui looks like he is going to lose his mind any moment. His nickname in High School was Demon Lord, once he unleashed his rage... he quickly tries to diffuse the situation, “Knock it off Freddie, Qiao Rui is a good friend of mine. Tell him now what you know.”

   Now Freddie is also angry at Sun Peizhi for obviously siding with Qiao Rui he clenches his fist at his side, “Peizhiii..”

   “Hey Freddie, if it was your wife wouldn’t you be ready to kill someone? Whoever owns that car kidnapped his fucking girlfriend.”

  Freddie immediately changes his attitude and becomes cooperative thinking about his own little woman at home. “Well, the answer might surprise you. The vehicle was parked at Nikolai Naralov’s villa, one of his men was washing it in the driveway when I came back to pick you up there. They pulled it into the garage before you came out the front door to leave. You know I like cars so I was admiring the sleek lines as the guy was wiping it down. It is a Limited Edition ya know only five in the whole fucking world.

 Sun Peizhi regrets not consulting with Freddie before he answered. This could prove troublesome, he just reached an agreement with Nikolai Naralov about the flash drive.

   Leng Shuai hasn’t spoken but suddenly says to Sun Peizhi, “You know Naralov? What the hell would he be doing with Feng LiMei!”

   Sun Peizhi doesn’t like Leng Shuai at all, his face turns black, “How the fuck would I know! I have some business dealings with him and we were discussing an upcoming project.”

  The tension in the room is palpable as the server comes in to take their order. Sun Peizhi turns towards the door, “Scram!”

   The effeminate server hurries out the door fanning himself ,the oppressive air in the room was suffocating. Lordy..Lordy..Way too much testosterone!

   After he leaves Sun Peizhi says, “Calm the fuck down and let me think!” He paces around the table trying to wrap his head around the bizarre situation. Holy Shit! What a fucking mess! I just thought I had everything perfectly set up to complete my mission! I can’t have these two interfere and yet if the girl is Qiao Rui’s girlfriend I can’t hide the fact she is at Naralov’s villa. 

   Qiao Rui hasn’t slept in two days and is not thinking clearly. He wants to dart out of the room to find Feng LiMei then realizes finding the villa won’t be easy, they couldn’t even locate the car. Milan is not Pushong City where his formidable position and connections can locate anyone. Even fucking Leng Shuai is ineffective.

   Leng Shuai and Qiao Rui notice Sun Peizhi’s complicated expression and both wonder what business he would have with Nikolai Naralov’s villa but don’t ask. Their only concern is finding LiMei. 

  Impatient and overly stressed Rui pressures Sun Peizhi, “I can see you know something, tell me.”

   Sun Peizhi is almost positive the young Chinese girl he saw at Nikolai’s villa is Qiao Rui’s girlfriend but she seemed comfortable with Nikolai and he was unusually affectionate with the beautiful girl. “First, I want you to think logically, I can’t have you rushing to his well protected villa. You would only die and jeopardize your girlfriend. I have a plan but you need to listen and have patience.” What plan? I have no fucking plan!

  Qiao Rui clenches his fist at his side,Zhi, I want my woman back! Fucking tell me what you know!”

    Leng Shuai has only been watching the two of them not wanting to interrupt. He has been quietly listening since both Sun Peizhi and the man Freddie have been treating him as an eyesore most likely they know his identity as the head of the Ghost Blade. But when he hears Qiao Rui he butts into the conversation. “I can mobilize my men I don’t give a fuck how well armed Naralov’s men are they are no match for my elite guards.”

     Sun Peizhi is surprised he would mention his ability, it is unlike him to reveal his power. What is his connection to Rui’s girlfriend? “Sit down and listen to me, fucking shit… do you seriously want to have a gun battle outside Milan, this isn’t your goddamn territory it isn’t even fucking China. Not to mention the girl could die if Naralov is backed into a corner. 

   Leng Shuai has a threatening tone as he growls, “Don’t underestimate me.”

   “Listen to my plan and I think you will agree it is the right way to retrieve the girl.”

    After a lengthy discussion both Qiao Rui and Leng Shuai agree his plan makes sense. Sun Peizhi left out the details of what he witnessed of the interaction between Feng LiMei and Nikolai. He only told them she would be accompanying Nikolai Naralov to the Bellini Reception.

When they question him as to why she would be with him at the Bellini Reception he answers honestly that he had no idea. Once they are at the reception when the auction begins they can follow his plan to separate her from Nikolai and leave the mansion avoiding any violence. Nikolai will be preoccupied with his plan of revenge waiting for Rushnikov to purchase the flash drive.

   Leng Shuai has an invitation to the reception and reluctantly tells Rui he can acquire one for him to attend.

   Once they leave Sun Peizhi calls the server back to order, “Freddie, I appreciate you holding your temper when Qiao Rui acted aggressively. I have never seen him care about a woman before.”

   Freddie is laying on the couch with his hands behind his head, “Once you said his woman was kidnapped I got it. But damn it is fucking Nikolai Naralov who has his woman, that is not good.”

  “Now that they are gone I will tell you something is not right there. She and Naralov did not act like a kidnapper and his prisoner. Well, that is all I will say, who knows what goes on in that psycho’s head or why he even has Qiao Rui’s girlfriend.

“Let’s order Lucas should be arriving soon.

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  1. Ah poor Rui!! But I love showing how powerless they are, while trying to find LiMei. It’s like they’ve entered her world, and the only way she can see them again is by becoming Qin Daiyu again. But I can’t wait to see how they’re gonna deal with Nikolai wanting to keep LiMei by his side.


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