Sara Calls Bi

    Sara rolls over in bed and opens her eyes looking up at the beautifully detailed painted ceiling above the bed. She rubs her eyes while clutching onto the incredibly soft white cover that is embroidered with red and gold thread. Where am I? She holds onto her head that is throbbing and looks at her nightgown, this is my nightgown but this is not my room at the Lattorio Hotel and this isn’t Sun Peizhi’s friend’s apartment. What is with me I feel terrible. Her body starts shivering and she pulls the cover up. The sun is filtering through the curtains so she realizes it is still the afternoon but her mind is foggy not being able to recollect how she got into this luxurious bed.

   Glancing around the room she sees her suitcase and becomes more disoriented. Did I move to another room at the hotel? I feel like the last couple days I am going absolutely crazy! Annoyed she can’t recall anything after she and Li Tian went to the restaurant, she looks for her purse. I need some answers, I am going to call CEO Li. He was the last person who was with me I’m sure of that. 

   Sara’s legs feel weak but she assumes it is the aftereffect from being drugged. When she sees her purse she takes out her phone while glancing around the spacious Suite. Wow! this suite looks like it is for royalty. I have never seen such magnificent furnishings in a hotel suite before. She goes to the bar refrigerator and takes out a cold bottle of sparkling water then gulps it down. Her stomach is growling, I went to lunch with CEO Li didn’t I eat? Why can’t I remember anything…, upset she kicks a small wastebasket with her barefoot, “OWWWWW!”

   One of the bodyguards quickly enters the suite when he hears the noise and Sara’s painful wail. His face turns red when he sees Sara wearing a short white nightgown  jumping around holding her foot. He immediately turns his head so she isn’t in his line of vision, “Miss Song are you alright?”

   Sara can see he is embarrassed and she replies, “Yeah..yeah I bumped my foot.” She hobbles over and sits down on the couch. “Could you grab my bathrobe in the bedroom?”

   He quickly rushes into the other room looking for the bathrobe. He spots a white bathrobe hanging by the bathroom and brings it over to where she is sitting. She frowns this isn’t mine…it must be the hotel’s she puts it on her petite body, the man’s robe is huge so she wraps the tie several times around her thin waist. “Done, you can turn around now.” She wants to ask him a few questions, she has seen him in Catang City with Li Tian so she knows he is one of his personal bodyguards.

    Tang Qiang turns around and sees Sara rubbing her foot, her toes are red and appear slightly swollen.  He frowns, “I will get you some ice for your foot.” The Boss isn’t going to like the fact his woman got injured while we were guarding her,it looks like she kicked the metal wastebasket over there in the corner.

“No need.. It will be fine.” She drinks down some water, the bubbles tickle her throat and she smiles. “Where is CEO LI?” This guy should know something.

Tang Qiang stares at Sara’s beautiful smile, no wonder the Boss likes this girl. She really is beautiful even with no makeup, you don’t see too many truly natural beauties . He collects himself and tells her what Li Tian instructed.“CEO Li had an appointment. He said when you woke up to inform you the stylist will be here at six thirty and Sun Peizhi will pick you up to go meet him at the Bellini reception at eight o’clock.”

     Sara’s eyes light up at the mention of Sun Peizhi, “Really? Sun Peizhi is coming here? To pick me up?” I really don’t want to go to this stupid reception but if I can be with my crush for awhile it won’t be too bad. Even if he has a girlfriend it will be nice to spend some time with him.

    “Yes.” Woman could you be a little less obvious! You have I like Sun Peizhi written all over your face! Fuck! she better not let CEO Li see that look or Peizhi is a fucking dead man. The Boss likes her or she wouldn’t be sitting here in his private suite right now. It was clear from the lewd sounds inside the bedroom he was doing her earlier. Maybe I should warn Peizhi. Right, I still need to tell her the rest of the Boss’ message. “CEO Li said you should rest since you got sick at the restaurant, he brought you here so Long An wouldn’t bother you. Is there anything you need?” 

    Sara touches her stomach then shyly asks, “Do you think it would be alright if I ordered some food? I am really hungry.”

   “Of course. The extension for the Boss’ private chef is 33. If there is nothing else I will be outside the door.” What is with that cute shy expression? Curled up on the couch like an innocent little bunny..hmmph..No wonder the Boss fell for her tricks. Tang Qiang doesn’t like women who act coquettish to seduce a man so he coldly turns to leave. You better keep on pretending little girl, if the Boss knew you are thinking about Peizhi after he just fucked you..both of you would die without a corpse intact.

    Sara doesn’t know his wild conjectures so she sweetly responds, “Nothing, thank you.” So hungry, but I should call CEO Li and thank him for bringing me here so Long An doesn’t bother me. That was rather thoughtful of himI will text him so not to interrupt if he is in a meeting.

[CEO Li I want to thank you for being so considerate. I am sorry I ruined lunch] She hesitates to send it, should I? I should erase the CEO Li. He doesn’t like me calling him that but I can’t say Tian… okay.. [Thank you for your consideration. I’m sorry I ruined lunch]  She nods her head satisfied that is to the point and sounds good.

   Li Tian is meeting with Henri Armand when his notification pops up. He looks at his phone and smiles. He has been having trouble concentrating thinking about making love to Sara in the bath. He has mixed feelings when he looks at the text  she really must not remember anything, well that is for the best. He texts her back, [Feeling better?]

   Sara’s phone goes off and she is shocked, he responded ..not just responded but in ten seconds! [Yes]

   That’s it? Nothing else? He has black lines forming on his forehead and doesn’t respond regretting he looked at the text with a certain degree of anticipation. Stupid woman! He slams his phone onto the table then continues discussing business with Henri Armand.

   Henri notices the changes in Li Tian’s facial expressions and ignores him when he angrily puts the phone down. Must be a woman.

    At the hotel Sara calls the kitchen ordering several mild dishes knowing she needs attend the Bellini reception and doesn’t want any stomach issues. When the food arrive she happily eats until she is full.  When she finishes she curls up on the couch making herself comfortable while looking at her phone, there is about a half hour until the stylist arrives. I should call Bi. 

   Han Bi answers and says, “Sara! I was getting worried about you and didn’t have your new number!

    “Sorry Bi, a lot has been going on here.This is the first time I have been alone and with time to call.”

  “Well, what is going on there? How is it working for Li Tian?”

  “Not bad, his fiancee is insane though.”

  Han Bi laughs, “She really is a childish little bitch! She hasn’t been causing you too many problems has she?”

   “I will tell you when I get home. But  CEO Li  is much more considerate than I thought.” She looks around at the beautiful suite and is enjoying the peaceful atmosphere knowing Long An won’t barge in at any moment to cause a problem.

   “I told you when you were in the hospital that night he offered to bring your takeout when I wasn’t feeling well.”

   Sara likes to tease Bi, “You mean when you had too much saki?”

   Bi giggles, “I don’t know why I can drink any other alcohol but saki kicks my butt.”

 “Hey Bi, I have a question, have you ever had a dream about someone that is so realistic you feel that it is happening?”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

   Sara bends her legs up and puts her hands on her knees debating on telling Bi about her crazy sex dream starring Zhou Jason.

  Bi takes a bite of her favorite pastry then says, “Sara are you there?”

  “Yeah, okay, I had a very realistic dream about Zhou Jason..” She chuckles, “I know..I know.. weird right! It has been three years since we broke up.”

   Bi thinks about it when Zhou Jason broke up with Sara she was heartbroken, she still gets upset occasionally. Luckily he moved to Hirachi City but now that he is back in Catang. She reasons, “Do you think it is because he came back to Zhou Group to help his father? Now, even if you haven’t seen him in person, his presence is there in the company. You work for his father after all and while Zhou Jason takes over the position of CEO you will therefore be his executive secretary.”

   Sara thinks about it, “Maybe. But when I heard Jason was back I wasn’t that upset. I thought we could work together harmoniously leaving the past in the past.”

   “It is your subconscious. That is it..he is hiding in your subconscious and now he is back it triggered your dream!” Bi is proud of herself for coming up with that hypothesis.

  “Thank you Ms. Freud!” Sara starts laughing holding her side, you should quit your PR job at Fang Group and open your own practice!”

   Bi quips, “You know I can’t leave my CEO, Fang Yunxian would be lost without me.haha..anytime now there will be a breakthrough and he will see me as the only woman for him!”

  “You and your crush on the CEO!”

  “Anyway Sara I am curious what was your dream about?”

  Sara blushes then decides not to tell Bi she dreamed she was happily married to Jason and they were…”Oh never mind, it was just weird that’s all.”

   Sara hears a knock on the door, “Bi, I need to go I will call you later, put this number in your phone, the stylist is here.”

   “Wait..wait..stylist what is going on?”

   “I have to go to an important reception with CEO Li so he has someone coming to fix me up.”

   “He is taking you as his date?”

  “Silly! Of course not! I’m his interpreter and he said I need to look more suitable to stand next to him..haha..such an arrogant man. Hey, they are really knocking, gotta go.”

  “Okay, send a pic! Love you!”

   Sara hangs up and hurries to the door, three men and two woman come in holding makeup cases. “Where would you like us to set up?”

   “I guess wherever you think is best.”

   A tall slender man dressed in a bright blue suit with a black tie motions to the others to follow him into the bedroom. He points at Sara, “Sit here.”

   She obediently walks over and sits in the chair in front of the large mirror. He orders Sara, “Take off the robe.” Once she takes it off a woman puts a gown on her and they begin putting delicate makeup on her face. The man marvels at Sara’s beautiful face, she has clear and limpid blue eyes, naturally long curled eyelashes and delicate features. Her Peach Blossom eyes startling blue color makes her a rare beauty in his opinion.

The man, Francisco, is a well known stylist and highly sought after in the entertainment circle, he only came with his subordinates today because Li Tian insisted. I have seen many beautiful women but she is definitely one of the most beautiful without makeup. I want to touch her snow white skin and see if her skin is as soft as it appears.He grumbles to the woman holding the makeup brush, “Give it to me, too clumsy!” The surprised woman holding the brush hands it to him, Since when does the great master Francisco personally apply the foundation? Did the sun rise in the West! 

   Sara has no idea she is getting special treatment and sits quietly while Francisco does her makeup. He won’t let anyone else do their jobs and continues to lightly apply eyeshadow by the corners of her eyes. The other three stand idly about while he puts on Sara’s makeup from start to finish. She is getting very thirsty but is afraid to ask for a bottle of water. When he finally finishes the hairdresser begins to comb Sara’s long black hair into an intricate hairstyle piling her beautiful hair up on top of her head. Francisco interrupts, “Too elaborate!”  Everyone gulps as he takes the brush from the famous hairstylist Giana. She is about to protest when one of the assistants gives her a pleading look, if she contradicts what he wants to do all hell will break loose.

   When he finishes Sara’s hair there are two strands hanging down her cheek and the rest is half swept up exposing a hint of her swan like neck. Fransico searches in his box of hair accessories and chooses a small golden butterfly clip  that has two tiny sapphires for eyes and sticks it into her hair. Everyone lets out a gasp as Sara turns around and Francisco claps his hands together admiring his masterpiece. It is hard to believe the delicate girl in front of me is merely CEO Li’s secretary, she could be a model.

    Happy with the results, Sara smiles at them expressing her gratitude, “Thank you for your hard work.” When she looks in the mirror she is impressed with his technique, her makeup is delicate but enhances her features. She is excited for Sun Peizhi to see her transformation.

  Francisco says, “Now the dress!” He shoos the two male assistants out of the bedroom leaving his female assistant Bella.

   Sara feels a little more comfortable now that it is only one woman left and she says, “May I have a bottle of water I will try not to mess up my lipstick.”

   Bella is jealous of the attention Sara is receiving from Francisco and knows he will be angry if she ruins her lipstick. “Of course I have one in my bag.”

   She hands it to Sara, she carefully opens her mouth and lets the water slowly flow into her mouth without touching her lips. After Sara drinks she  signs, “Ahhh.. I was so thirsty.”

   Surprised, Sara knows this trick, Bella takes the dress and tells Sara to put on the new  bra and underwear. Sara isn’t comfortable undressing in front of a stranger, “Miss, I can dress myself.”

    Normally the rich women Bella works with would never get ready themselves,  they are aware they could easily ruin both the makeup and the hairstyle. Bella smirks, very well. “Are you sure? 

    “Yes.” Bella doesn’t know every time a stylist came to Sara’s home when there was a banquet Sara was ignored as they catered to her stepmother and stepsister. She would need to do everything herself and learned a few tricks.

   After Bella leaves Sara slips on the bra and underwear. Taking the dress off the hanger she smiles she loved this dress the moment she saw it but had to pretend she didn’t like it that much so Long An would agree. Another little trick she learned from dealing with her stepmother and stepsister, Xin.

She carefully steps into the dark blue dress, the thin material clings to her petite body emphasizing her tiny waist and porcelain like complexion. The sheer sleeves give a conservative feel from the front but the dress is backless which is very sexy. The bodice is not low cut but exposes her delicate collarbone and has tiny crystals sewn into the chiffon to catch the light. The dress comes to her slender calf  with an asymmetrical hem that sways when she walks. Sara smiles brightly in the full length mirror as she twirls around thinking about Sun Peizhi arriving soon.

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