Li Tian has an indescribable feeling when he hears Sara softly whisper those three words to him. He knows from the loving gaze she has looking at him she is being sincere. For a moment his cold heart melts a little staring at her innocent and beautiful face, then he composes himself. The fleeting emotion is gone his face returning to its usual cold and indifferent expression as he considers how to take care of the present situation. Although she was drugged and initiated their intimacy he doesn’t want to deal with any explanations right now.

     He gets off the bed and walks naked towards the bathroom stopping to pick up his phone. He dials his personal bodyguard, “Go to my suite, bring me a fresh set of clothes, in a small black bag in the nightstand drawer there is a blue tube of ointment bring it also. Don’t forget it! Then go to Song Sara’s room, bring her suitcase and the evening gown hanging in the closet. Stop at the hotel safe and get the jewelry she is to wear tonight. I will call and alert them you will be retrieving the Midnight Lover necklace from their vault. Any questions?”


   “Bring them to the Golden Palace Hotel on Galleria Way, I am in the Presidential Suite. The hotel is only two blocks from the Lattorio so I expect you to be here within a half hour. Yeah, make sure you get everything from her suite including any medicine she might have.” I will give her a sedative and she can sleep until the reception.

    “Will do.”

    Li Tian glances back at Sara she is still sound asleep, he goes into the bathroom then turns on the water for a shower. He looks in the mirror, the little wildcat was so excited she left red love bites and scratches on me. He has a satisfied smile as he gets into the hot shower, damn I never expected this afternoon to turn out this way. For a woman who is obviously reserved in her daily life when she lets go of her inhibitions she is extremely daring and sexy. Every movement she made in bed stimulated me to the point of extreme pleasure.

    He washes his muscular body as he thinks of a plan in case Sara should wake up. When he finishes showering he dries himself afterwards wraps a large white towel around his waist. Leisurely walking out to the living room he sits on the couch looking at his phone to wait for his clothes.

    At the Lattorio Hotel Long An is knocking on the door to Sara’s room when the bodyguard exits wheeling out her suitcase. Startled Long An questions the elite bodyguard Kang Mingshun, thinking Sara must have quit and is going back to Catang City. She has a satisfied smile as she points to the luggage, “Where are you going with the slut’s suitcase?”

   Kang Mingshun of course knows Long An’s identity and the way Li Tian doesn’t put her in his eyes at all so he doesn’t answer continuing to walk down the hallway. Li Tian told him a half hour and he doesn’t want to waste time dealing with Long An. Indignant a lowly bodyguard is ignoring her, she turns to Nino and Giorgio, “STOP HIM!” Who does the big brute think he is to ignore me!

    Nino and Giorgio have no intention of ruffling Kang Mingshun’s feathers he is head of Li Tian’s elite guards and came with him from China. They are merely from the Milan branch, the salary is excellent and Milan is quiet. All the bodyguards spend most of their time shooting the shit around the office so they both ignore her demand.

   When Kang Mingshun sneers at Long An continuing to walk towards the elevator she pushes Nino who doesn’t budge, “WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! I ORDER YOU!”

   Giorgio turns to Long An and patiently explains their lack of action. “Miss Long, you should know your place, the CEO doesn’t like you poking around in his business. Look, if the luggage is being taken away that means Miss Song most likely is leaving  Milan. You should leave it at that.” We already barely escaped losing our jobs over the incident at LTG Jewelry..now you want to piss off Kang Mingshun! You are such a pain in the ass!

   Long An wants to dispute him but she knows what he said is true. Whatever I am still his fiancee she is just a little gutter snipe! She looks in her Hermes Limited Edition purse for her phone then calls her friend, YouYou from Catang City who is here for fashion week also.  “I should arrive in about an hour, I reserved the Diamond Room.”  After she stomps down the hallway to the elevator, she can’t let go of being dismissed by Li Tian’s personal guard and Nino and Giorgio’s attitude. She purses her lips and glares at Nino and Giorgio, I know the selfish bastard doesn’t show me the respect I deserve as his fiancee but you didn’t need to point out the obvious to humiliate me. I am still the heiress to the Long Group! Long An furtively looks around to see if anyone witnessed the scene. Luckily no one else was in the hallway to hear you two morons!

   Kang Mingshun is at the front desk having them bring the Midnight Lover necklace out of the vault. Once he has the black velvet case in his possession he leaves the hotel to go to the Grand Palace Hotel.

  Li Tian is smoking a cigarette on the spacious balcony when he hears Kang Mingshun knocking. He crushes the half smoked cigarette in the ashtray then answers the door. The guard comes into the living room placing the designer suit and silver evening gown over a chair then hands Li Tian the black bag with the Golden ointment inside.

After some thought Li Tian has decided the best course of action is to feed Sara a sedative, tell her she wasn’t feeling well at restaurant and he brought her here to stay in the Presedential Suite. This way Long An won’t disturb her with her childish behavior anymore.  “ What about her medicine?”

   “In her luggage in the side pocket.”

   “You can go. I have a meeting with Henri Armand then I will go back to my suite at the Lattario. I am going to leave the two guards here to protect Song Sara.”

  Kang Mingshun hesitates, Li Tian doesn’t like any additional conversation after he gives an order but… “Boss , Long An confronted me in the hallway when she saw the luggage, I ignored her.”

  Li Tian has a faint smile, good..very good she probably thinks Song Sara left Milan. Now she won’t hound me about my relationship with the little kitten.

  “Continue to ignore Long An.”

  Kang Mingshun leaves and Li Tian walks into the bedroom then sits on the edge of the luxurious bed, he lifts Sara’s head up from the pillow. Opening her mouth with his finger he puts the small white pill on the back of her tongue then tips the bottle of water letting it slowly spill into her mouth.

Instinctively when the water flows into her mouth Sara swallows then lightly coughs. He wipes the excess water from her chin then lays her back down. He takes a few long strides into the bathroom to prepare Sara’s bath.

When he took out the sedative from the side pocket of her suitcase he also grabbed the medicinal bath powder from Dr. Deng. So in the the bathroom he generously sprinkles the healing powder into the warm bath water and some flower petals from a basket by the sink.

When the bath is ready he goes back to the bedroom and lifts Sara’s delicate body into his arms. The feeling of her soft bare breasts against his chest ignites a fire within him again and his towel bulges out from his erection. Hmm.. one more time won’t hurt, I have the ointment and this medicated bath. He looks back at the bed then lifts his eyebrow thinking having sex in the bath might be enjoyable.

   After he gently lays Sara down into the warm water he lifts his long muscular legs into the spacious bathtub. He puts Sara onto his lap facing him with her head resting against his shoulder. The flower petals in the water hide her body from the waist down but her exposed creamy white breasts are warm against his broad chest. He  strokes her long black hair then groans when Sara moves her soft round bottom on top of his hardness as she tries to get comfortable in his embrace. He lifts Sara’s flushed face then kisses her slightly parted lips; she is semi conscious and the kiss activates the aphrodisiac again.

Her smokey blue colored eyes are half open with her dense eyelashes fluttering and her long black hair is scattered in the water creating the illusion of a beautiful water fairy. He thinks Sara possesses a rare beauty that perfectly combines innocence and sensual allure at the same time.  She is a daze staring at the extraordinarily handsome face in front of her. The man’s dark eyes look bottomless and his straight nose and sexy thin lips are too close to her face. She becomes infatuated while gazing at his flawless facial features . Li Tian’s dense masculine scent is making her feel dizzy and her body is becoming very hot breathing in his unique fragrance. She puts her small hands on his face then lightly kisses his lips, “So handsome..”

   Li Tian opens her small mouth with his tongue, he kisses her deeply embracing her body into his as both of them begin breathing heavily. Too excited by having the woman whose body he dreams about in his arms his body is on fire. Molding her tender almost boneless feeling body into his hard chest he is unable to control the throbbing need to take possession of her body. He lifts her up while they continue to kiss, inserting his hardness easily into her wet and slippery tunnel. He begins to move and Sara grips onto his shoulders as she moans feeling her thirst being quenched by his thrusts. Delirious and hallucinating from the drug she seductively whispers close to his ear, “Ahhh..ohhh. Sooo biggg.” In her dreamlike state the handsome man in the bath with her is her first love, Zhou Jason.

  He feels like he is going crazy as he listens to Sara’s sweet moans and words..He sees her biting her lower lip and her delicate face tinged with red as she responds to his touch and he loses all self control. He is like a beast trying to satiate his desire and devour his prey. Water is splashing out of the bathtub as his actions become more vigorous. Sara arches her back as he sucks and teases her creamy white breasts with his tongue.

As Li Tian tastes her sweetness he thinks he has never felt this incredible euphoria before, the feeling getting more intense everytime he tastes Sara. He growls, “ Nnngh..Fuck..so tight..feels so goood.” He is overwhelmed by the pleasurable sensation not wanting to stop he pounds Sara moving more fiercely deeper and deeper inside of her body with every thrust.

Gazing at her perfect her jadelike breasts bouncing up and down with his movement his eyes fill with a passionate fire. When he simultaneously rubs Sara’s sensitive spot with his thumb she grabs tighter onto him begging him to stop, unable to stand the waves on pleasure making her entire body quiver. Her pleading only incites him to continue, he is getting more excited feeling her warm honey flowing down as she shudders.

Both of them are panting as their movements become more frantic. Sara is clutching onto him making lewd sounds that intensify his pleasure. When he hits as far as he can go he grunts and Sara screams as they both reach the clouds at the same time. He holds her tightly, remaining inside her body while sucking and licking her neck then whispers in her ear, “Baby, you are only mine.” 

   The aphrodisiac has a hallucinogenic effect and the sedative hasn’t begun to work yet, Sara has her arms around his waist and her head laying on his chest. She looks up at him with a mesmerizing smile and her blue eyes are clouded from their lovemaking,  “Of course I am yours.” She kisses him lightly on the lips then snuggles into his warm chest with her eyes closed like a satisfied kitten. She touches his chest with her small hand over his heart feeling it pounding, Two hearts beat as one..

 Sara has fallen asleep and is dreaming of her University days and her first love Zhou Jason. The aphrodisiac has a complicated structure and not only makes the person crave sexual relief but the person also hallucinates. It remains in the system for a period of time and is triggered  when alcohol is ingested. Dr. Lu’s antidote was like simply putting a bandaid on a severe wound.

  Li Tian has no idea she is in her own dream world and his heart starts pounding in his chest as her small hand touches him affectionately on his rapidly beating heart. He kisses the top of her head then gazes at her small oval face flushed red. So beautiful

He washes her petite body while deep in thought. He has mixed feelings about Sara. Today was beyond his expectations the sex was great and she showed him a suprising coquettish side of her personality. I wanted her to fall in love with me but now I don’t know if that is a good idea, really the only result for her could be heartache. She isn’t someone who belongs in my world.

Totally unaware Sara has been in her own perfect world she created in her head, Li Tian believes Sara is falling in love with him. He has a rare affectionate expression on his handsome face as he looks at the beautiful delicate girl sleeping in his arms.

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