Sun Peizhi looks towards the packed dance floor to see where Sara’s friend could be. I need to tell her I will be taking Sara to the hotel she won’t be staying with them. Sara is mumbling something with her head on her hands and her eyes still closed. I shouldn’t have let her drink so much but I thought maybe she could relax after dealing with Long An.

   Impatient to leave the Club with Sara he decides to walk over and inform Liza they are leaving. After he gets up from  the table Sara lifts her head, I really need to use the ladies room. She shakily stands up steadying herself by holding onto the table. Lifting one hand she pulls at the top of her white dress, why is it so hot in here. She slowly walks towards the hallway where the restroom is located, once she turns the corner a tall man with a domineering air wearing a black designer suit exits the men’s room. Not watching where she is walking Sara bumps into him, “Umm..sorrrrry.”

   He looks down at Sara cocking his swordlike eyebrows, in Italian he quips to his bodyguard, “This woman looks of better quality than I have seen you porcur for the patrons lately.”

  Leaning his arm on the wall above Sara he seductively touches her silky hair smelling the light refreshing scent of lilies, “Beauty, where are you going?”

   “Huh?” Sara stumbles into his imposing figure as he cages her inside his outstretched arms.

 Trying to focus her blurry eyes she stares into his lustful eyes.  “Mister do you think it is really hot in here.” Sara bites her bottom lip provocatively looking up at him, his throat gets dry as her innocent blue eyes blink a few times. He  motions to the three men behind him, “Bring her to my private room.” then strides down the hallway with a devilish smile on his handsome face. That petty bastard Li Tian didn’t show up but tonight won’t be a total waste. He licks his lips as he turns to look at Sara one more time before heading upstairs.

  Sara still leaning against the wall rubs her head, where am I going? Right ladies room. Three men are standing in her way, what is this wall doing in front of me. 

   “Take her to the Boss.”

   One of the muscular men grabs her arm, Sara tries to push him off, “Whaaat… whaaat are you doing?”

    The shorter man with a cigarette next to him snickers,“Don’t worry slut you will make more money servicing the Boss than you would make in a year.”

   Sara has no energy and her body is on fire. She can hear their voices but doesn’t know what they are saying, “No..let me go.”

  Sun Peizhi has come back to the table after he couldn’t find Liza and Antonio. He sees Song Sara is gone. WHAT THE FUCK! Did she leave with her friend? He rushes towards the front door to see if they are outside. Frantically looking down the sidewalk he can’t see the three of them. His heart tightens, how could she leave in that short of time I was looking through the crowd. He nervously re enters the Club, I have her number I could call her, he dials the number… no answer. Motherf****ng shit!

  Liza comes up behind him and leans into his ear teasing him, “Where is my Sara? I wouldn’t let her slip away, there are too many hungry wolves here who will eat up your little rabbit.”

   Sun Peizhi has a cold and terrifying expression as he  uncharacteristically whips around confronting Liza. His usual calm voice low and threatening, “Where is she?”

   Liza is too drunk to notice his agitation, “Honey, how would I know I left my innocent little Sara in your care. How did you let her wander off in her condition?”

   Sun Peizhi glares at Liza then hurries back through the crowd, maybe she went to the ladies room. He sees a woman coming out of the restroom, “Is there a petite woman in there wearing a white dress.”

    The woman doesn’t understand Italian, “Do you speak English?”

    Speaking English he asks again, “Is there a young woman in a white dress inside?”

   “No but I saw a woman as you described on my way in talking to three men in the hallway.”

  “Three men?”

   “Uh huh.”

  He rushes down the hallway, his heart beating erratically scanning the area for Sara, where the hell are you. Who are those fucking men!

  The three intimidating looking men with Sara are taking her up the stairs to the private room. One man is dragging her while she mumbles incoherently, he smirks showing two gold front teeth, “Look at her, I think this bitch is drugged.” 

  The second man snickers as he salivates noticing her creamy white thighs as her dress rides up from being dragged. He reaches out running his hand up her thigh,  “Well maybe we can have a taste when the Boss finishes.” 

   The third bodyguard tells them, “I wouldn’t let the Boss hear you.”

   “Listen you whiny little bitch, do you think the Boss cares about a whore once he fucks her stupid.”

   They are halfway up the stairs when the bodyguard in the back gets kicked in the back of the head and falls over. The man ahead of him whips around and attacks Sun Peizhi, “Mother… Do you know who you are fucking with pr**k.” He kicks his long muscular leg towards Sun Peizhi, who skilfully dodges the leg then throws a punch at his attacker’s face hitting him in his nose.

    The man dragging Sara drops her at the top of the steps and joins in the fight. The two men lunge towards Sun Peizhi, the shorter bodyguard lands a punch on Sun Peizhi’s jaw. The first man’s nose is bleeding profusely and his eyes redden, “You are dead!” He kicks Sun Peizhi, hitting him in his injured abdomen.

     Sun Peizhi winces, falling down two steps then leans back on the railing catching his breath. He gathers his internal energy and rushes up the stairs. His palm strike hits the man in the neck who had been carrying Sara up the steps knocking him out. The only man left is the man with the broken nose who is enraged and jumps down grabbing Sun Peizhi around the neck in a chokehold as they roll down the last two steps. On the floor at the bottom of the staircase Sun Peizhi lands on top of the muscular man pounding him in the face.  He saw him touch Sara and overheard what he said , ‘have a taste’. Out of control he crushes the man’s hand that touched her leg then ruthlessly pummels the man’s face until the man passes out from the excruciating pain.

    He races up the stairs stepping over the two unconscious men then tenderly picks up Sara from the floor. He brushes her hair back as she mumbles, “So hot..” He holds Sara’s limp body in his arms and walks down the stairs. Gazing down at her long curved eyelashes covering her eyes and her flushed face black lines form on his forehead his rage burns inside. How dare they manhandle such a pure and innocent woman! Dirty bastards!He kicks the man at the bottom of the stairs one more time cursing him.

    Diego Bellini is sitting in his private room waiting for his men to bring Sara. He crushes his cigarette into the ashtray motioning to his bodyguard to check on them. The bodyguard walks out the door to see the other men sprawled on the steps outside the room. “Boss, I don’t think the chick is coming.”



   He sets down his glass of wine then walks over to the doorway. When he sees the unconscious and bloody men he walks over to the mahogany railing leaning over surveying the crowd below. He has an unfathomable expression as he looks past the stairway watching Sun Peizhi carry the girl through the crowd.  His voice a mere whisper as he utters, “Sun Zhi? haha.. Interesting.”

   His bodyguard sees a man carrying a woman downstairs through the crowd. “Should I go get the woman?”

   Diego has a devilish smirk on his face. “No.”  He walks back into his private room and lights another cigarette. Sun Zhi…it has been a long time. I see you rob me again of what I desire. I still haven’t forgiven you for the incident with the woman you saved in Marrakesh. He sits on the couch crossing his legs reaching into his jacket to get out his phone, before he makes the call he says, “Get rid of those useless men outside.”

   “Si, Boss.”

   After he leaves he dials a number in China, “ Xiu, long time, how is your brother Zhi these days.”

   Sun Peizhi gently holds Sara in his arms as they leave the Club, her body is on fire and she keeps mumbling nonsense about a beast.. He sees a taxi and waves his arm, when the taxi pulls over he places Sara gently in the back seat giving the driver instructions, “Go to the 2200 Tower.”

     Once they are in the backseat Sara leans on him then looks up into his face touching his cheek with a silly grin on her face, “So handsome.”

    Sun Peizhi stiffens, obviously she has been drugged. But how? Who were those men taking her up the stairs. They looked like bodyguards. Did some man see her then drug her drink to take advantage of her, but I was only gone a short time and her glass was empty. 

   While he is trying to figure out what happened, Sara wraps her slender arms around his neck. He tries to take her arms away and she tightens them. Her voice sounds soft and seductive,“Zhi…Zhi..”

   She leans her lips to his and suddenly kisses him. He restrains his urge to pry her lips open and kiss her deeply, his desire ignited by her soft kiss. His mind is muddled by her fragrant body pressed onto his chest and the adorable expression on her beautiful face. His breathing becomes irregular and his body reacts to her sweet taste. He begins to meditate, distancing himself from the ambiguous situation. I can’t take advantage of Song Sara in this state. I absolutely can not! I won’t! He affectionately tells her as he moves her off his body, “Hold on, I will find you some medicine.”

She pouts puffing out her cheeks then wraps her arms around his waist, “You feel gooood..You are what I coool..pleassse..”


  In Li Tian’s luxurious suite at the Lattorio Hotel he is in a rage. He came home from an unsuccessful dinner meeting to change his suit after a woman left her scent all over his clothes. He thought he would change then meet Diego Bellini at the Club he owns in the center of the city. When he arrived at the hotel he sent his bodyguard down to Song Sara’s room so she could accompany him. As he enters the suite his phone rings. Hmm..a call from LTG Jewelry.

    He rips his tie off as Mathilde describes what happened at LTGJ. Initially she wasn’t going to make the call but after dealing with Long An’s arrogant behavior she impulsively dialed his number. After hearing Mathilde describe the events earlier his veins bulge out on his neck, “She insulted Navarre?”

   “Yes and then caused a scene in front of the store with her assistant.” Mathilde has a satisfied smile hearing his disdainful tone, serves that insolent woman right after running Louis and I around for two hours, ‘Show me that one..what about the diamond and emerald bracelet.’

   “Her assistant?”

   “Yes, the young woman accompanying your fiancee shopping, she was shouting like a shrew out on the sidewalk in front of the store. Louis ran out to see the commotion and said Long An was about to slap the assistant when a bodyguard stopped her hand from hitting the woman’s face.” 

   Before she says anymore Li Tian slams the phone down, is that why Song Sara wasn’t answering her phone, she is in her room upset by what happened? Damn Long An! I told her not to cause any problems for me.  He decides to take a shower then deal with the situation, the woman’s strong perfume on his clothes makes him want to vomit. He is undressing, his shirt unbuttoned and his hair messy when his bodyguard returns, “CEO, she didn’t answer the door.”

Angry that he didn’t just take Song Sara with him to the meeting Li Tian storms out of the room marching down the hallway. I can’t let that woman out of my sight from now on while we are in Milan! Who does she think she is hiding from me! He reaches the door then pulls her room card out of his wallet. She can’t hide in her room, I will get justice for her but she isn’t allowed to avoid me because of that stupid bitch Long An! How did this go wrong? She was suppossed to run up and hug me for buying her a designer gown and giving her expensive jewelry. Goddammit! That was the first part of my plan to have her fall in love with me.

“…” The bodyguard is a little surprised he has the little assistant’s room card and appears very angry. Since when does the Boss care about a woman?

   Fuming thinking about how his plan was ruined he knocks on the door, “Song the door.”

   Impatient, he swipes the card and enters her room looking around, it is obvious she hasn’t been back to the room. What the fuck!  He slams the door on the way out and sees Nino walking down the hallway with a cup of coffee towards Long An’s room. Nino feels Li Tian’s tyrranical dark aura as he approaches, Damn he looks like he knows what the idiot did at the store.


   “Is she in there?”


“Do you know where the hell Sun Peizhi is?”

  “No, he left with your assistant when we were at LTGJ and I haven’t seen him. Earlier he told me you gave him the night off.”

   Li Tian recalls telling Sun Peizhi he could take care of some business tonight. “Have you seen Song Sara?”

   “No not since she left LTGJ. Miss Long went to dinner after shopping and we only returned to the hotel about fifteen minutes ago.”

   Where did the little kitten go? Is she with that bastard Sun Peizhi? Li Tian’s blood is boiling thinking of the two of them together.

    He bangs on the door, “LONG AN!!”

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