Medici Club Part 2

   Sun Peizhi winds through the crowd to where Sara is sitting while gazing around the room with a disgusted look on his face. After he sets their drinks down he says, “Did your friend tell you when she would meet you?”

    Sara smiles furtively clutching her gin and tonic, “She should be here soon, really you don’t need to wait.” Sipping the drink she is disappointed, the rush of alcohol isn’t calming  her nerves as she expected. 

    He has a complicated expression as he answers, “I wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving until she arrives.” He looks at the hungry men grabbing onto the women at the next table. “Does she frequent this place often.”

   “I don’t think so.” She can tell the ambiguous atmosphere at the next table is bothering him. She laughs, “The outside of the Club is as I remember but I don’t remember the crowd being this lively when we used to come. I actually said to meet here, it is one of the few places I remember in Milan.”

    Sara nervously wonders how long she can keep up this charade, suddenly a familiar voice sounds by their table. The woman drawls, “Sara..Song Sara is that you?”

   A tall beautiful woman with long curly blonde hair, holding onto a man’s arm leans over squinting at Sara. Drunk, she sways unsteadily then sits down pushing Sara closer to the unruly table next to them. She wraps her arms around Sara and kisses her cheek, “My God! What are you doing in Milan, Sweetie?” 

   Sara wants to crawl into a hole right now, why is fate doing this to me..whyyyyy? She squeezes out a timid smile but has no idea what to say. I am so busted! Wuhuuu so busted!

   “… Sun Peizhi watches the two of them across the table. Is this the friend she is meeting? She doesn’t look like the type of woman Song Sara would be friends with. She is wearing a skin tight red dress exposing her cleavage and hanging all over that man like a fucking slut.

   Sara grabs her arm , “Liza, come with me to the bathroom. I forget where it is located.”

   “Huh? Okay, Antonio, I will be right back.” She staggers away from the table with Sara holding onto her arm. She smiles and glances at Sun Peizhi then pointing at him with her finger adorned with a huge diamond ring,”Who is the handsome man?”

    Sara doesn’t answer, pulling Liza along towards the restroom. When they get there she isn’t even sure if Liza will be able to comprehend what she says. “Liza..I need..I need you to help me.”

   Liza leans up against the sink putting on some red lipstick. “Since when did you ever hook up with a man at a bar?” The Medici Club has become one step up from a brothel in the last few years.  I remember Sara only talking about a man named ..what was his name.. She takes a tissue wiping her eyeliner where it smudged the diamond and ruby bracelet on her wrist sliding down her firm tanned arm. This man has a dangerous vibe. I noticed how he was looking at Antonio when we walked up to the table. Liza has a slight smile, Sara is staring at me with the same innocent expression she had at school. Little Sara..are you in over your head?

   Sara shakes her head, “It’s not like that.. he is a colleague.” I guess I could put it that way. We are colleagues of a sort.. “It is very weird I saw you because..well it is a long story. Could you play along with me? I said I was staying at your loft.”

   Liza holds Sara by the shoulders staring into her eyes, “If it was any other time you could but tonight..”

   “No..No..don’t get me wrong..I am going to a hotel but he was worried about me and said he would stay until you came.”

   Liza raises one eyebrow, “How did you know I was coming here tonight?”

    Sara starts laughing,  “Haha..of course I didn’t. I was lying..I couldn’t believe it when you came over to the table. Anyway..  it is confusing I know just please go along with me?”

   Liza spontaneously hugs Sara then pats her head, “You are still so damn cute… how could I say no. “

   “Thank you Liza.” Wheww!

   They walk back to the table where neither Sun Peizhi or the other man are talking. 

   Sun Peizhi stares at Sara’s hair that is messy with a faint smile, didn’t she look in the mirror? Liza sits down next to Sara and Antoino with her arm around Sara. She notices Sara’s hair and smoothes it for her, “Sweetie, you should have brushed your hair when we were in the ladies room.”

   “…”  If you weren’t rubbing my head like a pet  it would be fine.

   Sara quickly says to Sun Peizhi, “Now that Liza is here you can go back to the hotel. We are going to have a drink before we leave.”

   He looks at Sara then at Liza and Antonio. “I’m not in a rush.”

   Liza studies him, I think he likes little Sara. “Tony honey, why don’t you get us a round of drinks?”

    “Of course, Bella.” He leans down kissing her bright red lips as he gets up to go to the bar. She whispers something in his ear.

    When he leaves Liza watches him walk away then she unabashedly says, “Tony is the best goddamn kisser I have ever known.Worth every Euro.”

    Sara blushes I forgot how unrestrained she can be. She widens her eyes looks innocently at Sun Peizhi who is frowning looking at Liza. “Liza is American.”

    Sun Peizhi’s eyes narrow,  what does that mean?

    Antonio comes back with the drinks for Liza and Sara. Then walks back to the bar to get two more. He sets one in front of Sun Peizhi. Liza lifts her glass, “Viva Amore!” The other three lift their glasses. 

     Sara peeks at Sun Peizhi while sipping her drink, I wonder how long he will stay? I mean we can’t all leave together, well, I guess we could. How really super strange Liza showed up. He definitely doesn’t have a good impression of Liza but underneath her brash exterior she is one of the nicest people I met at school.

    “ Liza, did you open the Italian restaurant you wanted when you went back to Texas.”

   “I have a string of them across the US now. Daddy helped me get a leg up but all the restaurants use my recipes. I am here in Milan for the fashion shows and to recruit a new chef for my restaurant I just opened in New York.”

   “That is great.”

   “Sara, did you ever open that little bakery you wanted?”

   Sara sighs, “Not yet maybe two more years.”

    Sun Peizhi sees her dejected look, she wants to own a bakery? She did say she bakes cakes and post the pictures on her blog.

  “Sara honey, I told you I would invest when we graduated.” Liza slurps her Cosmopolitan then picks out the cherry twirling the stem with her tongue.

   Sara laughs then touches her head with her finger teasing, “Hmm…Yeah, why didn’t I say yes to you back then, by now I would have Sweet Dream Bakeries across China, haha.”

   Liza laughs happily then puts her arm around Sara, “You were too stubborn. Rejecting my offer saying, ‘I want to make it on my own!’ Brave girl!”

     Sara pushes Liza affectionately, “Yes.. you can laugh at me.. I was naive. I thought I could do anything I set my mind to doing.” She sips on her drink, “But.. I will make it happen.” What a reminder I need to keep my job with Zhou Group.

   Antonio turns Liza’s head towards him and kisses her unexpectedly, “Bella, let’s dance.”

   Liza puts her hand on his thigh and  winks at Sara, “Don’t be jealous Baby, Song Sara was my first love.”

   Sara spits out her gin and tonic coughing..waving her arms  with her blue eyes sparkling she giggles, “Shut up!”

   Liza kisses her on top of her head then ruffles her hair. She stands up holding Antonio as they walk towards the dance floor. She has her hand around his waist as he maneuvers through the crowd.

   Sara’s face turns bright red, “Sun Peizhi don’t listen to Liza. She is a little crazy.”

   Sun Peizhi stares at Sara with undisguised affection in his dark eyes, she looks adorable. I haven’t seen this girlish side of her, laughing and teasing with her friend.  She looks..carefree..

  “You want to own a bakery?”

   Sara sucks on an ice cube with a faraway look in her crystal blue eyes, she crunches the ice into pieces then swallows. “Someday. I guess that just reminded me I can’t lose my job with Zhou Group.” Sara’s cheeks are flushed and she is beginning to slur her words, “I don’t know what reaction stupid Li Tian will have when I see him tomorrow. He is such a big baaaaby, he will probably throw a big fit to Zhou Jason. But Jason..Jason.. is a reasonable man.. I mean who in the world could put up with Li Tian and that bii… I mean  woman he is engaged to marry. Personally, I think they deserve each other. They can just drive each other crazy..hahahahaha ”  Biting her lower lip, Sara puts her head on her hand, her elbow resting on the table staring at Sun Peizhi with a dazed look in her eyes. I could stare at him all night 

    Liza and Antonio are on the dance floor, Liza whispers in his ear, “Did you put that in Sara’s drink?”

   “I did as you ask, are we going to have a threesome tonight Baby?”

    Liza pinches his waist, “No you pervert! I want my friend to taste amore. I can tell she likes the cold handsome man.”

    He leans into her neck nibbling on her earlobe as he whispers,“Oh too bad we can’t have the little rabbit join us in bed. I know you weren’t joking when you said she was your first love.”

    Liza kisses him fiercely, “I will need to punish you later for making Mama angry.” She bites his lip as they continue to dance their bodies molding together on the dance floor.

  Sara closes her eyes while she is leaning on her hands. Sun Peizhi looks over at Liza and Antonio  grinding together while they dance. He takes out his phone, “Do you still have an apartment in Milan?” No way am I letting Song Sara leave this Club with those two. But she is in no condition to go back to the hotel. Li Tian might look for her and that could prove..he gazes at Sara, disastrous.

   “What the hell Zhi! Do you know what time it is here?”

  “Don’t care. Yes or No.”

   Zheng Tielin rubs his eyes looking at the woman sprawled on his bed, I just fucking fell asleep!  “Yeah.. why?”

    “Call the Concierge and tell them I will be staying there tonight to give me the key.”

    Pissed Sun Peizhi woke him up he sarcastically remarks,“Aren’t you staying at the Lattorio, weren’t the accommodations grand enough for Young Master Zhi?”

   “Fuck off and keep this to yourself.” 

    “Don’t tell me the abstinent monk has a woman?”

     “One more word and you won’t be able to have a woman again when I get back. Do it now I am heading over there in five minutes.”

   The sleeping woman in Zheng Tielin’s bed rolls over using her hand to arouse him, he breaks out into a sweat.. not being able to have… “ Zhi, I’m calling now.” He quickly hangs up then calls the Concierage. After the call he moves on top of the beautiful woman next to him. Pressing his hardness between her soft thighs, she smiles up at his handsome face, “Tielin..mmmmm.. ”

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