Breakfast With Nikolai

   LiMei wakes up when the morning sun shines through the floor to ceiling window in her bedroom. She stretches her arms yawning, this bed is so comfortable.  She squints looking down at the gray silk pajama top she is wearing, what the heck! When did I change into this top? LiMei rubs her eyes, the last thing I remember is eating dumplings in the kitchen while those gangsters were working on the sink.

   She pulls the soft  covers over her head, annoying! My head hurts, it must have been those beers I drank.

   Nikolai walks into the room without knocking, “Little Assassin, are you awake?”

   LiMei peeks out from the covers her cheeks puffed out and her long black hair messy, “Don’t you knock?”

   Nikolai has a hearty laugh seeing her disheveled appearance and listening to her perturbed voice. He teases LiMei, “Why would I knock on a door in my own villa? Haha..not to mention you are my prisoner.”

   She sits up holding the quilt, “Right. Why am I your prisoner anyway? I am just a secretary. ”

  He shamelessly sits on the edge of the bed leaning over her body as he touches her flushed cheek. “Didn’t I tell you last night I am the one to ask the questions?” Nikolai smoothes her tangled hair back behind her ear smelling a few strands caught between his fingers.

   LiMei knocks his hand away, I might as well see what he wants. “Ask.”

   He looks at the hand she pushed away, the little kitten is very brave, no woman dares touch me without my permission. “There is no rush. I came up to get you for breakfast, we can talk after we eat.”

   LiMei’s head is throbbing  and her stomach is growling, I wish I could have some hangover soup but anything would be good right now. “I will take a bath and get dressed then be right down.”

   He lazily puts his head on the pillow next to her then crosses his long legs. Leaning on his arm he looks down at her, he smiles when he hears her stomach making noises, “I will wait.”

   “…” LiMei glares at him, “You should go eat.”

  “There isn’t any breakfast until you come and make the food. Today is the cook’s day off.”

   LiMei has a puzzled expression as she points to her chest, “You want me to make your breakfast?”

   “Even though you are my prisoner little one, everyone needs to work.”

   ??? Oh my God he really is insane. “Fine.” She gets off the bed dressed in the oversized pajama top.

    Nikolai has a devilish grin on his handsome face, how was this little thing an assassin for a ruthless man like Kuang Fu. She looks like a little girl swimming in my pajamas. I am curious to see what skills she possesses. 

    LiMei glances around the room for her black tracksuit before she goes into the bathroom. She raises an eyebrow,Where did I put my clothes when I changed last night?

   “Mister, where is my tracksuit?” Maybe his maid took it to wash.

   Nikolai leans forward then points to the trash can by a desk. Her tracksuit is hanging over the top.

   LiMei walks over pulling it out who threw it away? She frowns looking over at Nikolai.

   Nikolai thought she would ask for clothes. He growls, “You can’t wear those clothes they stink.”

   What? Does he think I will parade around in this ridiculous pajama top for his amusement? LiMei shakes the jacket and pants out then smells the wrinkled clothes,  “I wore worse when I was in the jung..” No I can’t say that I’m a secretary..a secretary..Feng LiMei. “One time my luggage got lost on a business trip and I had no choice but to wear the same dress for two days.”

   “Pffft! Put that piece of crap back in the trash immediately. There are clothes in the closet.”

    “I don’t want to wear some woman’s clothes.”

    “Just do what I say if you don’t want me to punish you.”

    LiMei frowns and opens the door of the closet grabbing a pair of casual athletic pants and a sweater. Well the tags are still on them…they haven’t been worn.

   Nikolai’s obsidian eyes shine, this girl..she is fun to watch, all those cute expressions that flash across her face. “There is underwear in the drawer.” He anticipates her having a furious expression.

   LiMei doesn’t disappoint him, her face turns bright red as she walks to the rosewood dresser and opens the drawer. She can feel his eyes on her back and she shivers. He is so weird! I don’t feel any lecherous vibes but it is like he is laughing at me. Like I am a little pet doing tricks for his amusement.

    Irritated by being treated as a pet she turns around snalping at him , “Don’t you have something to do? I know where the kitchen is and I will come down as soon as I am ready.”

    He leans back on the bed with his arms behind his head, “Hurry up and take a bath. I’m getting hungry.”

    LiMei mutters under her breath, “Yeeesh,he is worse than Chen Jianyu when it comes to annoying me.” I need to get out of here and back to Rui he must be very upset he can’t find me.  She walks into the bathroom and turns on the shower, I wonder where my purse is, my other silver needles are in the hidden compartment at the bottom, I will need them to escape. I’m sure he took my phone but it would be difficult to discover where I hid my silver needles in the lining.

   When she finishes in the shower she wraps a white towel around herself as she blow dries her hair.  Absentmindly LiMei is pulling up her pants when Nikolai pops his head in the door, “Too long.” LiMei jumps, “What are you doing!”  Tripping on her pant leg she stumbles across the floor then lands on her butt with her pants around her knees. Nikolai holds his side as he laughs “So clumsy, haha.. I’m starting to believe you aren’t an assassin! Hahaha.”

   “…” I really hate this guy! “Could you get out and let me get dressed!”

   He leaves chuckling to himself, I would like to keep her as my pet if I didn’t need to use her to reach my goal.

   After he leaves the bathroom LiMei looks in the mirror and pulls her hair up in her white jade hairpin then places her only silver needle back into her bun. I will ask for my lotion in  my purse, then get the other silver needles out. I can’t wait to stab that crazy bastard in the neck then escape!

  When she walks back into the bedroom she expects to see him but he isn’t in the room. She thinks he must have got tired of waiting and gone downstairs. As she casually opens the door Nikolai  lunges towards her with a shiny black dagger, reacting instinctively LiMei extends her foot moving it between his feet to trip him, then hits his arm holding the knife .

He grins and shakes her hand off switching the knife to his other hand. LiMei jumps in the air kicking at his chest then spins around landing behind him. He reaches behind and grabs her, flipping her over his shoulder and she lands on the ground knocking the back of her head. She bends her knee then kicks her foot up towards his crotch rolling away as she does. Nikolai seductively says, “Naughty girl” as he dodges the blow and her forceful kick lands on his thigh.

Nikolai agiley moves over her like a lion with its prey. LiMei flips backwards then leaps up on the bed ready to fly at him. Pulling her jade hairpin out of her hair, she is about to jump onto him but in a flash he is at her slender neck with the dagger, his other strong hand pushing her down onto the bed. He leans over her straddling her small body, he has the dagger pressed against her snow white neck slightly drawing blood as the razor sharp edge of the dagger grazes her tender skin.

Suppressing the stinging pain LiMei reaches into her bun with her other hand and comes up empty..where is my silver needle. Her beautiful face not showing any fear she glares at Nikolai. His face is so close she can feel his hot breath spraying on her cheeks as he holds out his palm, “Looking for this?”

   LiMei sees her silver needle in his palm and without hesitation attempts to grab it from him. He closes his palm shaking his head as he teases, “Little Assassin..tsk…tsk.. Kiss me and you live.”

   LiMei purses her lips, he is bluffing..he needs me for something. He is playing some sick little game with me. She knows he is narcissistic and thinks she would be willing to lock lips with him because he is handsome and sexy, but  I will only kiss Rui…only my Rui! She widens her sparkling green eyes seductively, then leans up towards his face, her pink lips half parted. Nikolai is mesmerized by her beautiful green eyes and momentarily loses himself in the depth of them.

When LiMei sees this she takes the split second opportunity and knees him between his thighs, as he winces she hits his acupoint on his wrist with her palm releasing his grip on the handle, once she has the dagger in her hand she decisively throws it into the wall while rolling off the bed. She knows if she did anything to him right now she would not leave this villa alive. 

   She touches her neck and blood seeps between her fingers. “Okay don’t be angry. I will make you a very delicious breakfast.” My catlike eyes are my secret weapon hahaha you are not the first man I have deceived with them. Using men’s lust to disarm them has always worked for me.

   Nikolai’s eyes flash with a killing intent as he limps up off the bed. He grabs LiMei by her loose ponytail yanking her up by her hair “Little Assassin do you want to die!”

   Dangling in the air with him towering above her she exclaims, “Owww..I thought you were testing my skills.”

   Nikolai’s face is crimson red from enduring the pain Well I was..but I didn’t expect you to fucking kick me in my balls!  He thinks for a moment, She had my dagger she could have tried to kill me to try to escape but she didn’t I wonder why?

   Nikolai lets go of her hair dropping LiMei onto the floor,“Why didn’t you kill me when you had the chance?” 

  “I don’t want to kill anybody. Also, I never would have got out of your villa alive.”


     LiMei playfully smiles at him, “Come on I’m starving.”

Nikolai looks at the startling red line on the side of her neck still dripping small beads of blood. He has a gentle expression, “First, we need to disinfect your injury.”

LiMei listens to his soft tone, is this the same guy who inflicted the wound?

After Nikolai cleans the wound he puts a bandage on her neck then tenderly runs his finger across it, “Too weak.”

“…” I really didn’t think you were going to slice my damn neck. I thought you were trying to scare me.

They walk down the stairs to the first floor Nikolai smiles looking down at LiMei walking next to him. Maybe she doesn’t need to die for me to succeed, I could change my plan. She is cute like a playful little tigress.

    When they get to the kitchen LiMei pushes up her sleeves and looks in the refrigerator. It looks like they have the ingredients for porridge, there are eggs… She rubs her stomach then looks back at Nikolai who is on his phone. I wonder what else I should make, I wish I could make him snake soup to replenish his blood and kidneys. Maybe for lunch. I feel bad I kicked him so hard but I can’t kiss another man Rui would be so angry if he found out. Rui..

     LiMei makes porridge and egg omelettes with vegetables, sausage and potato and chive dumplings. I hope that is enough for him to eat. He is rather tall and muscular.

      Nikolai is sitting at the table talking on the phone.LiMei doesn’t understand Russian but she can tell by the tone of Nikolai’s voice he is angry. His brows are furrowed and  his hand is balled into a fist as he is talking. He is an extremely handsome man but his face  looks very scary when he is angry. LiMei rubs her neck, that really hurt…then he lifted me up by my hair.

    She walks over to the table setting the plates down then she brings over the food. Nikolai looks up from his phone at the dishes she prepared. Does she know Russians like porridge and omelettes for breakfast? Is the little kitten trying to please me after showing her claws?

    LiMei tentatively stands at the side of the table looking at him like an expectant kitten wondering if she is allowed to sit at the table with him.

   Nikolai can’t help but notice her timid appearance, “Sit! Eat, you are too skinny.” He lifts his fork and takes a bite of the omelette, very delicious. He notices she is still standing there staring at him, he curls his lips into a charming smile, “Am I that handsome?”

   LiMei pulls out the chair then sits down and begins eating her porridge, not looking up at him after his remark.

   Dimitri walks into the kitchen, did the Boss just smile? He shakes his head as he approaches the table speaking in Russian he says, “Boss it is done.”

   Nikolai grimaces at Dimitri spoiling the mood. He answers him in Russian, “Is my father being obedient?”

   “Da, He followed your orders and told The younger Bellini to send an additional invitation for..” He momentarily loses his train of thought watching LiMei devour her breakfast, “Sorry Boss, the woman.”

   Nikolai’s eyes follow Dimitri’s over to LiMei, he chuckles seeing the speed of her fork, “Good..Very good.” He places some sausage on her plate, “You need to eat more to put some meat on those tiny bones of yours.” His dark eyes shine as he playfully teases LiMei watching her green eyes narrow. She would like to throw that fork at me haha..” What does your man hold onto with that underdeveloped little body of yours?”

   LiMei clutches her fork in her hand as her eyes shoot daggers at Nikolai. How bored is this man to torment me constantly with his childish insults! Rui told me he loves everything about me!  She composes herself then sweetly smiles at him,”I thought for lunch if your men can find a snake I would make you snake soup, it nourishes the blood and qi.” Her expression turns serious, “and of course the kidneys.” She takes a bite of the sausage and can’t resist moaning,” “Ahhh.. good. Sneaking a peek at Nikolai she continues, “But, I like my sausage a little thicker.” LiMei stops herself from bursting out laughing; he looks like he could tear my head from my neck right now. I, Qin Daiyu, Feng LiMei.. return tenfold what is given to me! Hahaha.

    Dimitri wants to find a hole to crawl into… this reckless girl won’t survive one more second. “Boss, I will go get the car ready.” He runs out the door knocking into Leon whispering, “ Don’t go in there.”

   Leon looks into the kitchen to see a familiar look on Nikolai’s face, his terrifyingly calm expression right before he kills someone. He turns and follows Dimitri out to the garage. 

     Nikolai replies as he finishes his eggs, “Can you handle a python? I think I can find you a nice long and thick one to eat for lunch. You should serve papayas on the side…. many papayas”

    LiMei’s face turns bright red as she glances down at her chest. Besides being crazy he is a complete asshole! He is worse than that maniac Kuang Fu!

   Nikolai leans back in his chair savoring his last bite of the omelette, satisfied when he sees her dejected expression looking at her breasts. Although the little thing is not my type I would like to press her underneath me for her audacious attitude. No one dares to insult me like she has this morning. Women beg me to fuck them! I was going to kiss her and she.. urghhh..I need to at least punish the Little Assassin for her insolent behavior… but how? He takes a sip of coffee peering at LiMei over his cup thinking about what he should do.

  LiMei studies his expression, He is plotting something I can tell by the mischievous gleam in those black eyes of his…what could it be?

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