Chapter 33 Sara’s Crush

Sara’ face turns a bright shade of red as she feels her lips lightly touch Sun Peizhi’s cold lips, flustered she immediately jumps up off his lap. “I..I..didn’t mean to.”

   Sun Peizhi  gazes at her with a complicated expression, “I know, you should go to bed. I can finish.”

    He grimaces when he pulled her down into his chest that aggravated the wound on his abdomen. He looks down, the long gash is bleeding, fuck it might need a few stitches.

   Sara sees the blood dripping from his wound, nervously she pleads with him, “Please…please let me take you to the hospital.”

   He needs Sara to leave the kitchen, if the CEO wakes up and finds his woman in a bathrobe out here with me no way will he let me go to Milan. He might even try to kill me on the spot knowing his insane temper. He politely says, “Miss Song, you should get your sleep.”

   “I can’t go to sleep worrying about you. If you won’t go to the hospital let me finish cleaning your injuries, once you are bandaged I will help you to your room.”

  “I don’t think the CEO would like you helping me. You should get your rest you leave for Milan in the morning..” Please leave, I need to go to Milan, didn’t you notice how possessive the Boss is towards you? If he comes out of his room I am definitely fucked. Looking at her deep blue eyes filled with concern he doesn’t have the heart to be mean to Sara. “I appreciate your help but you are getting over serious injuries also.”

   She picks up the disinfectant she calmly replies, “I think CEO Li left.” Why would CEO Li care? He is a jerk but it really is none of his business. Also I passed the other guest room and the door was open, no one was in the room and the bed was untouched.. 

   Sun Peizhi doesn’t understand their relationship, she keeps referring to him as CEO Li which is weird. He furrows his swordlike brows,“What? Wouldn’t he tell you if he was leaving?”

  “Why?” Sara picks up the cloth and begins to clean his wound.

   ??? Because you are his girlfriend. Why does she call him so formally? Well that is good he won’t come out here but being so close to her isn’t good for me. I feel my emotions are harder to keep under control when she is near me. I can’t deny I am attracted to her innocent beauty. When our lips touched I wanted to tighten my grip on her waist and kiss her deeply. Luckily I restrained myself or my mission could be compromised.

   While he is sorting out his messy thoughts Sara has begun cleaning the wound on his upper abdomen. “I saw some butterfly bandages in the medicine box, they might work… but why won’t you go to the hospital?”

   “Huh?” He is thinking about her fingers gently brushing across his bare skin and Sara’s beautiful face as she bends over him. Dammit this is fucking torture!

   “The hospital? Why not go and have a doctor examine and treat your injuries.”

   “It would take too long and I have some things to take care of before we leave for Milan.”

   Sara’s eyes light up, “You are going to Milan also?”


   Sara finishes putting on the bandages, “But with your can you..”

 “They are minor injuries that won’t inhibit my abilities, I can still do my job. I would prefer you not telling the CEO about them.”

   Sara bites her bottom lip, although I want him to go so I can spend time with him his wound on his stomach could become infected. “Mr. Sun how can you call these minor injuries? The butterfly bandages might work well if you stay in bed but any movements could allow the wound to reopen.”

   Dammit! This girl has no idea how sexy she looks as she seductively bites her cherry red lips with that serious expression.Not to mention the robe has slipped down again and she has no awareness of how alluring she looks with her snow white skin exposed. Sun Peizhi quickly looks away as  he feels his emotions becoming tangled as she touches the bandage on his abdomen. That cold bastard Li Tian doesn’t deserve such a pure hearted girl “You don’t need to concern yourself I have had worse injuries before.”

   Sara puts the disinfectant and the scissors back in the medicine box. His job is so dangerous protecting someone like Li Tian who must have many enemies with his arrogant personality. “Before I go back to bed can I fix you some food? There are a lot of leftovers from dinner.”

   “No thanks.” He can’t help staring at Sara thinking about the way Li Tian treated her earlier, she should definitely find a man who cherishes her, she deserves a good man, maybe when we get back I can introduce her to Lin Xiu Ling. He would be perfect match for her he is wealthy, reliable and has a gentle personality. 

     It is not like him to interfere in other people’s relationships but he suddenly says, “Why are you with..” then stops himself. I will help Song Sara leave Li Tian after the Milan trip when I don’t need him anymore, in the meantime I will protect her.

   Sara was walking over to the refrigerator to get a bottle of water she says, “What?”


  “If you aren’t going to eat anything I will help you to your room.”

  “I’m fine thank you for bandaging my injuries.You go first.”

  “Don’t sit too long, you should go to bed also.” Sara’s eyes are getting sleepy. Now that the adrenaline from seeing Sun Peizhi hurt has stopped pulsing through her body she can feel the soreness from earlier.

    Sun Peizhi watches Sara as she walks away, her petite body swimming in his sister’s white robe. He smiles and his black eyes have an unusually soft light in them , Song Sara really is a cute girl. I need to make sure nothing happens to her while we are in Milan, Li Tian’s enemies will be everywhere. I heard Viktor’s son Nikolai, that crazy bastard is there also. If they kidnapped her once they could attempt again to gain leverage over Li Tian.

   On the lower deck of  Li Tian’s yacht a woman stands naked in front of him as he sits on a leather couch with his long legs crossed. “Turn around”

   The young woman turns her bare body around confidently then seductively smiles at him as she flutters her eyelashes, this is my chance to hug his golden thigh, I can’t believe Yvette called me to come to this extravagant yacht. My God! CEO Li Tian! 

   Li Tian sneers, the woman looks too damn eager, not at all like my shy little kitten. “Take your hair down.”

   She obediently takes her hair out of the elaborate hairstyle she just had done at the salon today, she coquettishly asks,  “Like this?” while playfully flipping her long black hair back.

  “Don’t talk.” Shit! Why did the whore open her mouth, that voice is nauseating dripping with insincerity. And her hair looks greasy, not long and silky like Song Sara’s hair.

  “I guess you will have to do, go shower, wash that greasy shit out of your hair and get rid of that stinky perfume you are wearing, then come to the bedroom. Donnie, show her the way.”

  As Donnie takes the pretty young woman down the hallway to the guest bathroom she asks him, “I recognize you..I have seen you at Madam’s. I didn’t know you work for CEO Li.”

  He has seen this woman before at Yvette’s but didn’t mention anything. No way is she a virgin, Donnie was hoping to avoid the shitstorm when the CEO realizes Yvette sent him a dirty woman. “I’m going to give you a bit of a warning, CEO Li requested a virgin.”

 “I am a virgin.”

 “Yeah right… and pigs can fly..”

 “Seriously, I have never had intercourse with a client.”

 “Well slut for your sake I hope you aren’t lying. Here is the bathroom,when you are clean, no perfume… make sure you wash it all off. CEO Li’s bedroom is down the hall to the right.”

  While the woman is in the shower Li Tian has his head leaning back thinking about Song Sara. This woman Yvette sent is nowhere near as beautiful as the kitten. She has the same coloring but her features are less than perfect. I will need to do her from the back. He touches his crotch, seeing her standing there naked in front of me did nothing to arouse my interest. Fuck it I’m driving back to the villa. The only woman I want is there.

  He lazily gets up from the couch, then calls out to Donnie, “Get out here.”

  Donnie recognizes Li Tian’s irritated tone, the boss is not happy with that slut I knew it..I could tell from his snarling expression when she was showing off her wares. “Yeah Boss?”

  “I’m going back to that villa. Meet me at the airport at eight thirty, stop by my mansion Yang James should have my suitcases packed.”

   “Yeah Boss..but what about the woman?” He glances down the hallway towards the guestroom.

   “You can have the slut, Yvette has been paid. Just don’t be late to the airport.” He grabs his jacket and goes up the stairs to the upper deck,I wonder if the little kitten is still sound asleep from the sedative. 

   “…” Donnie watches Li Tian leave and shakes his head. Although fucking the pretty whore sounds tempting I have a girlfriend Boss, she would cut my nuts off if she found out. I will tell Kang he can do the woman, I don’t want the Boss to lose money on this.

   Meanwhile at the villa Sara enters her bedroom then takes off the oversized white robe. She looks into the closet. I wonder who the girl that lives here is, Sun Peizhi’s friend’s girlfriend? I wonder if Sun Peizhi has a girlfriend?

   She walks over then gets into the bed pulling the quilt up over her body as she sighs, Sun Peizhi is so handsome, his face is like a male god, those deep black unfathomable eyes of his are mesmerizing. She thinks about bandaging his abdomen and touching his tight abdominal muscles.His perfect muscular body is so unbelievably sexy. She runs her finger over her lips blushing recalling their unintentional kiss. I need to get to know him better on this Milan trip, his aura although dangerous at times still has a deep warmth. I feel comfortable and safe when I am around him. She giggles self consciously fantasizing about him, I haven’t had a crush on a man since Zhou Jason ha..ha.. She slowly drifts off to sleep dreaming about Sun Peizhi.

    Li Tian speeds along the highway in his red Mazerati, goddammit well that proves I need Song Sara in my bed she is the only woman who can excite me, maybe that old quack was right about our destiny. Seeing that naked bitch on my yacht repulsed me.

   When he reaches the villa he pulls into the driveway as the sun comes up,what a waste of time that was. He stretches his long legs as he gets out of the car, as he walks to the door he sees Sun Peizhi pulling out of the garage on a motorcycle, “What are you doing?”

   “I have to run an errand before we leave, why do you need me?”

   “No, make sure you are back in time. We need to be at the airport at eight thirty.”

    “Yeah, will do. Anything else?”

   “I will go in through the garage, leave the door open.”

   “Okay, the door will automatically shut after you enter, there is a motion sensor.”

   “En.” Li Tian walks into the garage, Shit! His friend has quite an expensive collection of cars. He runs his hand over a Limited Edition Bugatti La Volture Noire. There are only six of them in the world. Who is this guy? How does Peizhi know him. He doesn’t spend very long thinking about the cars his mind is filled with thoughts of Sara. 

   Once he walks into the villa he goes down the hallway to Sara’s room. He opens the door and sees Sara sleeping peacefully on the bed. He quietly moves towards the bed, his facial features softening as he gazes at her face, my little kitten looks beautiful with her black hair spread on the pillow and her delicate soft skin exposed. 

     He sits on the edge of the bed then bends over kissing her forehead, when she doesn’t move he lightly kisses her lips. I’m not going to take the chance of startling you if you should wake up, I will have plenty of time on the plane to enjoy your delicious body. He pulls out a small porcelain bottle from his pocket, I think you will also enjoy the passion this time kitten. 

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