Leaving For Airport

Sun Peizhi pulls his motorcycle behind a small fishing cabin down by the river. He takes off his helmet, Fuck that hurts!  As he touches the bandage on his head he glances around then whistles, a  tall thin man dressed in black comes from around the corner. Sun Peizhi says, “Did you get what I asked for yesterday? And the medicine?”

   “Short notice but yes.”

   “Give it to me.”

   “What are you going to use it for anyway?”

    “The less you know the better, contacting you wasn’t in the parameters of my mission but those assholes have to run everything past the old fart in charge. The medicine well, last night I helped Marley even the score with a scumbag in town.”

   “I know how that goes, why do you think I am running my family’s company now. I couldn’t stand all the red tape every time I even requested a goddam bullet. I haven’t been to Jhuyun in a long time how is that moron Marley?”

   “ Same as always, I don’t think he will ever change his hard headed ways.Well, I know what you mean I use my own resources whenever possible to avoid the scrutiny. I am relieved this will be my last mission until next year if all goes well.”

   “Who are you working with in Milan?”

   Sun Peizhi grimaces, the pain in his abdomen is flaring up from the knife wound as he sits down at a dusty table, “Remember Chonglin?”

   Zheng Tielin takes a cigarette out of his pack and lights it, “The scrawny guy from the mission in Tanzania?”

   “Yeah he works for the Naralov Syndicate, he has been feeding me information for a hefty price.” 

   Zheng Tielin laughs and pats him on the back, “Good thing you are Young Master Sun and your pockets are deep. Those old bureaucrats would never cough up that kind of money. You must really want to bust that fucker Viktor.”

   “Well, the crafty Russian bastard crossed my bottom line and now his psychotic son Nikolai has been released from the Bosnian prison. He joined  him in Milan according to my source. That asshole has no boundaries, he is capable of anything. I gotta go, thanks for getting this, that makes two favors I owe you. I appreciate you getting me hooked up with Li Tian as his bodyguard that  opened the path for me to keep a low profile while I compiled the information I needed and a good cover for the trip to Milan.”

   “ Tian is an old friend of mine but let me warn you don’t fuck with his shit. He won’t care about your mission as long as you don’t involve him in any way. He actually helped me out a few times when I was with Intelligence. That maniac leads a fucked up life the way he treads a fine line between being a well respected businessman and the powerful head of one of the most vicious Syndicates in the Underworld.”

    For some reason Song Sara’s cute face with her bright smile and adorable dimples pops into Sun Peizhi’s head, “Tilan, what is the deal with Li Tian and a woman named Song Sara? Li Tian is far too dangerous for an innocent girl like Song Sara to be involved with, Zheng Tilan is his good friend and just confirmed what I think about the heartless motherfu***r.

   Zheng Tielin flicks his cigarette, then gets another one out of his pack tapping it on the table. He flicks his lighter and the bright flame lights up his confused expression,“Who?” 

  “Song Sara… his girlfriend.”

   Zheng Tielin has a complicated look on his face, “Tian is engaged to Long An since forever, I have never seen him actually dating another woman. He takes beautiful celebrities as escorts to functions and dinners but they can’t get near him.  I saw him at his gym, LT Fitness on Nuyin not long ago; he didn’t mention he was seeing anyone on the side.”  He takes a puff on his cigarette. Damn if An finds out about this maybe she will break the engagement off with Tian and date me..I would dump that little slut Meilen in a heartbeat. He is interested in finding out more about this woman.“ Who is this Song Sara chick?”

    Sun Peizhi shakes his head, “Nevermind, I might be wrong. I have been out of the social circle for awhile.”  On the side? What the fuck! That is messed up! Black lines form on his forehead and clenches his fist at his side, how does that arrogant bastard look at himself in the mirror playing with a sweet girl like Song Sara’s feelings. I bet she has no idea about Long An. He makes her call him CEO Li and treats her like shit. 

   Zheng Tielin has an idea, “What time are you leaving for Milan?”

   “The plane leaves at 8:30. Why?”

   “No reason. Remember what I told you yesterday, get the hell out of there after you complete the mission, you won’t have much time before they discover what you have done.”


   Zheng Tielin knows this is a dangerous mission for Sun Peizhi and is worried about his friend, “ Zhi, just come back in one piece, your face and body intact, my little sister would kill me if anything happened to her handsome dream lover.”

  “Fuck off. I thought when YaoYao went to A University and became the school flower she would forget about her stupid crush.”

   “You wish! Every time she comes home she grills me as to when you will come back to the Sun family and marry her. She thinks you are working in Europe avoiding your family.”

  He grins,  “She is right on half of that.” He stands up and stretches his long muscular legs, “Okay, I’m going.”



  “Keep in mind what I said about Li Tian he is volatile and unpredictable when he feels betrayed. So don’t cross him in Milan. Worse case scenario if a complicated situation arises and you are compromised…” He holds Sun Peizhi by the shoulders and stares into his dark brown eyes, “You say fuck the rules… you come clean and tell him who you really are and your mission. He might even be willing to help you.”

  “Have some fucking confidence in me man!” He pushes him away as he laughs and sarcastically quips,” How do you think I got my cool nickname Lone Wolf..I can handle the mission without help.” Especially from that fucking bastard.

  Zheng Tielin bursts out laughing, his peach blossom eyes light up at the memory, “I forgot about that stupid name Marley gave you back then. Well, when you get back I will set my grievances I have with that big idiot aside and the three of us can go for a beer at that disgusting shabby bar in Jhuyun..what is its ridiculous name? Oh right..The Drunken Clam. Or you can clean him up and drag him to my private room at the Red Viper Club”

   “Who sounds like the Young Master now Tielin, or should I say Director Zheng.”

   After Sun Peizhi leaves the dilapidated house  Zheng Tielin gets on his phone to his assistant, “Georgie, get me all the information you can on Li Tian and a woman named Song Sara.”

  “What?” His assistant was sound asleep, he rolls over and looks at the clock, Dammit why is Director Zheng calling me at this hour. “Sorry, could you repeat that?” He puts on his glasses and turns on the light. “CEO Li and who?”

    At the villa Sara wakes up feeling sore, I wonder how long it will take my body to get back to normal? Yawning she moves her legs under the quilt then stretches her arms out above her head. I hope I can rest on the plane. I am still really tired. Suddenly she realizes she won’t have time to go back to her apartment before the flight this morning. Oh my! What am I going to wear to Milan I have no clothes with me..I don’t have a phone either to call Han Bi. This is a big problem! 

    While she is panicking over the situation there is a knock on the bedroom door. Mrs. Mu says, “Miss, your clothes have been delivered.”

   “Just a minute.” She puts on her robe and answers the door, “Mrs. Mu. what clothes?”

   “The clothes for your trip the CEO had delivered for you. May I come in?”

   “Oh, I am so sorry, of course come in.”  Sara rubs her eyes trying to wake up after only a couple hours of sleep.

   Mrs. Mu hands her a few bags she left the large suitcase of clothes in the living room. “He instructed me, it was more like gave me an Imperial edict, as though he is the Emperor and I am a palace maid,  to tell you to hurry and eat breakfast. He will drive the two of you to the airport.”

   “What about Sun Peizhi.. I mean isn’t he coming too?”

   Mrs. Mu stares at Sara, isn’t she the Big Boss’ girlfriend? Why is she asking about the Young Master? I do like this girl but Sun Zhi  made it clear he isn’t interested in her at all and said his boss is very possessive of Song Sara. “I don’t know Miss, he ate a light breakfast then left.”

   Sara’s blue eyes widen with an undisguised look of concern she asks, “Did he seem alright to you? Was he in any pain?” She is worried about his injuries. He must not have rested at all if he left the villa so early.

   Mrs. Mu tries to remain calm,“I didn’t notice when I served breakfast then I went to meet the gardener.He was gone when I came back into the villa.” She wrings her hands, she desperately wants to ask Sara what she is talking about. Sun Zhi specifically said to not have any extra interaction with her or his Boss, she might slip and say the wrong thing. Did something happen to the boy?I can ask a simple question, “Why do you ask?”

   Sara remembers he said not to mention his injuries to anyone. She smiles nervously, “Oh, no particular reason, thanks for the clothes I should hurry and get ready.I don’t want to keep the CEO waiting.”

   ”En.” Mrs. Mu hurries down the hallway to find her husband Han maybe he knows something.

   Sara looks at the bags of clothes, they are embossed with the name of a high end boutique in Catang City. It was thoughtful of Li Tian to get me clothes for the trip knowing I was wearing borrowed clothes..but what the heck these must have cost a lot of money I can’t accept them. But if I don’t I will offend him and not have anything to wear. I will offer to pay him out of my salary. CEO Zhou said in the email they will pay a bonus for going to Milan with CEO Li.

   Sara rushes into the bathroom to shower, when she finishes she picks out a beige skirt with a black silk blouse to wear. The store even supplied underwear, she holds the skimpy black thong  and the sexy black lace bra, her face turns red, well I have no choice but to wear them. Once she is dressed she looks in the full length mirror, the clothes fit perfectly how did they know my size? With no time to think about it she slips on a pair of nude high heels and quickly the bedroom to eat breakfast. She rubs her stomach, I wonder what Mrs. Mu made for food, I am starving, .

   In the dining room Li Tian is finishing his breakfast, he looks at his watch, he mutters, “Where is she I told the old woman to tell her to hurry.” He looks up as Sara races down the hallway. 

   “Good morning CEO Li.”

   His Adam’s apple rolls up and down, she looks sexy. Sara’s long silky hair has a few tendrils hanging down to her shoulders and the black silk shirt accentuates her snow white skin. He pictures the black lace underwear he picked out for her to wear. Kitten,I can’t wait to strip you naked when we are on the plane and taste your sweet body. He is impressed the Golden ointment worked so well it was worth the exorbitant price. There are absolutely no traces of the love bites I left all over her neck. As she moves closer to the dining table he inhales her fresh scent, it is intoxicating.

   When he doesn’t answer she says, “CEO Li?”

  “Miss Song.” He wipes his thin lips with the napkin, “You took too long, we need to leave.”

   Sara looks at the steaming hot food on the table and her stomach growls, those noodles a couple hours ago were not enough. Disappointed she nods,“Yes Sir.” She drools while looking at the sumptuous breakfast Mrs. Mu prepared.

    He sees the eager look on her face, he has a faint smile recalling having sex with Sara. I did vigorously toss her on the bed she probably needs some food, but damn I can’t be late to the airport. “Wipe your drool. If you are that hungry, eat quickly while I put the suitcase and my bag in the car.” He stands up, “Don’t get any grease on your clothes.”

   “…” Sara frowns as she leans over her plate, for a moment I thought he wasn’t that bad. Her chopsticks fly as she devours her plate of food, oh so delicious. When she finishes her breakfast she picks up the plates to take in the kitchen, Li Tian walks back in, “What are you doing? Leave them. Let’s go.”

    “I forgot something in my room. I will meet you at the car.” I can’t leave without brushing my teeth, what if I have something stuck in between them when I see Sun Peizhi. Sara hurries down the hallway before he can stop her.

   Li Tian watches her back as she runs towards the bedroom, I shouldn’t have been so nice now she is taking advantage of me.

   He waits at the car leaning against the hood while having a cigarette, he has a devilish grin on his handsome face, Well, the sexy little kitten can pay me back for my kindness on the plane.

   Sara approaches the Mazareti her chest heaving from running, she bows to him then coughs, “Thank… ah…ah..thank you for your patience.”

    He puts out his cigarette,“Get in, we don’t have much time.” She looks cute her cheeks are flushed and the black silk blouse is clinging to her breasts as she breathes heavily from running. His deep eyes are filled with lust gazing at her petite body even with the heels she barely comes to my shoulders, she looks like a beautiful doll with those big blue watery eyes and porcelain skin. 

His eyes have a small flame flickering in them as they linger on her cherry red lips. His heart starts beating faster.. I could fuck you all day Song Sara..ha..ha.. And I will. He touches the small bottle in his jacket pocket watching her go to the passenger side, when he gets in he opens the door for her, she has a silly look on her face as the door rises up.

   When she gets into the car he teases Sara, “Haven’t you ever ridden in a Mazareti before?”

   Sara looks over at him grinning at her with a mischievous expression on his face, “No I haven’t.”

    He leans over her body brushing her breasts with his chest to buckle the seatbelt and she panics, “CEO Li what are you doing!”

   “Buckling your seatbelt what else.”

   Sara blushes and flutters her eyelashes shyly as his body is pressed against her chest, “No help needed. I can do it myself.”

   He is still leaning against her chest, his face very close as he explains,“The buckle is tricky and just to let you know… ” He stares into her eyes and with a seductive low voice says as he brushes her loose hair behind her ear, “I like to drive fast…very fast.”

    Sara can smell his distinctly masculine scent of tobacco and a light fragrance from his body she feels is familiar but can’t place it. Is he flirting with me? She laughs to herself...what am I thinking… that’s ridiculous. He is just playing with me to scare me.

    She decides not to let him intimidate her. After he has finished buckling her seatbelt he turns on the ignition,  Sara takes a deep breath then turns to look at him smiling, “I enjoy riding in a fast sports car.”

   “Good.” The tires screech as he pulls out of the driveway, by the look on your face you are lying. We will see how much you enjoy it.

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