Chapter 32 Too Close

After Li Tian bathes Sara he gently rubs the Golden ointment onto the red marks covering her tender body. Her skin is extremely pale and the stark contrast created by the love bites he left momentarily unnerves him, but he quickly recovers his detached demeanor. He looks at the tube of ointment, this expensive shit better fucking work.

    When he finishes applying the ointment he places Sara on his lap then lifts her arms slipping a fresh white lace nightgown over her head. 

     Staring at her pure and innocent appearance he suppresses his desire. I don’t think her body can take another round. I need to leave before I am tempted by her again. Laying Sara down onto the bed he pulls the quilt over her thin body then kisses her lightly on her forehead as he moves her long black hair off her cheek. Little kitten you don’t know but you are mine..only mine.

   Grabbing his clothes off the floor he walks to the bedroom door wrapped only in a towel, It’s only eleven I think I will go to town for a drink and a fuck. I will see if I can get off on another woman besides the little kitten. 

   In the other guest room he pulls on a pair of charcoal gray pants and a crisp white shirt leaving the top two buttons unbuttoned. After he tightens his belt he slips on a Limited Edition Rolex inlaid with black diamonds. He picks up his phone to call Yang James after several rings Yang James answers, “Boss.”

   “I need you to see what Clubs in Jhuyun offer clean women.”

   “Jhuyun? I have been to that shitty town, they maybe have two bars in the whole place neither would be up to your standards.”

   Li Tian glances at his watch, “Get a hold of Yvette. Have her send a woman to my yacht. Black hair, blue eyes, petite with very white skin. I will be there in an hour.”

   Yang James hangs up, Boss could you be any more picky? 

   Li Tian hangs up then calls Donnie, “I am expecting a woman at my yacht. Go over there and let her on board. Did you cover your ass about the warehouse explosions?”

   “Yeah, there is no evidence linking me. My man in the police department has the cause of the fires in his report  due to faulty wiring and stored propane that exploded.”

   “Good. is the plane ready for 9 am?”

   “ Kang said the plane is fueled and ready to go. Same pilot as last time.”

   “You have the plane scheduled for takeoff exactly at nine, right? I don’t want any delays.”

   “Well Boss there is a big storm coming in tonight, what if the weather isn’t suitable for flying?”

   “We still take off regardless of weather conditions, I want to arrive in Milan by midnight.”

    “Okay.” Man am I glad I am not going with the Boss to Milan. I don’t like to fly as it is and that crazy bastard said fly no matter what the weather is like.

     Li Tian walks out to the driveway and gets into his Red Maserati then speeds away from the villa. He takes a cigarette from a pack in the console lighting it he inhales deeply, I will see if when I fuck a woman tonight if I have the same feeling as when I fucked Song Sara. Oh shit I forgot, no perfume..absolutely no perfume. He uses his bluetooth, “James, make sure she isn’t wearing perfume.”

    “I just got off the phone with Yvette, I will call back with your instruction. Boss, Zhou Jason called me earlier, I tried to call your phone. He said Miss Song won’t be available to accompany you to Milan.”

    Li Tian crushes his cigarette out in the ashtray, “She most definitely is going.  Did he give you a reason? Old Man Zhou was supposed to inform him.”


   “You didn’t fucking ask!”

    “ That is why I was trying to call you to get instructions. I didn’t want to overstep. We have the Mega Mall Project stalled because of the land, you didn’t fill me in yet as to the progress with the farmer’s son. I wasn’t sure how to respond if the subject came up.”

    “I will make the call.”

    He slams his hand on he steering wheel, Zhou Jason you asshole, you think you can fuck with me, I’ll fucking tear your father’ s insignificant company to the fucking ground!

    He steps on the accelerator as he moves onto the highway, calming himself down he calls Zhou Jason. He rolls down the window breathing in the fresh mountain air, I should buy a villa up here.

    In his penthouse overlooking Catang City, Zhou Jason stands on his spacious balcony looking out at the river, I didn’t want to come back to this fucking city with all its memories. Fucking Vicki really screwed things up going to the Red Viper Club.  He pushes up his gold rimmed glasses and sips a glass of wine thinking about how to quickly solve the problems at Zhou Group so he can return to his job as Leng Shuai’s assistant. His phone sitting on the outdoor glass table rings, he glances at the number, What the fuck does that bastard  want this time of night.  He answers,“Tian.”

  “Jason, it’s been a long time.”

   “Not long enough.”

    He turns down the music,“I’m going to get right to the point. Song Sara is accompanying me to Milan.”

    “Exactly why? Don’t give me the bullshit story about an Italian investor,I am not my father.”

    “Because I want her to be my female companion. Satisfied?”

    “She is an executive assistant not an escort.”

    “I also will use her in that capacity. Yang James is locked into another sensitive deal and can’t leave Catang.”

    “Forget it we don’t loan out our employees.”

    “You will make an exception in this case.”

    “No, I don’t think I will.”

    “Didn’t your father tell you Li Group’s cooperation rests with this request.”

     “He did mention that but I’m not concerned. My information says you haven’t secured the land, Leng Enterprises has shown interest, so should you want to withdraw securing another investor won’t be a problem.”

    “I guess Zhou Mo failed to mention I have the Zoning Commission in my pocket.”

    Zhou Jason hates Li Tian, they grew up together, he can’t stand his narcissism and entitlement. “ Under your control for now. Those crafy foxes bend with the wind.”

    Li Tian wants to punch Zhou Jason in the face for not caving in to his demands.”Well the email has been sent, so as far as Song Sara knows she has been assigned by Zhou Mo as my assistant for the Milan trip, so you can go fuck yourself.”

    “You think I can’t send another email? Song Sara and I are old friends from University, I won’t let you play around with her Tian.She isn’t that type of woman.”

     “I am  just fucking with you. I have no interest in Song Sara, I just didn’t have time to arrange a female companion and she speaks fluent Italian, so I can use her in that capacity. My main purpose in requesting her as an assistant is to take notes during a meeting I have scheduled in Milan.” His eyes narrow and black lines form on his forehead, Zhou Jason and the little kitten are friends? 

   Zhou Jason doesn’t want another headache, the Zhou Group does need the Mega Mall Project to go smoothly. Even though he is estranged from his father he doesn’t want the company to go bankrupt. But of all people to partner with on a huge project why did his father go with Li Group?

    Li Tian is one of the few people who can press Zhou Jason’s buttons. “Since my father authorized Song Sara I won’t interfere.” His voice has a low threatening tone, “But I am warning you asshole, if you bully Song Sara I won’t let you go. She is a very special person and I don’t want to see her hurt. You know not to cross my bottom line, I don’t need to remind you do I?”

    The only fight Li Tian has ever lost was to Zhou Jason when he first became involved in the Underworld seven years ago. Zhou Jason was in Chinese Intelligence and Li Tian had an arms deal going down by the docks in Bashu City. They clashed at the drop off location, Li Tian was barely able to escape, destroying any evidence of his involvement. It took him six months until his broken arm recovered. At the time Zhou Jason was new to the division and the higher ups wouldn’t let him pursue the matter, he still holds some resentment that Li Tian wasn’t busted at the time.

    Li Tian laughs, “Come on Jason, does that naive little girl look like my type?” 

    Zhou Jason tightens his grip on his phone, although all of the women photographed with Li Tian are well developed and stylish women… “No and now isn’t the time to change from your usual preference… big breasted sluts.” 

    Sorry too late, I suddenly developed a taste for a soft little kitten type. She is already mine, I will have her body anytime I want. A jealous thought runs through his mind, this cold bastard isn’t one to care about a woman , Did he have a relationship with Song Sara during University?That was a rather emotional statement for that cold ass bastard. The little thing definitely was a virgin when I fucked her that night. 

    Jason takes off his glasses, rubbing the bridge of his nose,Sara doesn’t seem his type but there must be an ulterior motive for him taking her to Milan. “I will be contacting Sara to make sure there are no problems while she accompanies you.”

    “You have nothing to worry about like I said she meets the requirements I need. I will compensate Miss Song well for the extra work.” His eyes have an evil gleam thinking about the ‘work’ he wants Sara to do for him. “Also don’t underestimate my ability to secure the land.” He hangs up the phone wondering what the relationship is between Sara and Zhou Jason. Pulling into the parking lot at the dock he calls Yang James, “Find out the relationship between Zhou Jason and Song Sara.”

    “Will do. Yvette sent a woman she should have arrived  at your yacht.”

    “Send that information as soon as you receive it.”

    “En. Anything else?” 

    “No.” He steps out of the car grabbing his bag from the back then walks to his yacht.

    Sara wakes up her head is throbbing, she slowly opens her eyes a little disoriented. Where am I? Oh that’s right I am at the villa Sun Peizhi’s friend owns. Sitting up she turns on the bedside lamp and grabs a bottle of water sitting on the table. After she drinks a few sips she opens the bottle of antibiotics taking one out. My body feels very sore, I guess muscle aches can worsen after being injured, I wonder if there is any pain reliever in the bathroom.

    She looks at the nightgown she is wearing, I don’t recall even coming back to my room after dinner, that wine must have been very strong. Sara yawns as she walks into the bathroom, opening the medicine cabinet there are no pain relievers, I don’t want to disturb anyone this time of night but my head really hurts. Would there be some in the kitchen?

    She opens the closet looking inside for a bathrobe, everyone is probably asleep,  I think this will be fine. She ties the oversized robe, my legs are so weak and my insides hurt again. I wish I had the vaginal ointment with me Dr. Meng prescribed. 

    Sara stretches her arms as she walks over finishing the bottle of water. Her stomach grumbles, I’m hungry too because Li Tian made dinner uncomfortable, I didn’t eat very much. I don’t think Sun Peizhi would mind if I fixed myself something to eat.

    As  Sara walks to the kitchen of the luxurious villa, in the outskirts of Jhuyun on a  mountain ridge,Marley and Sun Peizhi have successfully disrupted the drug deal leaving several men unconscious on the ground. Marley looks over at Sun Peizhi, “Like old times, huh?” He laughs as he kicks one of the gangsters on the ground. “I wish I could see the look on that cocky bastard Su Donghai’s face when he gets here and discovers his drugs are gone.”

    Sun Peizhi wipes the blood streaming down his handsome face with his sleeve, “Marley, you were a little slow  coming out of the bushes. I thought the plan was me to distract the fat guy while you disarmed the fucker with the gun. One more second later and instead of the bullet grazing my head I would be fucking dead. Next time, I will be the one hiding.”

    Marley notices Sun Peizhi’s head, “Fuck man, the way you were fighting I had no idea you were hurt that bad. Let’s go to my place I will have Gong come over and bandage your head for you.”

    “It’s not that bad, get rid of the shit, I’m going home, I can take care of it myself. You owe me a  fucking beer next time I come to town.” He chuckles,” And a discount on the boat repair.” Fuck! My head is bleeding all over my new Gucci leather jacket. He takes off his jacket ripping his black tshirt to tie around his head to stop the blood from flowing down, then puts the jacket back on without his shirt.

   Marley shoves some of the drugs into his backpack then says, “Toss me the tshirt to wrap the rest, I’m going to the cliff by the waterfall and dump the shit there.”

    “ Dumb ass! You can’t pollute the water with that shit! Just bury it in the old cave until you figure something better out. Maybe the police can use it in a sting operation or something, I don’t know, just don’t put the shit it in the fucking water at the bottom of the waterfall.”

   “Yeah good idea. Let’s go.”

   Walking to where their motorcycles are hidden Sun Peizhi puts on his helmet, “I’m going out of the country for a few days, but don’t forget to stall Little Qian on the repair, then he can just take the boat straight back to Catang City instead of going to my villa.”  

    Marley straddles the seat on his motorcycle turning on the engine, “Got it.”

   Sun Peizhi looks over at his friend, “Word of advice, stay away from that cheap slut..” He slowly winds his motorcycle out from behind some bushes and then takes off into the cold night. Damn my head fucking hurts. But if I take the helmet off the wind and dirt will make the injury worse. Enduring the pain he speeds back to his villa anxious to clean his wounds and get into bed.

    When he pulls into his garage he carefully removes his helmet, Motherf***er ! Then he tosses his keys onto the counter by his silver Maybach. His hands are bruised and bloodied, he flexes his right hand, his middle finger is swollen. Tonight wasn’t as relaxing as I hoped it would be, goddam Marley and his bullshit.

    He takes off his bloody jacket throwing it into a trash can. Bare chested he looks at the shallow knife cut across his abdomen, those assholes were not locals, their skills were pretty decent. I hope Marley didn’t bite off more than he can chew by fucking with that asshole from the bar. Our faces were covered so there is no way to identify us but still I think there was more to the drug deal than meets the eye.

    Sara looks up from the steaming bowl of noodles she is eating when she hears someone coming down the back hallway. Who could that be this time of night? I hope I didn’t wake Mrs. Mu or  her husband I think their quarters are back in that direction.

    Sun Peizhi walks into the kitchen and Sara gulps looking at his muscular body, his bare chest and tight abs not to mention his mermaid line in full view from where she is sitting. The bloody knife mark across his stomach catches her attention then she looks up to see his head wound. His messy black hair is stuck together from dried blood and he has a black cloth wrapped around his head.

    Her blue eyes widen looking at his injuries, she drops her chopsticks then jumps up from her seat rushing towards him, “What happened to you! We need to call a doctor!” 

Surprised when he sees her sitting in the kitchen at three o’clock in the morning he quickly says,“Miss Song, nothing for you to worry about.” He didn’t expect anyone to be up this time of night.”No doctor, I just need to clean and bandage the wounds.”

   She takes his bare arm with her small hand,her soft vocie shaky, “Sit..sit..where is your medicine box, I will help you.”

  “I got this, finish your noodles and go to bed.”

    “No..absolutely not! Tell me where your medical supplies are located…but looking at your head I think we should call a doctor.”

    “It looks worse than it is.” He is starting to feel a little dizzy, “If you could bring me the medicine box in the fourth cupboard in the back of the pantry. I can do it myself.”

    Sara nervously hurries through the kitchen, her pink bathrobe slipping down her shoulder , fourth it is.. She pulls out a medicine box then rushes back into the kitchen almost falling , the slippers are a size too big on her feet.

    “I will be right back.” She runs down to her bathroom getting a a couple white towels, soaking two washcloths with soap.

    When she returns to the kitchen Sun Peizhi is leaning back in the chair with his eyes closed.

   Sara’s voice is tinged with fear, she wonders if he passed out from his injuries,“Mr. Sun..Mr. Sun..”

   He opens his obsidian eyes staring at Sara leaning over him with the loose bathrobe slipping down her delicate shoulders exposing the valley between her breasts, the white lace barely covering her chest. He can see her pink bud through the practically  transparent nightgown. Damn… she really is beautiful. 

     Sitting up he doesn’t want to be near Sara, he has an unusual feeling of desire from the picturesque scenery in front of him, “Give the cloth to me I will do it.” Maybe it is from drinking earlier but my usual restraint is waning. I would like to taste those cherry red lips of hers and see what it would be like to touch her jadelike breasts. He shakes his head attempting to dispel the lustful thoughts in his mind. She is the Boss’ woman for fucks sake! What am I thinking!

    “I told you I will, I will get mad if you refuse, you saved me from certain death let me do this for you!” She gently touches his head with the soapy washcloth to remove the dried blood. Her stomach turns at the sight but she tells herself she can’t be a weakling. “Tell me if it hurts. I’m going to clean your head wound first. She takes out the disinfectant, “First,I’m going to clean the wound with soap and water, it might sting, then use the disenfectant.”

    “Alright.” Sun Peizhi has a faint smile, these injuries are nothing, but  she looks really cute with such a serious look on her face. Just admire her beauty, don’t get any crazy thoughts Zhi!

    Sara gently dabs at his head with the soapy cloth then uses a wet one to wipe the soap away. Barely using any strength she uses the dry towel to finish. “Now I am going to disinfect the wound, luckily it doesn’t look deep so I don’t think you need stitches.” She searches in the medicine box taking out several swabs and  a bottle of disinfectant. “How did this happen?”

    “I had a slight accident on the mountain road coming back from Jhuyun.”

    Without thinking Sara impulsively says,“But, these injuries don’t look like they are from a car accident.”

    “I was on a motorcycle.”

     “Oh my God, you are lucky your injuries weren’t worse. Why would you ride a motorcycle at night in the mountains?” 

    He slightly winces as she cleans the wound with the disinfectant. “I like riding at night in the cold wind, the black sky, stars above, a sense of freedom.”

    Sara doesn’t realize as she leans into clean the wound her chest is in his face, she is busy concentrating on what she is doing.

    Sun Peizhi inhales her sweet light fragrance and his face turns red, Sara notices his flushed face, “You look hot, I wonder if you have a fever”, She puts her hand on his forehead, “You are burning up.”

    He doesn’t want to mention she is too close to him that is why he feels hot, “Do you mind getting me a bottle of water from the fridge. I have some pain reliever in the medicine box.”

    “Of course not.” She stands straight moving away from him and he gulps, this isn’t good. Why am I reacting to this girl…shake it off…use your training to suppress your urges.

    When she hands him the bottle of water she notices his hand, after he takes a few gulps she hands him the pain reliever. “Let me see your hand.” Without him answering she gently takes his hand holding it in her soft palm, “It looks like your finger might be broken.” Sara’s eyes get misty for some reason she feels very upset he got hurt, “You shouldn’t be reckless and ride a motorcycle at night.”

    He abruptly takes his hand back, Sara’s warm hand feels good on his skin. Calming himself down he says,“It is just sprained.”

   “How do you know that without an x ray. I think I should drive you to the hospital. I don’t want to wake Mr. Mu. I will go get dressed now.”

    Sun Peizhi has no intention of going to a hospital, he grabs her hand to stop her and the force pulls Sara onto his lap. When she turns her head her soft lips brush against his unexpectedly as her body is pressed into his bare chest.


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