Chapter 29 Drunken Clam Bar

Sun Peizhi shakes his head as he puts on a black leather jacket and a helmet after he enters the garage. He takes the keys from a drawer then gets on his BMW racing motorcycle. What the fuck! That little chick shouldn’t drink! He pictures Sara’s flushed face as she was staring at him with her big blue eyes. Damn, why am I thinking about her! 

   Putting the throttle to full blast he races out of his driveway anxious to get away from his villa. He rides along the mountain road at high speed with dirt flying behind his wheels, I need a beer and hanging out with Marley will get my mind off the situation at my villa. Why didn’t the boss take his woman to his yacht instead of staying at my place. I really thought poor old Mrs. Mu was going to faint when she heard about the explosion. 

   The cold wind hitting his tense body feels good as he navigates the sleek motorcycle along the highway on the other side of the mountain. When he gets to Jhuyun town he slows down as he weaves in and out of the cars on the narrow streets. I haven’t been here in awhile but I don’t remember the streets being so crowded with cars. He arrives at the Drunken Clam as he pulls into a parking spot he notices Marley talking to an attractive woman. 

     Marley waves at him then the woman turns to see Sun Peizhi approaching. Her eyes light up, I haven’t seen this handsome man before, I wonder who he is. She yanks on Marley’s jacket, “Who is your friend?”

   Marley grimaces as he removes her hand from his sleeve, “Don’t get any ideas he is not someone you can get close to.”

   The woman frowns wrinkling her forehead, “Don’t be an asshole, introduce me.”

   Sun Peizhi smiles taking off his helmet as he walks up to meet Marley. Without sparing the pretty woman a glance he says, “If you are busy I will meet you inside.” He wants to get a beer as soon as possible.

   “Nah I’m not busy.” He throws his arm around Sun Peizhi’s shoulder, “Long time no see.”

   Sun Peizhi pushes him, “Get off me!” He laughs as the two men walk into the bar leaving Liang Fang standing there.

   Undaunted by being ignored she hurries up to them smiling, “Marley, aren’t you going to introduce me to your friend?’


     As they enter the bar she shamelessly reaches out her hand, “My name is Liang Fang, I own the nail salon on Oak Street. I haven’t seen you in town before.” This handsome guy looks rich I wonder how Marley knows him. 

   Sun Peizhi doesn’t want to be bothered, he ignores her and sits down on a bar stool. Marley sits next to him, “Fang, I see your latest boyfriend by the pool table why don’t you go over there. I have business to discuss with my friend.”

   Liang Fang  knows if she persists she will only make Marley angry so she wanders over to the pool table where several men are standing. One of the muscular men with tattoos down his arms and his sleeves rolled up calls to a man with his back towards him. “Boss, the whore is here.”

      The well dressed young man turns around and puts his arm around her waist, “Who is the pretty boy you were talking to over there Babe, next to that cold faced bastard Marley.” He hasn’t seen the man around and with a big drug deal going down tonight he feels nervous when he sees strangers.

   She scrunches up her nose as she takes the lukewarm beer from his hand, “Don’t know, Marley didn’t say.” She had done a line of cocaine in the bathroom earlier and her nose is irritated, she rubs it, that bastard wouldn’t even introduce me.

  The man glances over towards Sun Peizhi’s back, that fucker looks out of place in this rundown piece of shit bar. He grabs Liang Fang’s ass squeezing her cheek hard, “You seem disappointed.”

  “Oww..that hurts!” She removes his large hand while twising her body away, “Stop it Donghai.” She tilts the bottle of beer as she drinks it, “Get me another one.”

    Su Donghai grabs a bottle from a gangster standing nearby, “Here. Slow down on the beer honey, you are getting fat.” He pinches her waist  and she frowns gulping down the beer. “I thought you liked my soft body”, she coyly leans on him rubbing her breasts on his chest. “Let’s go upstairs”, the drugs are making her horny.

    His eyes blaze when she puts her hand on his crotch, he takes it off his zipper, “Later. I will fuck your p***y good.” He kisses her roughly biting her lip, “I have shit to take care of tonight.”

   Over across the room at the bar, Sun Peizhi grabs a bottle of beer from the bartender, “Marley, will the boat be ready tomorrow?”

   “Should be. The damage was superficial I told that weird little shit you sent the boat wouldn’t be ready until then.”

   “Good.Tell him Wednesday. I don’t want the little slob at my villa with his greasy hands on my shit.”

     Marley starts laughing, “Zhi buddy, you should see someone for that OCD of yours.”

   “Go fuck yourself. Have you seen Shorty lately?”

   “ Chonglin? Hell no! He fucked up big time, last I heard he got a job in the Ukraine.”

   “Working for an asshole named Viktor?” He grabs some peanuts out of a dish on the bar

   Marley lights a cigar, “How the fuck did you know that?”

  “I heard rumblings after he beat that perverted bastard to a bloody pulp for screwing his sister.”

   “I told him to let me handle the situation but he went off half cocked when his sister came crying to him. He wasn’t subtle either when he found him, he beat the shit out of Guozhi at the Black Lotus Club in front of half the gangsters under his control. 

     Seriously it’s a motherf***ng miracle Chonglin made it out of China alive. I guess I can’t blame him, the ugly bastard knocked up his sister who was still in high school.

     Shit, that disgusting pervert was bragging about his twisted obsession with the girl while his men were laughing when Chonglin lost his shit and rushed him.”

   “ Shit…that’s fucked up. What happened to her after that?” 

   “ Chonglin’s brother sent her to their cousin in Shenshuan to live the last I heard. She most likely had the kid by now.” He tosses a couple peanuts in his mouth.

    Sun Peizhi motions to the bartender,“Give me another beer and a shot of tequila with a lime. Marley what are you drinking?”

   “Give me vodka and cranberry. I’ll take a shot of tequila on the side.Want one of these cigars? A fucking old fart couldn’t pay for his car repair so he gave me two boxes of these Cuban cigars and this piece of white jade.” 

     He pulls a smooth round piece of white jade engraved with a tiger on a green silk cord out of his pocket. He sees Sun Peizhi looks interested in the jade. “Zhi, ya wanna buy it?”

   Sun Peizhi isn’t sure but the white jade appears very old and the tiger carving on it is lifelike. He examines it closely,”Who was the old man?”

   “The old guy who runs the vegetable stand at the corner of 5th and Nuang.”

   “You mean old man Wang?”

   “Yeah, ya know him?”

   “My butler is friends with him, they play chess on Tuesday night. How much do you want for it.”

   “Well the truck parts cost me 13,000 yuan  and I got my labor… so add on another three thousand and it is a deal.”

  “I don’t have much cash on me add it on to the repair bill for the motorboat. His throat is on fire, “Damn this tequila sucks what the hell cheap shit is this!” He sucks on the lime then Marley hands him the piece of jade, he stuffs it into his pocket planning on giving it to Mu Han to return to old man Wang.

   Marley takes the shot glass in front of him and gulps the tequila down, “It ain’t that bad you are just a fucking spoiled Young Master, ha ha ha.”

  The two of them are having a good time talking and reminiscing when Liang Fang comes up to the bar squeezing in between them, “Marley buy me a beer.”

  He crushes his cigar in the ashtray,”Why don’t you have the moron you are hanging all over at the pool table buy you one.”

 She puts her arms around his neck, “Sweetie,you know the Young Master and I broke up.”

   Marley shoves her off of him and she stumbles in her high heels, he sneers, ”Scram.” He dated her in High School and she still tries to climb into his bed when she is drunk. When she is sober she treats him like shit reminding him her boyfriend’s family owns the hotel and all the shops along Main St.

   Su Donghai watches her flirting with Marley and angrily strides over holding a pool cue, “Asshole, didn’t I tell you to stay away from my woman?”

   Marley grins looking at her sprawled on the ground, “Shouldn’t you pick your woman off the ground?”

   He grabs Liang Fang pulling her to stand up hugging her waist she sways on her feet. “Honey, I was just getting you another beer.”

   “Right.” He glares at Marley as he drags her away.

   Sun Peizhi smirks, “That woman seems like trouble.”

   Marley’s forehead has black lines going across it as he narrows his eyes, “She used to be my girlfriend but I’m over the bitch, I just fuck her when she begs me for it.” He watches her tempting round ass as she staggers next to su Donghai. Thinking about her huge  breasts boiuncing as she fell to the floor he thinks I wouldn’t mind doing her tonight.

   Sun Peizhi orders another beer then says, “Do you have any better tequila?”

   The bartender answers, “No that’s it, not too many people order it.” He wipes the bar down next to them then says, “Marley, that pr*ck with Liang Fang, is such an annoying bastard! He was causing trouble before you came, I think he is selling drugs.”

   “Yeah?” Marley glances at Su Donghai by the pool table, no wonder Fang looks high as a fucking kite. Well, what she does is none of my fucking business anymore.

   “Some little gangsters were in here earlier, I overheard their conversation. You should bust his goddam ass.”

   “I’m not on the force anymore you know that.” But, I wouldn’t mind fucking up his shit, It really pisses me off the way he flaunts his family’s money.  “Tell me what’s up.”

    The bartender leans over towards Marley and repeats what he heard. Marley raises his eyebrow after listening to him, this could be fun.

  He pats Sun Peizhi on the back,“Zhi, let’s go.”

   Sun Peizhi picks up his beer bottle, “Hey man I don’t know if it’s a good idea.” He heard the conversation between the two, ” You should just call it in, haven’t you learned your lesson, they don’t give a shit about low level drug dealers.Those fuckers turn a blind eye as long as they get their cut. When it went down in that last drug bust you are fucking lucky you only lost your job.”

  Marley has a mischevous gleam in his dark eyes, “I’m not going to bust the motherfu***rs, I’m just going to steal the shit then destroy it. You know how I feel about low-life scumbags who get innocent people hooked on fucking drugs.Whether you’re coming or not I’m going so…” He stretches his long legs as he stands up to leave and puts on his jacket.

   Sun Peizhi finishes his beer, putting the bottle on the bar.”Fucking shit Marley! Should I follow you on my motorcycle or go with you in your truck? ” 

   “Follow me over to my shop. I’ll grab my motorcycle, where they’re meeting I think it would be better to go through the woods. That is a pretty fancy bike you got, can it handle the terrain? “

  ” I have taken it through the mountains before.”

    Marley takes one last look back at the pool table on their way out of the Drunken Clam.Liang Fang’s body is bent over the pool table and Su Donghai behind her has his hands on her breasts popping  out of her low cut dress as she tries to control the pool cue she is holding. They are laughing as her pool cue scrapes across the table. Marley clenches his fist at his side, stupid slut! 

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